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    Take your points inside two minutes and shove them up your ass, Pittsburgh.
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    I'll be amazed if we win more than 4 all year. The coaching is appalling, pointless having "all this talent" when the play calling is so poor, if we can guess whats coming you can guarantee any nfl coach can!! When was the last time we made good/positive half time adjustments?
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    again, folks, he was probably worried about delay of game.
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    Amazing really and I think they said it’s time since 1995 holding them to 10 or less? That was a Thursday night college party night and Blake and Darnay was toasting Carnell Lake all night. What a fucking night that was.
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    And it’s over. Props to everyone but Zac.
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    Huber has been really really good today
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    Cannot have a three and out. Kill clock and let the D rest.
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    Come on now - let’s close this out without any drama
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    Defense needs to keep the pressure up!! I need to see Zac actually put a game away, and not let them back into it!
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    Bit of a dull thud to end the drive, but it’s great to have a money K.
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    thought that holding call on hopkins was weak as hell
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    And good protection. We have a good offense on those occasions everyone has their shit together.
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    Yup. The throw was 5yds out of bounds and absolutely uncatchable
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    Sweet -10 yard punt return. Can’t be that stupid.
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    Hubbard-Reader-Ogunjobi-Hendrickson Moore-Dotson-Green-Turner-Okorafor If the Bengals don't win these matchups, fire someone tonight.
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    What could go wrong, getting your first professional start versus the Steelers.
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    First, no way in hell the Bengals fire Zac during the season and as much as I might want Bieniemy, I think my chances at hitting the Power Ball are better. Comments from Zac about playing better, what winning on the road does for you, and minimizing the impact of a crappy o-line is hilarious. Hey coach Zac, we'd also love to hear your thoughts on what happens to ice when it gets hot. Some say it melts, but i'm thinking you may disagree. I don't really like this dude as a coach, but he comes across like a guy that would be cool to have a beer with and talk football. Catch a little buzz, make fun of him when he says something about being a coach, share some jalapeno poppers and laugh. Oh and one more thing, Burrow might be the toughest guy you've seen, but if he keeps getting hit/sacked at this current rate, I think that may change.
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    Bengals defense through two weeks (yeah yeah sample size): Total yards per game: 304.5 (6th) Rushing yards per game: 95.0 (11th) Rushing yards per attempt: 3.4 (7th) Passing yards per game: 209.5 (9th) Passing yards per attempt: 5.7 (5th) Yards per play: 4.5 (4th) Points per game: 22.0 (T10th) Takeaways: 2 (T17th)
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    Find a way in Pittsburgh and I will no longer give a single shit about the Bears game.
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    The absolute best Big Ben drama queen moment was when he hurt his shoulder in the playoff game but rode the cart out. LOL.
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    I'm at a loss to find anywhere where anyone is dismissing the turnovers as anything other than crushing blows that can't happen. The only thing about this particular game that's notable about them is the relatively small impact on the scoreboard. With a 4-1 advantage in turnovers, you would expect a Bears blowout. Instead the net gain off turnovers was a whopping 3 points in Chicago's favor. The time that they kept the ball out of the Bengals' offense's hands was arguably more critical, though in that respect the Higgins fumble was the worst of all, since it meant that after their drive to start the second half, they basically didn't see the ball again until early in the fourth. But that just begs the question of all the wasted time in the first half. And it was wasted because the game plan was predicated on fear, not on the talents of the players on the offense. Umbrella coverage? The game plan conceded the deep ball before the first snap. Is the best use of the Bengals' offensive talent handing the ball to Mixon and making short underneath grabs? They averaged about 3 yards a play in the first half. Worst of all, not only did the game plan neuter their best offensive players...it didn't work!!!! They couldn't move the ball, couldn't score and the Bears' pass rush wrecked Burrow despite the empty sets that were allegedly supposed to prevent this.
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    Where is Chris Evans? Not so he can block but so he can be a release valve to dump off to with the pass rush. Why do coaches refuse to play talent? And why do we have all of these "stud" receivers if we don't pass the ball? Which begs the question of if you don't have time to throw the ball why do you allow your offensive line to continue to be shit? FFS, watching this team try and rebuild since 2015 is like watching an aircraft carrier pull a U turn.
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    Sounds good. Let's launch a run/run/short pass gameplan and bring them to their knees. That's sure to work.
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    I’m gonna get me a pair of these pants, recolor the stripes black and dye the jacket orange, and go as Nicki Minaji’s Cousin’s Friend who’s a Bengals fan.
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    Burrow elected to throw it into the back of LB instead of the wide open Boyd down the field. He also threw one out of bounds when Chase had two steps on a guy. Higgins gave up a big YAC play with a fumble. I think Burrow played poorly today along with most the offense until late 4th.
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    It really was. Time to take the training wheels off. Teams know what we are doing and sitting on routes.
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    Lose next week and the fans are going to start really turning on Taylor I think. At some point you have to start winning some damn games. They are a fluke fumble away from 0-2. It's year 3 and they look like this? The guy's a clown.
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    Not much to be said. Take some knees and get out of here.
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    Brandon Wilson starting the year pretty terribly.
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    At this point I blame the playcalling for the sacks first and foremost. They're running high-risk formations and it's not working.
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    Bengal will always be at a coaching disadvantage. No matter who they play. Zac has no business calling plays. He's never been successful or hell even average at any point in his career. But mike is bullish on Zac what a joke that is.
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    Burrow missed that te was wide open. Play calling is atrocious. That's on Zac.
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    Can you please start calling some real plays here, or maybe he still does not trust this o-line!
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    Who needs Justin Fields when Andy Dalton is the most mobile QB in the league?
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    A clean pocket with no or little pressure on Dalton = a good way to lose.
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    Hi everyone, it's been quite some time. To start, I handled many conversations here poorly on my way out last time. The truth is, I had just lost my father at that time and in the few months that followed 3 more family and close friends. I was an absolute mess and my life took a massive downward spiral. Things are looking up these days and thought I'd drop in. Strangely enough, it was the season opener against the Vikings that got me back into the Bengals. I was given tickets to the game and went with my son. I didn't watch the draft for the first time in nearly 20 years. I had no idea who was on the team and never gave a second to think of the Bengals. The only player I was aware of being drafted was Chase. I found that out a couple months ago when I took my son to the pro football hall of fame. I'm just now playing catch up with it all after watching the game Sunday. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Truly wishing you all well and hope things have been good with you and your families.