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    self inflicted is right they are at least aware of the issue now, 2-3 years too late.......using a 2 1's in the last couple years has at least indicated awareness, but its been much too little and much too late incidentally - the two other Centers that we were looking at when we took Price? Ragnow is already approaching pro bowl level, and Daniels, after a solid year as a started OG, is now the starter at OC for the Bears
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    1 big worry! A lot of positive vibes after week 1. That typically means they play like shit.
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    So in the last year’s time, the Patriots owner got busted in a prostitution sting, their multiple murder/spree killer tight end committed suicide in jail, and now their newly signed wideout is facing a rape lawsuit. When will this league wake up to the fact that there is something very wrong in New England?
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    Mine dates back to the 1981 team. I was 10 years old and seated in the end zone of Super Bowl XVI. I still remember Johnson getting stopped like it was yesterday. I got separated from my Dad while leaving and a security guard found me in tears. The cool ending to the story ?? No, not when my Dad found me at the security station. It was the security guard that got me to calm down by walking me across the middle of the Super Bowl field at the Pontiac Silverdome. Dad who ???
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    I never understand it either. Other fan bases go off the national narrative. Dalton is a quality QB just not a superstar.
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    Someone please cover John Taylor
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    Me too. For that reason I always distance myself from the token gripes that the game is becoming "too soft" or the like.
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    nfl.com says "Bodine has been a solid to average center through his career" I needed a good laugh today, so that works
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    Two fumble recoveries by the backup longsnapper! is a statement I will never type again
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    he looked pretty good for a guy that had 2 weeks of practice. would have been nice if the o-line could have opened up some running lanes for him.
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    Hate the games against the Steelers and won’t be watching this one either. Maybe Taylor will get this team to act like professionals when they play the Steelers. If Ben was playing, they would get pounded.
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    Always neat when what is already the worst or second-worst unit on the team gets decimated by injuries. Any old AAF offensive linemen waiting for a call?
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    So Ben is damaged, Brees looks like a long term thumb thing, Luck retired, Cam Newton is a dried out husk, yet somehow Tom Brady keeps throwing great and looks like he’s 28 years old. Oh, and he just bested his combine time in the shuttle run. What a mystery! The QB position in the nfl is about to go through a major changing of the guard. Andy’s going to be a top ten guy before you know it.
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    watching the game from the stands today, I kept thinking that the 9ers are having success with any play they run. A lot of blame goes to the lack of rush lanes for Mixon or Gio , terrible penalties on the OL and a few on ST and the D. Bullock missing FGs ... wow it was bad. Traffic was light on the way home though ;)
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    There you go with your logic and stuff again...
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    The voices coming out of my tv said the Seahawks D just refused to take a linebacker out and put an extra DB in. Andy kept coming to the line of scrimmage and seeing a run-stopping defense that was vulnerable to the pass. I doubt the Niners will do the same.
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    Another Melvin 3rd round pick eats it.
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    Last season defined lucky. Go 7-7, but make the playoffs due to points scored, then go on a rampage decimating all who dare stand in the way. I'll take the luck any time, any day !!!
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    It's coaching. There was a solid article on The Athletic about all the preparation they did in working on their silent count and other non-verbal communication.
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    I agree with Mem on all of his points I had already written this off as a loss (good opponent on the road in arguably the loudest stadium in the league while missing several key players) but there was a LOT to like in this loss, far more silver linings than I thought were even possible If only Bullock had not missed that easy FG.......ah well, we played well enough to win, and I am happy about that. Bodes well for the future
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    I honestly EXPECT a win. The 49er's still suck fat monkey balls and if we come to play like they did yesterday, the Bengals win this game. Oh, my hatred for that organization is still very much alive and well !!!
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    Glad to see Ross have a break out game.
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    Wow what a pass and catch and Ross makes up for his drop just awesome
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    We wont get much out of this lot in seattle
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    Quick, someone shove a microphone in Baker’s face so he can say something super badass and re-hypnotize all the Browns fans.
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    I just do tune in radio premium for Sept-Dec. Its $9.99 a month and you get the radio streams for all the games. Not as good as tv obviously but it means I get my nfl fix for $40 a year.
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    The Bengals definitely aren't the worst team in the league. Yikes.
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    I built a shrine to Germaine Pratt in the unused stall in my garage. It’s made of old paint cans and half full anti freeze jugs. I venerate it, pray to it, and prostrate myself before it on my Bengals prayer rug (a Bengals beach towel from 1987 that pissed my wife off so badly her divorce lawyer actually mentioned it at our final hearing).
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    The Bengals love reclamation projects!
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    Off topic, but kind of strangely on topic: I'm reading a little write up about the Bears-Packers game last night. The Packers held Chicago to 3 points. And this small bit of analysis arrived: "Unhappy with their 18th-ranked defense a year ago, the Packers and general manager Brian Gutekunst added a number of new faces to Mike Pettine's unit this offseason. The additions paid huge dividends against Chicago as the defense outplayed one of the NFL's best. Edge rushers Preston Smith and Za'Darius Smith outmatched Chicago's offensive tackles early and often." They went on to talk about Preston Smith who is a free agent they signed away from the Redskins having a sack and a half, and Za'Darius Smith, a free agent signing from the Ravens, having a sack and being in the backfield all night. They also talked about Adrian Amos, free agent safety they signed away from the Bears, getting a pick in the 4th quarter. My point is they have a GM who figures out a way to plug the holes in their team through FA. If only we were a big market team like Green Bay who could afford to upgrade through free agency. Mike Brown, when is enough money enough money?
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    Same. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty.
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    A little zen for your afternoon (not worth its own thread).
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    Now I’ll always think of Army when I watch this.
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    Couldn’t make the draft, just signed in to find Kyler Murray and Melvin Gordon on my starting roster. Gordon is holding out, and Kyler Murray is a rookie qb on a horrible team. Doesn’t matter, domination by COB’s HGH Farm begins now!
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    Any hope whatsoever that the new o-line coach has these guys ready to go ?? I mean, what could go wrong with Andre Smith at LT come Sunday ?? Oh my God, I just threw up in my mouth...
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    I see a new franchise QB being drafted next year with a top 5 pick. (I still don't see this team winning more than 3-4 games at this point) At least the Gio deal is only 2 years, he's on the downside of his career and the Bengals' just like to do the easy thing, but he still has value. I just wonder if he'll be able to stay healthy behind that line, along with Mixon and Dalton.
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    Degenerative twitter says they cut John Jerry but are putting him on the 53. The kept Dugas originally, but only so they could IR him and immediately add Jerry. Rest of the league playing checkers, Mike Brown playing 4 dimensional chess. “Dehner” auto-corrects to degenerative, which I accept.
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    Not sure there is a plan....you can.not.start a season with 4 lbs and 8 total olinemen.....
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    Gasmask Bongface gets traded. Too bad we don’t need o line help, we could have gotten him.
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    Welp, Bodine will be a pro-bowler now.
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    Not amazing at all, IMO. Zach has ownership of 1 rookie class. One of the biggest weakness in the Bengals method, I think, is “Halo effect”. They have their assistants heavily involved in scouting. The coaches love it. There’s advantages to it. However there is no counter balance. A coach is always going to see more of the qualities they first observed and liked when they have ownership of the pick. Zach is just seeing the warts of Marvin players. Overtime will Zach see the warts of players he has been involved in evaluating?
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    Hard to fault a guy who has spent the better portion of the last two years in pain. Walking away had to be hard though.
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    Really think that the crowd was really not nice when they booed him. Andrew even admitted it. It is due to injuries and burnout. Plus his wife is expecting!
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    Seems like Zac couldn't make his mind up on who to play. then the roulette Zac played during games really through me for a loop. how are any of them going to settle in to a position? when Zac was constantly moving them around.
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    Went down to the stadium last night with my oldest boy and had a great time. Tried out seats all over the place and there really isn't a bad view in the house. Ended up down by the Bengals tunnel for the 4th quarter and my son made out like a fat rat. Gloves from Geno, towel from Lawson, and a Bengals t-shirt from some other player. I love preseason for the fact that my two tickets cost a total of $10.00 !!!
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    If they can’t get the running game going it’s going to be bad on offense this year. The ball has to come out quick in the passing game which is easier to do with a decent run game.
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    Drink every time Anthony Munoz says "I'll tell you what," and you'll get drunk fast.