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    Maybe it's unreasonable of me, but anything less than 4-0 against NYG, WAS, DAL, and HOU is going to piss me off.
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    Holy sheep dip I've been ill of late (nothing serious, just annoying) and slept through this game. I missed what is likely THE signature game of 2020. damnit. anyway, on the question of locker room solidarity or lack thereof.......I present the following https://www.bengals.com/video/postgame-celebration-after-week-8-win-over-the-titans which tells me things are not as doom and gloom as some claim....not even close ...so... I (like every other nfl fan on the planet) am enamored of New Guy. Without him, we arent even in these close losses, and are probably 0-8 and mostly blown out. I get that, so I wont talk about him being a new man crush, because how could you be a Bengals fan and not absolutely freakin' L O V E this man? and thats not even including out-of-this-world freakish stuff like this: and I think Jeremy Rauch summarizes things well here (except: trade Ross, not Tate): https://twitter.com/FOX19Jeremy/status/1323027132285652997?ref_src=twsrc^tfw so, I want to speak of my new (and as always to keep this clear, perfectly heterosexual) man-crushes in no particular order of importance 1. Spain. OH MY GOD. Not even a single practice snap nor time with his teammates as he completed the necessary quarantine time, and he looked like a freakin pro bowler. I watched a lot of game film and he is just high fivin' and having a great time with his new teammates between plays, bring up everyone's energy level. I love love LOVE this (GIMME A) LINEMAN Fucking SIGN HIM NOW. Practice squad my ass. I want him signed N O W if not sooner. There should have been a contract waiting for him to sign in the locker room right after the game 2. Higgins. A great deal of Burrows success is because Higgins is producing bigtime. Without Higgins, honestly, is Burrows fully the amazing QB we are seeing? Yeah, other receivers not named Ross are contributing as well, but I wasnt expecting this 2nd rounder to contribute so much so soon. I dont think you were either. 3. Adenji and Johnson. They faced pro bowl defensive ends having started exactly 0 times before at their respective spots. They allowed no sacks. Was it always pretty? Heck no. Was it perfect? Absolutely not - earlier in this thread it is mentioned how Adenji allowed the most pressures of any Bengals OL this week. Of course, that PFF item fails to qualify this statement with the fact that this was his first start ever _AND_ he's a rookie _AND_ he allowed no sacks _AND_ while facing a pro bowl DE. I will bet he will get a rating no better than 50 from PFF this week but regardless his performance under the circumstances I see that as nothing short of incredible. I've already talked up Fred Johnson many many times, so I wont go into detail on his 0 sack work on his very first start ever at ORT 4. Auden Tate. Ok, he's not all that new, but its like he gets forgotten for weeks at a time, then he goes and has a game like this and its like he's brand new all over again.......like who the hell is this guy? Take a look at this: https://www.nfl.com/videos/6-foot-5-tate-extends-for-unbelievable-sideline-snag-on-third-down Auden should be a priority for an extension asap, using some of that cash the Dunlap trade freed up. so why oh why, you ask with good reason, isnt Billy Price on this list? Its because I've seen too many disappointments from this guy. He has as Black Widow once said 'too much red on his ledger". This game doesnt erase all that red, not even close, but its a mighty fine start towards getting back in the black and a question - where the hell is Josh Bynes? I know I have no way to measure his impact on getting the three rookies + Pratt up to speed, but it's like he's invisible on the field. Also his snap count seems to be on a downward curve.. related question: how are the four (I count Pratt) newbie linebackers doing, especially in coverage? I cant seem to get a handle on that Finally: throwing some love (and a virtual game ball) towards Stripes this week for going the extra mile for this win. question: do you need any incense or goat heads or whatever for 2 weeks from now? If so, lets get a gofundme going.
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    I won't hold my breath for Willie, but it would be great and well-deserved. I'm looking forward to next season when Penei Sewell tears his achilles in week 3.
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    The sheer incompetence of this organization doesn't seem to have a ceiling. There's not much to say.
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    I love how the Steelers hold guys up and strip at the ball. The very second your team does the same.....whistle blew. There was probably a handful of times progress had been stopped by a Bengal ball carrier and they strip at it. If the ball would have come out, I"m sure there wouldn't be any whistle. Crazy how fast the whistle is on the opposite side. Then it's been all season Burrow simply isn't protected by the Refs AND Zac Taylor needs to start bitching about it game week and post game. Even if he has to take a couple fines. There's been several late hits not called on Burrow. Holding simply isn't called on the Steelers o-line either. Keep in mind this is not to say the Bengals could have or should have won. No they are a better team AND OUR defenders have a chance to intercept balls or sack a QB and they don't. Just annoying on top of the loss.
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    I’ve already begun fashioning a doll in the form of TJ Watt with hair from the shower drain. At the stroke of midnight on the eve of the game I will cut my palm, dampen it with my dark blood, and cast it into the flames.
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    Damn, what a game, what a win. So great to be able to just sit and watch your team play a great game and win. Most people probably take that for granted, but you all know we don’t. I ate two ham sandwiches during the game then hammered down a bowl of Lucky Charms to celebrate the win.
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    Just ducking in to see if everyone still wants ZT fired and if everyone still thinks he is "losing the locker room"...
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    Tate or Ross? Difficult choice lol
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    Boyd best Slot WR in the NFL, elite
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    I am performing a voodoo ritual to hex the Titans defensive line and give Burrow a chance to survive.
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    Good watch. It's hard to say if anything Dad Dunlap passed on via Carlos is especially one-sided in the controversy. If Anarumo isn't at least listening to his veterans though and actively working to make them feel heard and their feedback respected (even if not implemented), that doesn't strike me as a great reflection on him.
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    I’m sure he is motivated now and will finish out the year strong in Seattle, always liked Dunlap and sucks he left like this.
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    Thanks for the fish, Carlos. That was not a good ending, but I’ll remember the good times. Probably a top 7ish all-time Bengals defender.
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    More than I’d have expected, frankly. Seems like good thinking considering Seattle’s pass rush issues. Will have to see how Seattle fans feel about the OL.
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    Lets see. 3-19-1. 1-12-1 in one score games. 1-8 In the AFC North. Worse coach in Bengals history. Has surpassed Dave. Only coach to lose a game. When his team don't punt. Was 55-0 now it's 55-1 thanks to Zac. Zac brought in Lou , Turner and Eason. All are failing big time. The team is split, players wanting out. Geno, Dunlap, Ross and AJ. Those are the ones who have made it known. Then how long before Burrow wants out? Joe's success has nothing to do with Zac. If Zac wants to be his coach. Cool take a demotion and be the QB coach. Zac is a good guy. But that don't mean he is a good coach. there is to much damage now for Zac to ever recover from. It's clear he has to go. Fire him turner and Lou lets simmons take over. Then at the end of the season. If Simmons can turn it around. Let him coach if not. Go get Bienemy or see if you can get Fickell to come coach. We all wanted Zac to succeed. He didn't a couple losses that is understandable. To be 1 and 3 for 8,12,19 that is bad coaching. Then something has to be done. If not what message does that give to the players and fans? Losing is acceptable not doing your job as player or coach is acceptable? Hell No! Enough is enough!
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    Good. I hope he punches a few of them for me.
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    No systematic, consistent focus on good LB's and SS's. Cutting corners and being cheap. It's a Mike Brown/Brown family thing. And by "being cheap" I mean not spending on certain positions, they don't spend $$ wisely. Sorry I know that's a tired statement.
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    I want to preface this by emphasizing that this is *just me* and my opinion/impression and it’s perfectly fine if it isn’t shared by anyone else. I think this coaching staff, or at least the top post-Marvin guys, is a bunch of assholes. Everything we hear about Turner and Anarumo is more or less about what level of dick they are. Meanwhile Taylor strikes me as more and more of a smug prick with each passing week. I can’t even watch the postgame interviews because I just get mad I can’t punch his increasingly punchable face. Again, just me. YMMV.
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    More Max Protection looks, please
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    Yeah, I think this year's FA market looks good for guards but are they really going to dump $10 mil of cap space or more into one? I doubt it. I'm also skeptical of the improvement you actually would get from FA vet tackle. I'm leaning towards drafting the best tackle in the draft and hope it works out and the guy doesn't need a long ramp up time to get going.
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    Burrow's been hit more than any other QB this season, and I believe more than any QB since 2000? Regardless, it's a ridiculous # (72 times this year?). It's funny how "bad luck" works, the more you do something, the more likely you're to get an unlucky result.
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    Estimated probability I watch this game: -17.8%
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    We all knew this was coming. This is directly on Zac and that dumb fuck joke of a line coach. Then Mikey boy I hope you choke on your oatmeal you sorry fuck! You ignorant son of a bitches. Destroyed this young man because you are fucking stupid! I'm done with this team! Fuck you Mike you worthless old bastard. You are an embarrassment to your family name. Fuck you Dick face !!!
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    Looks like a destroyed knee. Great. It's the Bengal way.
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    Wonderful. When it rains it pours, always with this team.
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    Washington's starting and backup LT are out. Jonah Williams is back. Unless Higgins has the 'vid, he will play, and Gio is a better blocker in terms of pass rush than Joe. We got this.
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    The bias by the refs whenever we play the Rapistburgers is beyond obvious year after year after year. We're going to have to play twice as well as them to ever overcome that disadvantage and win, and right now, we're not even close to playing that well. Even on a mistake free game After he left New Guy in when it was obvious the game was a blowout, Taylor is now hated by me. He can leave town now for all I care. I understand the losses, but leaving New Guy in to get injured is an unforgivable and fire-able offense imo
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    Penalty after penalty very sloppy
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    Seems like there was a Dunlap-type situation going on with him in Atlanta. Hopefully a change of scenery does some good.
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    I don't have much faith that Anarumo is using his talent effectively. Much of the time when they give up chunk plays, defenders don't even have a chance to prevent it because they're so far out of position to do so -- either because they're not coached well enough to get into position or they are literally schemed out of position. I grant that some of the late-game heroics they've given up required great offensive plays, especially in the last drive against Cleveland. A lot of it though has just looked hopeless, and I have struggled to find clear and obvious fault in the players (from my limited vantage point as a fan viewing games).
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    I know we are all about offensive line this off season, but the Grimes kid WR from Florida would be awesome to have. Basically a taller AJ Green. Also was with Burrow at OSU before transfer to Florida
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    Good planning to get this on the bye week.
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    Can we please just get a new defense coach. So tired of Taylor sticking up for this guy. There are much better guys out there!!!!
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    HELL. YES. Our quarterback is a fucking machine.
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    Burrow is real class. Boyds not bad either
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    Spain looking good so far what a block on that TD
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    Very true, all of it. But if the season continues the way it’s been going, it’ll be tough for Zac to walk in there and say something along the lines of, “Well, I’m averaging two or three wins a year, and that’s really promising so status quo it is!” The defense has not been good under Lou. The offense is absolutely showing promise.
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    "Sure, that Allen fellow can afford to pay Carlos, he's got all that money sitting around from when he invented the computer. Harummphh!" /resumes painting 1/35th scale WW1 British Infantry figurine/
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    Did it on his ridiculously bad tackle attempt. Everyone piled on AJ for not turning into Dick Butkus, but it seems AJ understands his role and his limitations.
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    He's amazing. With no off-season. No camp. And he's doing this. Whatever else happens in 2020 for the Bengals, they didn't screw up the #1 pick.
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    Can we please have a competent fourth quarter, defense?
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    Defense is fine except when you're really counting on them.
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    This defense design scheme coaching all is trash. Its no secret why no one wanted Lou.
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    Nervous laughter watching Momma Burrow cringing at the sight of her son behind this line
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    We got the call though. Any td is good, but Burrow got robbed of a td pass. He looks so good today, quite a contrast between he and Mayfield (who’s only true ability is getting anonymous sex in strip mall Olive Garden parking lot).