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    Lets see. 3-19-1. 1-12-1 in one score games. 1-8 In the AFC North. Worse coach in Bengals history. Has surpassed Dave. Only coach to lose a game. When his team don't punt. Was 55-0 now it's 55-1 thanks to Zac. Zac brought in Lou , Turner and Eason. All are failing big time. The team is split, players wanting out. Geno, Dunlap, Ross and AJ. Those are the ones who have made it known. Then how long before Burrow wants out? Joe's success has nothing to do with Zac. If Zac wants to be his coach. Cool take a demotion and be the QB coach. Zac is a good guy. But that don't mean he is a good coach. there is to much damage now for Zac to ever recover from. It's clear he has to go. Fire him turner and Lou lets simmons take over. Then at the end of the season. If Simmons can turn it around. Let him coach if not. Go get Bienemy or see if you can get Fickell to come coach. We all wanted Zac to succeed. He didn't a couple losses that is understandable. To be 1 and 3 for 8,12,19 that is bad coaching. Then something has to be done. If not what message does that give to the players and fans? Losing is acceptable not doing your job as player or coach is acceptable? Hell No! Enough is enough!
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    Good. I hope he punches a few of them for me.
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    No systematic, consistent focus on good LB's and SS's. Cutting corners and being cheap. It's a Mike Brown/Brown family thing. And by "being cheap" I mean not spending on certain positions, they don't spend $$ wisely. Sorry I know that's a tired statement.
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    Taylor responds to fans: (also with a nice response by the author below it): https://www.yahoo.com/sports/zac-taylor-shares-message-bengals-130035721.html He can talk about "long term" all he wants, we don't care, some of these one-score losses need to start turning into wins, not next year, or the year after, but now. You can't just win 3 games in almost 2 seasons in this league and expect more patience after years of losing. As the author states, this year wasn't about contending, but showing some progress, glimpses of hope - I really haven't seen any, just a lot of inconsistent play and bad coaching. If Tobin is to blame, throw him in there too, doesn't matter, start winning some games, or get someone who demands it and doesn't excuse not doing it, and holds the front office accountable for providing him what he needs to succeed. Fans are fed-up with this franchise, they all deserve blame and accountability for it - players and coaches. Stop tolerating losing, just stop.
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    The guys on the radio indicated the Bengals had not blitzed much the entire day but decided to do so on that play. Leaving 1 on 1 when you are trying to keep them out of FG range. Questionable call, like the end of the half against Philly. They can't get critical stops at all. Although, I'm sure if they rushed 4 and played zone some dude would have come open quickly like they did in Indy.
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    Did it on his ridiculously bad tackle attempt. Everyone piled on AJ for not turning into Dick Butkus, but it seems AJ understands his role and his limitations.
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    Anyone would get production out of Burrow. That was the whole point of drafting him. But again, that’s not Zac’s job his job is to win games. If he’s not, he’s gone. That’s how it works.
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    No. The job of the head coach is not “develop the quarterback.” It’s just not. That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact. The QB coach’s job is develop the quarterback. Zac’s job is to win games. He isn’t doing it. It’s not all his fault, but it’s a bottom line business. No W’s, no job.
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    Also the most obvious difference between this team and anything we saw in the '90s apart from maybe half the 1997 season with Boomer. This team has a good quarterback that is only getting better every week. As long as that remains true there is cause for optimism. I really hope those linemen hurt today aren't gone a while.
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    .....didnt screw up the r2 pick either, tho i hated that pick at the time it was made
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    He's amazing. With no off-season. No camp. And he's doing this. Whatever else happens in 2020 for the Bengals, they didn't screw up the #1 pick.
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    How can these guys still have jobs after this I just don’t know anymore
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    Can we please have a competent fourth quarter, defense?
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    Team that has the ball.last is going to win this game. If there ever was a time foe this defense to show up. Now is the time.
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    Now can the D not fatrandy this drive?
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    That play kills me. How in the world did he not know? He was.on a hash mark. So was the ball. Then no one told him back up and no coach called a time out. That is what kills this team. Stupid mistakes that are preventable.
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    I thought Hooper being out at TE could be a big boost for the Bengals. Clearly it makes no difference who lines up at TE. TJ's dead gramma could get open.
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    He did end up walking to the locker room. 100 percent a concussion at least tho.
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    Yikes, that's one of the dirtiest hits I've ever seen. Hope he is ok.
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    Defense is fine except when you're really counting on them.
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    That's awful. Suspend the shit out of that guy.
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    How have we been unable to cover tight ends for so long? Surely you'd stumble across someone who could cover at least once in 20 years???!!!
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    This defense design scheme coaching all is trash. Its no secret why no one wanted Lou.
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    Burrow picking it up in parallel to AJ Green waking up could be pretty telling.
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    Nervous laughter watching Momma Burrow cringing at the sight of her son behind this line
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    Wow, Price in for Hopkins and Johnson in for Williams.......Burrow may die.
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    First off. That penalty was on the browns they moved. Then the pass to higgins for the clowns. Clearly bounced off the damn ground. Nothing from Zac other than just standing there looking stupid..
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    Gio proving he deserves many more touches when Mixon is healthy.
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    Listening to the radio broadcast....I think Lap might have suffered a stroke, kept going on about the teams not hurrying to make something by the end of the half....it's the end of the first quarter...
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    We got the call though. Any td is good, but Burrow got robbed of a td pass. He looks so good today, quite a contrast between he and Mayfield (who’s only true ability is getting anonymous sex in strip mall Olive Garden parking lot).
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    Man, good hands by Phillips on that pick. He barely had time to react.
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    Baker looks like a sex offender.
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    Let him play today, I don’t care if he has to wear his Bills uni, just run him out there.
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    I bought a jersey for the first time ever today: Joe Burrow. I bought it in Canton, Ohio at the Pro Football Hall of Fame*. Blame me when the bad karma comes roaring. *This is a very boring experience for a Cincinnati Bengals fan. I don’t know what I expected.
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    This is a very positive development for the team:
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    Things the Bengals' don't get or do. Ask yourselves why Pittsburgh and Baltimore are at the top of the division every single year, and why the Browns have surpassed them now most likely. They're smarter than the Bengals. They want to win more. They have GM's who focus on long term personnel/roster building. The Bengals' wander around in Mike Browns' fantasy world of low effort, low energy, formulaic nonsense of building around WR''s, RB's and edge guys along with the QB. Often ignoring up-the-middle needs that makes them soft, and skimping on depth and development.
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    Might be worth a look if they can sign him cheap and makes to their waiver position. Even if he's just a pass protection upgrade...kick the tires, put guys on notice., I don't know the full story on Spain, but he fell out of favor pretty quickly there, so who knows.
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    I'm not letting Taylor off the hook for offensive personnel decisions - if he let Turner authorize that with Tobin, then it's still on Taylor...sign of a coach that can't judge talent or put together a good staff. It was a bad signing at the time and everyone knew it. You acquire more draft picks to replace him, you make a trade, you make an effort, you don't just sit on your hands and take the easy way out of everything.
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    Well that's the "real" problem. And a coach with a set of cajones would be raising hell with the Brown family to get him what he needs and start stock-piling draft picks as trading chips or simply for acquring new players., and clearing-out some cap space for FA upgrades next year. Granted that may still happen, but I'm doubting it will. This is where HC's come to die, their careers any ways, I said that when they hired Taylor, what a naive fool he is. Marvin was naive as well, but used his success as leverage against Brown to make trades and sign/draft the players he wanted, to the extent he could at least. Taylor resigns guys like Bobby Hart. He has no idea what he's gotten himself into. His career is literally hanging by a thread at this point, at least as a HC. Damn fool.
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    Time to start acquiring draft picks for the future, find ways to acquire more 1-4 round picks. Edit: I forgot to mention John Ross, who is asking for a trade now. So you have Glenn, Ross and Dunlap showing signs of discontent with Taylor and his staff so far. Geno is an unknown, he's been quiet, and quietly ineffective. I think Taylor is a dead duck but I gotta think someone will give-up something for Ross and a draft pick that might be worthwhile. I post this here because they have to find a way to acquire lineman of good quality with extra picks, on both sides, but of course the 0-line is paramount. That said, they could really use a Myles Garrett/Watt/Bosa type at DE, a dominating player, or at DT, in addition to a Pro-Bowl caliber RT and RG - and they will need to acquire all of that by next season if they want to turn things around, along with firing Taylor hopefully (but that's a big ? mark still).
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    That made me so mad. Perine gets pretty much no carries all year, and he finally gets one... on 3rd and 1 in a critical situation... from a fullback position. Just silly.
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    Dak contract price rises with every Andy possession.
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    Andy on prime time never fails to entertain. Opens with a pick six that the guy inexplicable drops. Ends two plays later with a near safety.