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    Happy that Price will be good to go for camp. Seriously happy. What that line could have been had they just found a way to keep Zeitler. Or should I say value the OG position...
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    You are the only one that can use the tickets as well. If you can’t go, there’s no selling them or even giving them away. However, for the price, it’s hard to go wrong. Missing those games won’t hurt in the grand scheme of things. Still not doing it....
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    I would do it if I were living there. I had season tickets back when Lebeau was coach and I paid about 55 bucks for the north end zone . Right before the PSLs started so I would have been grandfathered in on that. I sent the Jungle Pass offer around to everyone I know living around Cincy
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    Just got the following offer from the Bengals, who appareantly know that I’m cheap. 1. I pay them 200 bucks. 2. They let me attend all 8 home games and both preseason games under the following circumstances: a. No consistent seat. They assign me whatever seat they want before every game. b. No paper tickets. They only send an e-ticket to my phone. c. Hardly any advance notice of seat. They send the e-ticket to my phone a few hours before every game. d. Although not specified in the offer, I infer from the language, terms, etc., that I would not be considered a traditional season ticket holder, and therefore would not get the attendant benefits that come with that status. I’m thinking about doing it. Thoughts from season ticket holders and folks who attend a lot of games? I’d likely miss 2 or 3 regular season games, and I’d likely skip both preseason games.
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    Would anyone put 100 on Eifert playing 16 games this year ? wonder what if there’s a line on that in Vegas
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    Marvin sounded put off by Eifert’s. Mysterious absence. Gresh was a frustrating player because you could see the athleticism that should have equaled more production. Fumbled a lot. At least that guy could line up and block. Where is Lap throwing Eifert under the bus? Eifert still with the team but he’s a major loss from 2015. Along with Jones, Sanu, Big Tits, Whit, and Z.
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    no, that can't be, as that is MY name....