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  1. Stoolers/Jags Game Thread

    My bet for the final score is 4 - 2 in OT.
  2. Stoolers/Jags Game Thread

    A Chuck Norris-delivered Roundhouse Kick is the preferred method of execution in 16 states. http://www.chucknorrisfacts.com Oh, yeah... there's a football game going on... I guess they forgot they were playing American Football instead of the football that the rest of the world enjoys... 0 - 0... lovely.
  3. Stoolers/Jags Game Thread

    The chief export of Chuck Norris is Pain.
  4. The Pollack Injury Saga

    Please don't.
  5. The Pollack Injury Saga

    Kelly Washingon had a neck injury his senior year, right? Ended up with a couple fused vertebrae, IIRC; was the big reason he dropped on draft day. I dunno if the injuries are comparable, but obviously he's been playing. I had completely forgotten that he had broken neck, but that's right.
  6. The Pollack Injury Saga

    First of all, I'm grateful that there doesn't appear to be any injury to the spinal cord. Whether Pollack plays football again is secondary to just being able to live a normal life. Injuries to the spinal cord around the C-6 vertebra could result in at least paraplegia if not quadraplegia. I believe injuries to the spinal cord at C-7 and below will at worst only result in paraplegia. Regardless of whether or not I'm remembering my medical stuff correctly, Pollack is very lucky man and he should take it very slow while letting things heal. I could care less about if or when he's able to come back to football. I don't expect a lot of information to come out regarding the injury. We don't have word on the severity of the break, only that the C-6 is broken. We will only hear vague status reports in the coming days, but I'm not ready to say that his career is over, although it may be. A lot depends on the severity of the break and what happens in the healing process. There was a defensive back that played for Clemson who broke his neck in a game and was out for the season. If I recall correctly, I believe that he was medically cleared to play football the following season, but he opted to not play. Also, didn't Rich Gannon go down with a broken neck? In his case, I believe that he healed up, but he too opted out of playing football. He'd already had about 17 years or so in the NFL, so it was time to retire anyway. The reason I mention this is because it seemed that the players recovered and were medically cleared to play again. However, I don't know of a case of a young NFL player having a non-paralyzing broken neck. There was the famous case of Mike Utley breaking his C-6 and C-7, but he had spinal cord damage as well. I could see Pollack back in tiger stripes next season. I can also see him sitting at home on a Sunday afternoon. In either case, I will wish him the best and a speedy recovery.
  7. 27 points in 8 quarters

    LJ is up over 100 yards now.
  8. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    I was thinking the same thing. The big offensive numbers were partly due to the defense getting the ball back to the offense so often. I think we ran somewhere between 70 and 80 plays and had about an 8-minute advantage in time of possession.
  9. 27 points in 8 quarters

    There's only two games in the book so far, so statistics can be a little misleading at this point, but here are some interesting defensive stats regardless. Rushing Defense: 170 yards / 45 carries / 2 TD 3.78 yards per carry Passing Defense: 420 yards / 43 completions / 68 attempts / 1 TD / 3 INT 67 opponents' passer rating Points Allowed: 13.5 per game
  10. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    On the radio post-game, Marvin just said that Richie has a bone bruise and DJ has an ankle sprain. Being Marvin, there was no more elaboration than that.
  11. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Some stats regarding the defense... Cleveland's 3rd down conversions: 2 - 10; 4th down conversions: 0 - 1; yards per rush: 2.9 Oh, and one more thing... Cleveland's total yards rushing: 57!
  12. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    We got the win, but how costly was it?
  13. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Ugh. Now it's Tab Perry being helped up. Yeesh.
  14. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Chad got cut under the chin, will probably need stiches.
  15. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Crap. Hopefully he just got the air knocked out of him. *crosses fingers*
  16. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Get a first down or two and run out the clock. I'm looking forward to a victory formation.
  17. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    OT: Buffalo over Miami by 10.
  18. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

  19. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Time to put the final nail in the coffin...
  20. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Penalty! 1st and goal now... TOUCHDOWN RUUUUUUDI!!
  21. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Another good Rudi run. Over 100 yards today.
  22. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    OT: Most teams score 21 points with 3 TDs. If you're the Baltimore Ratbirds, however, you get a TD and extra point, 4 FGs and a safety.
  23. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Nice run, Rudi.
  24. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    I want to see a lot of Rudi now and a lot of time run off of this clock.
  25. Bengals vs. Browns Game Thread

    Stattracker isn't bugged unfortunately.