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    Even if he had the rock he would likely wish for better creamed corn or maybe TJ's Grandma....doubtful he would wish for anything football related.
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    The Monolith speaks! Oh happy day! Blessed are we, who know not how hard it is to run an NFL franchise! BAM! Right oughta the gate. Whose fault is all this? Why, OURS of course! See? See how hard it is to run an NFL franchise? We gave you all what you wanted and it's been a fukking disaster! Maybe we should just buy tickets and STFU, right guys? "Bright and energetic" is how kindergarten teachers refer to particularly precocious children. Seriously, have you ever been referred to as "bright and energetic" in a performance review or any adult situation? What foundation? As Zim ranted about on the OITNB vid I posted earlier, what is this team's identity? It has none. Yeah, yeah, yeah, you "want" to win. In the same way I "want" to win the lotto. And I don't buy tickets. And you know what? So has every other team in the league!!! OK, not every team has drafted a young QB in the last two years, but the draft? FA? Every team does this! This is not an accomplishment, this is just the basics of your job! It's like describing your own success by starting with, "in the last two years, I have gotten out of bed, got dressed and driven to work many times." Just like last season. And the season before that. And the season before that. Etcetera, etcetera. And unless Mike has that magic wishing rock from Wonder Woman 1984 up his sleeve, 2021 will be the same too, because injuries happen every year and "missed opportunities" ought to be the team's motto. Why should we expect the same players and coaches who have not been able to stay healthy or not miss opportunities to change? Again, this is not an accomplishment! Lots and lots of people face adversity and put in hard work every single day all over the world. Good. So will every other team in the league. Again, this is not a strategy! This is what...every...team...does. Why? Why are you confident? What in the last 30 years of doing the same thing over and over and getting the same results has you convinced that this time, you really will kick that football, Mike (Charlie) Brown? Yes, and so must every other business concern in existence if they want to stay in existence. Except wait, you don't! You can field 50 random people pulled from the stands every week for 16 weeks and still be profitable because of NFL-wide TV revenue sharing! You don't have to do a gawd damned thing! Son of a beach, I think we've figured it all out! And if we don't we'll just update and re-issue this same statement again!
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    Somebody wake me up when the draft is getting close. So tired of ownership.
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    Matt Miller gave them Rashwan Slater, the T from Northwestern at 3rd with Sewell 2nd in his latest mock. Said some scouts have Slater ahead of Sewell. They can win and still find a REALLY good T. They don't need to be 3rd. If not Slater, then the Texas OT (Corsi), There's 3 or 4 worthy of top 10-15 considedration.
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    This is absolutely hilarious. On all levels. And, yes, Collinsworth's pain is delicious.
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    Browns up 28-0 in the first quarter. Collinsworth is in stunned disbelief, can somehow still talk with Tomlin’s nuts in his mouth.
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    I knew Jim Turner would be taking a new job soon. But I was surprised today to see that he’s apparently already taken the job as leader of the U.S. Capital Building police force.
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    Ha ha! Bullshit smokescreen from the owner, then obfuscation and inaction from Taylor. Ultimately very little substantive change seems to be happening. That defensive coordinator sucks. Fuck this organization. And Mike can shove his “you fans wanted it, so now you got it” attitude. Eat shit you fucking somehow still animated collection of liver spots and brylcreem. What an unfair thing to do to Joe Burrow. Get better quickly Joe and come back and save the whole fucking thing by yourself. That’s pretty much the whole plan.
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    Yeah, in a perfect world Brown would hire a real GM and allow that GM to build a real professional FO but unfortunately that is really unreasonable to expect from the Brown family
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    Joisey: no more injuries would be a very good thing, especially to our best players (like Higgins) I gonna root for the Bills in the playoffs....Buffalo is our NFL sister city in many ways... plus they've never won the big game I always like the team thats never won it, when a team who hasnt won it makes it to the Super Bowl
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    Expert horse trader Mike traded for a lame horse. Mike doesn’t like trading. Too much work to assess the capability and health of someone else’s player.
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    FYI: Even though both players opted out of the 2020 college football season, it appears as though Northwestern’s Rashawn Slater has at least entered the conversation as the OT1 of the 2021 NFL Draft class. Daniel Jeremiah, NFL Network’s top NFL Draft expert, dropped a pretty huge bomb on Twitter about his recent studies of the 2021 NFL Draft class on the offensive line. That positional versatility and strong tape certainly make many first-round projections for Slater make sense, but OT1 status over Sewell? DJ’s opinion here might be a little controversial for those who have dubbed Sewell as a “generational” type of prospect at the offensive tackle position, but it was Jeremiah who led the charge with Mekhi Becton as OT1 last year, and that has turned out to be one of the best and most accurate projections of the vaunted 2020 class at the tackle position.
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    So this guy's better than Bullocks? Really? 2 dropped passes, a poor 4th down call/decision earlier, a missed FG - and Taylor wonders why he has so many one-score losses. This actually may turn out to be another one.
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    That’s just wonderful Christmas content.
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    Why fire anyone when Mike’s 55 year rebuilding plan is on schedule?
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    CINCINNATI (Jan 15, 2021) — After finishing the 2021 season with a 4-11-1 record, the Cincinnati Bengals today fired second assistant equipment quality coach Hugh Jass. ”Jass was a nice guy but his insistence on heavily starching all the jock straps was a major impediment to victory,” said head coach Zac Taylor. “Next season everyone will have comfortable junk, and I think that’s the change that will get us to the playoffs.”
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    What a fun win. We can still get Sewell assuming we stay true to form and are unable to handle prosperity. Must lose to the Texans next week. But we’ll worry about that then. Ben already sounded off this week, basically, I’ve got a contract that pays me 34 million next year so he’ll yes I’m playing. Pittsburgh is somewhat fucked.
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    They are such a mouthy bunch. Glad to see Ebron go out of the game after dancing on the sideline last game and then JuJu fumbles making it 2 chokes in 2 weeks after his stupid Tik tok routine.
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    I am sorry, the Steelers are the third best team in the AFC North. Ben looks completely done.
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    Have to go with JuJu. No matter how it turns out, take the receiver from better team with the better quarterback.
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    Ha! I was literally coming here to post that. Fingers crossed.
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    More and more mocks showing Sewell to the Bengals/being there at #5. https://www.pff.com/news/draft-2021-nfl-mock-draft-justin-fields-goes-to-jacksonville-at-no-1-miami-picks-devonta-smith-lands-at-no-3 My opinion still is that if Sewell checks-out in pre-draft/combine workouts and interviews, he's a no-brainer. Makes your whole o-line better, your QB better, your RB and WR's better, and allows for more flexibility on the line when it comes to moving guys around, and immediately upgrades the talent level with a starter they likely won't have the cap room for in the off-season. He also serve as much-needed Jonah insurance, as that guy can't seem to stay healthy yet (AND if he improves next season like Whitworth did in his 2nd full season - you got 2 great bookends and a capable QB who can win playoff games). Of course nothing wrong with trading-down and getting the #2 OT or IOL or a DE/DT/LB instead, but, if you're going to stay put and he's there, just do it.
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    BUF UH LOW BUF UH LOW :-) Mahomes recovery or lack thereof could determine the Bills fate. I'd honestly like a cleaner victory with a healthy Mahomes in, but I want the Bills to get into the Superbowl for one more chance at the big trophy goooooooooOOOOOOO small market teams!
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    Wish we had coaches like these guys coaching for the bengals!!
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    this was the Rapistburger's center in their playoff loss, right?
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    per James Rapienhttps://www.si.com/nfl/bengals/news/andre-carter-interview-bengals-defensive-lineFormer all-pro DE Andre Carter will interview for the DL coach job next week. The former 1st round draft pick by the 49ers, played for 12 seasons for 4 teams. In 2017, he worked with Lou as Asst DL coach. He moved with Adam Gase to the Jets where for the last 2 seasons he was DL coach"He helped the 2019 Jets become one of the most stout defenses against the run. Opponents averaged just 3.34 yards-per-carry and New York forced 117 runs for zero or negative yards, which was the most in the NFL."
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    I feel bad for Carlos, but happy for Big Whit Too bad they couldnt both win this weekend
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    Uninformed here. UK is in the SEC which the conference pays their position coaches among the highest in all of college football. UK position coach will range from $300K-$900K which is very competitive with the NFL. UK spent nearly 6 mil on its position coaches last year. In addition the current UK staff has had 2 assistants promoted off that staff to head coaching spots in college, one reaching a power 5 conference last year. AN SEC RB coach will average about $500K per year. It is speculated a NFL RB coach is around $400K It always possible he took less money to leave but I doubt it. Stoops is trying to get a top tier program so I don't think he's bringing scrubs in when he has the budget not to.
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    Ran through a couple sims on TDN for shits and giggles. Note: I believe that drafting purely for need after the 3rd round or so is usually dumb since the hit rate is so low. Just get good players. 1 - Penei Sewell, OT, Oregon 2 - Asante Samuel Jr., CB, FSU 3 - Jordan Davis, IDL, Georgia 4 - Talanoa Hufanga, S, USC 5 - Marlon Williams, WR, UCF 6 - Kingsley Enagbare, DE, South Carolina 7 - Austin Watkins, WR, UAB 7 - Tarron Jackson, DE, Coastal Carolina ~~~ 1 - Ja'Marr Chase, WR, LSU 2 - Wyatt Davis, IOL, OSU 3 - Patrick Jones II, DE, Pittsburgh 4 - Spencer Brown, OT, Northern Iowa 5 - Charles Snowden, LB, Virginia 6 - Robert Rochell, CB, Central Arkansas 7 - Noah Gray, TE, Duke 7 - Chris Wilcox, CB, BYU
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    In 2018 the Bengals were jumped for Ragnow, panicked and took Price anyway because the NEEDED a C, and the following pretty damn useful players were selected after Price in that draft in the remainder of the first round: Isaiah Wynn (!) T DJ Moore (WR) Hayden Hurst (TE) Calvin Ridley (WR) Lamar Jackson (QB) If Sewell is gone, I am not down with reaching for a T over higher ranked players.
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    You give me Sewell, Chase, Pitts, or Smith and I'm fine with it. That's solid A+ all day.
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    Three thoughts: 1.Mikey's had a bunch of coaches, and only one (Marvin) that has won anything at all 2. I was never a huge fan of Marvin, but in all honesty the guy probably belongs in the PF Hall of Fame for winning so many games for such a terrible organization 3. Bengals should have fired Zackie yesterday and replaced him with Marvin
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    ALSO, dehner on his mid-week pod was adamant that Bobby Hart was gone this off-season - which made sense only if he had also heard that Turner was gone - but he additionally was adamant that the Bengals were planning on spending heavy in FA on offensive line... which would mean last season's spending spree was not a one-off if goes down like that and with Turner gone, more likely that is to happen. I am thrilled.
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    agreed 100% if it ends up being all defensive assistants plus Turner, I think that'd be about as good as we could hope to get given the declaration that Zacky-Boy is safe, tho in truth he needs to go as well. We will not ever do better than 6-10 with Zacky-Boy as our HC
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    how did he get injured while essentially not playing at all? there's been no news (not even local) on this
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    Big congratulations to Hoosier and his Hellmutts for winning the FF league this year. For those very few not closely monitoring the FFL, Hoosier’s team charged out of the 4th seed, ransacked the Krushers, then took down a very game Skyline team in the final. An embarrassing moment was endured by everyone at the postgame presser when an intoxicated Hoosier proclaimed his love and carnal intentions for Alvin Kamara, who carried the Hellmutts in the final with 53 points. Kamara was quoted as simply saying, “I don’t swim in that river, it’s just not me.” Hoosier has not responded to loud mouthed idiot Skip Bayless who said, “Hoosier’s win is not impressive, that league is basically the special olympics of fantasy football. Half the guys auto-draft, some players just flat out quit during the season, and the rest of them seem barely able to produce a coherent FF strategy, or even a coherent sentence. Finally, let’s face it, they’re Bengals fans.”
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    Here is where I duck in to note that tanking for anything other than a QB is stupid, that wins matter when you are trying to change a culture and reward buy-in, and that there are absolute difference makers in this deep draft at picks 7-12 AND that it is such a deep OT class you can find a starting RT in rounds 2 or 3 if you choose to wait.
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    They are going to have to go hard after OLine in FA. Picking 6th or 7th they are going to get a terrific player but Sewell will be long gone. Looking at Chase, Pitts, Micah Parsons the LB from Penn State or Rousseau the Edge from Miami.
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    Embrace the Dead Cat Bounce. Let it flow through your veins. Wield the Dead Cat Bounce as an extension of yourself. Be the Dead Cat Bounce.
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    I'm very open. There are additional linemen worth a look on both sides of the ball. I expect it'll be Chase though. I'm not thrilled by the idea, but I know Joe Burrow would like it. So that'll have to be good enough.
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    Seibert was terrible in Cleveland. I hope next year's kicker is neither him nor Bullock. Maybe even draft someone late and don't cut them.
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    What a win. I can’t remember the last time we won a prime time nationally televised game. Not having Andy choking on the big stage helped. Ryan Finley probably saved his job as our backup QB. I still can hardly believe it. A sublime win.
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    Oh no doubt. The d played three great quarters (we’ll just kinda forget about the 3rd quarter) but Ben looked like COB after a three day bender and a Donnybrook with Andre Smith for not cleaning his gutters properly. Finley was seeing the field better (just couldn’t make the throws). I can’t see the backside of Toothlessburger soon enough and if this is the start, I’m a happy man.
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    Ben carries a 41 mil dollar cap hit next year Or 22 mil in dead cap if released. Not an easy situation for them. That’s why trading up for Bush and first rounders for a safety is bad business IF Ben don’t make no Super Bowl.
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    And the d goes completely to shite
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