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    When in doubt, the best strategy is always the exact opposite of whatever Hobson asks for.
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    Penei Sewell rd. 1 Creed Humpheries rd. 2 That is all
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    I won't hold my breath for Willie, but it would be great and well-deserved. I'm looking forward to next season when Penei Sewell tears his achilles in week 3.
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    I want to preface this by emphasizing that this is *just me* and my opinion/impression and it’s perfectly fine if it isn’t shared by anyone else. I think this coaching staff, or at least the top post-Marvin guys, is a bunch of assholes. Everything we hear about Turner and Anarumo is more or less about what level of dick they are. Meanwhile Taylor strikes me as more and more of a smug prick with each passing week. I can’t even watch the postgame interviews because I just get mad I can’t punch his increasingly punchable face. Again, just me. YMMV.
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    Break out the Hobspin.....Tom Landry.
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    Mixon being out complicates it as well. You'd like to see next year's candidates for line jobs block for Mixon to see the timing etc.
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    Good ol’ Ted Nesser. Dude got a bad rap. He just needed something like Mike’s 55 year rebuilding plan and the Panhandles would have been good by about 1977.
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    For some reason the Bengals' just can't turn themselves around in a season or two like other teams can...must be "bad luck." Meanwhile the Bengals' are 6-31-1 since beating the Dolphins in 2018, when they were 4-1. Zac Taylor now has the worst start of any Bengals' coach in franchise history. Even Shula had 2 more wins than he does so far. Also, maybe think about signing a competent vet #2 QB for once, which is something Marvin at least put more value on (yet I feel like that issue is an MB issue where he doesn't want to allocate cap space). I remember when we laughed at the Hue Jackson Browns, now the Bengals' are that team.
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    This gif is an almost perfect representation of this season. Also, as a fan, you can’t be seen in this gif but your in the dumpster and every time you try to get out a drunken vagrant kicks you in the nuts.
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    Good punt but I would have gone for it. At 2-7-1 I’m not punting again all year.
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    Anarumo cover your fucking nose with your mask BITCH useless bastard
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    while I was hoping for a more serious reply, this response at least means you are really reading my posts, Joisey -- so there's that :-) also, I switched the two letters just for you :-)
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    If you can stomach this as its quite a graphic close up of the actual ACL tear it's a really good view about the injury and how not as bad as people are making out it is https://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=https%3A%2F%2Fyoutu.be%2FcAVWR5aYpf4%3Ffbclid%3DIwAR1Z_ozoakR1ZcfQEZ_BniSHm0lz0CLhoZEEswtxUJ-r5qw_T2whVsNmwX4&h=AT1N3CPvLYgHq4Ka3egL6mGR2CLqISSFAp29eq9ZqsOqDSy3TmXTpqA5ZotHy9jGsZe9VgevWDzI6yLIOUEdS0mf_bKxZUMWk8XdFTHhdpvfxvb3aOxn9AyIdJc6W4zjUHWJ7olLPU2aETZMCgw
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    Definitely ribs here. Chops are ok tho. Probably won’t make the final plate anyhow.
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    It’s a self fulfilling prophecy for some Bengal fans.... see I told you he would get injured. I told you they’d ruin his career. Reality is there wasn’t a whole lot of pressure in that game and the injury wasn’t the result of bad o-line play. The rest is just noise.
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    i love Big Willy, i really really do, but there are at least a handful of Bengals who deserve to be in before him starting with KA
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    Week 3? Wow, you’re an optimist all of a sudden. I’m betting rookie minicamp.
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    Willie deserves HOF. We’ll see how close he gets.
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    Ha ha! Billy Price is like, yes, please fire my position coach.
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    Have to agree with all of the above.
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    Just read that si.com piece. Complete takedown of the staff and resulting culture. What a mess.
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    More Max Protection looks, please
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    “You can only look at your hot water heater for so long.” - Jim Turner What he meant to say was “you can only look at your hot water heater for so long (until you realize itwould give Bobby Hart a pretty good run for his money at the right tackle spot).”