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    STATEMENT FROM ROGER GOODELL, GOD-KING OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE “Earlier this week, the League was made aware of allegations of illegal sideline filming by the New England Patriots. Normally, such a repeat violation of the rules would be met with harsh punishment. However, since the offense was made against the Cincinnati Bengals, who are only an NFL team by a strict reading of League bylaws, we are going to let this one slide. We will be fining Bengals head coach Zac Taylor $10,000 for disclosing the existence of the investigation and linebacker Vontaze Burfict $15,000 just because. In conclusion, all hail Me, Roger Goodell, God-King of the National Football League.”
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    I forgive all if the league takes their first round pick and gives it to the Bengals.
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    This Ringer piece on Burrow is amazing: https://www.theringer.com/2019/12/13/21020359/joe-burrow-lsu-tigers-heisman-trophy-quarterback-playoff
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    It’s BS the Pats are addicted to having those 4/5 plays in a game where it seems they have the perfect call every time. Or a different theory that this was a beta test for up coming playoffs.
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    It's quite obvious that they're full of shit. I was snooping around a Pats board earlier in the week laughing at the ways they tried to rationalize it and defend it.
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    True. But visual has a different impact. Right now some are saying all of this is hearsay. Plus, they have on video the guy stating "I can delete this and it can all go away". Sure would be interesting to see his tone and body language.
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    holy crap - Jonah can practice! https://www.cincyjungle.com/2019/12/12/21012813/jonah-williams-injury-bengals-news-alabama-crimson-tide-football-nfl-draft
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    The NFL is caught between a rock and a hard place. Expose the truth and take a risk in diminishing their brand. Cover it up and have the story leak out and they take a risk at diminishing their brand. Ace in the hole? The Bengals have the footage this time in their hands. The NFL can’t cover it like they did in 2007. Honestly, it might be the slickest thing this organization has ever done.
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    None of it makes sense. If there's no purpose, or gain in competitive advantage, from taping the Bengals sideline for an entire quarter...why do it? Why film a documentary that includes sideline tape of your next opponent when you've been caught before? Why did the employee doing the taping say "I can erase this and we'll all just forget about it, ok?" If there's "nothing to see here" why would you take the risk of doing it in the first place? And why if this is all just "nothing" and routine, does it keep happening to the same team? The biggest heists are done in broad daylight. "Nobody would risk doing it in a manner that is so obvious so it can't be true". Purely manipulative psychology.
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    ...and that means he missed his appointment for the 10 bucks off lube special on the Lumina. There will be hell to pay COB: does Rivera do vehicle maintenance?
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    Word out of PBS is that teams are inquiring about such a trade, but all phone calls are being ignored because for the last 17 days Mike has been on the phone trying to cancel his DIRECTV subscription. He’s still working on it.
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    The investigation around Spygate 1.0 discovered the Patriots had a directive that if the taper was caught, lie to the authorities and say you were filming for a Patriots show or web content. Just shows the level of contempt they have for the league. They didn’t even change their M.O., just started up taping signals again with the same bullshit excuses. Can you blame them? A fine and one draft pick, very small price to pay for a competitive advantage. That penalty had no effect on them, and the wrist slap about to be administered won’t matter either.
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    Mike reads the above, then, “Nancy, quick, bring me my pills. Quickly. Erghhh.,, ughhh.,.” (Clutches chest in Fred Sanford like manner.)
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    You need about $55 mil of cap space for injuries
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    Rapaport : “The League feels inclined to believe the Patriots’ intentions regarding videotaping the Bengals, but that doesn’t necessarily mean there won’t be a penalty.” What a load.
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    and dont forget to suspend and fine Burfict :-)
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    Patriots : “We were accidentally cheating the same way we got caught accidentally cheating in the past. Just a lot of accidents.” The League -“Gosh, could happen to anyone! All is forgiven! All is forgotten including your cheating to beat the Rams in the Super Bowl (taping Rams’ walkthrough), your mass murderer tight end, your cheating QB who destroyed his cell phone by accident to hide the coverup evidence, your hand job connoisseur owner, your taping of the Eagle’ sideline signals, all that, we can’t recall any of that. Patriot Way!!”
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    Im better than good with that......that'd be fantastic!
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    Bengal will probably receive a beating of a life time for exposing the scheme this week.
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    De-legitimize the league by exposing the cheating ways of the premier, most successful, franchise? Nope! No better way to create a little internal documentary about the Patriots than to just leave a camera to record a whole quarter of the Bengals’ sideline. Makes sense!
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    LMAO. When the press was badgering Belichick to talk about the Kansas City loss, all he would say this morning was, “We’re videotaping Cincinnati. Er... I mean, we’re on to Cincinnati.” probably.
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    belicheat. nuff said. but yeah, they could all be on the flu and still beat us
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    Dalton is competent enough QB that a team would trade for him. The danger is also that he's competent enough that a risk adverse front office like we have in Cincinnati probably won't close the door completely on him. Dalton is clearly a ton better than Finley and a decent starting NFL QB. But there are moments in that Browns game that serve as reminder of why he'll never compete at an elite level.
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    We needed this from Dalton. Let’s get this season over and draft Burrow. Then Dalton can begin his career as Ryan Fitzpatrick 2.0. Flashes enough ability to inspire hope, then breaks your heart every time.
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    If you drive tomorrow to your local Tire Discounters’ and walk down to Bay #3, I guarantee you the guy changing tires there will look exactly like Freddie Kitchens.
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    Defence has been good today, I know we dont really want to win but it would be nice to put a nail in the clowns playoff hopes!
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    Herbert quietly putting up his best season at 31 Td's and 5 INT's, a 160 QB rating, 8+ ypa, 67% comp. Run-heavy offense, but his peripherals are really solid and consistent. Better athlete than Burrow (slightly) and more starting experience in college. I wouldn't count him out of being a top 3 pick just yet.
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    Better to hold him back, make sure he gets totally healthy. For that matter, hold the whole starting defense out, let them heal.