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    Reggie used to have some big catches in big situations if Sample can equal Kelly I'd be ecstatic.
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    Someone needs to ask coach Turner to define the word "Phenomenal", because it must mean something completely different to him. I think the word he was searching for is "Abysmal".
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    Hart’s cleaning out my gutters right now.
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    Yeah great plan. Because nothing solves giving up 10 sacks on the season like putting a rookie next to you. Fuck Hart. He’s a bag of suck !!
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    That re-fired my Marvin hate all over again. So glad for something different. You want to know why this team sucked in prime time games, against the Steelers, and in the playoffs? It is because Marvin was an absolute unimaginative shitshow of a coach who imparted messages like the above. Want to make your team worse? Prop up a unit at practice - makes both units worse. He was such a ***damn tool. In any event, the rest of those quotes as to how things are under Taylor giving me some hope. I bet the offense is feeling like they have been let out of jail.
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    There’s no angry face emoji that can reflect how this makes me feel. Holy cow.
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    Army I just got married to Ryan Finley in a small civil ceremony down at City Hall so stop talking shit about him in here.
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    Imagine a two tight ends set, with Eifert (or Uzomah) as the pass catching TE and then Sample blocking for Mixon to run - throw in AJ and Ross and boy am I loving the thought of that offence
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    The more I look into Sample, it appears he's labeled as a "blocking" TE simply due to his lack of use in the passing game. Not because he wasn't capable, but a combination of scheme and QB suckage. I'm willing to back off the pick a little, but there's a group of guys that I initially thought would have been a better pick. I thought at the moment having either Parris Campbell or DK Metcalf would have provided better competition at the WR spot, which I think is lacking. All that being said, I did mock them taking a TE in the 2nd round. It just wasn't Sample. It was Irv Smith, who went two picks earlier.
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    Both LB and OL are needs. Go with the better player. The better player is Jonah Williams. It's really not that hard of a choice. Pittsburgh traded up and got a good player. Good for them. They also burnt up a 2nd and 3rd doing it. But in no way did they "get one over" on the Bengals.
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    Zac Taylor's staff can't make up for 10 years of neglect. It can start to fix it. I would submit they did what was reasonable in starting to do that - getting a rabbit who can tackle in the third round. Once the Devins were gone, 3rd round was the next area of value at LB. To take one before that would have been a hella reach.
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    Just for fun Sample combine #'s 6'5" 255 lbs. arms 33 3/8" hands 95/8" 40 time 4.71 3-cone 7.15 Eifert combine #'s 6'5" 250 lbs. arms 33 1/8" hands 9 1/8" 40 time 4.68 3-cone 6.92 I don't see a lot of difference in the measurables, so may be they can teach the kid how to become a receiving TE. Sample is a little bigger/longer, Eifert is a little faster/quicker.
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    Lap did say prior to the draft that he felt Dillard would be the pick at 11, but he also said that if Williams fell to them he should be the pick instead If I were picking at that spot and both Bush and Williams had been available, i'd try to trade down first at least a spot since I'd get one or the other, but failing that, I'd take Williams The D will look a lot better if we can keep the O on the field longer, and the line play largely decides that
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    Jackrabbits motherfuckers !!! After living in Sioux Falls, SD for 3 years, I can tell you they are pretty serious about that team up that way.
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    When we're grading the draft we're grading the strategy, right? Not trying to look into the future and see if these picks pan out. I have the same feeling about this draft as I did when the Bengals hired Zac Taylor. I love the picks. Who knows what happens, but damn. It's nice to see a change. And you can clearly see where Zac Taylor has a heavy influence on who is drafted vs. Marvin. Hallelujah. ***damn and good riddance, Melvin. Zac Taylor is building HIS squad here and this is the first crack at it. This is an unfinished product but you need to give credit for them sticking to their plan. I'll give it a B+.
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    Man what I see when I look at this tape is we needed to find a way to draft Kelvin Harmon.....It was as much a highlight reel for him as Finley...
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    Should we contact the Cincy police for a missing persons report? Mike Brown appears to be missing....drafting high character guys and not a single WR? I think someone is stuffed in a trunk.....I am worried for his safety!
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    Reggie Kelly was heck of a blocker. Really Greshman was the last complete TE they had. He could block very good. Just fumble a bunch.
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    I saw a draft site that had a third round grade on this kid
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    Or maybe this is other Michael Jordan, I loved him in Black Panther...
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    I think this is a good move, he will certainly put butts in seats, I am just worried about his age and which position he will play.....has a massive catch radius though so maybe WR or TE?
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    I’ve seen comparisons to Todd Heap - he can catch and has a good feel for soft spots in zone. You may want to dream higher.
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    Let's go get Finley's WR Kelvin Harmon next.
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    Reggie Kelly had a very clear and respectable job in cincy while he could. Perhaps that’s what they expect of this kid.
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    From the huddle report (whatever that is) Drew Sample TE Washington by Drew Boylhart • April 10, 2019 STRENGTHS Drew is a complete Tight End who can block and catch. His talents are similar to the Cowboys Jason Witten. Drew is an excellent in line blocker and does a solid job running routes but his ability to catch the ball with a big catch radius is accomplished because of the effort he gives to make the catch in any situation. Drew is a Tight Ends, Tight End. He shows excellent balance to make his blocks and good run “after the catch” skills because of his size and compact style of running, making it difficult for smaller LB’s, CB’s and Safeties to tackle him. Drew really showed his route running skills and Velcro like hands to catch the ball at the Senior Bowl practices but as it is his style, not many noticed. CONCERNS I do wish he was a little faster but as long as the team that selects him keeps him to the normal Tight End routes and doesn’t try to make him into a wide receiver, Drew will impact. TALENT BOARD ROUND 2.00 Do you really want to know why no one but me…is talking about Drew Sample? It’s because his quarterback couldn’t identify an 8 ft tall, open tight end receiver, standing in the middle of the field, waving his arms with Kim Kardashian standing next to him. I cannot tell how many times I saw on film, Drew wide open and his QB throw the ball to a covered receiver down the field. To be honest…I don’t know how Drew didn’t come back to the huddle and smack that QB in the back of the head. It shows what kind of teammate and the type of character Drew has, that he never got upset and just went back to work trying to block for him. This kid has the potential to start for the team that selects him for the next ten years and have a career that will make fans fall in love with him. He will be a fan favorite and a core player for the team the selects him. Believe it. If he was faster and flashier, and if his QB only would have passed the ball to him, someone else, other than me might have taken notice…you can bet the scouts did.
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    Why do you keep saying he didn’t start TJ? He was one of the three LBers I thought should be targeted exactly where he was in round 3. He can run, cover and tackle. He’s exactly what they need.
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    I like what I see. Dude is big, tall, and fast. 4.5 40. Former DB. Makes plays.
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    Coverage guy. Played db in high school and first two years at nc state. This guy is an answer to the repeated passing attacks on linebackers by tight ends and slot guys.
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    If we have to take a drink of an adult beverage everytime this happens, folks may end up in the hospital
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    For what it's worth, I mocked Irv Smith Jr. to the Bengals for some time and would not be upset with that pick. Greedy Williams wouldn't bother me, nor would a top end WR.
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    Also, if BPA is a WR, that is a need, whether you all like it or not. They have an aging AJ, a question mark in Ross, and a very good Boyd. It's...bleak on the roster after that. In Taylor's Rams style offense, there are some receivers at 42 who would be absolute fits on this team and would be potentially BPA.
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    I dont like the reported 40 on this guy, but that aside, Mack Wilson seems to be exactly what I am looking for - an athletic freak LB with coverage skills His stats are diminished because he played a half or less in many Alabama games due to them being blowouts I'd be very happy if he is our second round pick
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    sign me up with Santa for nothing but socks and underwear going forward, then..... GIMME A LINEMAN!
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    I would be willing to give up our 5 for Rosen, and wouldnt be throwing a fit if they gave up a 4 for him
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    Agree - I'd be very happy if the Bengals picked Greedy Williams as I would be if they took Jaylon Ferguson the DE out of Louisiana Tech. No 2nd Round rated LB's on the board. Also need to look at TE, RB, and a decent back up QB as the draft goes on.
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    Not trying to be funny, but I can't think of another story I was so bored hearing. I couldn't care less about where he goes and don't want him in Cincinnati honestly. If given a choice, I take no QB. If QB has to be the pick, give me Lock.
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    Pittsburgh may have had to give up quite a lot for that. Hopefully he plays like shit.
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    Mike Brown please retire.
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    Let’s talk about Marvin’s draft fails. I’ll start. He drafted a very talented place kicker, then cut him after camp after he predictably wasn’t his best in his first camp. That kicker went on to win the Super Bowl his rookie year with the Eagles. Marvin went on to giggle in press conferences and be a condescending d-bag.
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    Rumor is the Steelers wanting to move into the top 10 to target a LB. While nothing may happen, if both the Falcons and Steelers move ahead of the Bengals and we sit and do nothing, I'm going to be irritated.
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    Assuming no trades (though we definitely don't need all those 6th rounders, they need to package 2 or three of them to move up for quality), I see the following being optimal Round 1, Overall 11 - OLT who can play ORT for now Round 2, Overall 42 - Coverage LB (any of the three spots is fine) Round 3, Overall 72 - OT (either side) Round 4, Overall 110 - Coverage LB (any of the three spots is fine) Round 5, Overall 149 - 3 down TE Round 6, Overall 183 - Developmental QB Round 6, Overall 198 - RB, prefer PR/KR skills Round 6, Overall 210 - speed CB, prefer PR/KR skills Round 6, Overall 211 - speed S, prefer PR/KR skills Round 6, Overall 213 - WR, prefer PR/KR skills Round 7, Overall 223 - Coverage LB, prefer superior athlete and/or LS (love Harris, but he's VERY old) over plug-n-play experienced player with less upside. Could be a DE or second TE or RB here instead I dont think we should take a DL this year unless the BPA in r6 or later is a DL graded *overwhelmingly* higher than other choices at that time. We need to bring in a couple of LS between late draft and/or UDCFAs to compete with Harris, who will be drawing SS benefits soon
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    I'm still curious to see what happens with players like Darron Lee, which I think would help our line backing corps and can be had in a trade with the Jets. We have 5 damn sixth round picks, offer two of them. He has to have more upside than anyone we could add at that point.
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    What we have to hope for is a run on QBs....we get Murray, Lock, Haskins, and Jones in the top ten (or even 3/4) and White has a good chance if dropping in our laps.
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    An argument can be made for each team to win the division. The Bengals stay healthy and they are very competitive. The Browns live up to half of the hype and they will be good, ,lot of pressure and they still have not learned how to win yet. The Stealers look depleted and Ben is old. The Ravens are using a gimmick QB, that can be forced into bad decisions if you stop the run game. Most wide open division to start the year in a long while.
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    There are a ton of names on that list that interest me. I know there has been a lot of back and forth but I honestly think the Bengals are going to be sitting pretty with who will be on the board when they pick. For the record, I’m a huge fan of Jace Sternberger the TE from A&M.
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    And why exactly would we do that ?? Seems like a luxury pick when we have so many players there. I’d rather roll with what we have there and build another position that is far more needy.
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    Old School tough guy. Thanks for the AFC Championship. RIP
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    Remember his SuperBowl year here, and when he was hired (was around 10-11 yrs old), RIP, along with Wyche, one of the only great Bengals' coaches.