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    This is the signing which will get Bengals fans back in the seats.
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    Don’t get me wrong QB is very important. However, playing the name game is skewing the reality. For instances Ben was a game managing QB in 2005 and the running game and defense led them the way. Peyton Manning was trash during his last Super Bowl season with Denver that team was led by defense. Tom Brady and the Patriots also transformed throughout the years. However QB should be on the table for pick 12.
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    we have a signing! we have a signing! https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/2/14/17013486/bengals-sign-former-giants-offensive-lineman-bobby-hart S U P E R B O W L ! whats not to like about an OT who was rated even lower than Ooogie by PFT and also quit on his team - refused to play the final game of 2017? Do you smell that? Thats the scent of a CHAMPIONSHIP!