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    *movie trailer voice* In a world where the Cincinnati Bengals successfully cover the tight end
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    I think Billy would next have posted a pic of Ms Cates with her, uhm, upper half uncovered We're still thinking about you Billy
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    Cris Crocker, who on November 20th, 2008, knocked Santonio Holmes into the shadow realm, then stared down the Steelers' sideline? All in retaliation for the cheap shot 5 weeks earlier that Hines Ward laid on Rivers, breaking his jaw? That Cris Crocker? The guy who finally stood up to the Steelers bullying and said "enough"? Yea, I've heard of him.
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    Err.. Mixon ran a 4.46 / 40 at his combine, he is both fast and agile and far from being one of the slowest in the league, I will say it again the Bengals have not had an outside deep threat since Marvin Jones left and that allows defenses to key on the LOS. Mixon has been fighting 8 men boxes since he got here. He may not have Gio's shiftiness but I believe you are going to see marked improvement with Joe this season provided we can bring in a deep threat. Not that Chase is a panacea but you will be surprised at how much that will transform this offense IMHO.
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    I just heard back from Sewell. He got the gas mask bong, but his arms are too short to even get it over his head to put it on. We’re screwed.
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    Yeah, with this workout any hope of Marshall falling to us at #38 have been dashed. I feel much better about Chase/Leatherwood than I do about Sewell/Moore (Elijah or Rondale). I would love the following guys to the Bengals at #38... Leatherwood, Cosmi, Jenkins, Davis, Vera-Tucker (unlikely), Darrisaw (also unlikely), Radunz, Little, Eichenberg, or Dickerson. There is no chance that one or more of those guys are not available to us at #38 and any of them would start immediately at RG. Sure Sewell is a great prospect, probably the best left tackle prospect I have ever seen but Chase is likely also the best WR prospect I have seen since Calvin Johnson and the instant rapport with Burrow is too good to pass up. BTW I believe the best non-QB prospect in this draft is actually Kyle Pitts but I also believe he will go at #4 to Atlanta barring someone trading up for a QB. There are 10 first round graded OLinemen in this draft AFTER Sewell and Slater go....that is incredible and unheard of. On top of that, I also think Meinerz, Hudson, Carmen, Mayfield, and Humphery are also starting grade players. You end up with Chase, Leatherwood, and Meinerz or Humphrey in the first three rounds it almost doesn't matter what the rest of the draft looks like, you have won. BTW Jenkins is my favorite of the #38 pool but I believe he will be long gone by #38, Leatherwood or Radunz would make a fine consolation prize.
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    Much more than a swap, that’s for sure. Gio’s 771 combined yards were his most since 2017 and his 6 TDS were the most since 2014, his second year. And he caught a career-high 79.7% of balls thrown his way. I’m in no rush to see him leave.
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    Here's what is SUPER annoying. They've got the money - they were outbid by just a bit on Rankins on Sunday at DT. Which means I go back to them getting outbid for what was a reasonable contract that Zeitler took in Baltimore. If they've got Zeitler at RG to go with Reiff at RT - that was what the doctor ordered. They keep missing on shit like this. So close, so far.
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    So that leaves, Wyatt Davis, Alex Leatherwood, Walker Little, Sam Cosmi, Landon Dickerson, Dillon Radunz, Jalen Mayfield, and Jackson Carmen as folks available to us at the top of round two that carry a starting caliber grade at oline. I like my chances of one of them slipping to us at #38.
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    It's from his shoulder injury last year. Allows him to recoup $2 million if he can't play again I believe.
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    Even if he had the rock he would likely wish for better creamed corn or maybe TJ's Grandma....doubtful he would wish for anything football related.
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    The Monolith speaks! Oh happy day! Blessed are we, who know not how hard it is to run an NFL franchise! BAM! Right oughta the gate. Whose fault is all this? Why, OURS of course! See? See how hard it is to run an NFL franchise? We gave you all what you wanted and it's been a fukking disaster! Maybe we should just buy tickets and STFU, right guys? "Bright and energetic" is how kindergarten teachers refer to particularly precocious children. Seriously, have you ever been referred to as "bright and energetic" in a performance review or any adult situation? What foundation? As Zim ranted about on the OITNB vid I posted earlier, what is this team's identity? It has none. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you "want" to win. In the same way I "want" to win the lotto. And I don't buy tickets. And you know what? So has every other team in the league!!! OK, not every team has drafted a young QB in the last two years, but the draft? FA? Every team does this! This is not an accomplishment, this is just the basics of your job! It's like describing your own success by starting with, "in the last two years, I have gotten out of bed, got dressed and driven to work many times." Just like last season. And the season before that. And the season before that. Etcetera, etcetera. And unless Mike has that magic wishing rock from Wonder Woman 1984 up his sleeve, 2021 will be the same too, because injuries happen every year and "missed opportunities" ought to be the team's motto. Why should we expect the same players and coaches who have not been able to stay healthy or not miss opportunities to change? Again, this is not an accomplishment! Lots and lots of people face adversity and put in hard work every single day all over the world. Good. So will every other team in the league. Again, this is not a strategy! This is what...every...team...does. Why? Why are you confident? What in the last 30 years of doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results has you convinced that this time, you really will kick that football, Mike (Charlie) Brown? Yes, and so must every other business concern in existence if they want to stay in existence. Except wait, you don't! You can field 50 random people pulled from the stands every week for 16 weeks and still be profitable because of NFL-wide TV revenue sharing! You don't have to do a gawd damned thing! Son of a beach, I think we've figured it all out! And if we don't we'll just update and re-issue this same statement again!
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    Somebody wake me up when the draft is getting close. So tired of ownership.
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    Matt Miller gave them Rashwan Slater, the T from Northwestern at 3rd with Sewell 2nd in his latest mock. Said some scouts have Slater ahead of Sewell. They can win and still find a REALLY good T. They don't need to be 3rd. If not Slater, then the Texas OT (Corsi), There's 3 or 4 worthy of top 10-15 considedration.
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    Coaching - Would prefer a clean slate. I think there is a high probability that we could attract Eric Bieniemy from KC with Burrow, if not then we would have to look at Robert Saleh or Joe Brady. There will be a number of high profile defensive coaches on the marketplace to be DC because of firings My target would be Raheem Morris. We need to also attract a REALLY good Offensive Line Coach....my wishlist would start and end with Andrew Whitworth (i think it is HIGHLY likely that this is his last year playing). Free agency: First Target, a high profile ORG signing. Three choices here Brandon Sherff, Joe Thuney, or Larry Warford. My inclination is that we would go the Larry Warford route because he is local, has already expressed interest and is still under 30. You resign Spain and WJ3. You let Green, Atkins, Price, and Ross all walk. That will SUBSTANTIALLY free up cap space. One of the things not often mentioned is that the Bengals have a chance to really clean up in FA because the cap is likely to remain static which will put alot of teams up against it from a cap perspective and also mean that many teams simply will not be competing. The Bengals go into the season with $41 million free before releasing Atkins, Price, and Ross. we should be buyers. One target I would love for them to go after is Kyle Rudolph. Good all-round TEs are rare, MN will be in cap hell again and will likely cut him because they have the heir apparent in Irv Smith Jr. We should also go hard after a quality Vet. WR I think it likely that one of the three Cowboys WR will be released (likely Amari Cooper if they can get around the cap implications). Draft: I am usually a more is better guy but if you have a chance to draft a generational talent at Tackle you do it. I feel the same way about Sewell as I felt about Quentin Nelson when he came out and he totally re-made the Colts oline. In the second you trade down a little with eyes on Edge, Corner, TE, and Interior Oline. BPA from those position groups. BTW if Travis Étienne is still available at our pick in the 2nd, snap him up!
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    We can look forward to Mike’s condescending interview when he explains pro football to us.
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    Maybe it's unreasonable of me, but anything less than 4-0 against NYG, WAS, DAL, and HOU is going to piss me off.
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    Holy sheep dip I've been ill of late (nothing serious, just annoying) and slept through this game. I missed what is likely THE signature game of 2020. damnit. anyway, on the question of locker room solidarity or lack thereof.......I present the following https://www.bengals.com/video/postgame-celebration-after-week-8-win-over-the-titans which tells me things are not as doom and gloom as some claim....not even close ...so... I (like every other nfl fan on the planet) am enamored of New Guy. Without him, we arent even in these close losses, and are probably 0-8 and mostly blown out. I get that, so I wont talk about him being a new man crush, because how could you be a Bengals fan and not absolutely freakin' L O V E this man? and thats not even including out-of-this-world freakish stuff like this: and I think Jeremy Rauch summarizes things well here (except: trade Ross, not Tate): https://twitter.com/FOX19Jeremy/status/1323027132285652997?ref_src=twsrc^tfw so, I want to speak of my new (and as always to keep this clear, perfectly heterosexual) man-crushes in no particular order of importance 1. Spain. OH MY GOD. Not even a single practice snap nor time with his teammates as he completed the necessary quarantine time, and he looked like a freakin pro bowler. I watched a lot of game film and he is just high fivin' and having a great time with his new teammates between plays, bring up everyone's energy level. I love love LOVE this (GIMME A) LINEMAN Fucking SIGN HIM NOW. Practice squad my ass. I want him signed N O W if not sooner. There should have been a contract waiting for him to sign in the locker room right after the game 2. Higgins. A great deal of Burrows success is because Higgins is producing bigtime. Without Higgins, honestly, is Burrows fully the amazing QB we are seeing? Yeah, other receivers not named Ross are contributing as well, but I wasnt expecting this 2nd rounder to contribute so much so soon. I dont think you were either. 3. Adenji and Johnson. They faced pro bowl defensive ends having started exactly 0 times before at their respective spots. They allowed no sacks. Was it always pretty? Heck no. Was it perfect? Absolutely not - earlier in this thread it is mentioned how Adenji allowed the most pressures of any Bengals OL this week. Of course, that PFF item fails to qualify this statement with the fact that this was his first start ever _AND_ he's a rookie _AND_ he allowed no sacks _AND_ while facing a pro bowl DE. I will bet he will get a rating no better than 50 from PFF this week but regardless his performance under the circumstances I see that as nothing short of incredible. I've already talked up Fred Johnson many many times, so I wont go into detail on his 0 sack work on his very first start ever at ORT 4. Auden Tate. Ok, he's not all that new, but its like he gets forgotten for weeks at a time, then he goes and has a game like this and its like he's brand new all over again.......like who the hell is this guy? Take a look at this: https://www.nfl.com/videos/6-foot-5-tate-extends-for-unbelievable-sideline-snag-on-third-down Auden should be a priority for an extension asap, using some of that cash the Dunlap trade freed up. so why oh why, you ask with good reason, isnt Billy Price on this list? Its because I've seen too many disappointments from this guy. He has as Black Widow once said 'too much red on his ledger". This game doesnt erase all that red, not even close, but its a mighty fine start towards getting back in the black and a question - where the hell is Josh Bynes? I know I have no way to measure his impact on getting the three rookies + Pratt up to speed, but it's like he's invisible on the field. Also his snap count seems to be on a downward curve.. related question: how are the four (I count Pratt) newbie linebackers doing, especially in coverage? I cant seem to get a handle on that Finally: throwing some love (and a virtual game ball) towards Stripes this week for going the extra mile for this win. question: do you need any incense or goat heads or whatever for 2 weeks from now? If so, lets get a gofundme going.
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    I disagree with this. It’s a workplace situation. And this longtime, very loyal, employee is being demoted. It’s a very public demotion. I think common courtesy requires a little meeting to explain what the team is doing, what he needs to do going forward. It’s not 1955. Ultimately showing Dunlap the respect he deserves would serve the team as well because you don’t get this public dragging they’re getting right now.
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    Heh, saw a few replays and I am def in the shots kicked at that end zone. The burrow color rush to the left of the goalposts being kicked at. here are some obs from being there: Waiting for my flight - a few quick additional thoughts : I was in the north end zone 11 rows off the field - so a new vantage point for me. The second and fourth quarters when bengals were on offense i had as close to burrow’s vantage point on throws as I will ever get, and, damn. I have zero idea how he sees some of the windows he sees. There were five or six passes that he threw that I had time to think “where in the hell is he throwing it” and each time he competed a ball. He may be a wizard. The one in particular that sticks out was the 23-yarder to Higgins in the 4th. He. Was. Not. Open. Just an unreal throw. a few other things: —-I really now fear that AJ is cooked. The play in the first quarter where burrow rolled away from pressure and waved AJ downfield was coming at me - the old AJ makes that play but I could immediately see when Burrow waved him to get deep and AJ planted to go that there was no burst. None. I hope that it is still coming back, but that was rough to watch live as close to it as I was. —-the two Mixon 3rd quarter TD came at my end zone - on the second of them, the run up the middle, it looked like Redmond did a really good job sealing off his man and giving Joe the hole. It was like the Red Sea parting from where I was. —-thought the holding call to negate the Boyd TD was weak. Especially because on series before that Dunlap was dragged down right in front of us and the damn ref and he swallowed the flag while Jax converted a long third down. They also replayed the Lawson personal foul flag in the stadium and that was a fucking joke of a call. If refs were simply competent we blow them out in the first half. —-it is weird watching burrow live. He’s so in control, so calm , I’ve never seen anything quite like it in cincy. At least not four games in to a career. He’s an absolute superstar coming. —-I didn’t see him really miss on any deep throws he should have connected on. The receivers are simply not open. Very little separation deep to connect on the ones yesterday. —-hell, not a fuckton of separation on a lot of the intermediate passes either. Burrow is so damn accurate. If this was Dalton...yeesh. that’s most of what is at the top of my head this AM.
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    “You can only look at your hot water heater for so long.” - Jim Turner What he meant to say was “you can only look at your hot water heater for so long (until you realize itwould give Bobby Hart a pretty good run for his money at the right tackle spot).”
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    "When the time comes, I'll be in the best shape to play my best ball this year no matter what happens. The best shape of my life." I like how he emphasized, "The best shape of my life". I'm really looking forward to watching this team play this season unlike any season I can remember is a God awful amount of time. I wish Billy was here to enjoy this with us !!!
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    So again, if the knock on Higgins is his speed, lets make a fair comparison: Higgins reported 40 time was 4.54 AJ Green- 4.50 Michael Thomas- 4.57 Deandre Hopkins- 4.57 Mike Evans- 4.53 Julio Jones- 4.39 OBJ- 4.43 Antonio Brown- 4.47 Keenan Allen- 4.75 Tyreek Hill- 4.2 something ridiculous Davante Adams- 4.56 Juju Smith Schuster- 4.54 So in looking at what is widely considered to be the best 10 WR's from last year and their 40 times coming out of college, i'm still confused on why the knock on Higgins. Outside of the outliers like Tyreek (super fast) and Allen (super slow), you are left with an average of 4.50. (I left out AJ as well, since he was simply included because he's a Bengal). It seems utterly ridiculous to see the criticism of his speed, when he seems right on par with some of the best in the league. Making contested catches is his specialty and it's not like you can coach someone into being 6'4, 215lbs. either. He caught 27 TD's during his time at Clemson, which is tied for first and his 13TD's last season were only behind Hopkins for a single season. THIS is what he does. Goes up, makes plays, and scores TD's. Must suck to add a guy like that to the roster huh ?? Then again, Joe Burrow might have something to say about that...
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    The camera starts with only the back of my head in frame. Then it recedes, showing me sitting in my evil genius laboratory, I’m monitoring 7 computer screens, all running proprietary algorithms analyzing all things Bengals, from Burrow’s 4th quarter velocity to the transmission fluid temperature in Katie’s Lexus. Around the computers, high voltage arcs from Tesla Coils, crackling and spitting, jump 20 feet across the room. I turn in my chair, the camera re-zooms, my embittered, thousand-yard stare face fills the frame. In a voice heavy with the gravitas and pain that comes from living the life of a Bengals fan, I say, “It all comes down to Fred Johnson.”
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    REIF. Please don't summon the ghost of Adam Keift...
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    WTF, dude, we all love Burrow. No shame.
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    so here we are, on the eve of free agency the Bengals have not even managed to re-sign their punter or kick returner, much less a starter several quality veteran OLs on the open market that they didnt need to wait til FA to sign, and not even a single visit was had, with none scheduled either Oh, but word is that they've got a visit coming from a washed up corner who didnt even play in half the games last season, who was released a month ago. Said another way, a visit could have been set up a month ago, well before the flurry of activity that is sure to commence (well, for other teams, at least) starting this week ah yes, and that franchise tag they didn't apply, allegedly because they were close with Lawson? Yeah, not a peep about any Lawson negotiations. Lawson even said earlier this past week that negotiations hadnt even started yes folks, this is our fine FO hard at work as always god bless'em I do want to watch Burrow.....but I dont want to watch a man running for his freakin life and getting body parts shredded again there are times when I hate being a Bengals fan....this is one of them
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    It's as if he's instructed to prepare the public for disappointment every season.
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    he claimed they had no money to spend last off-season and then they spent $126 million, so hopefully this just him being an asshole.
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    just one more season just one more season too bad Otto isnt here to tell him no anymore
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    Browns up 28-0 in the first quarter. Collinsworth is in stunned disbelief, can somehow still talk with Tomlin’s nuts in his mouth.
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    So this guy's better than Bullocks? Really? 2 dropped passes, a poor 4th down call/decision earlier, a missed FG - and Taylor wonders why he has so many one-score losses. This actually may turn out to be another one.
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    Have to go with JuJu. No matter how it turns out, take the receiver from better team with the better quarterback.
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    I am performing a voodoo ritual to hex the Titans defensive line and give Burrow a chance to survive.
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    Thanks for the fish, Carlos. That was not a good ending, but I’ll remember the good times. Probably a top 7ish all-time Bengals defender.
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    More than I’d have expected, frankly. Seems like good thinking considering Seattle’s pass rush issues. Will have to see how Seattle fans feel about the OL.
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    Taylor responds to fans: (also with a nice response by the author below it): https://www.yahoo.com/sports/zac-taylor-shares-message-bengals-130035721.html He can talk about "long term" all he wants, we don't care, some of these one-score losses need to start turning into wins, not next year, or the year after, but now. You can't just win 3 games in almost 2 seasons in this league and expect more patience after years of losing. As the author states, this year wasn't about contending, but showing some progress, glimpses of hope - I really haven't seen any, just a lot of inconsistent play and bad coaching. If Tobin is to blame, throw him in there too, doesn't matter, start winning some games, or get someone who demands it and doesn't excuse not doing it, and holds the front office accountable for providing him what he needs to succeed. Fans are fed-up with this franchise, they all deserve blame and accountability for it - players and coaches. Stop tolerating losing, just stop.
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    I can tell you all from being there Sunday that was as safe as I have felt in a public place since Covid started - much safer than going to a grocery store or for sure going to a restaurant. There was plenty of room between seats - rows even. Everyone wore masks (and if you let yours slip lots of stadium personnel with gentle reminders to put them back on), lots of space at concessions. And in Pro Shop. If you think you want to go, from a Covid safety standpoint, I gave it an "A".
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    Who's got two thumbs and is gonna be there to see Joe Burrow (and the rest of the team) on Sunday? THIS GUY.
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    This team can’t win games because they can’t make the plays when they are there just sad!
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    On one hand it's easy to understand with the development of Mike Thomas. On the other hand, John Ross continues to be worse than useless, so maybe play Tate and trade the first round bust.
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    Here's a little cheap Burrow porn if you're bored. Speed it to 2x speed for something close to real-time. It shows little and means nothing, but it's still cool to see the gang catching balls from the new QB.
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    I hate the talk about some receivers not running in the 4.3’s equaling garbage. While some have called Higgins’ 4.5 40 into question, that’s simply not his game. He’s big, has long arms and has great body control to make contested catches. Want that guy the QB can count on to go up and get one ?? Yeah Burrow has that guy in Higgins along with others on the roster. Someone remind me how fast Chad ran his 40 again... His game was his quickness not pure straight line speed. He did however continue to work on his craft through his time in Cincinnati. No reason to think Higgins won’t be able to do the same. Still love the pick.
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    Maybe they’ve got a plan to acquire a starting tackle. Also let’s all inject ourselves with bleach and Lysol so we stay healthy.
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    Baun is not a great cover LB and that is what we need, take OT or WR and wait till 3rd for a cover LB
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    We're converting DJ Reader into a tight end.