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    Here's a little cheap Burrow porn if you're bored. Speed it to 2x speed for something close to real-time. It shows little and means nothing, but it's still cool to see the gang catching balls from the new QB.
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    Not to be funny, but ANYTIME would have been an excellent time for Price to step up. How nice would it be to see both him and Ross actually earn their first round draft positions this season ?? It pains me to look back at the 2017 and 2018 drafts and the players that went after them. However, I will readily admit to liking the picks at the time they were made. Especially Price...
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    Gulp! The projected starting RG is on the PUP entering TC. Lets hope it’s only a quick stay.
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    So people are thinking things are going to change enough in 6 weeks that we go from ZERO, to allowing some number of fans ?? Something tells me, without a huge "contribution" from the NFL, the Ohio Department of Health won't be changing course any time soon.
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    I’ll give it a try. We’re going to be shuffling those rosters though!
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    When your bull pen sucks... give me all the 7 inning double headers you can.
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    My son and I are in !!
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    Ahhh yes. Jeremy Hill... Thanks for that playoff fumble buddy !!! ”Lets get it” would have been helpful at that point.
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    Really it will make it very hard to have games not just in baseball but all over the sports spectrum.
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    Watched his press conference live. He's...as advertised. So mature. Was asked what he would splurge on with his signing bonus money - and said he actually wasn't going to spend any of that - that he would be putting that in the bank and investing it and would be living off of his marketing/endorsement money instead. Good lord.
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    Considering that I started campaigning for this back in late October of 2019, this is really glorious to finally see:
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    Yep, official site says he signed today. Good...
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    Agree about the Bengals being stingy in how that 24+ mil gets spent, IF it gets spent at all. Good luck to Dennard.
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    I’m glad Bobby Hart sucks so badly, makes it easy to cut him. Not sure what they’re waiting for.
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    Dr. Spock voice - "it's worse than that Jim, there's two of them"