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    STATEMENT FROM ROGER GOODELL, GOD-KING OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE “Earlier this week, the League was made aware of allegations of illegal sideline filming by the New England Patriots. Normally, such a repeat violation of the rules would be met with harsh punishment. However, since the offense was made against the Cincinnati Bengals, who are only an NFL team by a strict reading of League bylaws, we are going to let this one slide. We will be fining Bengals head coach Zac Taylor $10,000 for disclosing the existence of the investigation and linebacker Vontaze Burfict $15,000 just because. In conclusion, all hail Me, Roger Goodell, God-King of the National Football League.”
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    Better to hold him back, make sure he gets totally healthy. For that matter, hold the whole starting defense out, let them heal.
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    What a fucking clown show.
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    Mea Culpa,. I am high functioning autistic so detecting sarcasm for me is very nearly impossible under normal circumstances....on a forum post, no chance.
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    You guys are full of crap! Things happen! Players get injured. Half the league loses every week! Someone HAS to lose. Learn math!
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    The whole Steelers team could be concussed and we’d still lose this game.
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    Noo, gotta keep the dream alive. 0-16 or bust.
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    This is why not trading AJ for another first round selection was such a disaster. This issue could be solved with more picks in this draft. Of course I have zero faith in the Bengals front office to do something with those picks, so....we are screwed until Brown hires a general manager from outside the organization and ponies up for a professional scouting Dept. Until that happens this is all moot.
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    I forgive all if the league takes their first round pick and gives it to the Bengals.
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends and you 'Zoners. Enjoy your holiday :)
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    Bengals Plan for 2020 1. Bengals legal department to research and file warranty claim regarding the rechargeable battery for the Mega Motion Rascal Elite IV Senior Mobility Scooter. 7 year old battery not holding charge as long as it used to. Litigation very possible. 2. Appeal decision again from Dartmouth refusal in the media guide to refer to the quarterback on the 1955 team as “The Swallower of Planets.” 3. Ask the league if they’ll do something about all this rough stuff around the time of the whistle. Not very sporting. 4. Send NFL offices in New York our most recent bid received from the Pacific Rim for the production of official uniforms. Some real savings to be had there, just need to stop all this Nike nonsense and finally get a good deal on uniforms. 5. See above, North Korean factory shoulder pad prototypes were good enough, real savings available. 6. For God’s sake, I went to Harvard Law. 7. Send a nice fruit basket to Andy’s house. Put a note in there for Jordan, see how she’s holding up. 8. Submit to the league, again, meticulously researched 245 page manifesto detailing the tax implications of unfair burden of paying players’ per diem costs on the road. 9. Have Zac Taylor’s grandad over to the house for dinner again. What a great guy!! 10. Read up on next year’s draft class. Can probably find a copy of Lindy’s Pro Football Draft Preview at the CVS on Montgomery Road.
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    This is the ultimate Mike Brown move. Could have played Andy yesterday and probably beaten the Steelers. But in keeping with the tradition of making sure he does every last little thing wrong, Mike lets us lose with Finley, then brings Andy back for some garbage time wins no one cares about. PLEASE LOSE!
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    True, but it’s completely in character for them to finally care about winning right at the point when winning would be stupid and counterproductive. Even when they do the right thing, it’s the wrong thing.
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    Someone on twitter came up with a much better nickname than mine.
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    Just remember, without the Washington Generals, there are no Harlem Globetrotters.
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    We must strike the QB in the head with his own helmet!
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    Dead Cat Bounce Express is firing up the bus. Catch the fever!
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    Looks like Myles Garrett out indefinitely. Pouncy out 3 games. Each organization fined $250K. I can't remember what the fine were after the 2015 Bengals/Steelers show down. If you play rough with the Steelers they are going to cry bully while kicking you underneath the table.
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    It's a bummer we are this terrible in 2019 instead of 2020. Trevor Lawrence looks like the best QB prospect since Luck. There's still time to suck again!
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    That used to be the case. These days, with the rookie salary system, it isn’t. If you miss on a top QB, you can just try again. It doesn’t cripple the organization the way it used to.
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    They are out of their fucking minds if they hope a 2nd round QB is the answer.
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    I’m reading this thread while sipping a cup of Mock Turtle Soup. Foul stuff but one must get in the mood. Now, can anyone tell me how to bypass the Mel Kiper paywall on ESPN? I wouldn’t want to have to just throw darts for draft picks. Oh wait, really I would. So much more fun that way.
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    Question is can he play LB?? :)
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    Just because they have a ton of holes to fill doesn't mean they should look anywhere other than QB if they are picking 1st or 2nd overall. That is the prime spot to take a swing at a position that can change a franchise's direction. Hardest thing to find in this league is a difference maker at QB. Best odds at finding that person are taking one as early as possible. Spin that wheel. No guarantees, of course, but I would rather take the chance than be timid and sit out the spin.
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    Word out of PBS is that teams are inquiring about such a trade, but all phone calls are being ignored because for the last 17 days Mike has been on the phone trying to cancel his DIRECTV subscription. He’s still working on it.
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    Im better than good with that......that'd be fantastic!
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    Dalton is competent enough QB that a team would trade for him. The danger is also that he's competent enough that a risk adverse front office like we have in Cincinnati probably won't close the door completely on him. Dalton is clearly a ton better than Finley and a decent starting NFL QB. But there are moments in that Browns game that serve as reminder of why he'll never compete at an elite level.
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    If you drive tomorrow to your local Tire Discounters’ and walk down to Bay #3, I guarantee you the guy changing tires there will look exactly like Freddie Kitchens.
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    AMENDED BENGALS PLAN 2020 1. Jordan was angry. Put Andy back in there, try to avoid winless season. 2. Complain to publisher about price increase for Lindy’s Pro Football Draft Preview. 3. Write stern letter to legal department about Mega Motion Rascal Elite IV Senior Mobility Scooter battery life appeal. Of course it is “football related,” and who could possibly think a mobility battery life appeal is “below” a senior attorney? Puzzling. 4. Have Zac’s grandfather over to the club. 5. Tell press that starting tackles don’t grow on trees. Good grief, every game HAS to have a winner AND a loser.
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    Just had to tell Andre, “dude, you’re just too big to climb that ladder.” He’ll just have to use that hooked hose attachment to clean out my gutters.
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    Yep, Injury Settlement Pad was there. He was smoking something by the cart corral.
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    He obviously isn’t Lamar Jackson - there’s only one of him. But Burrow might be the next Carson Palmer type - and the bengals need that. A QB who is really good helps. And that’s worth trying to get.
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    Holy crap, watching Lamar Jackson torch the Rams. Dude is unreal. Too bad we picked Billy Price like 10 picks ahead of this dude. What could have been! Mike’s slavish devotion to Andy cost us on that one. Then again, the previous draft when we picked John Ross when we could have had Mahomes or Deshaun Watson, well, I just try not to think about that very often.
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    Unfuckingbelievable. Wait, very believable. I can just see these morons inducing the dead cat bounce, we miss out on Burrow, probably Tua as well. Can’t even fuck things up right, that’s how fucked up this organization is.
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    I'd be impressed with the tanking if they had done the "trade away talent youre about to lose anyway" part that is a very important part of said process
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    I am all but certain that AJ Green will be franchise tagged......but I agree, he wants (and deserves to) move on from this hellhole
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    Standard end to a bengals Steelers game. Ffs. We may as well not even turn up.....oh yeah we dont :(
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    Bobby Hart has probably never been to Arby’s. He exudes lack of Arby’s knowledge.
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    Glenn will play three downs and leave with an "injury". "See everyone??? I tried!"
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    That data is important and it's a fantastic conversation piece. There has been a significant change due to NCAA Transfer Portal. That reality skews this particular NFL draft class. Several high profile high school QBs from various recruiting classes have shuffled around the country because of changes in the NCAA transfer landscape. Because of these transfers and the requirement of sitting out etc. that in turn appears to be populating this NFL draft class. Historical data has never faced this before. In addition, this will be a very deep NFL vet QB class as well. The X factor is going to be how do teams react which is supported by the historical data. The data or belief suggests that if a QB prospect shows a hint of "franchise" potential they will rush to draft them in the first round.
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    You know if they had a competent GM and an NFL caliber scouting dept. (pro and college) and they were still getting these results after changing over front office staffs and changing methodologies....maybe... If you do business a different way than everyone else in the industry and everyone else has had success and you do not and you refuse to change how you are doing business, then the failure is on you. This ALL lands on the head of Mike Brown.
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    I think this myth that you have to choose at QB high to have a good QB needs to be debunked. Lets look at the top 15 QBs in QBR and look at their draft position. Patrick Mahomes: drafted Rd.1 Pick 10, second QB selected in his draft. Russell Wilson: drafted Rd. 3 Pick #75, sixth QB taken in his draft Dak Prescott: drafted Rd. 4 Pick 135, seventh QB is his draft Lamar Jackson: drafted Rd. 1 Pick #32, fifth QB selected in his draft Deshaun Watson: draft Rd. 1 Pick #12, third QB selected in his draft Matthew Stafford: drafted Rd. 1 Pick #1, obviously first QB taken in his draft....has yet to win a playoff game.... Carson Wentz: drafted Rd. 1 Pick #2, second QB taken in his draft....his team won the Super Bowl with Nick Foles as their QB through the playoffs...Rd. 2 Pick 88 Matt Ryan: drafted Rd. 1 Pick #1, obviously first QB taken in his draft, not won a SuperBowl Kyler Murray: drafted Rd. 1 Pick #1, obviously first QB taken in his draft Kirk Cousins: drafted Rd. 4 Pick 102, seventh QB taken in his draft Derek Carr: drafted Rd 2 Pick 36, fourth QB taken in his draft Ryan Fitzpatrick: Rd. 7 Pick 250, last drafted QB in his class (14th QB selected) Jimmy Garappolo: Rd. 2 Pick 62, fifth QB taken in his class Tom Brady: Rd. 6 Pick 199, seventh QB selected in his class (Bengals selected Neil Rackers ahead of him....) Aaron Rodgers: Rd. 1 Pick 24, second QB taken in his class Honorable Mentions: Drew Brees: Rd. 2 Pick 32, second QB taken in his draft Jacoby Brissett: Rd. 3 Pick 91 (QBR rank #17, QB Rating #16) Of the 17 QBs listed, 4 were selected in the top 5, 5 were selected in the top 10, only 8 were selected in the first round....that ladies and gentlemen is less than 50%. and of the 5 2019 MVP candidates on this list (Wilson, Mahomes, Jackson, Watson, and Rodgers), none were selected in the top 5 and only 2 were selected in the top ten....none were the first QB selected in their respective drafts. QB selection is such a crap shoot. Of the guys eligible for this draft the one guy with the starting experience and the proven winning pedigree is Jalen Hurts and he is a projected 3rd Round pick...it would not surprise me if we are looking back at this draft in ten years if he was the HoF candidate....PFF has him the 10 best QB prospect in this draft..... Trade the #1 get a 2020 first (has to be top ten) and a second and a 2021 first. Take Tristen Wirfs or Isiah Simmons or Andrew Thomas or Chase Young with the first, take the best available guard, C or LB with #32, take an impact defensive or offensive linemen with the second second rd. pick and take Jalen Hurts with the third. Burrow is a one year wonder, Tua has had injury problems, Herbert has not looked impressive to me and I question his leadership. Let someone else take the hit with Burrow, Tagovailoa, and Herbert in Rd. 1. Give me the best guy you evaluate from Fromm, Love, Eason, Costello, or Hurts in the second or third. If your draft board looks like this: Rd. 1: Isiah Simmons, LB Clemson Rd. 2a: Tyler Biadasz, OG/C, Wisconsin Rd. 2b: Jordan Love, QB, Utah or Jake Fromm, QB, Georgia with an additional 1st rounder next year, I like that alot better than Rd. 1: Tua or Burrow Rd. 2: Tyler Biadasz, OG/C, Wisconsin with nothing additional for next year. Do you think honestly, the Rams would choose drafting Jared Goff over choosing Joey Bosa or Ezekiel Elliot and getting Dak Prescott later?
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    KID STEAKHOUSE! :-) (do you still refuse service to Gary Reasons?)
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    Worst start since 1993. Great job Zac Taylor! What a great hire!
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    So 1.8 yards per pass, awesome job Bengals
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    There's a lot of speculation, assumptions, and opinions on this. Most often there are no solid consensus #1 QBs that should go overall number 1 or 2 in the draft. But...let's assume that Burrow or Tua is the consensus #1 or #2 pick... ...and the Bengals have on their draft list 1. Burrow 2. Tua 3. Herbert 4. Fromm 5. Eason 6. Hurts So with this we have the overall valued talent of Burrow and Tua. And the Bengals have them at the top of their list. And the Bengals are drafting at the top of the board. And the Bengals biggest need is QB. And the most important position in the NFL is QB... How can you not take your QB here?
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    QB is the most impactful position on the field. It's also the Bengals biggest need. If you can get the best guy and it's your guy, you go and get him. Could talent fall to the 2nd round? Sure. Is it a guarantee? No. Can we be sure the Bengals wouldn't get jumped by other teams for who the Bengals see as "their guy"? Can you see a scenario where the Patriots trade back in to get Fromm ahead of the Bengals? Or take him outright at #32? Could you see a scenario where Pittsburgh falls in love with Eason and wants to replace both Rudolph and Roethelisburger...then trades up and takes him in front of the Bengals? Do they really want to roll the dice when you don't know when you'll (and you hope to not) be drafting 1st or 2nd again? The Bengals could take Burrow or Tua and it could not go well and it'll still be the best choice. There are a lot of people who are projecting those 2 way ahead of the others except for Herbert. Of course, that could all change with the next few months and the combine. But why go with someone in the 2nd if QB is your biggest hole and most important position?
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    I’m happy for that dude. Super guy, and cleans up with a million bucks and a great chance to get to a Super Bowl.