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    Auden Tate looks like a player to me. Not sure it’s bad that’s he’s making plays against that defense in his first start.
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    Good buddy Bengals fan of mine said to me today “ Man! It seems like Dalton gets passes batted down all the time, every game, and in all the critical situations.” I agreed with him and it’s really the only thing I can say that I dislike about Andy. Wish he still had Whit and Zeitler blocking for him.
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    Hate the games against the Steelers and won’t be watching this one either. Maybe Taylor will get this team to act like professionals when they play the Steelers. If Ben was playing, they would get pounded.
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    Yea and I wanna be excited and be happy when football Sunday comes rolling, a brand new coach new attitude, but there is just nothing different about the team that's on the field. I still watch and listen for awhile, but when I realize it's the same thing I've been watching for the last few years I turn it off. Just wish I was more excited or had something to really root for.