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    Dude dresses like it’s 1996, I can tell you that much. Pleated khakis.
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    Speaking about my above last post, have any of you watched the highlights of the playoff games knowing damn well what happens next, and yet when they pick up a big first down you find yourself pumping your fist and getting excited like the shit just happened? I was like, what the hell am I doing? Yeah, that's how great last season was !!
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    Color me silly, but I see a difference in a fight breaking out where racial slurs were being used and a girl got hit after hitting someone first…. and someone having (reportedly) unwanted sex with a girl who was underage. Yes, Mixon probably should have held back, but I can rationalize how that went down. Admitting to sleeping with an underage girl and she reported it was not consensual is a little different for me. Not expecting anyone to agree, just saying. There are plenty of dirtbags in the NFL.
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    And here I thought it was so great when Watson first turned his back on the Browns. Now he not only joins them and convinces the Browns to give him a guaranteed contract, but they gave up 3 first rounders and now look like he won’t even play in 2022. Stupid fucking Browns. Couldn’t happen to a better team and fanbase.
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    It’s the principle of the matter Stripes !!
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    I think Henry just got an offer from Ohio State (not sure sometimes people can misunderstand). However, if he did get an offer that is big news because that program has been loaded WR wise for a couple years. Good eye for pro talent up there.