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    We shut everything down and we were going to create a good testing and contact tracing infrastructure, then we didn't do jack shit and now we're doing whatever it is we're doing now. If we get screwed out of this season I'll be irate.
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    https://www.usatoday.com/story/sports/christinebrennan/2020/07/09/big-ten-football-jarring-24-hours-season-big-trouble/5410220002/?utm_source=native&utm_medium=capi_retrofit&utm_content=inapp&build=native-web_i_p Gene Smith, AD at OSU says he is no longer cautiously optimistic there will be college sports this fall. The Big Ten says it is prepared to both play sports and also prepared not to play sports. As a society, we again find ourselves in a tough spot with this virus. So again we must seek the wisdom and guidance of the essential oil consultants and 60 pound overweight guys with AR-15s strapped to their chests who all descended on the statehouses a couple months ago and demanded the states “reopen.”
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    A Michigan podcaster who is well-connected said 3 or 4 schools in the big ten don’t want to play. Michigan is considering a home and home series with 3 or 4 big ten teams, including Ohio State.
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    Ohio State suspended all voluntary workouts yesterday. BTW the workouts aren’t actually voluntary, they’re just called that. Must have been too many positive tests.
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    Again, hoping and praying for the football season to go off, even with little to no fans. However, the amount of contact and closeness of the players is vastly different than the other sports and their participants. Looking at the current outbreaks among college programs like Ohio State and North Carolina are more of what I would expect at the pro level. I just don't see how they stop the spread of the virus in those close quarters and I fear the impact would be massive for a team that is forced to quarantine players that test positive. Could you imagine a miracle season where we make it to the Super Bowl and Burrow is leading the charge, only to test positive the night before the game ?? Finley would then be the starter and there goes most any chance of winning that game. Worst case scenario ?? Sure, but completely feasible.
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    I had forgotten that it kept track of those things. Early on in this board's history, we use to make a pretty big deal of those milestones. Fast forward 16 years and I had completely forgotten about it. Had I been thinking, I would have had something more positive to say. Makes me feel old thinking about being in my 30's and single when I started posting here. Now 50, married, 2 kids and retired from the Army, while working on another career. I love this board !!! Thanks Hoosier...
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    Speaking of losing weight, my primary care recently pointed out my weight gain over the past handful of years. I told her after a career in the Army, I stopped exercising and bought a house at the corner of "Fat and Happy". She laughed for a minute and plainly told me she thinks I need to move. WTF ?!?!
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    She’s good. Her political statement consisted of ten sentences that all began with “I”, then she rang a bell and destroyed “God Bless America.” Game, set, match.
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    Based on the proud American in the previous post, I can easily see the NFL season ending up cancelled, and we get screwed out of the most exciting and anticipated season since we drafted Palmer.
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    I don't often go down the Twitter rabbit hole however, the information provided is interesting. I think I clicked on a response and it took me into a conversation about all the "wrong" going on in this country. It was depressing as I only read about 5-6 comments to see how completely uneducated some people are. I don't mean, I have a degree educated, but rather common sense type issues that the average person should be aware of. I don't want to get into any specifics, but I am saddened with people arguing about things they clearly have no knowledge about whatsoever. THIS is exactly why I have no social media presence. The closest I come to it is posting here. After reading those comments, i'm pretty sure my life is better for that decision.
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    Cuyahoga was a tribe of natives, can’t happen.
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    Holy shit I’m on an Indians thing and they’re sending very clear signals - they’re changing their name. I’ll miss it, but what can you say. That old big nosed Indian mascot was racist as hell. The more recent one, a little less offensive. One cool thing I’ll miss was we kind of had a second name. We just called the team the tribe. It was like, “Hey tribe fans! Stop by the right field bleachers for our 50 cent beer specials. No kids after the 6th inning please since most of you will be blackout drunk by then!” Now to think of the new name.
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    They should revive one of the greatest, ironic though not intended to be so, names in all of sports: The Washington Bullets.
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    Just read that the NFL plans to play “Lift Every Voice and Sing”, which is considered the black national anthem, before every week one game. They plan to play it right before the Star Spangled Banner. I’m monitoring Washington DC to see if a mushroom cloud arises from the Pennsylvania Avenue area, will report back here.
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    Yeah he does bits on PFT now. I see a video that looks interesting and then it’s him, his shitty condescending attitude and moronic comments. Outside of that, it’s his face. Like the movie Step Brothers. “I don’t know what it is about your face”. I just want to punch him. At the fucking Catalina Wine Mixer !!!
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    Also, Texas governor announced today, after like 8500 new cases showed up in one day, that there is a statewide wear a mask order for people out in public. Luckily Texas has a docile and compliant population, so all should go very well.
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    We are still waiting to hear from our school district here, but am expecting something similar with splitting between home and school. While it doesn't impact me that much, my wife is sure to go crazy with that decision. Completely unrelated to this thread or almost anything, I would love nothing more than to punch Chris Simms right in his face.
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    Columbus schools just announced their preliminary re-opening plan. High schoolers completely online learning. Younger kids go to school 2 or 3 days, are assigned a cohort group and they only mix with kids from that cohort. Like they attend everything in their cohort, eat lunch together in a classroom, etc. Paremts of younger kids can opt them out of in person school and go completely online.
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    They just had to film...... just in case that 2-14 team happens to make it to the Super Bowl sooner rather than later huh ?? Dumb
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    At least they [ought to be] losing a higher pick in 2021 than they would have had they been charged one in 2020.
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    It never ends with these guys. The biggest victim in all of this, in my opinion, is Kurt Warner. Belicheat tapes their walk-through, and Warner loses his second Super Bowl, after winning his first. His legacy would be greatly enhanced if he’d won two Super Bowls instead of one.
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    Leave it to a guy who is known only for playing poorly to make an ass of himself on social media.
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    If I were the Bengals, my offer to Bobby Hart: Agree to delete all social media, agree to not speak to the media, sign a contract addendum stating you will not comment on any form of media, social or traditional, and if you do we are entitled to cut you with no repercussions. If you don’t agree, we cut you now, invoking whatever morals or citizenship clause is in your contract, and we pay you nothing. Shut your fat mouth or get your fat ass out of town.
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    Practices are not "public" so players can practice without masks. Same with games - as long as the public isn't there (and even if the public is there you can carve out an exception for those on the field. That's not an issue. The bigger issue is that people won't wear fuckin' masks and it is SO simple to do so when you are out in public or in public spaces. That this has become political is truly insane.
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    I wonder how the Seahawks are going to do business with Washington mandating the wearing of masks in public ?? That isn’t the only state to do that either.
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    Follow this link and then hit the insta video embedded - Jonah Williams looks physically amazing now - he's clearly been using the time since his injury to get stacked, looks way different body type than when he was drafted, frankly: https://bengalswire.usatoday.com/2020/06/24/bengals-jonah-williams-tee-higgins-workout-video-training-camp/
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    Good ??? Im pretty much of the line of thought that there isn’t going to be any football, so I have no idea what to think about anything coming out.
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    I like seeing them be more proactive in how to make the season happen. Unlike the MLB who can’t seem to get out of their own way.
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    I was waiting and hoping they would do this. Should be a federal Holiday.
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    Will the bengals give season ticket owners cash back or instead a wild night out with Katie B ?
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    Warford was hurt last year, but still played at a pro bowl level, as he has for the last three years. If he's 100% healthy, I could see a 3-4 year deal. He just turned 28, so age isn't working against him. It was reported he was looking at about 7 million per season, but I wonder why that is ?? All but 1 of the top 15 Guards in the game make at least 10 million per season. If they can make sure he's healthy and can get a still young pro bowl guard at less than 10 million per season, that's a HUGE win.
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    I don't consider Warford a "Long Term" solution but they are so razor thin up front on paper. I understand they think Jordan is a rising star along with Williams. Fine. But if either of them go down again or struggle. Then it puts Burrow in a tough spot to have success like Mixon has seen his first years in the league. The better they can get Joe Mixon going it makes life on Joe Burrow easier in his rookie season. Mixon has a high degree of talent but we've seen the line derail him for a period of games along with durability.
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    No, not expecting but it sure makes sense. Oh yeah, makes sense. I digress...
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    Ken Riley is a classic example of how Bengals players have to leave "no doubt" with Hall of Fame voters. Bengal fans all know championship team's get more players in the HOF, but when you really start to compare the number HOFers vs. bottome tier franchises it's evident there is a bias whether its intentional or not. It's sad or fitting Willie Anderson is speaking up about this because he's one of the league's best Tackles ever, AND he'll never sniff the HOF.
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    I always thought the D-line got kinda a free pass in the blame game for horrible defense and run game. I simply think the D-line was horrible at getting off blocks and clogging lanes. Hopefully Sweet Lou can get them going.
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    I think Reader is going to be great for this defense. He's been a favorite Texan of my son and I for a couple years. We are both pumped up that the Bengals got him !! I also thought that article was interesting from a snap count perspective as well. Apparently there were a lot of injuries on the d-line last year. I didn't watch hardly at all, so I wasn't aware.
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    Bengals left wondering why nobody loots the Pro Shop.
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    The fall out from COVID would be felt in the Salary Cap. IF COVID shuts down attendance or the league. The salary cap is determined by Defined Gross Revenues. So in theory the salary cap could go backwards OR growth slowed. This happened back when Steinbach was a FA. The owners made a bad extension that jumped up the percentage and cap growth for a couple seasons then when a new long term agreement was reached the cap slowed (can't remember if it ever went backwards) some teams were caught for a couple years with tough cap situations. Now the league could step in and adjust the formula for the salary cap. As for individual contracts; a lot of contracts have guarantees like roster, signing bonuses. However, they don't receive salary checks until the regular season games start. I think they get minor amounts during preseason. It would be interesting to hear if there is anything that would disrupt those payments. Earned roster, signing bonus would not be effected is my guess. No relief from guaranteed payments without revenue could bankrupt some newer ownership groups. Therefore as a minimum you can guess they'll do everything they can to at least get the games on TV to fulfill contract requirements there and get that revenue. I'm not sure how much revenue is wrapped up in fans attending games but they can also shed some costs. Loss of TV revenue probably goes straight to the bottom line.