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    I think Billy would next have posted a pic of Ms Cates with her, uhm, upper half uncovered We're still thinking about you Billy
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    Err.. Mixon ran a 4.46 / 40 at his combine, he is both fast and agile and far from being one of the slowest in the league, I will say it again the Bengals have not had an outside deep threat since Marvin Jones left and that allows defenses to key on the LOS. Mixon has been fighting 8 men boxes since he got here. He may not have Gio's shiftiness but I believe you are going to see marked improvement with Joe this season provided we can bring in a deep threat. Not that Chase is a panacea but you will be surprised at how much that will transform this offense IMHO.
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    Josh Dubow on Twitter just noted that Gio leaving completes the Palmer trade. We got 8 years out of Gio and 8 years out of Kirkpatrick. Really strong move by Mike Brown there. Took a player who wasn’t going to play for us anyway, and instead of cutting him, he really made an amazing move. I bash Mike but have to give him credit on this one.
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    There is lots of work to do. The interior line is very weak. In spite of a great FA period with options. They aren’t going to do the work.
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    Why you want to cut the best pass protecting , most versatile running back you have, I do not know. Hot draft prospect got their hearts? Going to make a move to spend more money on another group?
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    This is stupid, he’s been there best RB and best leader on the team. I hate to see this
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    BTW. Looking over the RAS Scores of our current WR and TE group, this is what we look like right now prior to the draft Tyler Boyd RAS: 4.27 Tee Higgins RAS: 4.16 Auden Tate RAS: 1.80 Drew Sample RAS: 9.08 CJ Uzomah RAS: 8.61 Mason Schrek RAS: 7.87 Keep in mind that the TE bar is alot lower than the WR bar. Do you see why we need an infusion of athleticism? Chase's 9.81 would not only be the highest in our current group by a country mile but would also be the highest in Bengal's history for a WR drafted by us (current highest score is Andre Caldwell at 9.54). https://relativeathleticscores.com/2020/12/31/cincinnati-bengals-ras-history/
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    I would be thrilled with Eichenberg at 38. All notre dame does now is grind out quality nfl linemen - especially at T.
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    I’m perfectly fine with taking a flyer on Moss but if I had to bet, he doesn’t make the final roster. Good PS candidate tho.
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    Pretty obvious move. Worth a shot.
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    Tony Pike hates the idea of passing on Jamarr Chase bc of the 3 wide sets Zac likes to run (2nd most in the league last year) It means he believes in Jonah Williams and adding Oline help later in the draft. I see his point but still favor the trade down. Also, point made today on Cincy360 that the Bengals FO will likely not drop the change required to keep Sewell or Pitts on a 2nd contract but could get a discount on Chase possibly with a team friendly deal with his pal Joe B. On the team longterm. i still like a trade down. Nothing against Chase or Sewell.
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    Yup. Feels like they simply want a storyline they can hammer without bothering with any analysis.
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    9 years out of 10 I’d be right there with Orlovsky. This is just that 10th year thanks to the incredible depth of the OL class. And I’m willing to bet Orlovsky knows this, and like many other national media types are secretly praying the Bengals take Chase or Pitts. Because that lets them reignite the “Bengals don’t care about Burrow/Burrow should force a trade” story from last year and spend the next few months making shit up and twisting anything Joe says to build a “Joe is unhappy/wants out” story.
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    So, was watching the NFL Network the other day and Dan Orlovsky was talking about the Bengals' pick at #5. Essentially he said he will come through the TV if the Bengals don't take Penei Sewell with their first round pick...This is the dumbest take I have ever heard for three reasons. 1) The second most cardinal rule (after my "Don't Draft Dumb Football Players") is do not pass up a more talented players for a lesser talented player at a position of greater need early in the draft. While not every analyst has Chase as the better prospect I think the consensus is that Chase and Pitts are better, more talented prospects than Sewell. 2) If the Bengals draft Ja'Marr Chase (or Kyle Pitts) it is because their franchise QB has asked for it... there is a 0 % chance that they would draft a pass catcher over a Tackle if Burrow didn't want them to. So taking an offensive lineman over the guy your QB wants would increase frustration levels and decrease the chance that your QB will stay with the team in the long term. 3) It ignores depth at the position. There are 5 WRs that have the pass catching talent and the ability to be the athletic WR the Bengals need in this draft....they are Ja'Marr Chase, Jalen Waddle, Devonta Smith, Terrace Marshall III, and Rashad Batemen there are about 20 olinemen with starting ability...it is much more likely that an Olineman will drop than one of those 5 WRs. On top of that while Chase is the universal #1 WR in this draft, Sewell is not the universal best tackle, particularly after his lackluster proday.
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    Slater has always had his proponents due to his perceived “plug ‘n’ play” nature. Sewell has been more of an “upside” guy. In Cincy that might not matter as much given the lack of accountability in the FO, but for an organization where a high pick busting can get a coach and/or GM fired, Slater being the (allegedly) safer pick has to factor into calculations.
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    Hmmm, who could give them the ultimate intel on Thaddeus? Ha Seems like he wanted to be here last year but there was a timing issue or something?
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    Joe Burrow's 2019 TE is now available as a free agent https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/31223638/washington-football-team-releases-te-thaddeus-moss-son-hall-famer-randy-moss I would say he's worth a plane ticket and a few meals for a looksee, myself
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    It took them all these decades, but they are finally doing something right Now if only they could do something right that matters for the current team
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    It looks like Ken and Ken will be in this first class. Appropriate.
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    I think Chad's initial departure was a little rocky. He has more than made amends though. I'll view him more fondly as a Bengal of recent memory than I ever will his quarterback.
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    Anybody is a weird nickname for Reiff. Seriously that meme is bullshit.
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    Say what you want about Chad, and I have, but unlike so many other players he never shit on the team.
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    That Tweet is the most Chad Johnson thing I've ever seen, and it's been a while.
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    The bullshit part is that not drafting Sewell means that. It is starting to piss me off. It’s so lazy. I am done with this. Gonna take a break. They should draft chase and then hit o-line twice somewhere at picks 38, 69 and 111.
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    It’s a bullshit meme.
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    I think Chad is planning on being the new ORG, and so he bulked up on the potato soup and rolls at OCharleys
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    with good reason buncha morons, the apple fell very far (and then rolled down a hill and fell into a sewer) from the Paul Brown tree
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    The cap hit argument is kind of interesting. Bengals Twitter seems convinced that the team was spending too much on RBs so cutting Gio was necessary because...well, I don’t really know, maybe there’s been a rule change and if you spend more than X on RBs all your opponents get a free 7 points to start the game or something? But even assuming your top 2 RBs having a combined $13 million cap hit is too much, you know what the hit is for our top 2 RBs next year? $13 million! So I guess Perine shouldn’t make any long term real estate investments in Cincy...
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    At 4 I think there is a risk of trade up for a non QB prospect like Chase or Pitts. Slight chance. The Bengals won't be screwed because they still have a good selection of the remaining and IF a QB lands at 5 there would be a trade down scenario.
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    Mixon is terrible at pass protection, not to mention seems to get hurt every year. Gio always came in and did a fantastic job. They should have used him more then just third downs, he deserved more touches. He was better out of the backfield catching and running. Damn this just sucks really liked him.
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    “Hi GapControl, you know how cute I always thought you were.”
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    Bengals' will pick Chase or Pitts, whoever's there, but if both are, I am guessing Chase. Tobin quote:
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    Actually Pitts scored a 9.64 but that is more of a function of how RAS is scored, you see if you are in the elite category you don't get any points for being elite if the elite. As an example Sample got the same score for his 4.74 /40 as Pitts for his 4.44 even though objectively 4.44 is much better.
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    Drew Simple is a 9.08 ? I guess Pitts broke the meter. I’m still in the “trade down if it is there”category. My current wet dream with Phoebe Cates circa 1980 is a trade down to 8-10 , picking up Pitts at TE and any of the OT/ G prospects still in the board with a 1st or 2nd round grade at 38. Then you go WR WR LB... take more trade downs if you can.. .... aaaah Phoebe Cates!
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    Mem, you are totally right. Looking at his tape I thought Sewell would crush the athletic measurements because that was what we saw on tape. His results just do not look that dominant and that begs the question....why? It is especially concerning because he sat out a year...did he not train, if so that is a huge warning sign. I started this process as "happy with any of the three" but I have really come around to the position as I am happy with any of the two, being Pitts or Chase. BTW Chase's RAS is 9.81 which is VERY good especially at an athlete position like WR. Pitts is a 9.64 also extremely good.
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    Not a bad situation. I've seen some pundits give the Bengals an A already because they can't lose.
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    The first three picks are locked: Lawrence, Wilson, Jones. Atlanta will take either a QB, Pitts or Chase. If there’s a trade it will almost certainly be for a fourth QB. The Bengals cannot be screwed. Any of Pitts, Chase or Sewell is a home run and at least two will be on the board.
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    Nope neither short nor long arms. He measured in at 30.25" with 9.625" hands. He isn't a catch radius monster, if you want that you should hope they get Pitts who at almost 6' 6" has an 83" wingspan and did not drop a single pass last year. Instead Chase has incredible burst (41" very 11' broad jump), deep speed (4.38/40), is a route technician who has a warrior mentality (will fight for every contested ball). Chase is very strong as evidenced by 23 reps at 225 and uses that strength both in keeping defenders away from the ball and breaking tackles. The timing also is important here, Burrow knows Chase, knows what routes he likes and how he runs those routes, it should be easy to get these guys in synch again. Chase is a home run hitter who can also hit for average. He can take the top off the defense because teams will have to respect him vertically but he is sharp in his cuts and is very effective short and intermediate. The combo of Higgins, Boyd, and Chase fit very nicely together and teams are going to have a hard time dealing with them. More importantly, because teams are going to have to defend all quadrants of the field they cannot stack the box, that should make the run game and the oline better, you blitz Burrow with this trio of weapons you are going to be in trouble you put 8 in the box to stop the run and you have three 1,000 yard receivers in man coverage. Last year AJ Green was thrown 101 passes and he caught only 47. Increase your effiency there and defenders are going to be facing a nightmare. In 2019 Chase caught 84 out if 105 targets from Burrow for 20 TDs....and he was only 19 years old.
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    Not sure it matters, COB. It's Chase or Sewell. At lease one will be there. No one is expending precious draft capital to move up that part of the first round ahead of us for a non-QB.
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