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    self inflicted is right they are at least aware of the issue now, 2-3 years too late.......using a 2 1's in the last couple years has at least indicated awareness, but its been much too little and much too late incidentally - the two other Centers that we were looking at when we took Price? Ragnow is already approaching pro bowl level, and Daniels, after a solid year as a started OG, is now the starter at OC for the Bears
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    Auden Tate looks like a player to me. Not sure it’s bad that’s he’s making plays against that defense in his first start.
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    Good buddy Bengals fan of mine said to me today “ Man! It seems like Dalton gets passes batted down all the time, every game, and in all the critical situations.” I agreed with him and it’s really the only thing I can say that I dislike about Andy. Wish he still had Whit and Zeitler blocking for him.
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    Hate the games against the Steelers and won’t be watching this one either. Maybe Taylor will get this team to act like professionals when they play the Steelers. If Ben was playing, they would get pounded.
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    The only complaint I have is after 2016 when it was clear the Marvin party was over. Maybe after 2015 melt down. Should have cleaned house then. But they eventually got there. The offensive line reboot has been horrible and probably ends the Dalton era. They probably need to address that part towards the 2nd half of the season and play Finley.
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    Frank Gore is 90 years old and we can't keep up with him.
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    Have a bad feeling they won't give us this ball. It's a recovery, but legs were draped over the sideline and the ball rolled over [after the whistle] -- it's all convoluted.
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    Ugh this team is annoying and not good at all
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    Things I'd like to see this week: (I'm setting the bar high this week) The RBs rampaging for 30 yards.... Maybe one open field tackle by a LB.... Dre KirkPatrick keeping his penalties to under 100 yards.... Randy Bullock hunted down by a rogue band of Japanese Whale hunters.....
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    Always neat when what is already the worst or second-worst unit on the team gets decimated by injuries. Any old AAF offensive linemen waiting for a call?
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    If you sign up to play Tackle for the Bengals, you may as well legally add the initials IR after your name.
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    ESPN says it's happening and Ben is gone for the season. https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/27630164/big-ben-season-ending-elbow-surgery
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    So Ben is damaged, Brees looks like a long term thumb thing, Luck retired, Cam Newton is a dried out husk, yet somehow Tom Brady keeps throwing great and looks like he’s 28 years old. Oh, and he just bested his combine time in the shuttle run. What a mystery! The QB position in the nfl is about to go through a major changing of the guard. Andy’s going to be a top ten guy before you know it.
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    watching the game from the stands today, I kept thinking that the 9ers are having success with any play they run. A lot of blame goes to the lack of rush lanes for Mixon or Gio , terrible penalties on the OL and a few on ST and the D. Bullock missing FGs ... wow it was bad. Traffic was light on the way home though ;)
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    That was just embarrassing. However, there wasn’t a single person here that wasn’t in on how bad both the o-line and LB corps we’re going to be. Admittedly I didn’t think they were THIS bad. They just suck...
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    Going to be hard to open the offense when you can’t run at all. A lot of pressure on Dalton and he didn’t have a good game at all. I’m not even sweating this year, expectations are 0. Just see what they look like week to week.
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    I built a shrine to Germaine Pratt in the unused stall in my garage. It’s made of old paint cans and half full anti freeze jugs. I venerate it, pray to it, and prostrate myself before it on my Bengals prayer rug (a Bengals beach towel from 1987 that pissed my wife off so badly her divorce lawyer actually mentioned it at our final hearing).
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    Yea and I wanna be excited and be happy when football Sunday comes rolling, a brand new coach new attitude, but there is just nothing different about the team that's on the field. I still watch and listen for awhile, but when I realize it's the same thing I've been watching for the last few years I turn it off. Just wish I was more excited or had something to really root for.