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    I am so glad I got to come back to the boards this year, missed you guys and it couldn't have happened during a better season!
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    Think we would be here if we took Penei Sewell? Think we would be here without Money Mac? All the folks at ESPN can suck my big toe.
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    Well, this post aged like milk. I'm glad it didn't matter though.
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    I recorded this very poorly as I freaked out.
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    Same. Total amazement. Could not get as high as I am right now if I smoked a boxcar full of weed!
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    Just look at the thread title. look at it its real who fucking Dey!
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    Yeah, I don’t want to hear one more word about the whistle in the raiders game after that bull crap.
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    The funniest part is that you had friggin Cowher on the pregame show talking about how the Tits were a physical team versus a “finesse” Bengals squad…hey Bill how has that take aged?
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    100% this! While I hate to make the comparison, our D played like many of the Steeler's Ds that kept them in games while their offense struggled. I don't feel like our D has been getting enough credit for either playoff win.
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    I don't know how they could feel like they got jobbed when the most controversial call of the game went their way. That INT hit the fucking turf.
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    I'm watching the local news Titans post-game show and it's amazing. So much sadness bringing me so much joy
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    They can suck Evan McPherson's colossal sack.
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    And how about the d? Burrow didn’t have his best game and o really struggled but my gawd did the d pick them up. Reader was a monster, the linebackers were on fire, 3 picks, a critical goal line stand on the two point try, stops on fourth down. Hats off to Lou tonight, his boys brought it.
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    Everyone said I was fucking nuts for predicting us to go to the AFCCG! YEAH BABY!
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    Incredible! Awful performance but beat the 1 seed and get the 1st ever road playoff win!!!
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    Defense is going to win this game. Bengals should score at least a TD in the 2nd half. If they score 2 TDs, the game is over.