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  1. predictions - Lets get it started

    Defensive game plan Field goals and safeties abound Cincy wins, barely Bengals 23 - 22
  2. Next week may decide the season

    The past two weeks the Ravens have put up 44 points in each game. Before that, the only time they broke 30 points was in week 2 when Cleveland came to town. So, what in the world happened to their offense these past two weeks? This is the same team who lost 6-9 to Miami just a couple weeks ago. Is this high scoring offense something that will keep up next week or is it a fluke? I can't really decide yet. I have a strong suspicion that whoever wins this game will win the division. I wouldn't be surprised to see Baltimore win out the final three weeks of the season. Cincy can afford to go 2 - 1 in the final three games and still clench the division with a win over Baltimore on Sunday. So, this coming Sunday will be the most important game of the season for both clubs. No matter what happens, we're one game behind Miami and tied with Denver.... Miami is getting ready for its run of losing in December starting next week at New England. And Denver is just that, Denver -- a team that manages to lose at home to Chicago. So, even if we lose, the wild card is still out there. A 10-6 record could take the wild card and a 9 - 7 might depending on all the tiebreakers. P.S. This is so cool to be talking about the Bengals and the playoffs at the same time!!!!
  3. what a game

    I have to agree. Even if this team lost all of their remaining games (which won't happen) and turned in a 7 - 9 record, that would have surpassed my wildest dreams for the season. Marvin has done a wonderful job, and now I'm trying to be patient waiting for his defense to come together. Marvin will be working on that this week and in the coming weeks, but some of the defensive issues can't be addressed until the draft and free agency. But, I'm getting ahead of myself. All I ask for is a defense that allows at least 1 point less than what the offense scores. As for punters... I've wondered the same thing. By the time you get to the NFL, shouldn't punting be almost automatic? The only times there could be problems are if you're punting out of the back of your own end zone or if your long snapper is having problems. Of course, this is a non-punter talking, so maybe there's something about kicking a football that I don't understand? Want a nice, long, relatively injury free career in the NFL? Become a long snapper.
  4. what a game

    Wow! This game was little too exciting, but the win is so much sweeter this way. This win showed me several things, most of which was the exorcism of several demons.... Demon #1) Winning back to back road games Demon #2) Winning at Pittsburgh Demon #3) Winning despite losing the lead late in the fourth quarter Demon #4) Winning despite having fewer first downs and fewer total offensive yards than the opponent What made the difference was Cincy's +2 turnover differential and that they could keep their heads down and continue to shovel at the end of the game. The second half performance of this team still concerns me. The offense seems to fall flat and the defense just seems more lax. Maybe Marvin should give them more Gatorade at halftime? Even with their second halves, they've shown that they have the heart and the other intangibles necessary to hang on and still win. Another thing I noticed today were the similarities between this game and the Oakland game in week 2. Cincinnati was giving Oakland all they could handle. Oakland scored off of a Kitna interception to take the lead. But Cincinnati marched down the field and scored a TD to knot the score at 20-20. With under a minute, Oakland drove far enough to get the game winning field goal in the last seconds. In this game Cincinnati had the edge in almost all categories, except for the final score. It was the turnover and the defense on the final drive that essentially cost us the game. Today, Pittsburgh put up better numbers (although not by much), but we managed to pull out the late victory. It just shows how far we've come since week 2 -- to be in such a close game and have the confidence that we can win and also that we aren't making silly mistakes at the very end of the game to lose it. But there's still plenty to work on, especially in the second half.
  5. tampa vs lambert58

    Here's a hypothetical question for everyone. If tampa and lambert58 were to enter a WWF steel cage match, who would win? Why? Anyone want to grace us with a version of the play-by-play of the match?
  6. I'm Sorry it has to be this way

    Come to think of it, I think the San Franciso enviroment fits nicely with Bill Cowher's porn star-esque mustache.
  7. Why no Monday night football?

    While it would be nice if MNF could schedule games during the season, logistically this is a very difficult task. Games in multi-purpose stadiums would be almost impossible to change because of the commitments in baseball (especially if the baseball team goes to the postseason) and other events are planned months and months in advance. It might be easier to move game dates in the winter months, but there are still difficulties present.
  8. Why no Monday night football?

    Cincy last played on MNF way back in 1992 in a 20-0 loss to the Steelers. In 1991, they played twice on MNF both of which were losses; one at Buffalo and the other at Miami. In 1990, on the heels of their Superbowl apperance, they played twice, losing at Seattle and winning at Cleveland. The scheduling is selective. MNF looks for the games that will bring in the greatest viewership. MNF goes after teams will are either very good, in a large market or both. Frequently you'll see rematches from the previous season's playoffs on MNF as these games would carry some extra national interest. Teams from big markets like Chicago or New York... er... New Jersey will get the nod from MNF even if their team is utter crap. The team may be bad, but it still brings in a lot of viewers. Cincinnati is a small market team, so in order to get on MNF, they have to be good. Cincinnati hasn't had a winning season since 1990. They were in the playoffs in 1990, so that's why they appeared on MNF in 1991. The folks at MNF probably thought that 1991 was a down year and the Bengals would bounce back, but little did they and rest of us know what the next 12 years would hold. If Cincy's pace keeps up and they finish with a 11-5 or 10-6 record, I would definitely expect to see them on MNF next year. If they finish 9-7, there's still a chance they'd appear since the Bengals have become a media darling with this change of fortune under Marvin Lewis.
  9. I'm Sorry it has to be this way

    Not only has the "steel curtain" turned into the "shower curtain," but also the new "shower curtain" has happy little flowers on it. Maybe this team should try to move to San Franciso where it'd be more in its feminine element.
  10. Rivalry Missed

    Just read it. Puts everything in perspective in a way. Good article.
  11. Steelers 31 Bengals 0

    Lambert, we know that it's hard to deal with that fact that Cincinnati will hand you a beatdown so hard that Terry Bradshaw will be too depressed to dial 10-10-220 for an entire year. We understand that these outbursts of Steeler grandiosity are merely just an inability to cope with reality. But we are here to help you. First you must learn to accept that fact that the Steelers suck. It's hard to accept the fact that you've only won 4 games out of 11. It's hard to accept the fact that your greatest players retired eons ago. And I know that it's hard to stomach those butt ugly yellow and black Steeler uniforms and their dumb helmets. You are in denial. But there is help. I have put together a 12 step program to help Steeler fans such as yourself. The first step is to come to grips with the current situation. The road to recovery will be long, but you can make it. I'm sorry it has to be this way, but the first step is to simply admit to yourself that the Steelers suck. Please, say it with me .... "the Steelers suck" ... "the Steelers suck" ... "the Steelers suck" .... "the Steelers suck" ... We are here to help you, but you need to take the first step on your own.
  12. Wild Cards

    There are 8 teams in the AFC with winning records. The next five teams all have 4 - 7 records. So, there's a good probability that the 6 playoff teams will come from the current top eight. Anyway, the top eight and records: Kansas City: 10 - 1 Indianapolis: 9 - 2 New England: 9 - 2 Tennessee: 9 - 2 Miami: 7 - 4 Cincinnati: 6 - 5 Denver: 6 - 5 Baltimore: 6 - 5 Unless there is a total meltdown, the top four will be in. Then you have the winner of the AFC North. And then a final wild card. Denver and Miami have some pretty tough competition in the next 5 weeks. Denver: @ Oakland vs. Kansas City vs. Cleveland @ Indianapolis @ Green Bay Miami: @ Dallas @ New England vs. Philadelphia @ Buffalo vs. NY Jets Baltimore: vs. San Franciso vs. Cincinnati @ Oakland @ Cleveland vs. Pittsburgh Cincinnati: @ Pittsburgh @ Baltimore vs San Francisco @ St. Louis vs Cleveland If the games this week follow the records (which they probably won't -- this is the NFL), Miami will lose to Dallas and the other three will win. This will leave a four-way tie at 7 - 5. We could be having a four horse race for the final wild card. And amazingly enough there's actually a chance that the wild card could come from the AFC North. I guess this is what they mean when they talk about "parity." It'll be interesting to see who chokes and who doesn't. So, who's going to playoffs? And who chokes?
  13. should have been alone in 1st place

    The SeaChickens had their chances to put the Ravens away. They were up by 17 points! They could have finished the game themselves instead of giving it to the officials to finish. They had their chance and they blew it. But, in two weeks, we're going to march in Baltimore and finish what the Chickens couldn't.
  14. BengalsZone Fact or Fiction

    1. Fact. Rudi will still get his yards. Corey will be the main guy, but Marvin will be using both of them. 2. Fact. I'd really like to see Kitna go to the pro-bowl because this has been a great year. But, this is the same conference as Manning, Green and McNair. Even though Kitna's numbers are very good, that's some stiff competition. 3. Fiction. (Maybe this is just what I want to think in my naive little world). It seems that the defense is only lax when they're up by a good amount. Yes it is a problem, but they've also won close games and didn't allow the big 4th quarters in those games. Anyways, it's still a problem and it concerns me. 4. Fiction. If the Bengals have a home game, it will be against the Colts. There's still the chance they could make it in as a wild-card, although they'd need a little help.
  15. Week 13 Picks

    Week 13. Pick 'em. Green Bay @ Detroit Miami @ Dallas Arizona @ Chicago Atlanta @ Houston Buffalo @ N.J. Giants Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh Minnesota @ St. Louis New England @ Indianapolis Philadelphia @ Carolina San Francisco @ Baltimore New Orleans @ Washington Cleveland @ Seattle Denver @ Oakland Kansas City @ San Diego Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville Tennessee @ N.J. Jets Last week's results: JBrooks & LarryKinnebrew: 13 - 3 kevnz: 12 - 4 PalmerTime & Me: 11 - 5 halp: 7 - 9
  16. Week 13 Picks

    Green Bay @ Detroit: Packers Miami @ Dallas: Big D Arizona @ Chicago: Da' Bears Atlanta @ Houston: Texans Buffalo @ N.J. Giants: Giants Cincinnati @ Pittsburgh: Cincy Minnesota @ St. Louis: Rams New England @ Indianapolis: Colts Philadelphia @ Carolina: Panthers San Francisco @ Baltimore: Ravens New Orleans @ Washington: Redskins Cleveland @ Seattle: Chickens of the sea Denver @ Oakland: Denver Kansas City @ San Diego: Chiefs Tampa Bay @ Jacksonville: Bucs Tennessee @ N.J. Jets: Titans
  17. BENGALS vs Steelers

    Bengals: 36 Squeelers: 29 It should be noted that the score at the end of the 3rd quarter will be Cincy - 33 and Pittsburgh - 12.
  18. AFCN - todays matches

    Well, currently, Baltimore is losing to Seattle and Cleveland is losing to Pittsburgh. If those scores hold, Cincy can potentially finish the day a game up on the Death Birds and two games up on Cleveland and Pittsburgh provided that we show up and don't do another Arizona game. If we win, we'll have a little space to work with. However if we lose, we'll still be in first, but there'd be no room for any more mistakes. Just go out, win games, and let the rest of the division sort itself out. Really, it's our division to lose. Just win, and it won't matter what the rest of the division does.
  19. Who will be this weeks MVP?

    Walkover victory?! That's not even a guarentee if we do show up. If we show up, we win. If we don't show up, we can still win, but it'll be close. The Bengals have a decent offense, but not one that's going to blow much of anyone out of the water, good teams or bad. The only case where that happened (sorta) this year was when we were up 34-10 against Baltimore. As for a player of the game, hmmm, I really don't know. But I'd really like to see Warrick have another good game this week.
  20. BengalsZone Fact or Fiction

    1. Fact. Much has been invested in Carson Palmer and he can potentially be the quarterback for years to come. Kitna's playing the best of his career, but the rest of his time in the NFL has been marked by inconsistency. It's too soon to judge whether this is the real Jon Kitna or if he will go back to his previous ways. No matter the case, Kitna is a great leader and we do benefit from having on the team whether he is 1st or 2nd on the depth chart. 2. Fiction. Dillon has two years left on his contract. Only if he pulls a 'Keyshawn' will he get traded or let go. Corey is the franchise player right now -- not Rudi, not Palmer, not Kitna or anyone else. One of those others might step into the role of the "franchise" player, but that will be later on ... next season at the earliest. 3. Fiction. This comes down to money. I haven't heard of this rumor before now, but if it were true, while the desire might be there, Ray Lewis will ask for a good chunk of change for his services. While the defense can stand some improvements, I don't know if the cost of Ray Lewis can justify the gain. 4. Fact. The Bengals are playing well in a division which is down. Cleveland has consistency problems. Pittsburgh is almost completely out of the race with only 3 wins to their name. Baltimore still has a good defense, but their offense is imploding (or has imploded). On the other hand, Cincinnati is playing good ball with victories over KC, Houston, Seattle and Baltimore (back when they had somewhat of an offense). Cincy has a lot of confidence and for the first time in a long time, they can go into a game feeling they can win. Just having that attitude can go a long way in the win column. It just seems that the stars are aligned for a 10-6 or 9-7 season with their first AFC North division crown.
  21. Week 12 Picks

    Picks for week 12.... Indy @ Buffalo: Colts Jacksonville @ NYJ: J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets Washington @ Miami: Skins Seattle @ Baltimore: Hawks Pitt @ Cleveland: Brownies New England @ Houston: Pats Oakland @ KC: Chiefs Chicago @ Denver: Broncs Cincy @ San Diego: Who Dey! N'awlins @ Philly: Eagles Carolina @ Dallas: Panthers Tennessee @ Atlanta: Titans NYG @ Tampa: Bucs San Fran @ Green Bay: Pack Detroit @ Minnesota: Vikes St. Louis @ Zona: Rams
  22. corey is no James Brooks

    Would everyone remember Brooks and Woods as a great tag-team if it weren't for the Superbowl season? Yes, the were good and both of them have great seasons that year, but year in and year out, Corey is definitely the better running back. While I have been quite impressed with Rudi, we need to give him more time and more games before comparing him with Dillon, Brooks and Ickey. Although, the future looks quite bright for the Bengals smashmouth running game. I'm really interested with what kinds of things Brat will come up with now that there are two viable running backs each of whom has their own style and talents. And we know from last week that Marvin will let Brat be aggressive. Whatever the case, it'll be fun to watch, that's for sure.
  23. What we need

    What we need is to do is not worry about anyone else and just take care of business each Sunday. If we just play our game like we've been playing the last several weeks (minus the desert debacle), we'll be okay. I really don't think that the Browns will be challenging the Bengals or the Ravens at seasons end. Granted, the Brownies are 1 game behind, but their non-division schedule after Pittsburgh consists of Seattle, St. Louis and Denver. With their inconsistency this year, the best I see them doing in that stretch is 1-2. Of course, they are the Browns who can win ugly on any given Sunday..... Pittsburgh has a stretch of winnable non-division games (Oakland, NYJ, San Diego) but they'll need to have quite the winning streak (and loses by everyone else) to get back into the division race. If they lose to Cleveland on Sunday, Pittsburgh will need to win 5 straight just to finish with an 8-8 record. Considering their longest winning streak this year has been 1 game, I don't think they'll be any threat. However they could play the role of spoiler if they beat Cincy when we go there next week. Baltimore is who I'm most concerned about, so I hope their bumbling, fumbling ways manage to keep up. They've have 10 turnovers in the past two weeks alone! It pains me to say it, but the offense the last two weeks has been like Bengals offences of previous years -- make 1 or 2 mistakes (or 5!) and the game is over. Of course, like the Browns they can still win ugly. Who knows? I just hope Seattle shows up to play an ugly game Sunday.
  24. Bengals vs. Chargers

    My prediction..... Bengals: 31 Chargers: 16 I think Marvin and company will have learned from their experience in the desert and come prepared. Also, the confidence has just been building and building with the home games against KC and Houston. This team is now ready to go on the road and win.
  25. Another Slap in the Face!!!!!!!!!

    Old fan. Old to the internet. New to talking about the Bengals on the internet. I grew up in Kentucky, but home sweet home is now in south Texas. Down here, the Bengals coverage is about the same as the coverage by the national media. In these parts, if the story doesn't have something to do with the Cowboys, it's not worth telling. Although, the Texans are now starting to gain a little here and there by picking up former Oiler fans and the anti-Cowboy fans. Anyway, it's great to have some football to talk about in November. Typically, I've already bolted to basketball season by now since the Bengals are usually mathematically out of it by this time of year. Will wonders never cease?