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    Billy essentially IS Bengalzone. I’ve spent around half of my life contributing to this board in some capacity, and he has always been its spiritual foundation. Rest easy, Boobiemeister.
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    Very sad news indeed. Billy has been a huge part of this board since as long as I've been here and the one that asked me to be a moderator all those years ago. Him and I had a chance to meet up a while back at the Hofbrauhaus in Newport. I found the pic here, but it wouldn't let me pull it up. We sat at the bar together, had lunch, drank beers and shot the shit about our beloved Bengals and all other matters we could think of. It was like sitting down with someone I knew my whole life. When I was deployed to Afghanistan, he sent me music and movies on CD. Most notable from that group was a copy of the Bengals and Chargers playing in the freezer bowl. I still have all of the stuff he sent to me. He was also my brother in arms in being a proud Marine !!! I will say a prayer for our friend and also keep his family in our thoughts and prayers through the Holiday season. I am very saddened by the loss of Billy. Rest in Peace my brother !!! Mark
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    Sad to hear that Billy and others like him are what have kept me coming back to this board even though not as much as id like to... This ones for you Billy ❤ R.i.P
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    "What was this trade deadline thing I heard about recently"? "Did I miss an opportunity to increase my stock in Werther's again"? "There's just something about those hard candies that makes me.... Hey I forgot to write a check to the icebox repair man".
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    Memo From: Mike Brown To: Marvin Lewis Marvin, just wanted to let you know that we've received the various emails and communique' you have transmitted regarding the halftime Monkey Rodeo we employ every year. The feelings you and your wife have expressed, that the show is nothing more than animal abuse and should be stopped, is not shared by myself or me or Mike Brown (I). You are correct that the show, in its simplest recitation, could be described as stuffing a few Capuchin monkeys in little western outfits, strapping them to the backs of border collies, and sending them on a terrifying, helter skelter ride at speeds up to 30 miles per hour, all in front of a screaming horde of half intoxicated NFL fans. I give you all that. But so what? It's well received by those fans. I investigated your claim regarding Tim Lepard, the man that brings the monkey rodeo to Cincinnati every year. And you are correct, his show's other engagements consist of very low level minor league baseball games, county fairs, and yes, unfortunately, a good number of motorcycle rallies. Marvin, let me point out to you the clientele at those affairs are the same subset of the population that comes to our stadium. You know I share your utter contempt for most of the drunken cretins that attend our games. We're staging nothing more than a modern-day gladiator battle out there every other Sunday, complete with broken bones, maimings, and blood lust. Who do you think we're attracting? This type of low-brow, dimwitted monkey show is right on their level. It's kind of our way of saying, "Hey look, drunken clerk from the car parts store, monkeys in cowboy outfits riding on dogs!" Come to think of it, it's not our way of paraphrasing that. That's exactly what we're saying! Your point that we are "cheaping out" on the halftime show, just because the Rams are staging halftime concerts with the latest Instagram L.A. pop starlet, and the Browns are leaning on the Cleveland Rock and Roll angle to stage heavy acid rock freak-outs at halftime, is not well received here in the upstairs suites at Paul Brown Stadium. By God, if it's good enough for the Wilmington Blue Rocks and the Erie Seawolves, it's good enough for the Cincinnati Bengals! And I checked, although it doesn't matter in the least, you are correct in that we spend about a tenth of what other NFL franchises spend on halftime entertainment. So what? At least we're spending something. Keep complaining Marvin, do you really want to see my next move? Because we'll go back to a rousing show from the Elder High School Marching Band, followed by a swearing in ceremony for the local crop of ROTC candidates. God bless America! Think our fans won't eat that up with a spoon? Damn right they will. Thanks, Mike PS - Good try there on Sunday night, thought we had a chance for a while. Keep up the good work.
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    This upcoming game genuinely worries me - feels like a trap game where they might accidentally win.
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    Mike deserves the ignominy that would accompany an 0-16 season. His stubborn refusal to change is at the heart of it all.
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    Mark me down for 45-3. To be clear, we will be supplying the ass, not the kicking
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    I think they are bad, but once they start trading away assets and playing players just because they are young; that’s tanking, IMO. Seems like a lot of fans want that now. So do I. Keep in mind that’s a miserable experience with no guarantee they surpass the Marvin days. Cleveland won 4 games in 3 seasons and cycled through so many names it seems like a decade ago.
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    The ONLY thing that would interest me at this point is for them to do this right - and sell off Green, Dalton, Atkins, Dunlap, Dre and WJIII and bring back a bevy of picks and re-boot this thing. That would be interesting and potentially a way forward. But I know they won't even do that.
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    i was going to put in my 2 cents worth, but i just can;t be bothered. maybe it's the Friday night beers, maybe I just need the count to 9 before I get off the canvas, but thus far i am feeling (i don't really know what I'm feeling tbh)
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    Yes, Brown Family, your fans are detailing draft prospects 4 games into the season. I’d like them to get Tua. What they’ll do to protect him once he’s here, I have no idea. If the words “Andre Smith” are involved, Tua should just stay in school for another year.
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    Redubbing this as the LOLine.
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    PFF released o-line rankings following week 3 games. I know what you’re thinking, “we’re last.” WRONG! second to last. Dolphins are last.
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    All the Bengals need is 5 new linemen, 3 new linebackers, 1 new corner, 1 new tight end, and we’ll be fine. Almost there.
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    self inflicted is right they are at least aware of the issue now, 2-3 years too late.......using a 2 1's in the last couple years has at least indicated awareness, but its been much too little and much too late incidentally - the two other Centers that we were looking at when we took Price? Ragnow is already approaching pro bowl level, and Daniels, after a solid year as a started OG, is now the starter at OC for the Bears
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    1 big worry! A lot of positive vibes after week 1. That typically means they play like shit.
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    So in the last year’s time, the Patriots owner got busted in a prostitution sting, their multiple murder/spree killer tight end committed suicide in jail, and now their newly signed wideout is facing a rape lawsuit. When will this league wake up to the fact that there is something very wrong in New England?
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    Mine dates back to the 1981 team. I was 10 years old and seated in the end zone of Super Bowl XVI. I still remember Johnson getting stopped like it was yesterday. I got separated from my Dad while leaving and a security guard found me in tears. The cool ending to the story ?? No, not when my Dad found me at the security station. It was the security guard that got me to calm down by walking me across the middle of the Super Bowl field at the Pontiac Silverdome. Dad who ???
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    I never understand it either. Other fan bases go off the national narrative. Dalton is a quality QB just not a superstar.
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    Someone please cover John Taylor
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    Yeah I didn't get that...at all.
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    Me too. For that reason I always distance myself from the token gripes that the game is becoming "too soft" or the like.
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    nfl.com says "Bodine has been a solid to average center through his career" I needed a good laugh today, so that works
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    Two fumble recoveries by the backup longsnapper! is a statement I will never type again
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    he looked pretty good for a guy that had 2 weeks of practice. would have been nice if the o-line could have opened up some running lanes for him.
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    Westerman has decided not to retire. This is where our line is.
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    Mike Brown give up a 1st round pick? Never! That's his precious.
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    Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were considered "can't miss picks" as was RG3. As good as Fromme, Herbet, and Tagovailoa look there are no guarantees that any of them are better than Dalton. Last I checked the combined playoff win percentage from Winston, Mariota, Griffin, and Watson are the same as Dalton's, whereas 2nd Rounder Brees, 3rd Rounder Wilson, 4th Rounder Prescott, and 6th Rounder Brady are the class of this generation....It is a myth that you must spend a high first round pick to draft a great QB. Dalton has proven he can win a lot of games in this league with a competent OLine...I would go to war with Trent Williams, Jordan, Hopkins/Price, Hopkins/Price, and Glenn as my starting 5 and the team might shock a lot of people. Oh...and it might show the fanbase that you give a damn about winning....
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    Among the many reasons I want Zac Taylor to succeed is I want his success to de-validate Marvin’s style and methods. All the ‘not my job to motivate players, halftime adjustments are a myth, why’d we lose games? Because the other team scored more points,’ all that fucking bullshit he spewed for years. I want it all exposed for what it was, the musings of a disinterested, burned out, inflexible old timer who refused to learn or to change. It’s a ***damn national tragedy that Billy didn’t live long enough to see Marvin and his whole regime get shown the door.
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    In a related article, the Bengals fans were asked some questions recently. Has it been a difficult transition from Marvin Lewis to Zac Taylor ?? "No, it has not." Do you miss him ?? "No we don't." Do you hope he returns at some point ?? "F*CK HIM" Why did the Bengals fail in the postseason on Marvin's watch ?? "Because Marvin obviously never really gave a shit and couldn't resist being a snarky prick at every opportunity." Sounds like Bengals fans won't be paying much attention to what Marvin does in 2019...
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    Reggie used to have some big catches in big situations if Sample can equal Kelly I'd be ecstatic.
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    Reggie Kelly was heck of a blocker. Really Greshman was the last complete TE they had. He could block very good. Just fumble a bunch.
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    Hope they get married in the offseason, he may break a hip getting that ass on his wedding night.
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    “Stupid fans bought the whole fire Marvin bit just long enough to buy up season tickets. That was easier than I thought it would be. Time to overhaul the Lumina !!”
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    Kyler Murray is the "must have" QB at 5'9 huh ?? Just stupid to even consider him. Again, if they want to take a QB at #11, that's fine. I would rather not, but whatever. JUST NOT MURRAY...
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    Brief thoughts if it is indeed Taylor: John Harbaugh’s resume didn’t look all that impressive when ravens picked him either. Special teams coach for the Eagles. Tomlin only had one year as a d-coordinator when picked. Just saying. No idea if he will be anywhere near as good as those two have been, but thin resume doesn’t bother me. Sam Wyche’s resume was hella thin too before he was hired. Point is, either you have what it takes , or you don’t. I don’t think there is any one path to success as head coach. David Shula sucked because he was terrible, not because he had wrong experience. Wyche worked out because he absolutely had the creative flair and personality to succeed, none of which you could fairly see coming off of one year head coaching at IU and anonymous asst coaching in NFL for years before that (learning under Bill Walsh). Taylor may be a disaster, but, he could also be quietly inspired. At least he isn’t Gase, or Hue, or Joseph, or some other warmed over more of the same coach. This team and org needs shock paddles. Taylor is at least that. And if he is an abject disaster, then maybe in two years when he is fired he gifts the new coach with the #1 pick in 2021 and we get the Clemson qb. But this is as interested as I have been as a bengals fan in a long time, in any event.
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    He’s also esteemed for being the 12th President of the United States.
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    I'd be curious to see what Bieniemy could get from Ross as well. Seeing as he's the wannabe Tyreek Hill, maybe he can impart some wisdom and confidence in a player we need to thrive in our offense. Here's a quick video I saw from the Chiefs training camp last year. Interesting 3 minutes of time. I'm warming up to him as the choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR2Zi7Rb_Z4
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    I have a feeling the Browns will look elsewhere. But it won't surprise me if they did hire Williams. It would be a Browns-like move to do so. This roll the Browns are on is much of an illusion. Sure they are playing better but their wins lately have been the Bengals twice, the Falcons, and the Broncos. Give teams a full year to prepare for them in 2019 and it won't be a lock for the playoffs like many of their fans are expecting. Baker Mayfield is the QB version of Rex Ryan. While he's a good QB, his hubris will get the best of him and it'll be interesting to see how he reacts to a full season when the Browns aren't catching teams with their pants down. But hey, welcome back to the NFL, Cleveland. You only spent 20 years taking a shit.
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    I'm sad to hear about Billy. R.I.P , prayers going out to is family
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    i don’t really care to ever hear again about what Lewis has or has not done for this team. It just doesn’t matter anymore. Zero playoff wins, that’s what he has gotten this organization and it’s fans. Its like touting how some of Dalton’s stats are comparable to some of the greats. Someone remind me how that has resulted in success. Never...
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    Are you ready? The Bengals have moved up to #11 in the draft order. The Raiders beat the Steelers possibly sending the Steelers out of the playoffs (Patriots, at Saints, Bengals) 8-7-1. The Raiders are on a roll and should beat the Bengals next week almost guaranteeing a 5-11 season and a top 10 draft pick. YES
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    “I’m a 431 year-old immortal being. I smothered Chester Arthur with a pillow. I absolutely love running the Bengals and I plan on doing so for another couple hundred years!”
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    Splack! (dentures fly into the endzone)
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    Jesus. I thought I had time on my hands.
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    There were about a million people who thought Marvin should be replaced after last season. There was one person who thought it would be a good idea to bring him back. This game had Marvin all over it. He got out coached, couldn’t figure out how to deal with the clock, and ran his pet rhino out there with a 55 jersey on to get swallowed whole by o-linemen. I’ve seen this movie before. Mike doesn’t understand how stale his product has become. Hopefully the fans will stay away in droves and send him a message.
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    Splack! (Dentures fly across the dashboard of stock 1975 Ford Grenada) ”By gum! Is this the Ronald Reagan? It is! Thank God, getting confusing with all these new roads out here,” continues driving 15 miles per hour on random residential street in 7 Hills with left blinker on
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    This is a bad post. Post better. No one is spiking anything. Pollack is working with what he was given, and doing WAY better with it than Alexander did. He's also refusing to play Ogbuehi and Fisher, so, there's that. The team is averaging 27.6 ppg and Mixon is averaging more yards per carry than Todd Gurley. Andy is on his way to potentially his best passing season ever. You re-litigating Whit being gone is stupid, in the context of whether this team is better off with Pollack over Alexander. I'm tired of rampant negativity so will be taking a break again. Have at it.
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    I tend to think of Dalton as a borderline top 10 QB in the same area as AMPHAR. I just thought it through though and decided I would definitely place the following QBs ahead of Dalton, in no particular order: Wilson Rodgers Newton Brees Ryan Brady Luck Rivers Roethlisberger They have at least comparable (or superior) regular season success and superior postseason success. That places Dalton 10th at best, which is still good enough I think. There's a muddy group after that of guys who are vaguely comparable, some with considerable postseason success but none striking me as an obvious top-tier candidate. Throw Dalton in with this group and I don't think that's unfair. Smith E. Manning Wentz Cousins Stafford Goff Flacco Then there's Mahomes, who this year looks like Mr. Bigshot. I'm going to wait and see on that though; I've not seen solid evidence yet that he isn't RGIII or Dak Prescott and headed for a huge wall. Watson is in a similar category.