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    I've been wondering over the last couple days what these new coaches will mean to free agents ?? I wonder if their previous relationships could result in even a couple impact players prior to the draft ?? This is certainly the most interesting things have been for Bengals fans in quite some time. Wish Billy was here to see all this craziness !!!
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    Maybe but he still was the best OC this team had for many years. Dalton had his best year under Hue until he broke his thumb, McCarron would have helped win a playoff game if Hill didn't fumble it away. I don't know why but Bengals players always played hard for Hue. Many fans including me was so mad to see him leave because I wanted him to be the next head coach. Now sure I'm happy he didn't become the head coach here, I guess he is not head coach material, but I'm not going to forget the job he did with the offense while he was here.
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    I am really sad that Pollack left We'll need at least 1 if not 2 close-to-average veteran OLs signed as free agent, and another 2, possibly three drafted I think Westerman deserves a chance to stick as a backup OG, and Hopkins as a backup C. Hart can go. Fisher (who I have defended in the past) can go. Redmond can go. oogie can {REDACTED DUE TO EXTREMELY VULGAR LANGUAGE} The primary issue they need to address immediately is getting a solid ORT, and the second is identifying who to be groomed to replace Glenn at OLT, as I doubt Glenn even has a full year left based on what I saw this season
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    What are these o-line gurus going to do when they show up, take a look around, and realize we got most of our linemen at a garage sale?
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    Bill Callahan has been in Taylor’s orbit too. given that pollack was apparently the prime reason Redmond kept playing and westerman couldn’t get a shot - I am thrilled to see Taylor being given full latitude to re-make this staff.
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    Oh shit they are really letting this guy pick who he wants to coach which is great. I like Pollack but what the hell let this guy pick his team. So maybe his father in law Mike Sherman, or the Colts o-line coach who got released today. Can't wait to see who he wants!
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    I went to see The Prophets Of Rage a year ago and they played all the best of RATM. Wasn’t Zack singing but I got hammered and had an absolute blast.