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  1. Can anyone tell me WTF is going on here in this pic?

    Damn! That is just creepy!
  2. New Header Image

    Nice Job!
  3. The Squirrel

    It was good cuz it was the Bengals! I dont mind endzone celebrations, the first down celebrations are rediculous.

    No .....you werent the only one. I was fearing some freak injury. I share the sentiment though, I cannot wait for Sunday! :player:
  5. YES!!!!! anouncer for game set

    Yeah! I do that all the time. ...and Simms is as boring as watching butter melt ...
  6. Bengalszone awards

    No offense Ditty, but, the I make more posts than you mentality, kinda bugs me. Now dont get me wrong, The majority of the posters here with a 1000 or more posts, are knowlegable, enlightened posters. However, I assume that there are others like myself, that dont have the time to post everyday. Its all I can do to read half of them
  7. Where do you think Warrick will go

    I gotta agree with this. If he could play for Pitt, he would be on our starting roster. Hope he invested wisely..
  8. 3rd Pre-Season Game Concerns?

    Watching Rudi Watching Pollack Salivating for more Chris Perry and Odell :player:
  9. Cornerbacks

  10. Whodey?

    Welcome to the board Bengal725. There is always something to be learned here.
  11. Tonights Game @ Washington

    Redskin's cheerleaders . . . . it's still the preseason, isn't it? Them and the fat cross dressers in the stands. Hogettes my butt. These guys just use that as an excuse to wear dresses in public. Never understood that one either......its enuff to turn the stomach!!!
  12. New Helmet

    keep 'em......none better.
  13. Go vote for Odell on NFL.com

    Damn! I missed that. Playbook actually had a positive slant for the Bengals run "D"!! The end is near! The end is near!
  14. OT to dl song

    Leavin' Louisiana (in the Broad Daylight) from Rodney Crowell/Donivan Cowart
  15. Does anyone else hate ESPN now?

    I agree....I used to watch the show....but it truly sucks now! Dibble is a moron! Least likely guy I would expect to be representing MLB on the show Sall shoulda been replaced a long time ago. Gimme NFL network