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  1. Yahoo Fantasy Football

    Woohoo. I'm in.
  2. Week 14 Fantasy

    No kidding Billy, I had no business whatsoever beating you this past weekend. I can't believe people actually put money into playing fantasy sports. Madness.
  3. Week 14 Fantasy

    I have no idea how I keep winning. I should have lost this week, I was supposed to lose this week. I still won. I think this proves I have no idea what I'm doing, but y'all keep letting me play.
  4. Fantasy Football 2016

    Yup yup, I am indeed in
  5. Jets @ Bengals Game Thread

    Wow, are the refts trying to screw us? I mean how could they even call it a fumble?
  6. Bengals at Lions Game Thread

    Damn, should have ran a play there. Still should have had a flag there.
  7. Bengals at Lions Game Thread

    Guess the refs had to give one back to the Lions for that last 3rd down. That so should have been a flag.
  8. Bengals at Lions Game Thread

    Zim does seem to get a little soft with the play calling sometimes (I'll take that flaw for all the other awesomeness he brings)
  9. Bengals @ Bills Game Thread

    That's an understatement and a half. Yeesh, what crappy calls in the 4th. I was thinking the Ghost of Brat was calling both sides of the ball for us.
  10. Patriots @ Bengals game thread

    WHAT?! Seriously? For once us being exiled to a small island in the Pacific has an advantage over being in the US? Unbelievable. GamePass is awesome. Might be worth trying https://www.tunnelbear.com/ and setting it to be the UK to get it. I assume it's free for the UK, it's free here in New Zealand.
  11. Packers @ Bengals Game Thread

    This is why I like Aussies. :sure:/> OY!!! I'm AMERICAN!!!! Plus, I live in New Zealand And, I think I just got trolled.
  12. Packers @ Bengals Game Thread

    So, let me get this straight. Marvin won a challenge, and then the D came up with a turnover and score? AND we scored 20 unanswered points in the second half? Who is this team and what have they done with the Bengals????? Don't care how ugly that was, that is not a game we would have won in the past. And for the record ugly wins count the same as "pretty" wins so yeah.
  13. Geno Atkins extended

    I think the thing that first crossed my mind is "what a steal" I mean every football talking head I have read or seen this offseason all talked about Geno being the best DT in football and how his upside was amazing. Yeah, a lot for a DT maybe, but I still think the team got off cheap. Great deal and showed that Geno wanted to be here as much as the team wanted him here.
  14. Uniform Watch

    That whole damn list is munted. The Bears and Packers at 1 and 2? dafuq? Oh well. Hard to believe someone get's paid to write that rubbish.
  15. Bengalszone Premier League now open!

    Works for me. I'd be happy with just about any time that isn't early morning on the east coast.