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    Westerman has decided not to retire. This is where our line is.
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    Mike Brown give up a 1st round pick? Never! That's his precious.
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    Jameis Winston and Marcus Mariota were considered "can't miss picks" as was RG3. As good as Fromme, Herbet, and Tagovailoa look there are no guarantees that any of them are better than Dalton. Last I checked the combined playoff win percentage from Winston, Mariota, Griffin, and Watson are the same as Dalton's, whereas 2nd Rounder Brees, 3rd Rounder Wilson, 4th Rounder Prescott, and 6th Rounder Brady are the class of this generation....It is a myth that you must spend a high first round pick to draft a great QB. Dalton has proven he can win a lot of games in this league with a competent OLine...I would go to war with Trent Williams, Jordan, Hopkins/Price, Hopkins/Price, and Glenn as my starting 5 and the team might shock a lot of people. Oh...and it might show the fanbase that you give a damn about winning....
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    Drink every time Anthony Munoz says "I'll tell you what," and you'll get drunk fast.
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    Washington is probably thinking or hoping someone suffers an injury and is willing to offer more. Still surprised they passed up a first for Williams though.
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    It’s looking worse and worse. They must have begged Westerman. And they’ll only beg a depth journeyman if they completely suck. This third preseason game will be revealing. It’s supposedly the true dress rehearsal for the season. And I’m talking about the starters, the second half or whatever doesn’t matter. I’d like to see Finley in with the other starters, playing against a starting defense. Just see what he can do. Sorry Andy, I don’t mean anything by it! It’s me, not you! You just deserve a team that feels about you the way you feel about it. You deserve it. And you’re not getting that here right now. We can still be friends though, right? Finley barfs all over himself in the preseason game. God Andy I missed you so much! Remember how we fucked in the parking lot of that Promise Keepers rally? That was the greatest. We’re still cool, right?
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    Oh don’t get me wrong, I have absolutely zero faith in the organization being able to pull off something like that. Just spitballing seeing as how our o-line is a complete clusterfuck.
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    QB is not a top 5 need for this team. Guys like Dunlap, Atkins and Green are not getting younger, wasting an entire season for want of a future draft pick is stupid when you can fix this right now!
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    For gods sake, give Washington our first next year for Trent Williams and be done with this...Williams is better than any OLineman we could select next year.
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    Sad to hear of his passing RIP Ced. I enjoyed watching him play here, he turned his career around. RIP Ced
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    One play I recall is Polmalu came in full speed for a tackle, lowered his head to deliver a patented Steeler head shot/knockout blow. Ced just destroyed him. Polamalu’s helmet flew off, head snapped back, the whole thing. Ced kind of had so much of his weight up in his upper chest and neck, tough guy to butt heads with.
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    Sad. His revenge game was a great game. We had an epic tailgate with an ice luge for shots. Eventual nakedness and body shots. Then go into stadium with some mouthy Bears fans and Ced destroyed them early. Good season that was until playoff flop but Ced had a good playoff game too.
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    Looking forward to seeing the first team offense tonight. I don’t know if it’ll be one series, or any series at all. Hopefully they’ll execute like they did last week. After that, our depth guys will likely get killed by their depth guys, because reality. Haskins will be fun to watch, Jay was hopeful after his debut last week. Which went as expected - multiple picks.
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    What an untimely death. Sad news.
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    I was at the game (and almost no one else was / maybe MAYBE 15,000 in the stadium). i dont know that you can take anything away from the first few drives for the offense - the amount of penalty flags was staggering - there was no flow to the game. And, per goodberry, several of the holding calls were extreme bullshit. So they were behind on down and distance for those series. So many flags on both teams it was excruciating to watch live. It’s like the officials thought the few of us that showed up came to see them.
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    Noooo! But yeah I wonder if there's a problem with their, uh, position coach....
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    That game didn’t move the needle for me 1 bit. Defense for the most part couldn’t get off the field. Starting offense was good. Played off schedule the entire first drive and got a TD. O-line; Munoz said they protected well. I just don’t think you can judge it because the ball comes out quick and defenses aren’t really throwing full coverages at a QB. Typical first preseason game.
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    Milk and Cookies and Bible stories at Andy's after the game!
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    A 4th ?? While I’m not sitting here claiming we should get multiple 1st rounders, why let him go for peanuts ?? Let him get back for the rest of the year and let him walk if that’s the decision. We get him for the year and the comp pick which would be at least the 4th they get in that scenario. I don’t want to see AJ go is what it boils down to.
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    A 4th and a 7th? For AJ Green? Are we in the real world?
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    Lol. The Bengals were close to a deal prior to the injury and have the franchise tag. Why under sell now?
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    Thanks for stepping up to run the league Hoosier, and good to see you back. I’ll be flexing some monumental fantasy football skills, look out whoever finished 8th last year, I’m coming after you!
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    Hopefully the NFL get their info from a more independent source than the Bengals front office (via medical staff) I'm still expecting "good to go for week 1" and then be told by week 3 that Green has had his leg removed !!