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    We are headed out on vacation and when we were at the Cincinnati airport, we ran into John Ross. Was super cool with my son and we got a great pic with him. Funny thing is, the people around us were like, who is that guy ?? My son is still amped up. Good guy !!
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    This is the kind of discourse this team deserves. Hiring Marvin back made as much sense as any of the previous 7 or 8 posts.
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    Who is this "Alexander" you are referencing ?? Talk about a name that should never be uttered again in these parts.
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    For those interested in linguistics, the above is pronounced IfOnlyIHadntArrivedatThePointOfTackle OhSoLate-ee In our next installment, we will discuss what the Shazor Train is and why you shouldnt board it
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    They care about something. They truly don't care about what we care about. Won't pay Reggie Nelson so they replace him with half the player, Williams. Won't pay Whit, so we get Ogbuehi. Won't pay Zeitler, so we get revolving cast of characters. Won't pay Marvin Jones, so we get Ross, er, Boyd, er, whoever we can find on a rookie deal. Won't pay Mohammad Sanu, so we get anyone on a rookie deal, again. Truly, the new CBA and the incredible incentive it gave cheap owners to play youngsters on their first contracts - Mike used that just like we suspected he would. No team is all veterans. But Mike is pretty good at keeping cheap vets who are glad to have a job, like Peko, and letting guys who'll earn significant cash on their second deal walk out the door.
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    I think Alexander was the ultimate company man. If he got fed shit, he thanked Mike for the caviar and asked for seconds. Its why he survived so long here. Mike says,"we don't want to pay all these vets their 2nd and 3rd contracts. Paul, you're the o line coach, are the new guys WHO ARE ON THEIR COST CONTROLLED UNDER THE NEW CBA ROOKIE CONTRACTS ready to take over?" Paul answers, "you bet they are sir! Bodine's a great player! Cedric's a natural left tackle, he's ready." Somehow I don't think Zimmer was that compliant. He's got players who follow him from one team to another. Alexander played a political game here, as many do, and it finally caught up with him. Marvin, loathesome as we all find him, at least deserves credit for getting Mike to drive his favorite golden retriever to the pound.
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    Happy turkey day BZ'ers! Hard to believe it's been 13 years since joining.
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    With Elliot making the practice squad, this is kind of the best of both worlds. I'm happy. In the end, though, it doesn't really matter. All we're really deciding is which kicker is going to miss the game-winning field goal in the round 1 of the playoffs.
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    Football is now back , and iam really ready for some Bengals football. Last season this team ended with a losing record. But time to but that aside and get into full domination mode. We need to melt down the Steelers, neuter the Browns, and clip the wings of the Ravens. If we should survive all that, we could have a winning season.
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    Well TJ, that’s because Marvin sphinx racoon asparagus blow-dryer. I mean duh !!
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    I am excited about the possibilities with this basic technique change It's certainly possible that our OL could be worse this year, but I think it is far more likely it'll be better. Hopefully this technique change will make it a LOT better. One even wonders if it could salvage the careers of Oogie and Fisher? Hope does indeed spring eternal. As I said last year, we will go only as far as our OL will take us - and its the same this year
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    Finally some good news https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/5/2/17291152/bengals-decline-fifth-year-option-2014-first-round-pick-cedric-ogbuehi Cutting him this season is now actually an option, even though it'd leave some dead cap money on the table for this season only
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    Mayock has spoken. Bengals take Ragnow. Mcglenchey and Nelson off the board. Wynn, Hernandez, and Daniels on the board but taken in the first. That would buck some historical trends with 5 interior linemen going that soon So I guess you can say it’s better to Rag-Now instead of Rag-later _ rim shot, tip your bar tenders and waitresses, I’m here all week.
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    But this guy is "freakin' awesome" !! Paul Alexander said so.
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    I’m with Wraith it’s important history for the franchise.
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    Kid Steakhouse is still a historical event so therefore still viable.
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    Dear Andy Dalton, We are pleased to inform you that the monthly premium for your disability insurance is being reduced by 30% due to recent business decisions made by your employer. Please be aware that the "Maimed or Dismembered" rider will still be priced in the 100th percentile due to, during practice days, your proximity to one "Vontaze Burfict." Thank you, Rocky Cliff Agent, Unyielding Monolith Insurance Company
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    Well, as Willy noted above, we're listing badly to starbord as we try to navigate the wake of the jet boats that just flew past us. In regards to free agent tackles, perhaps we'll find a large carcass floating along. We'll pull it aboard, but we'll just use it for ballast, to level the boat out. Once we get that blob onboard, we won't look like we're in so much distress.
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    chant it with me JEFF-FRO HE MUST GO BO-DINE DO NOT RE-SIGN rinse and repeat....
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    I really don’t believe that. I think those victories gave something to rationalize the easy path for Mike. IMO, the guy doesn’t want to do the hard work to get the organization to the next level and will just continue to look at runs to the Super Bowl as decided by fate and circumstance.
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    I love how high and mighty Steeler fans are. Crying afterward about the Jags talking smack and being classless, lol. More than any other fan base they can’t take what their team dishes out.
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    Thank you Jags :) a big cat victory in Pittsburgh
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    Well it's become obvious the major sticking point for Marvin, was the ability to pick his own coaching staff. Can't argue with the moves. Won't mean a whole lot in the short term unless they replace some players as well, like 6-7 starters ideally.
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    Just because the beams in a barn are rotten doesn't mean you shouldn't fix the bad roof sheeting. And we had bad roof sheeting. Years of Alexander acting like Guy-check could play sickened this team. It emboldened defenses, they blitzed right up the center time and again. It gave momentum away. Then his draft pick at center struggled as well. I'm very excited to see what the new o-line coach and dc can do for this team. That defense could do something special. Talent? Burfict, Iloka, Atkins, Dunlap, our young corners - we've got a defense loaded with talent. If the line can be turned around, the offense can stay on the field, we quit leaving our defense on the field for 45 minutes a game. And we start winning games! True, Marvin might choke it away in the playoffs, but he can't be here forever. There's a new feeling to the way they went out and got those two new coaches from Detroit and Dallas. I'm very optimistic about this team compared to last off-season. PS - Leveon Bell is sowing discord within the Steelers organization the week of a playoff game. Delicious.
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    Pumpkie and hubby wont be taking over until SoaG does, which will be the day after I die, Murphy's law being what it is I am still well away from retirement, so I dont expect to die for at least a couple of decades.....sorry fellas
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    They're in the "let's just be competitive enough to sell fools tickets" business.
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    15 years is just a peek. A meer glimpse into the fortune we hold in our hands. You have to give Marvin credit for one thing. He can stand proudly on his .500 record and zero playoff wins and actually get a new contract. It makes me understand the sheer stupidity of Mike Brown.
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    I’ve decided this is hilarious. I’m not mad, now I am in a state of perpetual bemusement.
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    Mark, I have asked myself that question. Then I look at people I know who jumped on a Steelers or Patriots bandwagon and realize I can't go there. I can't sell out.
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    A meaningless (to the Bengals) win at the end of his 15th season. That was Marvin's Super Bowl. What a clutch coach, let's give him real ultimate power over the family business. You've got to be kidding me. If a guy wins you a Super Bowl or two, then coaches to the end of his deal, he has the right to leverage you a little and get more power, or money. He's got options at that point. Who are we competing with for Marvin's services? What has he done to entitle him to demand more control? This is a clever troll job by Marvin, and it is a smack in the face of the organization that kept him way longer than any other would. He's just creating the narrative (not enough control, interference by the Brown family) for why he could never win anything. Marvin's a conniving little dickhead. His condescending and disrespectful way towards the media and the fans isn't an outlier, it's who he is. Mike Brown, move on from this choke artist. You(correction, WE THE FANS) deserve better.
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    I don’t disagree. But why can’t they do both? Get the star QB and build the OL? Getting a solid OL doesn’t have to require a top 10 pick. Getting a star QB just might require that high pick.
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    Yes, let's add 3-4 more key pieces for Dalton to be serviceable. Then we can watch the Bengals struggle to retain and keep those pieces together. Or we can just draft a QB that can carry a team on his back and doesn't need an offense built around him.
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    This is something I won't miss about Marvin Lewis, and that I hope changes with the next HC. Marvin continually defers talent to the bench in favor of "veteran status". We've seen it over the years. Players who deserve to be on the field only to be placed behind the likes of John Thornton and Robert Geathers. Some of those guys get on the field in year 3 or 4, then leave to FA finding success with other teams. And in this case with Develin, he was never given a chance. Marvin plays favorites to keep his status with older players at all costs. It's a weak stance, one without proper coaching boundaries with players and one that breeds a huge lack of accountability. Bye Marvin!
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    I know most will be shocked at my comment but here is what I did this morning. I woke up and walk to tv to turn on game and see the score as Minn 17 and Cinn 0, I turn off tv. yep only 5 sec of watching today for me.
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    It may seem mean but I'm sick of the Shazier talk. He's a known head hunter, spears all the time. I said after the playoff game he would suffer a bad injury because of him lowering his head to be cheap and dirty. Sick of Lewis. Sick of this team on prime time or against Steelers
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    Happy thanksgiving to my Bengal brothers and sister from the UK to wherever you may be. Enjoy the day, the food, the football, and whatever else you'e doing :)
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    The hissing rage that Chiefs fan exhibits when her boyfriend wears a Raiders sweater to dinner is so out of proportion to the little social faux pas he commits that he should seriously get a restraining order. She's crazy.
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    That's their second fumble recovery since 1999 I think.
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    Listening to ML on the Monday press conference right now. Just get the f**k out of here, Marvin. Tired of your s**t. Lame and f**king stale. Seriously, how many more times can a human be subjected to the same s**t over and over. For the sake of your health and the sanity of the city, GTFO Marvin. Just GTFO.
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    The fat rapist throwing 5 picks including back to back pick sixes?
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    yes you are, dont you dare to wake up for good.
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    Well yea I still watch as well lol, guess what I'm saying is I don't let it effect my day anymore. If there are other things going on football is now second, where as before nothing could happen on my Sundays lol.
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    It's a Cincinnati sacrifice. Blood has to be laid at the altar while the agenda does not change. Keep your job and let your underlings pay the price.
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    Bend don't break is the defense of the future for the NFL. You can't do anything without risking a penalty, it seems. The best defense today is make them snap the ball as many times as possible and then capitalize on a mistake. With the Burfict suspension, IF that's really going to be the standard of defenseless receiver or unnecessary roughness shallow drag routes will dominate the league. I've said it for a while but D-line in pass rush resemble Volleyball blocking schemes more and more each year. The risk/reward for contacting a QB is now slanted to the Offense. Now if potential pass catchers are able to cross through a defense in zone coverage around 5 yards with no contact (only hand checks), forget it. Your best defense is to try to bat the pass down instead of trying to get a hit on the QB. You'll never get there in time and QB/Receiver timing will be impossible to disrupt. 70% completion percentage will become the low water mark of Qbing eventually. They need to evaluate 1st and 10 then and make 13 yards or something. IF that's the standard, which I doubt it will seemed like a Burfict witch hunt.
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    Why didnt the Brown family adopt this slogan when they held out their hand to Hamilton County to pay for every inch of that stadium and its surroundings and eternal maintenance costs? Run on your own gas - wow, talk about hypocrisy!
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    I know for sure I will find Calculus easier as I am math genius and I take that during high school ;)
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    Grrrrrr - they should take into account fans in Scotland who travel their asses off to watch the Bengals !!!!