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    Brief thoughts if it is indeed Taylor: John Harbaugh’s resume didn’t look all that impressive when ravens picked him either. Special teams coach for the Eagles. Tomlin only had one year as a d-coordinator when picked. Just saying. No idea if he will be anywhere near as good as those two have been, but thin resume doesn’t bother me. Sam Wyche’s resume was hella thin too before he was hired. Point is, either you have what it takes , or you don’t. I don’t think there is any one path to success as head coach. David Shula sucked because he was terrible, not because he had wrong experience. Wyche worked out because he absolutely had the creative flair and personality to succeed, none of which you could fairly see coming off of one year head coaching at IU and anonymous asst coaching in NFL for years before that (learning under Bill Walsh). Taylor may be a disaster, but, he could also be quietly inspired. At least he isn’t Gase, or Hue, or Joseph, or some other warmed over more of the same coach. This team and org needs shock paddles. Taylor is at least that. And if he is an abject disaster, then maybe in two years when he is fired he gifts the new coach with the #1 pick in 2021 and we get the Clemson qb. But this is as interested as I have been as a bengals fan in a long time, in any event.
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    He’s also esteemed for being the 12th President of the United States.
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    I'd be curious to see what Bieniemy could get from Ross as well. Seeing as he's the wannabe Tyreek Hill, maybe he can impart some wisdom and confidence in a player we need to thrive in our offense. Here's a quick video I saw from the Chiefs training camp last year. Interesting 3 minutes of time. I'm warming up to him as the choice. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iR2Zi7Rb_Z4
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    I have a feeling the Browns will look elsewhere. But it won't surprise me if they did hire Williams. It would be a Browns-like move to do so. This roll the Browns are on is much of an illusion. Sure they are playing better but their wins lately have been the Bengals twice, the Falcons, and the Broncos. Give teams a full year to prepare for them in 2019 and it won't be a lock for the playoffs like many of their fans are expecting. Baker Mayfield is the QB version of Rex Ryan. While he's a good QB, his hubris will get the best of him and it'll be interesting to see how he reacts to a full season when the Browns aren't catching teams with their pants down. But hey, welcome back to the NFL, Cleveland. You only spent 20 years taking a shit.
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    I've been wondering over the last couple days what these new coaches will mean to free agents ?? I wonder if their previous relationships could result in even a couple impact players prior to the draft ?? This is certainly the most interesting things have been for Bengals fans in quite some time. Wish Billy was here to see all this craziness !!!
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    Maybe but he still was the best OC this team had for many years. Dalton had his best year under Hue until he broke his thumb, McCarron would have helped win a playoff game if Hill didn't fumble it away. I don't know why but Bengals players always played hard for Hue. Many fans including me was so mad to see him leave because I wanted him to be the next head coach. Now sure I'm happy he didn't become the head coach here, I guess he is not head coach material, but I'm not going to forget the job he did with the offense while he was here.
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    I am really sad that Pollack left We'll need at least 1 if not 2 close-to-average veteran OLs signed as free agent, and another 2, possibly three drafted I think Westerman deserves a chance to stick as a backup OG, and Hopkins as a backup C. Hart can go. Fisher (who I have defended in the past) can go. Redmond can go. oogie can {REDACTED DUE TO EXTREMELY VULGAR LANGUAGE} The primary issue they need to address immediately is getting a solid ORT, and the second is identifying who to be groomed to replace Glenn at OLT, as I doubt Glenn even has a full year left based on what I saw this season
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    I'll admit that I was pulling for Bienemy for the HC hire. But Zac Taylor is a better hire. He might not end up being the better HC or even a good one. But this move is a huge deal. 1. We've been asking for the Bengals to take chances and think out of the box. They've done that in naming Taylor HC. It's a risk for sure. 2. This isn't about nailing it. There's a good chance that Taylor ends up being a failure here at HC. But if there's ANY semblance that the Bengals are moving in the direction we want them to, this is it. 3. He's going to be able to hire his own OC and DC. This is huge. Another set of moves that go along with hiring Taylor is letting go of Lazor and Hue. Old Bengals FO moves would suggest that stability and hurt feelings are more important than moving forward. Not this time. 4. What about free agency? Can the Bengals actually compete for a title without being aggressive in FA? No. Will they? Who knows. But until FA starts, what more can they do in terms of SHOWING they aren't afraid to take a risk in stepping above the Steelers, Ravens, and now the Browns? I doubt this is the end of the kind of aggressive moves they make. Could they stay the same in FA? Maybe. We'll see when it starts. 5. There's no way with Taylor coming from the Rams staff under McVey that he allows player "feelings" and "seniority" to get in the way of player accountability and putting the team first. Bringing in an older HC there'd be much more of a chance we'd see a Marvin-like approach with players. 6. Taylor was sought out during the season as a candidate by the Bengals and the league. I can't imagine that the Brown family woke up on January 1st and randomly were looking at coaches that they wanted to interview. They had their eye on this guy for awhile and I'm sure others in the league were as well. This isn't a random selection. This is the best thing we could have asked for. Even if Taylor falls on his face, which I don't think he will due to the Bengals having a solid player acquisition history, this move shows the Bengals are aware they need to move into the 21st century. And as a fan, that's what I want to see. I'd rather my team take chances and be aggressive than to play it safe and be content with 9-7. Again, even if this doesn't turn out to be perfect, it is the perfect move as we sit right now looking into the 2019 season. Will the Bengals follow this up with more aggressive moves? We'll see.
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    What are these o-line gurus going to do when they show up, take a look around, and realize we got most of our linemen at a garage sale?
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    Bill Callahan has been in Taylor’s orbit too. given that pollack was apparently the prime reason Redmond kept playing and westerman couldn’t get a shot - I am thrilled to see Taylor being given full latitude to re-make this staff.
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    Oh shit they are really letting this guy pick who he wants to coach which is great. I like Pollack but what the hell let this guy pick his team. So maybe his father in law Mike Sherman, or the Colts o-line coach who got released today. Can't wait to see who he wants!
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    I think it's safe to say that Taylor already has most of his staff lined up. They'll be announced shortly after he is. This isn't like recess and picking players for kickball in elementary school where you end up with the worst players. There's plenty going on behind the scenes that we don't know about.
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    Peace to you and your family Wisk. Billy will be missed.
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    Wow, I will miss the boobiemiester Nascar season will never be the same
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    I went to see The Prophets Of Rage a year ago and they played all the best of RATM. Wasn’t Zack singing but I got hammered and had an absolute blast.
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    This new coach has some existing players to work with. The idea that the cupboard is bare is baseless. Andy Dalton, AJ Green, Tyler Eifert, Joe Mixon, Tyler Boyd, Ross, Carlos Dunlap, Geno Atkins, William Jackson, and Hubbard. Shawn Williams played much better than in the past. In addition to those 11 players, this new guy will likely find at least one later round pick from the last 3 years who had been getting the classic Marvin cockblock move keeping him off the field. That guy will show he can play. Go get o linemen and linebackers in the draft and FA, this team will actually have players.
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    Monken has "moved on" to interviewing for OC positions per PFT. Interesting updates along with the above note of assistants being released. If Monken is still doing that, I have to doubt he's their "target" at this point. If they're waiting for the weekend games to be over with, starting to think/wonder if it is indeed Bienemy or Waldron/Taylor now. I really don't know who else they've interviewed outside the org, that's left.
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    Bieneiemy was my first choice hope all along, so fingers crossed that it is trending that way. Monken was my second choice. All sign pointing to it NOT being Hue or any other in-house option, so as long as Bieneimy or Monken (or the Rams guy) I will be pretty damn happy. This organization needs fresh eyes in the worst sort of way.
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    We've zeroed in on our candidate. Now let's initiate him into the Bengals' organization with a torturous and fucked up contract negotiation!
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    I swear the Bengals have gotten multiple compensatory picks for Andre Smith and he’s still here, lol
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    Maybe a coach under Andy Reid might be the one to get, they all seem to be pretty good. Also Andy runs a true west coast or he always did which might be good for Andy and with the RB that are here
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    It's because he was never fired, he choose his destiny and he choose to leave. Im sure he was happy because he was done, he was done last year, but Mike begged him to stay. He had no desire to coach this year, and it showed. Look back when Marvin first became coach the desire he had the excitement in his voice and cheers, well that was long gone. Mike Brown and all these years took a toll on the guy. He should have left last year, Mike should have let him go!
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    I've been thinking about Billy for a while now. I intended on being there today, but I'm covering down at work and won't be able to attend. Thoughts and prayers for Billy's family on a very tough day. So very sad.
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    I know I said I will never come back to this forum ever again, but I am here for this. I check this forum today because I havent heard from him for a while. didnt expect it to be this reason. it hit me hard than I expect. He is one of guys here who always care about me as he always say, I am his ARIZONA BRO. I will never forgot him for rest of my life. even on the day Bengals win Superbowl it will be sad day for us.
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    I would hope McCarthy enters the conversation at some point, but, am kind of doubting it, not sure why he'd want to submit himself to the ownership here when he could find a better situation elsewhere.
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    So Melvin also indicated that he was not offered another position within the Bengals organization, so he's completely out.
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    Well, if a new coach coming in wants to draft his QB of the future, this would be the year with Dalton no longer creating Dead Cap money if shown the door. That being said, he's only due 16.2 million in 2019 and that is not a bad number for a QB. I don't like this QB draft class all that much however.
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    Awesome Marvin is fired it was time, was a fun ride a few years back to bad you didn't win a playoff game. Now question does Marvin stay and move upstairs or is he gone for good. Not sure how excited I am yet till I hear who they will hire or who they are considering.
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    Speaking of the draft. Mike Mayock was hired as the Raiders GM. Didn't see that one coming...
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    Half the battle. Now hire the right guy. NO HUE !!! Put me on the bandwagon of wanting Zimmer back. Buh bye Melvin. What's that they say about not letting the door hit you ?? Yeah, that...
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    I can’t believe Toyotathon is almost over.
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    I think thats right. They win the north wth a win. Im thinking of an old school, comment during the game. A tribute to Billy. He always was on during games.
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    So.... To show how little I’ve paid attention to the Bengals, I had no idea until now (when I read an article) that the Bengals could eliminate the Steelers from the playoffs if they win tomorrow. This is where I get into trouble. Emotionally, not figuratively. I now change my thoughts on this game and want the Bengals to win. See, for as much as I hate the whole Quadrad of Mediocrity that is the Brown Family, my hatred of the Steelers has no rival. A chance to knock them out of the playoffs, when all you hear is, the Steelers need the Browns to win to get it, is irritating. Like it’s a foregone conclusion they beat the Bengals. It may be so, but they still have to play the game. Boy that would be sweet. The problem with that scenario ?? In fuckface Mike Brown’s eyes, that might be enough reason to extend Melvin for 3 more years. Go Bengals ????
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    A band I love, but gets no love--> Rival Sons. A great blues rock sound to them. People make comparisons to Zeppelin or other bands, but I don't really care, these guys are really solid. Keep On Swinging just grabs you with the guitar. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-ijOlAR3zs8 Do Your Worst is a catchy one again with amazing guitar work. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vx60Fsu-w9M
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    Praying and thoughts are with his loved ones. So sad. Seems like a great guy.
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    Billy always cheered me up around here. Just a great guy!
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    Very depressed to hear this. Billy was a great guy, great fan, always loved his stuff here. I hadnt seen as much of him in the past year or so, but he is and always will be one of the absolute stalwarts of this forum rest in peace, buddy. May your heaven be filled with an infinite array of very healthy topless females
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    Ugh, make it all stop, because none of that would surprise me. What bothers me most, is that it's just more of the same. 16 years of this nonsense is more than enough already.
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    Just wonder if these comments from a Redskins' player apply to the Bengals' as well, considering the stupid # of injuries this year:
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    “It’s just like winning, only different” 2019 camp slogan right there !!
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    Well, I’d like to think that even if Scottish had replaced Gordon and Gurley in his lineup, I still would have gotten the “W”. Either way around, my “Screaming Weasels” pulled off the comeback of the year to take the title. On top of that, I limped into the playoffs having lost the last two games of the season, finishing 7-7 and knocked off the #1 and #2 seeds. Bengalszone Fantasy Football Champion !!!
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    Possibly this is a passive-aggressive way to nudge Marvin. After all, an alternative course of action is to expressly endorse Marvin and state, “We absolutely want Marvin to coach next year and intend to exercise our option.” Maybe this is Mike avoiding being retraumatized by reliving his dad’s firing. The missing component in Mike’s logic? Me. I’m retraumatized every year by this crap organization. Marvin’s coaching is about to earn him his 7th consecutive loss to the Steelers. I should probably send Mike a bill for the treatment I need for the PTSD and various other syndromes I probably have from watching the crap he runs out there every year. Gosh, Marvin can coach as long as he wants. Glad there’s absolutely no conflict or hard feelings whatsoever in the front office at PBS. Mike sucks as an owner, that’s never been more apparent than today. Marvin is just a benign growth on a diseased body.
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    I hope the Browns keep Greg Williams. That guy looks like a super douche. No way he wins anything significant before getting fired.
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    Sad to hear that Billy and others like him are what have kept me coming back to this board even though not as much as id like to... This ones for you Billy ❤ R.i.P
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    Billy essentially IS Bengalzone. I’ve spent around half of my life contributing to this board in some capacity, and he has always been its spiritual foundation. Rest easy, Boobiemeister.
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    I love the move. The fact they didn’t give up big name minor leaguers AND got rid of Homer’s contract is huge !!!
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    From 10th place to the Championship game. I'm one more game from completing my come back masterpiece !!! That being said, I'm going up against Scottish and his team has blown me out twice already this season. 3rd time's the charm ?? It's the "Loch Ness Monsters" and the "Screaming Weasels" for the Bengalszone Fantasy Football Championship !!! Good luck brother !!! not really