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    this is excellent from Goodberry - quick watch - this WILL slow down the ravens in the future (and other teams):
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    CBS just noted the Chargers are 32nd in the league against the run. Play Mixon in fantasy next week if you can.
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    Well, there are worse ways to spend a Sunday.....
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    This is cigarette after mind-blowing sex good.
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    Man, Hilton hates the Steelers for not trying to keep him. Wonderful stuff!
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    Beautiful first half. Maybe my favorite of all time
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    Just got home from work, anything happened yet?!!
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    Dalton beats the Lions. In a related development, god does not exist.
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    Not Bengals related - but what an crap game on Monday night football tonight. No one wants to see the Giants. I think their running back is hurt again, and they’re bad. The Succaneers have lost two in a row and watching Brady play is about as interesting as watching paint dry. Sucks.
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    Consider covering their best player
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    Guess we'll take the 2 score lead going into the 4th. But, we've seen this scenario before I think.
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    These guys are slipping everywhere
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    Don’t think I’ve ever seen “fake the flea flick and go” from a RB.
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    Would really like to see Evens more at RB
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    Very 2020 half for the offensive line
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    Play calling thus far is absolutely stinking. Slants are wide open to the narrow side of the field with their 3rd down coverage and Taylor is calling plays that need to develop 20 yards downfield
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    The Bengals have been embarrassed for two straight weeks. When are they planning their own "Show your pride" game. I'd like to buy tickets when they decide to do that.
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    In other news, injuries suck, players have to make plays, and the linebacker corps is thin. Who knew ??
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    Carlos Dunlap chucked an opponent’s shoe downfield. Seahawks were down 3-0 at the time, but with Carlos’ help (15 yard shoe throwing penalty), Green Bay scored their first TD and went up 10 to zilch. Seahawks lose 17-0, and fall to 3-6. Carlos!!
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    The record also says that they are a contender for a AFC playoff spot. 7-10 seeds all have same record. Seeds 3-6 are 1 loss better. The differences in bye weeks AND half baked tie breakers is the only thing separating 8 teams for 5 spots. The top 2 seeds are up 2 in the loss column. Bengals have beaten one and have a home game against them. There are 11 teams for 7 spots right now in the AFC. This is the way the league is designed to work. Parity. 5 AFC teams are probably done already.
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    Hey COB, can you reach out to Paul Alexander for me and see if he's busy the next weekend? If he refuses, tell him I have found a way to evaluate o-lineman by the way they hold a rake. That will get him...
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    Its not like he was ripping it up or anything in the return game this year so I have to say no major loss. Maybe they bring Pooka up from PS
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    Not saying anyone has, but we also can’t forget there is another side of the ball. I would argue this organization has put more into trying to win in Burrow’s first two seasons than at any other point in the organizations history. I could be off, but I’m betting not by much.
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    quickly recalling why i had him on mute.
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    Taylor is now 11-29-1 I believe. I realize at the moment they have a winning record, but if they end up with only say, 6-7 wins and a losing record again, I don't know how you keep this guy around. That said, MB will likely cite "progress" and patience and re-sign him regardless. I just don't see where this coaching staff is going to be a long term solution to building a playoff team. Losing all these close games and then getting blown-out like that at home to Cleveland is just pathetic.
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    Funny, as I saw the thread posted, I wondered if we had arrived again at thinking the Bengals were going to get blown out by Bye Week. Yup...
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    Team is a reflection of its coaching staff. Nothing but a bunch of mistake prone pretenders. Got embarrassed yet again by a lesser Qb. Total embarrassment ...
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    So you saw Eternals, about a race of immortal beings with superhuman powers who have secretly lived on Earth for thousands of years, who reunite to battle a group of evil Deviants? That sounds like what I watched.
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    So after that complete debacle of a game last Sunday I have found myself in a funk all week. I haven't found it in myself to do or say anything Bengals related. The previous week I could not get enough.... Anyone else feel this way or am I a complete doofus? I admit to feeling rather stupid that my emotional health is tied to something as insignificant as a football team.
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    Would send the Lumina to pick him up at the airport, drive him around the city for half an hour then drop him off back at the airport. Edit - when saying goodbye I’d purposefully mispronounce his name.
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    This has been me for years now, after 2015/2016 playoff debacle I found myself so upset I just didn’t care anymore, I tried every year, but they kept doing dumb things and finding ways to lose. I got some hope when Taylor was hired they reeled me back in, only to watch the same boring team I watched the years before. Back to not caring what happened. Then Burrow happened well I was right back in, more so then ever! Was all excited until he got hurt, and watching the o-line just being so bad. Well I was back in my funk, the defense sucked, all the players I loved watching years before all wanted out, and my hate for Taylor as head coach was so real. So on to this year my hopes coming in were not real high, but really enjoyed Chase being the draft pick. On to the games my hopes kept rising, Chicago game sucked, but figured it was guys just getting there football legs back in it. Man the Ravens game threw me through the roof I was so excited, wow Zac turning this around showing me something I have not seen in years. Lou showing me how awesome this defense can be!!! Then the Jets game happened. I have never seen a team so unprepared and so not ready for a football game. A guy named Mike White breaking all sorts of records not even throwing it over 5 yards a pass, what the hell am I watching. I’m back to not knowing who this football team is again, not knowing if Zac is the right guy, does Lou have this defense ready. Will see moving forward here, I’m just hoping these are the right guys, just for once though I want to believe, have my hopes set high, because I know how good this team is. I want them to go into the games they should win and just take care of business. I don’t need them talking all week about how they arrived, just go out and play football and win.
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    It really comes down to three plays. Vs. Chi... Burrow's pick 6 Vs. GB... Doink. Vs. NYJ... Not getting pts 1st and goal from the 1
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    Rodgers is an arrogant, condescending butthead, even more so than Brady, but, reluctantly, giving credit where credit is due, at least Brady can back it up with 7 rings!
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    Bring the disfunction! Have to figure the ball will be forced to OBJ a few times on Sunday. Get a pick Bengals.
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    I would have taken that at the beginning of the season. Our goal was top 5 offense, average d, average oline and I think we are pretty much there.
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    I would love to see them throw in some no huddle offense, maybe that would help with a faster start. I always felt when Burrow runs the no huddle it goes very smooth.
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    This is like dealing with a child when they screw up. I'm not even mad, just disappointed that they could have been so ill prepared to handle the situation at hand. The difference is that these guys are paid a lot of money to NOT overlook the teams they are suppose to beat. When my now high school ArmyBengal Jr. brought home a poor grade, I asked him what happened. He simply said, I didn't prepare enough. I told him if he has plans to go to college (which he does) he can't afford that. Likewise, the Bengals can't afford what happened yesterday when percentage points can cost them the playoffs. They simply can't afford to not be pros and prepare for a 1-5 team, because it will cost them. So disappointed in this team. THE WHOLE TEAM.
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    I never gave a damn about national coverage and still don’t.
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    I’m absolutely seething after that. Seriously raging! Did we run anything but soft zone the whole game? Never brought pressure once. What the fuck were they doing on defence? it’s as if they were half asleep the whole game.
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    Who the hell is supposed to be covering Kroft? Getting 20 yds open in the end zone really take some fucking bad defence
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    A figgie has to be considered a win there.
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    Joe Montana I mean Mike White will be coming back I. Lol
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    Marvin Lewis was such a curmudgeon. So glad that dude is no longer here.
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    I laughed. I appreciate them leaning into the severely outdated "Bengals are cheap" crap with the cart meme.
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    Who is this “Waynes” person I keep hearing about ?? Agree that’s an easy call.