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  1. Cmon NBA fans!!!!

    See my avatar...
  2. who is number one?

    While I love what Boise State did, Florida gets my vote. Boise State only played one ranked team all year and that was in their bowl game. I realize that it's not Boise State's fault that the big conference teams won't schedule them, but nevertheless which record is more impressive: 13 - 0 (1 - 0 against top 25) or 13 - 1 (4 - 1 against top 25)? Whether you like it or not, Florida played much tougher competition and crushed the team that all the pundits, writers and so-called experts thought was the best in the land.
  3. Playoff Possiblities and Scenarios

    I realize there are still three weeks to the season left and anything can happen, but here are the scenarios, I think... Cincy wins out -- Cincy will have at least the #5 seed If Jax wins out, Cincy will still be #5 on tie-breaker (better conf record) Cincy wins 2 out of 3 (with victory at Denver) -- If Jax wins out, Jax is the #5 seed If Jax wins 2 of 3, Cincy has tie-breaker (better conf record) If KC wins out, Cincy has tie-breaker (head-to-head win) If Jets win out, Cincy has tie-breaker (better conf record) Denver will have worse record than Cincy Cincy wins 2 out of 3 (with loss at Denver) -- If Jax wins out, Jax is the #5 seed If Jax wins 2 of 3, Cincy has tie-breaker (better conf record) If KC wins out, Cincy has tie-breaker (head-to-head win) If Jets win out, Cincy has tie-breaker (better conf record) If Denver wins out, Denver has tie-breaker (head-to-head win) If Denver wins 2 of 3, Denver will have worse record than Cincy The only way that Cincy will not be in the playoffs with two wins in the next three games is if the one Cincy loss comes at Denver, Jax runs the table and Denver runs the table. In short, JUST WIN! and everything will be okay.
  4. Macintosh killed his inner child

    That is awesome!!
  5. Marvin Lewis

    Cutting two teams out of the division helped somewhat, but the power of a division ebbs and flows over the years. I don't believe there were enough years with a 6 team AFCC to really see any of that process. Even if there were still 6 teams, I think that the Bengals would still be near the top while Cleveland and Tennessee would be the bottom feeders. Regardless, what I really like about realignment is the sane scheduling. Some years will be easier and some will be harder, but at least the rest of your division opponents have all but two games in common.
  6. Playoff Possiblities and Scenarios

    Well, total defense is based on yards allowed. Looks at my favorite Stat That Matters, points, and you'll find the Raiders rank 14th in points allowed. Number 13? That would be the Cincinnati Bengals. And the reason that the Oakland Raiders allow so few yards? They give up the ball on offense so the opponents do not have to go so far to score. Very bad combination. I've never liked total defense stat because it doesn't tell the full story of how a defense is performing. While there is no perfect stat, I like yards/points allowed. The higher the number, the harder (i.e. more yards) the opposing team needs to work in order to score a point. Despite the Raiders ranking 3rd in total defense and 14th in points allowed, the ratio of the two puts them at 28th in the league. Basically, the Raiders offense is constantly giving the other team a short field to work with whether through a turnover or punt. The opposing team doesn't have to work hard to put up points. When the opposing team doesn't have to work hard and your offense is not able to keep you in the game, I'd expect a 2 - 10 kind of season.
  7. Marvin Lewis

    Paul Brown had 4 seasons in a row at 0.500 or above. 1972 - 8-6 1973 - 10-4 1974 - 7-7 1975 - 11-3 And then Bill Johnson followed up with winning records in '76 and '77.. 1976 - 10-4 1977 - 8-6 Sam Wyche only put together three non-losing seasons in a row from '88 through '90 1988 - 12-4 1989 - 8-8 1990 - 9-7
  8. Who's going shopping early Friday morning?

    In no way shape or form will I be shopping anywhere near Friday. You people are crazy.
  9. Total defense is a very misleading stat. You can't properly gauge a defense on just a single number.
  10. Vote for CARSON, FedEx AirGround Players...

    Carson is now up to 66%
  11. What's for Lunch?

    Taco Salad.
  12. The Bengals have NEVER lost after.........

    Einstein and Schrödinger were both in the same camp which viewed quantum mechanics as incomplete and leaving much to be desired. Einstein had pointed out something similar, and Schrödinger extended Einstein's original idea into the cat experiment. P.S. Nice poem.
  13. The Bengals have NEVER lost after.........

    It's a classic thought experiment in physics which was meant to demonstrate the absurdity of an early interpretation of quantum mechanics. The experiment is called "Schrödinger's Cat." In the thought experiment, a cat is put into a box and there's a 50% probability that an event will occur within an hour. If the event occurs, a toxic gas is released and the cat is dead. If not, the cat is still alive. However, according to early quantum mechanics, the cat remains a mixture of being alive and dead until the box is opened and the cat is observed. At that point the quantum state would snap to either the alive or dead state. Obviously, this is quite absurd for something macroscopic to exist in a mixure of alive and dead states like this, which was the incompleteness in quantum mechanics that Schrödinger was pointing out.
  14. The Bengals have NEVER lost after.........

    Anyone who knows anything about science knows that most of science is just probabilities. There are no locks, only events that are more probable than others. This Sunday, we will see science at work! You see, the Bengals will be locked in a box for three hours. During those three hours, there is a probability that the offense and defense decay. The decay of the offense and defense will set off a Geiger counter which through a relay will break a small flask of ill-humor, anger and frustration. If we let this system go for the 3 hours, we won't know the state of the Bengals until we observe the system. In this time before we observe the system, the Bengals are neither alive or dead. The Bengals will be a mixture of both the dead and alive states, but the state won't resolve itself until someone observes the alive cats or the dead cats in the box. However, I imagine that there will be many observing the cats in the box, so the state should resolve itself quite quickly. Nevertheless, there is no "lock" ... only more and less probable that the cats are alive or dead. * Congratulations to those of you (probably skyline and a couple others) who actually understand the science allusion here.
  15. What Has Marvin Built?

    What has Marvin built? Marvin has built a real football team in Cincinnati. Let's look back into a little Bengals history and see where we've come from. At the end of the 80s, the Bengals stood at 162 - 161 - 1 with two apperances in the Super Bowl. Certain years they were up and other years they were down. While not world beaters, they were respectable and would contend from time to time. And then the 90s arrived and the team went into utter disarray. I don't need to repeat that long, sad tale here as all of you here already know what it was like being a Bengals fan in those years. In the 90s, the team was a collective 52 - 108 - 0. Some of those teams had good talent, but both the front office and the coaching was terribly inept. There were many Bengals teams that should have had better records, but you can't have a winning season on talent alone. You have to be coached. Management has to bring in players who fit into an overall scheme rather than just taking random people and putting the same uniform on all of them. The Bengals of the 90s should be a lesson to anyone on how vital proper coaching and management is to the viability of any professional sports franchise. But, I digress. Let's go back to only just 10 years ago and look at what the Bengals accomplished before Marvin showed up. 1996 8 - 8 1997 7 - 9 1998 3 - 13 1999 4 - 12 2000 4 - 12 2001 6 - 10 2002 2 - 14 Some of these teams had talent and as has already been mentioned, Marvin inherited players such as Chad Johnson, Rudi Johnson, Willie Anderson and others. While Marvin was a defensive coordinator, when he showed up in town, he started to work on the offense. I can't say that I know Marvin's motives, but it seemed to me that he started to work on the offense first for two reasons. First, he already had some building blocks to work with and he was betting the franchise on Carson Palmer. With the franchise clearly on Palmer's shoulders Marvin needed to set Palmer up with a situation where he could suceed. By sitting him out for the 2003 season, not only did Palmer have time to learn, but it gave Marvin another year to further bolster the offense. With a tuned up offense, Palmer was in one of the best situations that a young quarterback could have. In his first year of play, the Bengals went 8 - 8 which when you think about it is a very good record for a quarterback to have in their first season of being on the field. Because of the concentration on offense, the defense got the short end of the deal. The defense had many more holes and bringing in a new coaching philosophy wasn't going to change much. And also remember that in the first couple of seasons, Cincinnati wasn't a place that attracted free agents. With Marvin having come from the defensive side of the ball, everyone expected the defense to perform a lot better, but year after year the defense continued to languish. The fact of the matter is that while someone may have a great defensive philosophy, you need the right players in order to make it execute properly. Anyway, we're already a couple years into the Marvin era and he's only then beginning to work on the defense in earnest. Because of the late start on the defense, the defense continued to track in the bottom third of the league, even last season when the Bengals went 11 - 5 and won the AFC North. This current season seemed to be when we were supposed to see the defense really come together and perform well, or at least show a very good improvment. However, with Thurman and Pollack out among other injuries, there was no way that a young defense could hold together and we're now seeing the effects of the lost cohesion. This season has been a disappointing, but it's not something that we can blame squarely on Marvin. Sure, there are individual things that we can question such as in-game decisions, draft picks and the like, but that happens to every coach in the league, even the Super Bowl winners. Marvin has built a competitive team. No coach of the 90s can say that their teams were competitive. Marvin has made Cincy appealing again to free agents, not only to those outside the organization, but those on the inside as well. I'm sure that all of you remember players getting out of Cincy as soon as they became a free agent. Marvin has installed a powerful offense centered around a great young quarterback. We saw what the offense could do last season and we've seen flashes of that greatness this season, but Carson Palmer coming back so quickly from knee surgery and the decimated offensive line have taken a huge bite out of the offensive attack. Marvin is in the process of building a defense and as I said above, I thought this would be the season where we'd see the beginning of the improved defense, but that will have to wait until we get a linebacking corps back. Even with all of the Bengals woes, we have been in every game we've played. In the blow-out loss to New England, the Bengals were only down by 1 point in the third quarter. The losses to Atlanta and Baltimore were only by 2 points each. The loss to Tampa was by 1 point. And Cincy was up big on San Diego before they came back to hand us another loss. Sure, a loss is a loss no matter how you cut it, but to be playing .500 ball against a cast of hard opponents. And if there were a couple of different bounces, we'd be looking at 6 - 3 instead of 4 - 5. We've only had one loss to a team with a sub-.500 record. A brutal schedule with injuries doesn't equal a good season for any team. Even with the current stuggles, Marvin has built a competitive team. He's built a team that other teams can't circle as an easy game on their schedules. He's built a team that's shaken the "Bungles" moniker it wore for a decade. He's built a team that's actually attractive to free agents. He's built a team that is capable of winning the division and making the playoffs. Marvin has built up a lot of things, but there's still more work to do, but having seen what he's already done, I want to see him continue that work.
  16. UK...

    ...has a winning record this late in the season?!?! Georgia sure has fallen on hard times this season with loses to both Vandy and UK.
  17. UK...

    And with a win over Vandy yesterday, UK is now bowl eligible.
  18. I think I have a solution

    The Bowl games aren't going away, so the only way I can see to figure out a definitive winner is to incorporate the first levels of the playoffs into the end of the regular season. However, teams won't jump for it as it will involve cutting cupcake games out of the schedule. Currently, most teams will play 12 games and larger conferences will have an additional 13th game for the conference championships. For an example, I'm going to use a 12 team conference such as the SEC or Big 12 in order to make the math work out nicely. In one of these conferences, you play the other 5 teams in your division once and 3 of the 6 teams in the other division. This takes up eight games on the schedule. Let's say that we allow 2 ouf of conference games at the school's choosing. Now we're up to 10 games. After these ten games are played, week 11 then becomes the conference championship week. No. 1 teams from each division play each other, No 2 teams play each other, etc. Then for the 12th week of the schedule, you have interconference match-ups like Big 10 vs SEC and Pac 10 vs Big 12, etc. With this system, at the end of the regular season, you'd at least have conference champions and the first round of playoffs. Then the four winners meet each other in two of the bowl games and the last bowl game is the championship. All of the other bowl games stay as they are. Of course, the two big problems are that teams couldn't schedule as many cupcakes and the end of the regular season would get somewhat chaotic with the scheduling. Anyway, just an idea I thought I'd throw out.
  19. Louisville and Rutgers

    It's 25 - 25 with only 1:44 left on the clock. Rutgers is driving... Texas is probably getting really happy about now. Update: Louisville just handed the game to Rutgers with that penalty on the FG try. Rutgers up 28 - 25 and only 13 seconds from winning. Update: Rutgers won!!!!!!!!! Congratuations Florida and Texas... you just got new BCS life.
  20. U of L vs. WVU

    No, another loss isn't likely. I would be very surprised if Texas didn't run the table. It's very true that Texas is not the same team they were last year especially with Vince Young leaving, but this team is very different from the one that lost at Ohio State very early in the season. It's amazing to see how Colt McCoy has matured since the start of the season. They should have no problem with K-State this weekend. A&M will play tough, as always, but A&M is still a step behind. The same goes for anyone coming out of the north in the Big 12 championship. Texas won at Nebraska a few weeks ago. While upsets do happen, I think that it's much more likely that Texas will win out than not. However, none of this will affect the national championship picture unless Louisville loses...
  21. UK...

    The way I figure it, UK should have a better SEC record every two years. In the current rotation, we always play Mississippi and Mississippi St in the same year. This was the year and we finally managed to take advantage of it. With Vandy, La-Monroe and Tennessee left on the schedule, we have a good shot at a minor bowl game. I never thought I'd be saying that at the start of the season... I predicted four wins...
  22. Funny pics from the web

    Engrish.com is a great place for funny pics. Here's a sampling.
  23. Great start to the NBA season

    Most of you probably haven't noticed that the NBA season has started. Really, there's no reason to notice unless you're in a basketball city. Beating the Mavs in the first game of the season in Big D no less is reason enough to get excited about the season. It'll be an odd numbered year next spring which means that the Spurs will bring home another championship! '99, '03, '05 and now '07 (don't ask about '01 ). Non-educated guesses: West: Spurs vs Mavs East: Pistons vs Heat Finals: Spurs over Pistons Yes, I'm a homer, but the Spurs have a legit shot, as with most of the last eight years or so.
  24. Chad fined

    I could care less about what kind of antics Chad does. All I care about is him finding the endzone on Sundays. Pay the fine and move on. No story here.
  25. Marvin's fan approval rating

    Regarding the defense, here are some numbers... Yards/Game: 21st Rush Yards/Game: 25th Pass Yards/Game: 17th Points/Game: 12th Yards/Point Allowed: 9th Def. Passer Rating: 15th So, what does it all mean? I sure don't know. Looking at some numbers, they definitely aren't a top 15 defense. Looking at other numbers, they seem to be right on the edge of being in the top 15. So where are they really? I dunno. None of us really know. They are somewhere in the middle of the pack, but exactly where they are will vary week to week. There's more to measuring a defense than just yards/game.