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    yeah that is what was saying by them, but there is always stuff they arent saying. I dont buy this one at all, not even 1 bit. this would made more sense, if he was release because he was dropping to 3rd string and wont made it to final 53 roster so he is being let go now as a favor to him so he can catch team before cut down day. letting go starter for money when off season pretty much is over doesnt made sense
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    Here’s my question. What about this move makes the defense better ?? They wanted to bring in Coleman as a free agent before he signed elsewhere. They didn’t like the answer Reid gave them in his free agent visit. Then they turn around and draft a safety in the 2nd round. Fast forward to 3 weeks before the season starts and they release one of their starting safeties. NOW they want to claim it’s financial ?? Im rooting that this is a great move and becomes a new approach in getting rid of perceived dead weight, but color me skeptical at this point.
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    Love the fact that they brought in Chuck Smith to help. My fav video of Chuck Smith, chop, rip, coming under. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkKRLDkjwDU
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    this is very unexpected. there must be a reason another than money.
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    They looked great last week and people thought they might be going to the Super Bowl. They looked bad this week and the sky is falling. The 2015 week 2 preseason game was probably the worst we've ever seen them. Go look it up. We all know how their offense turned out that year. I only have three notable takeaways: 1) Ced is just...so bad. I was willing to give the guy another shot with a new coach and scheme, but man. They won't cut him since they need bodies on the right side, but he's got to be a last resort at this point. 2) Those young D-lineman need to be on the field. It's hard not to be excited about Hubbard and Lawson. 3) Jon Brown, man! It kills me that he has zero chance of making the team. Wasn't that effortless 55-yard field goal gorgeous? There were no major injuries last night and they go some good tape to look at. I call that a win.
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    Nice drive, tie game after Carter TD. *edit* Called back, Ross with the snag for TD. Driskel was money.
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    Could you say? Ced’s career has fallen and it can’t get up?
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    Palmer screwed himself. Could have been throwing to AJ Green behind a decent o-line. He would have basked in the glory of 6 playoff seasons in 7 years. If he would have won one. OH mer Gersh!