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  1. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    Ugh. New ballgame.
  2. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    Sigh. Same old porous defense.
  3. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    Wow. Did I just see a run that gained yardage?
  4. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    I think it goes without saying, but there's no way we'll be able to control the game without the running game. 3 whole yards in the first half...
  5. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    It's halftime. In other news, Carolina is up by 6 on Baltimore. McNair is out with a concussion.
  6. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    Chad, make a first down!!
  7. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    If nothing else, Tampa Bay doesn't have quite as exotic defenses as our previous opponents which should make things easier for Guy-check.
  8. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    Okay, Defense, just one more stop and it'll be half time...
  9. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    Correct me if I am wrong, but isn't this drive going the wrong direction?
  10. Bengals v. Bucs Game thread

    Missed FG!! (What was up with that awful attempt?)
  11. Thread Killers

    If you post a lot, you'll have a better chance of being the last post in a thread.
  12. Thread Killers

    It must be a bye week in order for someone to notice this.
  13. A Sunday off

    Last weekend I went to Lubbock and saw Missouri vs Texas Tech. I have a friend who's going to school there, so it was a good excuse to go out that way and catch a game. Tech completely imploded, however. In the first half, they had back to back plays that were interceptions returned for TDs. Not to mention their three fumbles during the game. Despite all that, the Tech still managed to draw within 3 points during the early going in the second half.
  14. Who's winning the Pick em contest?

    It's been my best week so far, but it seems that everyone else had a really good week as well. I only managed to move up two spaces. Stupid Cowboys.
  15. Finally?

    Hey, maybe we can get Jerry Fontenot out of retirement again.
  16. Baseball Playoffs Begin

    I'm pulling for the Tigers to come out of the AL. I could care less who comes out of the NL. I'm content knowing that Atlanta isn't in the playoffs.
  17. Who's winning the Pick em contest?

    Ugh. Last season I did pretty well out of the gate and through the whole season really, but this year my super picking system doesn't work any more!
  18. Hey, Bengals! Cheer Up...

    The Ravens are A team to beat, not THE team to beat. The AFC Central is a 3-horse race. Don't let early season records fool you.
  19. Last Gasp

    Yay! The regular season is finally over!
  20. Carsons thug video

    I love the White & Nerdy vid. And I should note that I'm typing this post using an ergonomic keyboard.
  21. Stoolers/Jags Game Thread

    Victory formation time!
  22. Stoolers/Jags Game Thread

    3 - 0 Jags. Only 5:24 left in the third... Time is running out on Pittsburgh!
  23. Stoolers/Jags Game Thread

    Nah, cmon, 0-0 tie, just to screw the standings up for the whole season! Ooh. I think you have a point there.
  24. Stoolers/Jags Game Thread

    Wow. Someone might actually score now. I'm giddy with anticipation.