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    I'll start. "When's Katie going to get me the scouting report on that gigantic rugby player?"
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    "raise the grade by 2 draft rounds on any player whose wife/fiancee/SO can play Bridge. The wife is short a player for her Wednesday night bridge social. Make it happen, peons"
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    and that Thursday night is NFL Network only. I HAVE NEVER watch Bengals Thursday game because it is ALWAYS on NFL Network and I don't have that channel.
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    What Mem said, +1
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    There was no T considered worth taking at 12, but that’s not true at 21. At 21 that’s the rifht spot for McGlinchy or the Texas tackle. Wynn is perfectly slotted there too and he’s a G/T type. They traded back because it solved LT and put them better into the sweet spot for C/G/RT types. If they want a lineman, they can get a really really good one at 21 without reaching.
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    But this guy is "freakin' awesome" !! Paul Alexander said so.
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    Give up your multi million dollar profession and apply for the police academy. Then you can see for yourself the job and the very issue your supposedly trying change. You’ll know what’s up very quickly. or at least participate in ride alongs.
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    Now the news about Reid and them questioning him about the kneeling. Much like I don't care about his politics, I don't care they asked him his thoughts moving forward. If he already publicly stated he wouldn't do that, it should not have been hard to reiterate that stance. It apparently was. You would think any organization who is trying to make money would try not to alienate a sizeable portion of their fans by signing a player that would do just that. While I don't care about his politics, I still do NOT care to see people demonstrate during the National Anthem. I simply do not feel that is appropriate or respectful, while understanding that's not what they are protesting against. Find another course or action. Hell, take action in the community. PLEASE take action in your community, but we don't see that. Any news about any of these guys making a difference in their own communities ?? Now, while I do not like it, I will defend people's rights to do whatever it is they like. This is a free country last time I checked. The thing people seem to miss is that there are consequences to your actions. The players will have to deal with those consequences. Just because people don't like those consequences does not make it wrong. Hell, my 11 and 7 year old boys understand there being consequences for their actions. Too much to ask of others I suppose.
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    That’s Eric Winston, Dad. We fired him but we can’t get him to leave.
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    I see your first 3 round exactly the same way TJ. As always, it just depends on who's there or does someone fall ?
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    12 to 21 is 9 spots and that isn’t a magic wand. It jives with what the experts are saying about the tackles. I have my doubts about them drafting at tackle at 21. I think it’s another weak class. Question becomes Center? Will they? @21? Supposed to be deep and good class of interior line players all the way to the 3rd/4th round. Large pizza says Cornerback,lol