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  1. About the time I think the REDS are going back to

    Just like the Reds to lose to KC. Hmmm, weird....the bullpen blew it again!
  2. About the time I think the REDS are going back to

    I think the Reds will be up and down the rest of the season. The new owners did promise that they would go out and get the people the Reds need if they were still in contention at the All-Star Break (which they will be). So I'm hoping they go get Zito or D-Train and say goodbye to Larue and/or Dunn. P.S. Brandon Phillips and David Ross were amazing pickups by Wayne Krivsky.
  3. ESPN's Ultimate Depth Chart

    Long time no see, everybody. I saw the end of the QB show and I would have to say the Bengals would be top 3-5 with a healthy Carson. The "analysts" said that themselves. Peyton and Brady deserve to be up there because they have been stellar QBs the last 5 years and don't get hurt. Atlanta is up there because of Matt Schaub. But yes, I do agree that the Bengals should be higher, and the Steelers lower, especially with Stunt Man Ben at the helm and washed up Charlie Batch backing him up. But whatever, the Bengals will disprove all the haters when the time comes. Who Dey!
  4. I think I'm gonna go cry.

    Yeah, I'm about as old as Lebron. Now that's encouraging.
  5. Grade the Bengals Draft

    I think it's because we as Bengals fans have always had to look at the draft to determine how the team was going to do this year. Since we don't have to do that anymore, it's a little weird, but I'm really liking the depth that has been set up for the future. I'm pumped! And school is practically out for the summer!
  6. duus, you need to get yourself out of that miserable s**thole of a town they call Pittsburgh. Come to Ohio where the women are hot(ter than in Pittsburgh), the beer flows like polluted rivers, and the Bengals roar!
  7. Brandon Phillips

    Thanks Army, for some reason, people tend to get off topic on this site.
  8. Brandon Phillips

    Brandon Phillips has certainly been a pleasant surprise. I think Krivsky made a great move considering Freel can't be limited to the 2B role because he's so versatile. Even more, Aurilia and Womack are old, so they're not long term. Hopefully Phillips will remain hot offensively and the Reds will have a set infield AND outfield!
  9. So, who was the snitch?

    What TNBT said.
  10. QB search over??

    Seriously, stop overreacting to this. What did you expect the Bengals to do? Break the bank and get a top notch backup like Griese or Collins or even Joey Harrington?? Hell no...the same people that hate this move now would be bitching in the fall when the back up plays 4 or less games and the salary that they made eats up cap room that could have been used on the O-line. Anthony Wright isn't the best option for a back-up, but NO ONE knows the future, and I think Marvin is willing to bet that Wright will be better with a stellar O-line, awesome WR corps and good, bruising RB. And for those of you who wanted Jamie Martin, think about it. Maybe he's older. But he has NO experience. Something like 5 NFL starts? For the erratic Martz Rams? You can say that he may have better decision-making skills, but not by much. AND on top of that, he can't move. So he'll end up throwing it under pressure where Wright could move out of the pocket and run upfield. Sure, no one that could have been signed will fill Carson's shoes. But who expected that? Be realistic and realize that for the available options and considering all aspects of the situation, Wright may have been the best bet.
  11. Kids got a great point

    I didn't think it was that great.
  12. More signs pointing to no day 1 TE?

    I think they're bringing them in as mid to late round possibilities, but also because they're OSU guys and the Bengals have a connection to Ohio State. O-H!
  13. What Have I missed?!

    JJ signed a 6-year contract that makes him the highest paid fullback in the NFL (and maybe history). Nothing but the usual grumblings about Lavar. Nothing else really, besides the fact that the Bengals are going to win the Super Bowl in 9 months!
  14. Trade for Dontrell

    I think what is going to come out of the whole Florida situation is a possible, but unlikely move, and a bottom limit to payrolls that will prevent teams like the Marlins from building a winner and then getting rid of everyone. Seriously, they have 6 Triple-A calibur players in their lineup. That's absurd.
  15. Paul Brown Stadium vs. Riverfront

    We can only dream. P.S. I only went to one Bengals game at Riverfront, and it was a looooong time ago, but I'm pretty sure I like PBS more.