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    Ha ha! Our (presumably) first round QB uses his celebrity to inspire people to help the less fortunate. Meanwhile, Cleveland’s first round QB uses his celebrity to get rather dismal blow jobs from fame-awed 20 year-old girls in the parking lot behind a strip mall Cheese Cake Factory.
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    Hobson isn't writing a piece like that IF they aren't all in on Joe Burrow. Done deal. All the Joe comments being vague is just to avoid a media circus until the obvious is made official on draft day.
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    And it's like everyone is forgetting the Bengals and first round picks. Burrow will be the pick and get hurt during OTA's, resulting in him missing his rookie season anyway. It's like getting a year of NFL football pay for free. Why not come to Cincinnati ?? That's a whole year of wear and tear he won't have to worry about. What other team can offer that ??
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    Remember that time Carson Palmer got a home playoff game against a terrible rookie Mark Sanchez with the support of a top ten defense and a running back who ran for nearly 170 yards? Remember when Carson Palmer played like trash in that playoff game? Mike Brown's fault.
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    Someone on twitter called that a “Cleveland handshake”.
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    There seems to be two different camps on this board regarding the draft and Joe Burrow. There’s the mindset of trying to build a roster efficiently. Then there’s the mindset of how to best change the culture. IMO, no amount of draft picks can make up for those players that can literally change the energy of a team. This is the biggest reason I think you take Burrow and spend your efforts on figuring out the rest of the draft. Get your leader.
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    He’s basically trolling. Plays his own interview where Burrow says both going number 1 and going to a good team are important to him. Then Patrick goes “Joe Burrow can’t have it both ways, if he goes 1 he won’t go to a good team.” WTF. What is Burrow supposed to do about it? He’s going into an ultra-unionized industry where his options are almost none. Just do your best and stack up the legal tender. Also, what did he expect Burrow to say? I don’t care about going high, and I don’t ever want to be on a good team?
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    Official - I am going. I have booked the flights and the hotel. Got half on each due to points. Here we go. My lifelong bad luck jinx versus the Bengals doing the right thing and the national media trying to stir up trouble. What could possibly go wrong????
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    I've been checking my back ever since I brought it up. On my way out of work the other day, a couple of guys were joking about the rookie pool as they walked to their cars. They haven't been seen since. Only blood stains by their cars. Sad and yet terrifying.
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    Todays lunchtime mock. 1 Joe Burrow, QB 33 Tee Higgins, WR 65 Prince Tega Wanogho, OT 97 Thaddeus Moss, TE 129 Jeremy Chinn, S 160 Shaquille Quarterman, LB 192 A.J. Green, CB
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    so satisfying to see the 49ers beaten in a Superbowl
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    any expansion of the season should include an expansion of the roster size, to account for additional injuries. Perhaps half the practice squad members could be called up for any game (with a commensurate bump in pay for said bump) after week 8 and the practice squad roster could be raised to 12 to 16 players.
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    What’s with this cabal of former Bengals getting ahold of our precious? This is bullshit.
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    Patrick said, “People can’t believe that you’d want to go play for the Bengals, why would you? And I said, do you want to pull an Eli and say well I don’t want to play there. And then they go well you’re from Ohio and I go well that doesn’t mean that you’re a Bengal fan. This is a business decision.” Dan Patrick, Joe Burrow is not a free agent. He’s getting drafted, into a system that labor and management have bargained for and agreed upon. He doesn’t have a “business decision” to make regarding which team he signs with. The utter scorn, the disdain, that Patrick assumes everyone agrees with when they’re discussing the Bengals is fucking infuriating. Not that Mike gives a fuck.
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    Screw the media, it’s all about the big market teams. When a player who may be as good as Burrow comes out, they want to see them on these big market teams, anything else is a crime! I can’t stand the media anymore it’s why I don’t watch this stupid shit anymore.
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    Here is one where I traded back in the 2nd and picked up another 5th (the TDN engine wouldn't give me a 4th): 1. Burrow 2. Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU 3. Prince Tega Wanogho, T, Auburn 4. T. Moss, TE, LSU 5. A. Robinson, Edge, Syracuse 5. D. Duverney, WR, Texas 6. A. Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty 7. A. Gibson, WR/RB, Memphis
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    *Jumps ahead to April in my time machine* Okay, they did nothing of note. Proceed.
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    Best case scenario? The Bengals take Joe Burrow and he doesn't pull "an Eli". And the Bengals go off in FA to prove they aren't the team people are accusing them of.
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    While understanding that everyone needs support and to have talented people around them regardless of the line of business, there’s one thing that always intrigued me and I think applies to Burrow. Coming into a situation that has proven to work and maintaining that makes you capable. However, coming into a situation that has not had success and turning it around makes you god-like. Burrow winning even a single playoff game, let alone a Super Bowl, would vault him into the top 3 of most beloved people in the history of Cincinnati.
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    It's what media has become today. You have to say outrageous things to get noticed. The Bengals currently suck. They historically suck. So there is some natural concern about whether or not they will be able to successfully rebuild under Zac and a secondary question of If they have some success what amount and level it will be. Fair enough. However, 30 super bowls have been won by 5 franchises. The league is a parity league TO A POINT! Teams can and do go up and down in regards to playoff contention and participation but the Championships is much more exclusive. So having post season success is not guaranteed for any college all-star and for the majority of franchises. All that's relevant today is what the Bengals did for Palmer/Dalton and however they achieved that success can they recreate and move the bar even higher than what Marvin was able to do.
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    Using the Browns as an example is low hanging fruit. They've destroyed more QBs than anyone can remember. However, the Colts as recently as 2012 drafted a QB that everyone suspected would be a Franchise QB. Failed to build a line in decent amount of time. Lost a number of starts due to that AND then this guy retires because of his injuries. But it's OK if they would trade up for 1 of the future franchise QBs, because they had Peyton Manning, I guess. Despite the horrible luck they had prior to Peyton Manning. Just crazy talk.
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    Hoosier - agreed, I have never seen anything like it. I’m gonna have to sit out a few rounds or I may lose my mind on Twitter, but I am positive there’s never been such a coordinated effort to keep a player from a team before.
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    Just simulated one and got a Never in a Million Years result: 1 - Joe Burrow QB 33 - Mekhi Becton OT 65 - Malik Harrison LB 97 - Ben Bartch OT 129 - Alton Robinson DE 160 - JR Reed S 192 - Antonio Gandy-Golden WR
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    They have so many different types of Cheesecakes and huge menu. It would not surprise me if the "Cleveland Handshake" is offered at that Cheesecake factory. I'm going to order next time I go there.
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    Here's another Monday mock - fanspeak - trades on - I did the picking - traded back twice in round 2 and picked up an additional 2nd round pick and a bunch of picks in 4th, 5th and 6th. I would kill for the Bengals to be able to get this kind of extra draft capital. Ended up with 12 selections in this mock...really happy to address DB, OL and WR in this draft with a premium LB still available at top of 3rd round...1: R1P1QB JOE BURROWLSU2: R2P18CB NOAH IGBINOGHENEAUBURN3: R2P24CB TREVON DIGGSALABAMA4: R3P1LB MALIK HARRISONOHIO STATE5: R4P1WR DENZEL MIMSBAYLOR6: R4P41G JONAH JACKSONOHIO STATE7: R5P1OT TREY ADAMSWASHINGTON8: R5P17EDGE ALTON ROBINSONSYRACUSE9: R5P20WR TYLER JOHNSONMINNESOTA10: R6P1S JEREMY CHINNSOUTHERN ILLINOIS11: R6P17DL DAVON HAMILTONOHIO STATE12: R7P1OT CALVIN THROCKMORTONOREGON
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    Make no doubt they have some young players on the line, for sure. I wouldn't go as far to call them anything but young at this point. They got needs everywhere so it would be hard to argue against really any position group for draft picks. I just hope we aren't hearing/reading about Lawson fork lifting Fred Johnson into Burrow's lap every TC practice. Atkins treating Price and Jordan like rag dolls. That's been the TC story for 3 years and every offseason I'm sure Hobs was reporting the bright and upside of the line. The d- line domination has been a pre cursor to horrible regular season performances for the o-line. I would say they don't really have a run stuffing D-line either or haven't had one for two seasons.
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    First we gonna ROCK, Then we gonna ROLL Then we let it POP, GO LET IT GO Rookie Pool gon give it to ya He gon give it to ya Rookie Pool gon give it to ya He gon give it to ya
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    Bartch is the D3 player that had great practices at the Senior Bowl. Entered D3 as a TE and then converted to tackle. Made a name for himself at the Senior bowl.
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    A year ago it was the Dan Patrick interview that stirred up Kyler Murray non committal to football concerns. Same song and dance this year.
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    Here's another mock I did on fanspeak- the trade algorithm tightened up and wasn't offering me much - I traded out of the pick in the 3rd round to pick up a 4th and a 6th. I wouldn't like to see that for real but it yielded this draft using Matt Miller's Big Board and team needs for the auto draft and me making the picks for the Bengals: 1: R1P1 QB JOE BURROW LSU 33: R2P1 EDGE ZACK BAUN WISCONSIN 104: R4P1 WR DENZEL MIMS BAYLOR 112: R4P9 G DAMIEN LEWIS LSU 147: R5P1 OT BEN BARTCH ST. JOHNS 180: R6P1 S JEREMY CHINN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS 187: R6P8 LB CAM BROWN PENN STATE 215: R7P1 OT CALVIN THROCKMORTON OREGON
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    Marvin just got hired by Arizona State as the “Co -DC”. Probably in his wheelhouse, DC, let Antonio Pierce recruit. He’s sure demonstrated he is not a head coach/game coach.
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    Yup. I think that's the mindset that gave us Billy Price.
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    Ok, the Joe Burrow thread. I'm still in the camp that says you take Burrow with the #1 pick and there is little thought to it. "If you don't have a franchise QB, you go get one." Or at least you make the effort. Trading down would be interesting, but I would want something unheard of. In 2016 the Rams and Titans swapped first rounders #1 and #15 (which was a huge jump). The Rams also gave up two 2nd round picks and a 3rd rounder in 2016, along with 1st and 3rd round pick in 2017. Yes, I would want more regardless of where the other team trades up from. A big move down the board could take them out of the top end QB's and everything else is a crap shoot. I will concede that Burrow is also a crap shoot and I have no idea if he's a "generational talent" or not, but if they think he's close, you do it. Sitting at #1 means they dictate the going rate for trades, but I am really not in favor of a trade down. In fact, i'm not in favor of trading down anywhere. Just the opposite, trade back up into the first if someone falls you didn't expect. Again, using free agency wisely makes those types of moves more doable.
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    Did J lo almost double click her mouse on National TV?
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    Niners with a 10 point lead, I didn’t expect this at all. Figured the chiefs would roll in this game.
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    7 minute drive for the chiefs. They look good. Brady’s ad did not interest me at all. Dude’s just straight up boring.
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    They never won a single playoff game in all those years for a reason though. It's just more compllicated than "bad luck," I'm never going to defend the Bengals' front office lack of effort or lack of desire to win, because it doesn't exist.
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    I'm telling you that just assuming the Bengals' will go for Burrow - is still too early to call. All Burrow has to do is keep saying things like this (below), and suddenly the Bengals' start liking Herbert more and more, may even drop down a spot or two, who knows. It remains to be seen if Burrow is going to rub Taylor and MB the wrong way by not just taking "lip service" from them, that Taylor may feel Herbert fits his system better and that MB feels Herbert will be easier to sign and deal with. You all should know by now the Bengals' like it cheep and easy, and have no real desire to be a Championship caliber org. Burrow knows the Bengal way, knows what he'd have to deal with here, and it'll be interesting to see if he becomes more difficult than normal in interviews with Bengals' coaches, or just does his nice guy professional routine and it's all nothing - it's just hard to say still. But I'm not going to assume he's the guy yet (of course we all want it to be, but we can't assume that yet, Paul Alexander knows them also and what he said is not off the mark - I've been saying this for the last couple of months on here also).
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    Good to hear. Kentucky has stepped up it's recruiting under Stoops their line has been awesome in the SEC the past couple years. This past year they basically had a WR playing QB because of injury and ran it 90% of the time and no one really could stop them. This guy would be a nice add after having a good Senior bowl.
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    Hilarious. I actually lol'd.
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    yeah dude, I bet that Walter Payton guy never amounted to much of anything :-) I would like to know what "grbbed" means, though OH, and Joisey? You follow some really weird ass twitter accounts *big grin*
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    I would rather O-line over LB. But you couldn’t argue too much with that pick at 33 because it’s value some have 10-15 picks earlier, it’s a need, and his profile fits exactly what they need at LB.
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    I would be very pleased with that. He’s starting to to show up in mocks in the 20s so that’s a possibility.
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    The fact that he felt the need to say "I am a pretty good source" tells me all I'd need to know about this guy even if I wasnt already aware of what a lunkhead he was as a Bengals OL coach
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    His mentions on that tweet are BRUTAL. Mine included. He's so bad. If he were still with this team, I would worry. Thank god he's not. And thank god that coaching room has almost completely turned over since he left two years ago - I think only Simmons remains.
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    Got the same thought. That piece talked more about LBs and Defense. If it plays out that way then Price, Jordan, Johnson, Williams can't be a pile of shit like it was last year. Those young OL have to step up. My confidence is low.