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    There is a very good reason for that. Dalton’s performance in games other fans might have seen, like nationally televised games and playoff games, was absolutely, almost unbelievably, horrible. It was hard to believe the same guy we’d watch carve up Baltimore in a regular season game, could play as badly as he did in nationally televised games. Again, and again, and again.
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    I logged back in today to make this comment and will step back away... I believe in the philosophy that "If you don't have a franchise QB, you try to get one". Well.... That is exactly where we find ourselves and sitting at the #1 spot allows us to take the best shot. Take it. Don't be a pussy. Make the selection and move forward. The rookie wage scale makes it possible to swing and miss without it crushing the franchise for the next 7 years. A true franchise QB can make everything else around them better, so if they swing and hit, the payoff is massive. Someone can argue all they want about whether Joe Burrow is the best QB in the draft, but i'm not that guy. I believe him to be the clear #1 QB in the class and fully deserving of being the Bengals pick at #1. Just take Burrow and move on to addressing how the organization can actually use free agency to help build around him. Also cannot forget having the top pick in the other rounds as well. USE THEM WISELY. That being said, much like the last Bengals related post I made, I still do not believe they care enough. For that reason I have not given much thought to anything they have done and won't until closer to the draft. Will it to happen Mem. I'm with you. WILL THAT SHIT !!! Later...
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    Ha ha! Our (presumably) first round QB uses his celebrity to inspire people to help the less fortunate. Meanwhile, Cleveland’s first round QB uses his celebrity to get rather dismal blow jobs from fame-awed 20 year-old girls in the parking lot behind a strip mall Cheese Cake Factory.
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    Can’t draft Burrow. Character issues:
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    I will always remember where I was and what I was doing the day Randy Bullock set the franchise kick record.
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    A boy receives a gift from a Boomer A helmet of stripes and a rumor That he'd be a Bengal not a year sooner With a frown he looked down At least, he mused, it's not Brown Sunny Miami, a new day arrives The Red Rifle powers multiple drives With his teammates he enjoys his high fives But the fans look on through tears For this victory confirmed all of their fears And the boy bought his Florida home He was going to have a practice dome! His girlfriend rests outside in the warm midnight gloam The stripes were memories and jokes Bless the Bengals for ensuring this hoax
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    STATEMENT FROM ROGER GOODELL, GOD-KING OF THE NATIONAL FOOTBALL LEAGUE “Earlier this week, the League was made aware of allegations of illegal sideline filming by the New England Patriots. Normally, such a repeat violation of the rules would be met with harsh punishment. However, since the offense was made against the Cincinnati Bengals, who are only an NFL team by a strict reading of League bylaws, we are going to let this one slide. We will be fining Bengals head coach Zac Taylor $10,000 for disclosing the existence of the investigation and linebacker Vontaze Burfict $15,000 just because. In conclusion, all hail Me, Roger Goodell, God-King of the National Football League.”
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    Better to hold him back, make sure he gets totally healthy. For that matter, hold the whole starting defense out, let them heal.
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    What a fucking clown show.
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    Mea Culpa,. I am high functioning autistic so detecting sarcasm for me is very nearly impossible under normal circumstances....on a forum post, no chance.
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    You guys are full of crap! Things happen! Players get injured. Half the league loses every week! Someone HAS to lose. Learn math!
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    The whole Steelers team could be concussed and we’d still lose this game.
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    Noo, gotta keep the dream alive. 0-16 or bust.
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    This is why not trading AJ for another first round selection was such a disaster. This issue could be solved with more picks in this draft. Of course I have zero faith in the Bengals front office to do something with those picks, so....we are screwed until Brown hires a general manager from outside the organization and ponies up for a professional scouting Dept. Until that happens this is all moot.
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    Sorry Dalton, but cry me a river. You were a good decent QB for the Bengals. Great to the fans. Didn't get it done, period. Who cares what he agrees with or how he feels? He choked away winnable playoff games in 2013 (Chargers) and 2014 (Colts). The organization awarded him with a contract extension in Spring 2014. His best season ended unfairly to him in 2015. But this organizations loyalty to him has them holding the bag of a mediocre QB that simply will never win with this organization given the current talent level. The Bengals loyalty to Marvin and Dalton has cost them chances at players that look like generational talents at the position Watson, Mahomes, and Lamar Jackson. If the 9ers can boot Joe Montana then sorry Dalton.
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    BREAKING NEWS: CINCINNATI, OHIO- No one has been able to make light of the Cincinnati Bengals offseason to this point. Improving the roster, shelling out money, and signing young impact players. "It's been one huge mystery to this point and everyone involved in the world of football is wondering if this might indicate the passing of Mike Brown" an unnamed source queried. Then the truth revolving around this unprecedented event in Cincinnati, finally came to light and revealed it's ugly self. Rookie Pool has tested positive for CoronaVirus. In a recently released video, Rookie Pool stated: "I had developed symptoms and started self-isolation almost immediately," he said. "I fully intend on crushing Bengals fans dreams upon my return from this virus.", #RookiePoolOwnsYou For many decades, despite the cap space the Cincinnati Bengals accrued, Rookie Pool would appear from the shadows and deplete not only the team funds, but Bengals fans dreams along with it. Now with the current situation surrounding the medical misfortunes of Rookie Pool identified, the Bengals offseason now makes perfect sense. However, Bengals fans are now concerned with what will happen in 2021, with a fully healthy Rookie Pool seeking his revenge for the missed offseason ??
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    I'm not saying what people are or are not arguing and I don't care. I can only tell you what I see / am aware of by first hand experience or what the CDC is face to face briefing us about (not the internet). If multiple hospitals in a major metropolitan area state that tripling critical care beds (see ICU's) fell so short that those hospitals have to literally shut their doors to patients, that's a problem.
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    Also, fuck the Utah Jazz, one of my least favorite teams. Story from like 16 years ago. I was in SLC on business. Went to a jazz game with business associates. Other than players, coaches, and other personnel associated with the teams and the broadcast, we counted 8 black people in the whole arena. Not that it matters, but damn.
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    Without diminishing anything about him as a player, I am really really really really starting to like Burrow as a person. Really.
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    It’s true. Tua overcame shit talent at Alabama to put up his numbers. He had no receivers or line to speak of helping him. Not like Burrow, who clearly was carried by the crew around him...
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    Refuse any and all offers. Doesn’t even matter what gets offered. Take Burreaux and build out from there. If he develops into the player he looks like he could develop into, we’re top 5 QB for 10-15 years.
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    It seems so simple. They've taken lumps drafting Joe Mixon. They invested in Jonah Williams. You couldn't trade AJ and still want him around. It appears they'll draft Burrow. Get an O-linemen in FA. Then draft another in 2nd or 3rd. Get the pieces in place so all these parts have the best possible foundation to put up points. Do that and everything becomes fun again.
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    I get all that. But regardless of who is QB they have the same problem. Building and maintaining the roster. Sure they can hit the lotto in the draft like they did 2009-2013. But they need to enter the 21st century and embrace FA. Drafting Joe Burrow alone makes them a much better team in an addition by himself.
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    If Mike Brown passes me his beer it WILL be poured over his head.
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    Sad news indeed.
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    Go Bengals! Beat the fish! Drive our dreams into a ditch! Go out there and get the win So come next year we’ll suck again!
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    He's played in like 9 of the last 32 games, is 32 years old. I wouldl let him walk if there's legit fear of a chronic issue. I don't care about any drama, I just don't understand why he thinks he's entitled to another long-term deal at this point?
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    I make waffles for Joe Burrow. Not every morning, but most mornings.
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    Not on topic, but great watching the Steelers lose to the Bills just now in the tube. Funny how all these great coaches suddenly don’t look all that smart when they lose their franchise QB.
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    Just remember, without the Washington Generals, there are no Harlem Globetrotters.
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    I’m reading this thread while sipping a cup of Mock Turtle Soup. Foul stuff but one must get in the mood. Now, can anyone tell me how to bypass the Mel Kiper paywall on ESPN? I wouldn’t want to have to just throw darts for draft picks. Oh wait, really I would. So much more fun that way.
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    There is no joy about this team at all! Every good player that has left this team has said so many bad things about this org. Is it true I don’t know I’m not in that locker room, but with all these guys saying stuff it’s hard not to believe it. Worst thing is Marvin Lewis was the best thing to happen to this team. He came in took a laughing stock of a team to 8-8 in his first year with Kitna at QB and a bunch crappy free agents they brought in. For years he gave this team hope to make the playoffs, he built a coaching staff that was awesome. It was great till all hell broke loose after that last playoff loss. He was losing his coaches, he never knew if he was getting fired, and he became a loss cause. Makes me wonder if he was given all the power, what kind of team he could have built. Taylor comes in with pretty much the same team as last season and can’t win a freaking game. His coaching staff made up of a bunch of his good buddies with no experience can’t gameplan worth a shit. Whatever hope there was is thrown out the window, and I don’t see this team winning for years. This whole thing just sucks. This guy is starting to make me miss Marvin and that’s a really bad thing since I was ready to see Marvin leave. Now I’m depressed again!
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    With this change the Bengals see their odds of beating Bye Week increase, but still find themselves as 14 point underdogs.
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    This move was undoubtedly preceded by many contemplative laps around the mansion in the Mega Motion Rascal Elite IV Mobility Scooter.
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    I’m bored with the whole team. Trade everyone, I don’t care for what. Dalton, Green, Geno, everyone. Sign a bunch of udfas to finish out the year, get the 1 overall and completely rebuild. oh, and you can stuff Taylor in a barrel and send him over Niagara Falls, too. Oh also, yeah, The Family needs to sell the team.
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    Thats what worries me, Zac decided to bring his friends along instead of hiring vet coaches. That’s not to say some of these guys won’t work out in the end, but as of now this seems like a team without a plan. The guys they did sign to this team don’t even have a purpose? Gio hardly touches the ball, Eifert does not seem to catch passes anymore, Uzamah really don’t see him, what the hell is the plan around here. As a fan right now I don’t know how to feel. I don’t want to root for another team, but at the same time I don’t want to watch this shit show that they have here now. All I want is to wake up Sundays excited because the Bengals are on, and now I wake up thinking of other things to do. I hated Marvin at the end, but at least at one time he put together a coaching staff that gave this team hope, almost every year we had a chance because they were in the playoffs, I just want that feeling again. Somewhere Marvin is laughing along with Carson Palmer. F**k me this sucks!
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    Mike deserves the ignominy that would accompany an 0-16 season. His stubborn refusal to change is at the heart of it all.
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    The ONLY thing that would interest me at this point is for them to do this right - and sell off Green, Dalton, Atkins, Dunlap, Dre and WJIII and bring back a bevy of picks and re-boot this thing. That would be interesting and potentially a way forward. But I know they won't even do that.
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    Yes, Brown Family, your fans are detailing draft prospects 4 games into the season. I’d like them to get Tua. What they’ll do to protect him once he’s here, I have no idea. If the words “Andre Smith” are involved, Tua should just stay in school for another year.
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    PFF released o-line rankings following week 3 games. I know what you’re thinking, “we’re last.” WRONG! second to last. Dolphins are last.
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    All the Bengals need is 5 new linemen, 3 new linebackers, 1 new corner, 1 new tight end, and we’ll be fine. Almost there.
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    So in the last year’s time, the Patriots owner got busted in a prostitution sting, their multiple murder/spree killer tight end committed suicide in jail, and now their newly signed wideout is facing a rape lawsuit. When will this league wake up to the fact that there is something very wrong in New England?
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    I never understand it either. Other fan bases go off the national narrative. Dalton is a quality QB just not a superstar.
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    Mike Brown give up a 1st round pick? Never! That's his precious.
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    Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were considered "can't miss picks" as was RG3. As good as Fromme, Herbet, and Tagovailoa look there are no guarantees that any of them are better than Dalton. Last I checked the combined playoff win percentage from Winston, Mariota, Griffin, and Watson are the same as Dalton's, whereas 2nd Rounder Brees, 3rd Rounder Wilson, 4th Rounder Prescott, and 6th Rounder Brady are the class of this generation....It is a myth that you must spend a high first round pick to draft a great QB. Dalton has proven he can win a lot of games in this league with a competent OLine...I would go to war with Trent Williams, Jordan, Hopkins/Price, Hopkins/Price, and Glenn as my starting 5 and the team might shock a lot of people. Oh...and it might show the fanbase that you give a damn about winning....
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    Reggie used to have some big catches in big situations if Sample can equal Kelly I'd be ecstatic.
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    Hope they get married in the offseason, he may break a hip getting that ass on his wedding night.