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    We are headed out on vacation and when we were at the Cincinnati airport, we ran into John Ross. Was super cool with my son and we got a great pic with him. Funny thing is, the people around us were like, who is that guy ?? My son is still amped up. Good guy !!
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    Love it. Haters can bite me. That is all.
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    Now I remember why I avoid this board for months after the draft.
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    His teams play, durability, selfless attitude, oh, and he was clearly the best running back on the team. i would have given him a 4 year deal with escalators for downs played. He's basically Peerman but better.
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    They care about something. They truly don't care about what we care about. Won't pay Reggie Nelson so they replace him with half the player, Williams. Won't pay Whit, so we get Ogbuehi. Won't pay Zeitler, so we get revolving cast of characters. Won't pay Marvin Jones, so we get Ross, er, Boyd, er, whoever we can find on a rookie deal. Won't pay Mohammad Sanu, so we get anyone on a rookie deal, again. Truly, the new CBA and the incredible incentive it gave cheap owners to play youngsters on their first contracts - Mike used that just like we suspected he would. No team is all veterans. But Mike is pretty good at keeping cheap vets who are glad to have a job, like Peko, and letting guys who'll earn significant cash on their second deal walk out the door.
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    I think Alexander was the ultimate company man. If he got fed shit, he thanked Mike for the caviar and asked for seconds. Its why he survived so long here. Mike says,"we don't want to pay all these vets their 2nd and 3rd contracts. Paul, you're the o line coach, are the new guys WHO ARE ON THEIR COST CONTROLLED UNDER THE NEW CBA ROOKIE CONTRACTS ready to take over?" Paul answers, "you bet they are sir! Bodine's a great player! Cedric's a natural left tackle, he's ready." Somehow I don't think Zimmer was that compliant. He's got players who follow him from one team to another. Alexander played a political game here, as many do, and it finally caught up with him. Marvin, loathesome as we all find him, at least deserves credit for getting Mike to drive his favorite golden retriever to the pound.
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    Happy turkey day BZ'ers! Hard to believe it's been 13 years since joining.
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    With Elliot making the practice squad, this is kind of the best of both worlds. I'm happy. In the end, though, it doesn't really matter. All we're really deciding is which kicker is going to miss the game-winning field goal in the round 1 of the playoffs.
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    Football is now back , and iam really ready for some Bengals football. Last season this team ended with a losing record. But time to but that aside and get into full domination mode. We need to melt down the Steelers, neuter the Browns, and clip the wings of the Ravens. If we should survive all that, we could have a winning season.
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    Anything but OL! Don't break the seal!
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    Haha Get Mike Brown Out of the Draft Room (GMBODR) 2k17
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    This kid is going to do GREAT things in Cincinnati until injuries derail him and he leaves in FA after four years.
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    Right on! He and A.J. will be great if Dalton isn't being sacked before they can get open.
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    Whoa, how did I miss the dick cake promoting weed ?? That's just some funny shit right there. In regards to Eifert, I just got another box of "Tyler's Touchdown Crunch" and opened it up to see the surprise inside. I hit the big time with what appears to be one of the collector "Bonus Boxes". Inside was an autographed ace wrap, a Ziploc bag to put ice in, and what appears to be bone fragments from his recent back surgery. SCORE !!!
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    The scene - a secret room, deep in the bowels of PBS. A disheveled old man stares at a wall filled with a collection of photos, clipped headlines, and handwritten notes. Push pins and yarn connect various facets of the board to other parts. An unflitered cigarette hangs from the old man's lips. A much younger but much dumber looking man sits in a chair and watches the old man while he stares at the board, occasionally moving a picture here, a headline there. Finally, the younger man speaks, "Mike, you haven't slept in 72 hours, and you're living off coffee and the greenies we took from Pete Rose's personal stash from Riverfront. Take a break, man." The old man grimaces, and says, "Paul, you're my line coach, not my Doctor. I'm close here, I'm close. This is the culmination of fifty years of work. So shut the fuck up." The younger man leans back in his chair, resignation is very apparent on his crushingly stupid looking face. The old man suddenly gasps. He falls to his knees, hands on the side of his head, "My God! I've got it! I should have seen it 8 years ago!" The young man leans forward, "You've got what Mike? Don't tell me you've cracked the code, don't tell me unless you really have!" "Oh, I've cracked it all right. I've decoded the whole NFL. Decades of work, late night study and corporate espionage have finally paid off! We'll own the fucking Super Bowl, Paul. They'll have to rename the fucking trophy after my dad by the time we're done. I've finally got it." "What is it, Mike? What's the secret?" The old man stands. He violently tears his shirt off. He yells, "Oh, there'll be plenty of time for that Paul, plenty of time! But first, I pledged my whole being to this quest, and now it's time for the shit to jump off!" The old man uncaps a bottle of Old Crow whiskey, and takes several slugs straight from the bottle. "Urrrggghh. 50 fucking years of sobriety down the drain! Fuck yea!" He takes several more pulls from the bottle, sputters, coughs, and projectile vomits onto the floor in front of the wall with the headlines and photos. "Ha ha! Fuck you Rooney, you shriveled old bastard! This is it, motherfucker! You can try to hide Kathleen, but I'll find her, and when I do, the panties will be hitting the floor! Ha ha ha!" The old man chugs the rest of the bottle. The younger man looks alarmed, "Jesus Christ Mike, Kathleen Rooney? She's been dead for like 30 years!" "That's what they want you to believe. Haven't you studied my board?" the old man yells. "She's alive, and she's the best piece of ass I ever had, and now I'm gonna tap that ass again! I'm gonna burn that motherfucker down. King Kong ain't got shit on me. That's right, that's right!" Another bottle appears, and the old man chugs half of it. "Paul! My little brother, my little line coach! Come over her motherfucker!" The old man throws his arm around the younger, shockingly stupid looking, man. "See here, Paul! Know why I kept you all these years? You suck, you know that? Know why I kept you?" The old man pulls 3 huge gulps from the bottle. "I kept you because you're named Paul. I didn't even realize it when I hired you. But after you were here, I was like, 'Ain't no fucking way I'm firing a coach from the Cincinnati Bengals who's named Paul. Ain't ever gonna happen!" The old man chugs from the bottle, then throws it against the cinder block wall, shattering it and sending glass shards flying. "Hey NFL! I own your fucking ass now! Ha ha ha!" The old man grabs a walker that's been standing beside him. He approaches his conspiracy wall. "See this shit Paul? Hard fucking work. Hard work by a ***damn Dartmouth grad. Tha's right motherfucker, I'm smart. Not like these public school pukes that own these other teams. Jerry fucking Jones? Motherfucker went to Arkansas! My fucking german shepherd could graduate from Arkansas. Jones can barely fucking read! Do you know I hired some chinaman to develop an algorithm for this shit? Didn't fucking work. I figured it out with my conspiracy wall! Me!" "C'mon Mike, before all that Old Crow kicks in, what's the secret? What?" The old man smiles, pulls the younger man close again. He breathes his words out, "Paul, it all comes down to two words. Two little words. Know what those words are? Do you know what is going to win us the next ten Super Bowls in a row? Two words. And those two words are Compensatory Picks. That's it. Trade Dalton. Trade Geno. I don't even give a fuck any more. Trade AJ. Compensatory picks can be traded now, and we'll have 3 AJ Greens in here before you know it. It's all compensatory picks. We own this league now! Eat shit Kraft, you're a fucking paper salesman! I"m the scion of NFL royalty and I'm a ***damn Dartmouth grad! Go sell some cardboard boxes you fucking hack!" The old man pulls a cellphone from his pocket, dials and says, "Hello, Kathleen? It's on baby! Where you at? What? I don't care if you're wearing Depends. Daddy's ready to smash!!" He hangs up the phone, grabs his walker and begins walking slowly to the door. "Paul, get your car keys, you have to drive me to a nursing home in Altoona, Pennsylvania." He turns, and takes one last look at the board, "Compensatory picks. I should have known all along."
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    From "The White Star Zone", the public relations publication of the White Star Line, owners of the Titanic, written by White Star Line public relations chief Geoffor Hoobsin: "Most people don't know enough about shipping to realize that missing icebergs results in having to spend a lot on fuel to complete the journey. Also, if you miss icebergs, you are sacrificing a lot of insurance claims you could be making. Additionally, having your ship complete its journey without hitting an iceberg really is overrated. 50% of the time you end up getting sued by various passengers, harbor fees you didn't foresee pop up, union trouble, the list goes on. People act like just because our Chief Navigator, Pole Alexundster, has steered our last 4 ships right into icebergs, we should look for a new navigator. That's not how the White Star Line works. We're loyal to our employees. Mr. Alexundster has two years left on his contract and we will honor that commitment. Our next ship is scheduled to leave New York City for a 5 day cruise straight to the bottom of the North Atlantic, or Dublin Ireland, no way to tell just now, but anyway the ship is completely booked, so we're doing something right."
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    I really don’t believe that. I think those victories gave something to rationalize the easy path for Mike. IMO, the guy doesn’t want to do the hard work to get the organization to the next level and will just continue to look at runs to the Super Bowl as decided by fate and circumstance.
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    Just because the beams in a barn are rotten doesn't mean you shouldn't fix the bad roof sheeting. And we had bad roof sheeting. Years of Alexander acting like Guy-check could play sickened this team. It emboldened defenses, they blitzed right up the center time and again. It gave momentum away. Then his draft pick at center struggled as well. I'm very excited to see what the new o-line coach and dc can do for this team. That defense could do something special. Talent? Burfict, Iloka, Atkins, Dunlap, our young corners - we've got a defense loaded with talent. If the line can be turned around, the offense can stay on the field, we quit leaving our defense on the field for 45 minutes a game. And we start winning games! True, Marvin might choke it away in the playoffs, but he can't be here forever. There's a new feeling to the way they went out and got those two new coaches from Detroit and Dallas. I'm very optimistic about this team compared to last off-season. PS - Leveon Bell is sowing discord within the Steelers organization the week of a playoff game. Delicious.
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    I’ve decided this is hilarious. I’m not mad, now I am in a state of perpetual bemusement.
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    Mark, I have asked myself that question. Then I look at people I know who jumped on a Steelers or Patriots bandwagon and realize I can't go there. I can't sell out.
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    I don’t disagree. But why can’t they do both? Get the star QB and build the OL? Getting a solid OL doesn’t have to require a top 10 pick. Getting a star QB just might require that high pick.
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    This is something I won't miss about Marvin Lewis, and that I hope changes with the next HC. Marvin continually defers talent to the bench in favor of "veteran status". We've seen it over the years. Players who deserve to be on the field only to be placed behind the likes of John Thornton and Robert Geathers. Some of those guys get on the field in year 3 or 4, then leave to FA finding success with other teams. And in this case with Develin, he was never given a chance. Marvin plays favorites to keep his status with older players at all costs. It's a weak stance, one without proper coaching boundaries with players and one that breeds a huge lack of accountability. Bye Marvin!
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    I know most will be shocked at my comment but here is what I did this morning. I woke up and walk to tv to turn on game and see the score as Minn 17 and Cinn 0, I turn off tv. yep only 5 sec of watching today for me.
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    Happy thanksgiving to my Bengal brothers and sister from the UK to wherever you may be. Enjoy the day, the food, the football, and whatever else you'e doing :)
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    Agreed. Just as victims of a tragedy, or survivors of a terrible disease, have a bond, we as Bengals fans have a bond. Come to think of it, it's the same bond.
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    You sir may take your common sense and leave!!
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    It's a Cincinnati sacrifice. Blood has to be laid at the altar while the agenda does not change. Keep your job and let your underlings pay the price.
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    I know for sure I will find Calculus easier as I am math genius and I take that during high school ;)
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    Shit. This team needs a head coach to do his damn job.
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    here I am 20 hours later after your post
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    Psst, Dre, you may want to check your technique on self-pleasuring...
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    People have no idea what they would do in the heat of that moment. Easy to sit back and judge when you've never been in that situation. Like most things when people get themselves in trouble, it's putting themselves in the situation to begin with. I've punched people for less than what that woman did to him. Albeit, never some random chick in a restaurant, but still. I refuse to simply play along with the societal demands for his head. I won't bash anyone else for taking that stance, but i'm sure that kindness won't be returned.
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    NFL system gives a team 7 new players a year. The Bengals grabbed 5 players from the top 75, alone. It's a homerun draft just based on this. Ross, Mixon, Lawson, Willis, and Malone all tremendous steals that fell to them. Keep in mind this all based on paper rankings. Then given last year's draft the Bengals have increased their speed and athleticism. Don't be surprised when the random sports writer shows up to training camp and starts the "Bengals have top 5 roster" talk again.
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    After last year i would take Mr. Ed.
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    He'll never beat out our current 32nd best center in the league.
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    Kicker in r5. Take two OLs and a LB in r4
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    Another gawdawful pick and as I say that, let me add - I am not even factoring in the character concerns when I say this Some of you are thinking - wow, look what Zeke Elliot did last year. Well, now that you've said that, please compare and contrast the offensive lines of the Bengals and the Cowboys You dont build a team with the lines coming last. They come first. Control the line of scrimmage. I liken it to building the worlds most powerful missile then realizing, oh, hey, we didn't build a launcher, so its useless Both these shiney new offensive toys are useless if we cant block Just gawdawful
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    Just got a crazy good player and all ppl want to do is cry. Jeeebus.
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    Shocking lack of knowledge about beer. You're probably going to get banned for this by the mods that run this place but it's been nice knowing you.
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    Without a weapon ?? Not a chance in hell. I carried two during my time in Afghanistan. My 9mm and M4 carbine. Along with some frag grenades and a big fucking knife. I was as much into my weapons as the infantry dude next to me. These days regardless of what of the job you are trained in, you are reminded that you are a soldier first. One more weapon in the fight only increases your odds of making it out of there and getting back home. I loved being a medic. Nothing better than earning the respect of those you serve with and being called "Doc". My sig block says it all about my time in Afghanistan and something i'm EXTREMELY proud of. Hell, most of you guys helped in seeing my way through all of that mess. Always much love and respect to you guys !!!
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    I guess my question was answered today huh ??
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    The are really milking the Gilberry thing at this point, but that's typical...he's easy to sign, relatively cheap, and can play two positions - a Mike Brown special.
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    Hey look! It's another attempt at recapturing the magic of 2013! All duct taped together and limping into 2017... I like Gilberry but this organization is a fuching joke.
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    Rex was never used correctly here. How does your leading slot WR from a playoff game, not get considered as an option again until two injuries to RB's. He produced everytime he was asked, doing any job they asked. Crap he lead the team in ST tackles last season. Very big mistake was made when this team did not utilize his talents much earlier and now he will be the next scat back option for NE. Good luck Rex, I finally have a Patriot that I can root for.
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    OJ Howard might be too tough to pass up. They showed OJs 40 against Jordan Reed and he blows by him like Jordan was standing still. Very productive player too. I hope he doesn't own a white ford bronco
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    Nothing to see here. We are all just Ohio river rocks worn down, smooth and round by decades of unrelenting current.
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    I would say the mistake was with Zeitler. I can't understand the concept of using a 1st round pick on a guy that lives up to the draft position and then you let him walk. Why ?? Because you don't believe OG's should make WR/CB type of coin. Screw "taking care of your own" just let him walk and wait for a comp pick in the 3rd round (hopefully) the following season. Why bother EVER using a first round pick on a player that plays a position you don't value enough to pay when the time comes ?? I. HATE. THIS. TEAM.
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    The Rookie Pool has spent the off-season working out at Ignition OHIO, he's juiced out of his mind, of course he's on hgh, and word is his workouts make Luke Kuechly hang his head in shame. The Rookie Pool is stronger than ever, fit beyond belief, and ready to kick major ass at PBS when the time comes. He's also been hanging out at the casino making trouble, and he carries a gun.