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    Devin White has been the guy I've wanted the most since I started looking. I'm still of the line of thought that says he won't be there. Not unless teams trade ahead of us and start taking QB's. I would have no problems with Williams as the selection either, as he could be the starting right or left tackle from day one. Plug him in at RT and if something happens with Glenn, you have your guy to plug right in on the left. Like I said though, someone always falls that you don't expect to be there. Just don't be stupid and take the best TE prospect at #11.
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    “This remote... eh... channel select, er...not the dvr, damn, changed the input... arrow up... not msnbc! Damn!”
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    "Ok, I got the coach Pumpkin wanted so she can get her rocks off, now let me get to work on getting McCarron back in here." "Ooooooh, Katherine Webb.... Want to touch the heiney...." "AJ is such a fine young man."
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    Ok i will say I'm ok with Eifert back on a 1 year deal, mostly because I really wanna see him healthy for 1 year. For a team with a terrible record and new coaches it is silly to keep the same guys around.
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    “Stupid fans bought the whole fire Marvin bit just long enough to buy up season tickets. That was easier than I thought it would be. Time to overhaul the Lumina !!”