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    Dude dresses like it’s 1996, I can tell you that much. Pleated khakis.
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    Speaking about my above last post, have any of you watched the highlights of the playoff games knowing damn well what happens next, and yet when they pick up a big first down you find yourself pumping your fist and getting excited like the shit just happened? I was like, what the hell am I doing? Yeah, that's how great last season was !!
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    Color me silly, but I see a difference in a fight breaking out where racial slurs were being used and a girl got hit after hitting someone first…. and someone having (reportedly) unwanted sex with a girl who was underage. Yes, Mixon probably should have held back, but I can rationalize how that went down. Admitting to sleeping with an underage girl and she reported it was not consensual is a little different for me. Not expecting anyone to agree, just saying. There are plenty of dirtbags in the NFL.
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    Two more plaintiffs filing lawsuits. Dude can’t catch a break. Probably so stressed out over all this that the only thing that can help is a nice relaxing massage.
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    I'm going to be upgrading the forums to the latest version of the software. During the update the site will be down. Not sure how long it will take. Once it is finished, the forums will most likely be a default blue theme. That's temporary. I'll be working on a new theme for the forums soon after the update. We will also be getting a new logo. I'm running a contest for it. The contest is located at http://99d.me/e/p2di If you all would take a look and let me know your favorites, it would be greatly appreciated. Also any feedback on the designs for ones you might like but can be improved would also be appreciated. Thanks so much everyone.
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    While I read somewhere about the potential for the Browns to get out of paying him his contract due to not being aware of additional cases potentially coming forward would be helpful for them, they won't be getting back those 3 first round picks they coughed up regardless. Being out that money, giving up 3 first rounders AND never seeing that player take the field would be more hilarious than any football craziness I've ever heard. I'm not a fan of giving up on your team, but I think that would be enough for me to move in another direction. Browns fans are just so stupid though, they will just keep on wearing the dog face masks, barking and throwing batteries. Stupid Cleveland...
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    Yeah, I was already at 8 games, but it looks like the needle is going to move higher if his lawyer can't stop the bleeding. Damn Deshaun, if you can't find a chick to touch it, rub one out like a champ. I mean, be a pro dude.
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    And here I thought it was so great when Watson first turned his back on the Browns. Now he not only joins them and convinces the Browns to give him a guaranteed contract, but they gave up 3 first rounders and now look like he won’t even play in 2022. Stupid fucking Browns. Couldn’t happen to a better team and fanbase.
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    It’s the principle of the matter Stripes !!
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    Gimme Ogjunjobi 1 or 2 years at 2.5M/year salary plus some performance incentives (pressures and TFLs) and 1M signing bonus Id guess, tho, that he is waiting for some team with playoff aspirations to have an injury at 3TDT and then his value rises
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    honestly, tho, fellas - he's a Bengal now and I hope he becomes a superstar seriously
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    so the 49ers overvalued him as well :-) Understood :-)
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    Nice to see our team being the ones beating someone to the punch for the player they want.
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    I mean I would not sulk about adding OBJ. I would wonder how the chemistry would actually work because the current top 3 could really complain about not getting the ball as much as their talent level demands. But trading out Auden Tate for OBJ, yeah plus there. But Tate couldn't get snaps because of the log jam. Of course when will OBJ actually be ready to play? Late October? November? So you could sign him. PUP list so it doesn't cost you a roster spot. If the Bengals are going to do a deal for someone not currently under contract, I hope its Larry O.
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    Beckham made a social media comment in response to a prominent LSU player. The end, bye. Absolutely nothing there.
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    And that makes sense for the Steelers. They have a rookie QB who they won’t have to worry about for years and don’t have a top end player at damn near any position. They can afford to pay someone. The Bengals are not in a position to do that for Bates and as much as it pains me, he’s better off somewhere else if he want to get paid, which he surely does.
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    on a related note, Joisey: I keep seeing folks say we picked up average veteran OLs uhm, no, these guys are in the 70s and 80s ratings....above average at worst in all 3 cases we picked up 3 really good players for the price of one (perhaps one and a quarter) superstar
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    I said often during 2020 or so that I thought the Bengals should try to model their roster after the peak Manning Colts, and they have really done that more closely than I could have expected. Burrow has some Manning traits, notably with respect to accuracy from the pocket and pre-snap activity. He's also just really good so whatever. Chase-Higgins-Boyd recalls pretty decently the Harrison-Wayne-Stokely build. Mixon is at least comparable to Edgerrin James albeit not quite on that level, and he's better than Joseph Addai. Hurst could turn out to be a Dallas Clark type, and I don't think it would surprise anyone. If the line pans out like it ought to, then quite frankly "#2 offense in the league" sounds like underachieving (not that I would complain about that).
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    Thanks TJ. As long as I'm alive, these forums will be here. Hard to believe this site has been here so long. As for the Twitter account, I set it up. You can use the attached QR code or just follow this link. https://twitter.com/BengalszoneMB?t=U8j9dvbaTcxy6GuKBa7jTg&s=09
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    Hey B24, I know this is offtopic but youre a hard guy to reach :-) so since you just posted I just want to thank you for the years of enjoyment I have had on these forums Its been a pleasant part of my life since 2003....yep, twenty years now :-) One suggestion: set up a BengalsZoneForums twitter account where updates can be shared on the state of the site when there is occasional downtime and such, like with this announcement
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    Wilson is a ticking time bomb. The crazy number of women he's pulled this shit on is a screaming red alert siren blaring "he will do this again" at ear-shattering decibel levels. And that might be the only thing that saves the Browns financially.
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    66 massage therapists in 17 months? His future in the league is in doubt. Not in doubt - the utter stupidity of the Browns owner. He inherited all his money and his biggest accomplishment is using $92 million, not a typo, of that money to buy his way out of being prosecuted for a massive fraud scheme he perpetrated on his truck stop customers. The current fraud scheme he’s executing is called owning the Browns. He truly is a parasite.
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    Yah. times piece linked down in the it just gets better thread btw.
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    I think Henry just got an offer from Ohio State (not sure sometimes people can misunderstand). However, if he did get an offer that is big news because that program has been loaded WR wise for a couple years. Good eye for pro talent up there.
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    IDk, I like Thomas, Irwin and Taylor as #4-#6 types on any team really. Morgan I'm not as impressed with, but know he's a good ST'er. They'll have to find a Boyd replacement as I can't see them paying for all 3 into the future, who knows, but I will really miss that dude if he leaves after next season. Injuries will happen to one of the top 3 most likely at some point (last year seemed like anamoly of good fortune in that regard across the board) but when you have Burrow, he can make all those guys better than they are I think. I'm much more concerned with LB and OL depth, even DT if they lose one guy (they need to sign someone there still). But yeah it'd be a bit wild if Henry Jr. turns out to be anything skill-wise like his father and ends-up playing here somehow. Hope he chooses the Bucks if he gets to that level in HS.
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    Oh the dripping sarcasm...
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    No matter how many times I watch someone break down or discuss the 70 sack season Burrow had, they seem to forget one big thing. Whether the sack is a "good" or "bad" sack, which I think is a shit term, HE GETS HIT. He was talking about RDS, EPA, and other stats and I was watching players twist Burrow up when getting tackled. One fall the wrong way and poof, no Super Bowl appearance. I guess you could say that about any game, but here's my thing... Reduce the amount of times that happens and you automatically increase your odds of him not getting dinged. It has nothing to do with Burrow, me, or any other fan being right. It comes down to how many hits does he take. All that being said, I think they improve in this area greatly for 2022.
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    Plaintiffs are coming out of the woodwork now to file suits against Deshaun Watson. It is looking more and more like the Browns will be without Watson for the whole season. I was thinking half, but with two more plaintiffs signing up, a resolution of his civil suits seems more and more unlikely. Good job Browns!
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    My number of concern isnt "sacks" but "hits on quarterback" which is a number a lot higher than 70