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    Ha! I was literally coming here to post that. Fingers crossed.
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    That would work for sure. Very tempting if that would materialize. It gives them 7 top 150 picks. If they are having a good draft that fills some holes for sure. 12, 37,44, 69,106, 113, 145 Edit: They should have Tim Krumrie call pick 69.
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    so we do actually think alike....errrrr.....sometimes :-) I've made basically that same trade on PFF but I generally score a 1 or a 2 in the 2022 draft as a part of thepackage
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    I like Darrisaw a lot at about 10-15 Niners call for a trade from 12 to 5 for one of the three QBs and we're all set :-) Hey, I am allowed to dream........:-)
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    More and more mocks showing Sewell to the Bengals/being there at #5. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-mock-draft-justin-fields-goes-to-jacksonville-at-no-1-miami-picks-devonta-smith-lands-at-no-3 My opinion still is that if Sewell checks-out in pre-draft/combine workouts and interviews, he's a no-brainer. Makes your whole o-line better, your QB better, your RB and WR's better, and allows for more flexibility on the line when it comes to moving guys around, and immediately upgrades the talent level with a starter they likely won't have the cap room for in the off-season. He also serve as much-needed Jonah insurance, as that guy can't seem to stay healthy yet (AND if he improves next season like Whitworth did in his 2nd full season - you got 2 great bookends and a capable QB who can win playoff games). Of course nothing wrong with trading-down and getting the #2 OT or IOL or a DE/DT/LB instead, but, if you're going to stay put and he's there, just do it.
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    Former Dallas RB coach Gary Brown interviewing for job.
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    Good news for Alexander as he heads for FA.
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    I was not listing those to say they have to take a WR at 5. I listed it to show that a trade down would be nice to give them multiple bites at the apple in round 2 if need be. I do want people to stop panicking if Sewell is gone at 5, though. It is not the end of the world. Not even close.
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    The statements from Hobby in this article tell me that SoaG unfortunately still remains very much involved in the FO decision making process "Mr. Brown is straight forward. It's really clear what he's looking for in his coaches and what he expects and that's what any coach would want right there," Hobby said Saturday afternoon. "I got a chance to spend some time with Zac and Lou and it was really positive. I got a good feel for those guys and where they're trying to get with the defense. It was really good. And Mr. Brown was outstanding." Mr Brown. Not Pumpkin or Troy-Boy. *heavy sigh of deep sadness*
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    2021 Mock wishful thinking 1 Penei Seweli OT Ore 2 Chris Olave WR OSU 3 Rashad Weaver Edge Pitt 4 Trey Hill OL Geo 5 Victor Dimukeje Edge Duke 6 Cory Durden DT FSU 7 Cole Van Lanen OL Wisc
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    BUF UH LOW BUF UH LOW :-) Mahomes recovery or lack thereof could determine the Bills fate. I'd honestly like a cleaner victory with a healthy Mahomes in, but I want the Bills to get into the Superbowl for one more chance at the big trophy goooooooooOOOOOOO small market teams!
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    Kansas City looked vulnerable even with Mahomes. Buffalo has a great shot next week.
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    Wish we had coaches like these guys coaching for the bengals!!
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    The skinner piece left me kinda like hanging my mouth open. The "dont take an OL in r1" part of it almost translates to "if the Bengals take a OL in r1, said OL will for that reason only suck in the NFL" Which to flip the coin means said same OL will do well as long as some OTHER team drafts him so......uhm.....yeah, you do you, Skinny all that aside, I have been a fan of the tradedown since the beginning, since we need more than one player to turn this ship around
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    The vast inexperience issue of the last two years is being addressed as well as we could reasonably ask at least.
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    He coached Reader his entire college career. Hobby hates QBs.