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    Hard to put it all into thought. My son and I were there, it was his first playoff game. A big smile on his face hearing just how fucking loud that crowd was and we were at 4 games this season. Standing and screaming the ENTIRE game. Game ends and he jumps in my arms screaming for joy !! Everyone around hugging everyone else. No one leaves and just dancing, cheering, high fives all around. The walk back to fountain square parking and the streets are packed. Horns beeping, hanging out of sun roofs, WHODEY chants, insanity. Then we end up at Smoke Justis in Covington, we walk in and stir the crowd and it’s nothing but deafening WHODEY !!! Much like Stripes, voice sounds like I’ve been gargling on glass chips after drinking gasoline all day. FUCKING WHODEY MY BROTHERS !! WHODEY !! BRING ON THE TITANS !!
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    We did it And I was there to see it!!
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    If he wins a Super Bowl, the name of the next stadium will be Big Dick Joe Field. And there will be a giant phallus statue with his head on top of it outside.
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    Just glad they could reclaim a little field position
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    The anatomy of creating a narrative: Decide what you want to see happen. Cherry pick evidence that supports that. Ignore evidence that contradicts chosen narrative. The media has talked about Larry O a total of zero times this year until now. And now it’s all they talk about. You’d think if he was such a game deciding difference maker then he would’ve gotten incredible press all year.
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    It’s a little after midnight here in Cincinnati. IT’S GAME DAY, LET’S GOOOOOOOO !!!
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    you come for Burrow, you best not miss
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    Wink Martindale came for Burrow and...Wink Martindale no longer has a job as DC in Baltimore
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    So apparently the Bengals D line is decimated. “The Bengals lost 3-4 starters for this game.” That’s what all the media is talking about. Larry O is out and he’s our BEST run stopper. But not only that our 4 time All Pro DT Mike Daniels is out. Also, Josh Tupou was killed in a freak accident 2 weeks ago while Trey Hendrickson is out with a recent brain surgery. I don’t think we can win, guys.
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    Zac and Lou know Tannehill is afraid of clowns. So expect the Bengals to be introduced pre game via a small car driving out and them all jumping out of it with big red shoes on.
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    It’s kind of my point I made during the season that I want players that want to win. Want to match Burrow’s desire and passion. Someone who gets pissed off when things don’t go right and wants to get back out there to get after it. CJ is one of those guys…
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    Confidence levels elevating, eyes turning red, laser beams activated
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    Baker Mayfield being 30th on that list gives me life.
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    Yeah I read about that. Good stuff !! Thanks for being concerned about my cold heart !!
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    Billy would have loved this too !! The celebratory boob thread would have been out of control !!
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    No, shut up YOU’RE crying !! My dad died last year and the only thing that would have made it better would have been to share it with him. He’s the reason I’m a Bengals fan !! Glad I was there with my son !!
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    My first guess for Mystery 62 is that they've finally gone and made the big signing. TJ's gramma.
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    For those (like me) that enjoy this: Burrow playoff wins: 1 Herbert playoff wins: 0
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    I swear TJ Watt after every play looking at the ref and says “Do you know who I am, what do you mean no flag”
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    The good news is that it forces the Bengals hand. The best defense is a good offense. Time to take the regulator off again and let it fly. Win this one and see who can come back healthy on the D line for the AFC Championship game.
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    Man Collinsworth is extra Horny tonite for his Steelers
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    Here’s me losing my mind with a profane tirade at the end. https://youtu.be/_tRqxp0Z_p0
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    I’m descending the ramp in tears
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    Everyone said I was fucking nuts for predicting us to go to the AFCCG! YEAH BABY!
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    Commercial break- somewhere in Indian Hill Mike Brown tightens his suspenders and checks his catheter- it’s getting gritty in here
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    Anatomy of an upcoming draft. Gimme lineman. Plural.
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    Win a Super Bowl and I will help place that statue !!
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    Hey Titans… how’d that limiting ticket transfers work out for you?
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    I’m starting to get those asswhooping vibes Hokie was feeling last week.
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    I've said it a thousand times and I think this really helps prove it; the Bengals would be a middle to upper tier squad in most other divisions. Imagine what our record would be like if we were swapped with the Pats or the Colts. Even being in the AFCN, we still have as many or nearly as many wins as many of the second place teams in other divisions.
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    I like the “potential” of Ossai, but who really knows ?? It’s fun to picture him as this beast coming off the edge, but there’s an equal shot at him busting out. Love me some T-Rex !!!
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    I dunno, seems like not enough to fire a guy for, especially when the team was clearly improving. Not all his draft picks worked out but who's does?
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    Running backs barely matter anymore, so I honestly don't even care about Derrick Henry. I think he moves the needle about a centimeter more in their direction. The backup was running well anyway.
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    I'm just as baffled as everyone else. I wasn't aware being a competent NFL player made you HC material. Did Whines Hard coach a girl's softball team somewhere and we missed it? What experience does he even have to qualify him to be a strength and conditioning coach or hell, even a cheer leader?
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    I decided to look back at all of the quarterbacks taken #1 overall (exception for Rivers since he was in a weird spot) since 2000 to see how their postseason careers went/have gone. 2001 - Michael Vick - 2 playoff wins (2-4), first coming in his 2nd season 2002 - David Carr - never made the playoffs 2003 - Carson Palmer - 1 playoff win (1-3), coming in his 13th season for a different franchise 2004 - Eli Manning - 8 playoff wins (8-4, 2-0 in Super Bowl), first coming in his 4th season ||| Philip Rivers - 5 playoff wins (5-7), first coming in 4th season 2005 - Alex Smith - 2 playoff wins (2-5), first coming in his 7th season 2007 - JaMarcus Russell - never made the playoffs 2009 - Matt Stafford - 0 playoff wins (0-3) 2010 - Sam Bradford - never made the playoffs 2011 - Cam Newton - 3 playoff wins (3-4; 0-1 in Super Bowl), first coming in 4th season 2012 - Andrew Luck - 4 playoff wins (4-4), first in 2nd season 2015 - Jameis Winston - never made the playoffs as a starter 2016 - Jared Goff - 3 playoff wins (3-3; 0-1 in Super Bowl), first coming in 3rd season 2018 - Baker Mayfield - 1 playoff win (1-1), coming in 3rd season 2019 - Kyler Murray - first playoff game tomorrow 2020 - Joe Burrow - 1 playoff win (1-0), first coming in 2nd season 2021 - Trevor Lawrence - never made the playoffs I didn't know how this would look ahead of time. There are a lot more playoff wins overall than I expected, so perhaps that's a nice general reflection on the institution of number one overall QBs. Only two others were able to get a playoff win as quickly as Joe Burrow though (both bolded). Technically Trevor Lawrence still can.
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    With a better O line they will be able to.
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    I mean, Andy Reid, once he stops trying to throw the game, it sorts out. Having Mahomes out and Hardeman under center handing to Williams was begging for something stupid to happen.
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    The defense was big when it had to be. Jessie Bates is becoming my favorite player, what a game he played. WHO-DEY!
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    My streak is finally broken! We are 1-22 in games I have gone to!
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    That is the second or third time they had all zeros before snappoing the ball