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    “Stupid fans bought the whole fire Marvin bit just long enough to buy up season tickets. That was easier than I thought it would be. Time to overhaul the Lumina !!”
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    Devin White has been the guy I've wanted the most since I started looking. I'm still of the line of thought that says he won't be there. Not unless teams trade ahead of us and start taking QB's. I would have no problems with Williams as the selection either, as he could be the starting right or left tackle from day one. Plug him in at RT and if something happens with Glenn, you have your guy to plug right in on the left. Like I said though, someone always falls that you don't expect to be there. Just don't be stupid and take the best TE prospect at #11.
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    “This remote... eh... channel select, er...not the dvr, damn, changed the input... arrow up... not msnbc! Damn!”
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    "Ok, I got the coach Pumpkin wanted so she can get her rocks off, now let me get to work on getting McCarron back in here." "Ooooooh, Katherine Webb.... Want to touch the heiney...." "AJ is such a fine young man."
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    Ok i will say I'm ok with Eifert back on a 1 year deal, mostly because I really wanna see him healthy for 1 year. For a team with a terrible record and new coaches it is silly to keep the same guys around.
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    “Katie? Did you decide on that new coach, yet?” “Yeah, Dad. I want Zac.” “What? What for? Awful young and wet behind the ears. What would grandpappy Paul say?” “Well... you know Dad I got a thing for sandy blondes and... well... it’s not that I don’t love Troy but he’s older now and it would just warm me up to be able to check out Zac everyday. Rev my little engine a bit, Dad. Like a strong cup of coffee.” “Ah, Katie, you can have whatever you like, pumpkins. You must got some of that horndog gene in you from your dear mother. My Lord almighty, I couldn’t keep her off me no matter how hard I tried. I sought the Good Lord in prayer just for a moment of time to swig another viagra tonic, ... even He couldn’t squelch that woman’s starburning fire out!”
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    PFF had Webb ranked 17 spots lower than Dennard. Hart is a dud, a placeholder. Brown is garbage in today's NFL, too slow to cover and never makes plays. So far the Bengals' continue their fan ruse by not getting better in FA, arguably they've gotten worse, at best they maintain status quo with sub-par players. I don't expect much more until the draft from this franchise. A good draft will help, but it won't save them from 3rd or 4th place in the division. Nothing has changed so far other than coaches and scheme. And it remains to be seen if those are upgrades or not, especially on defense. IF you enjoy mediocre-to-bad football, then you're an ideal Bengals' fan willing to excuse everything they do.
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    I was really looking forward to the draft, but that has dulled significantly with how things have gone to this point... CB Webb from the Giants- I don't mind the signing as Dennard appears done here. TE CJ Uzomah- We had to bring at least one TE back and I don't mind that he was the one. LB Preston Brown- Again, they had to bring someone back and I don't mind Brown. Stay healthy dude. RT Bobby Hart- Yes, they need depth, but this dude has always sucked since entering the league. Why ?? So the team has prioritized their own players, accounting for 75% of all the moves and those players could all be considered backups at this point. Not a single impact player even pursued that would help either the o-line or linebacking corps. All I can say is they better start addressing some of the impact players that will be coming due next year as UFA. There's a lot of money in that group to be handed out. I just think they totally missed the boat in how they help improve this year, covering free agents in the future and freeing up the draft. I think they are going to be a losing team this year, bleed talent next, and the draft leaves little wiggle room in who gets targeted. I could be wrong, but that's where I am.
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    Mr Katherine Webb, anyone? I'd be cool with it
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    I left home at 19 (back when I knew everything) and rarely came back before she passed away. I suppose it's possible, but I never had the chance to discuss such things. That being said, I laughed at loud when I read your response. Nicely done my friend !!!
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    I remember COB and I making a joke about what if Marv had gotten all the guys he wanted in FA ( Whit, Zeitler ) especially on the line... And you see. It’s not a funny joke at all. Because Taylor isn’t getting his guys either obviously. Yeah... I bet Jim Turner and others really wanted Bobby Hart. That’s just what you Have To Say as a coach, when you’ve lost the negotiation with the Brown family over player and contracts.
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    Memo To: Andy Dalton From: Troy Hurtubise, President of Project Grizzly Thanks for your inquiry Mr. Dalton. Yes, we still manufacture suits that are made to withstand the attack of a grizzly bear. As you stated in your letter, yes, they are similar to the impenetrable suit of armor featured in "Robocop". Why the sudden interest today? We've been corresponding for some time, yet the urgency of your request startled me a little. Did something happen? We'll ship the prototype to you. It is our version 6, and it is made of titanium, air cushioning, and duct tape. I've personally tested the suit, having been hit by a pickup truck going 25 miles an hour. I didn't sustain even a slight concussion. I'm fine. I have no idea if the suit can make the necessary arm movement to throw a football. Again, I'm curious why you are suddenly so anxious to obtain one of our suits. Truly yours, Troy Hurtubise
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    Ugh they resigned Hart to a deal, now I know nothing has changed. YUCK!!!!! Let that fool walk!! Damn they gave him money as well. What a waste spend money on guys that matter!!! Worst RT and he is now making 7x what he made last year! I give up with how this team views free agents anymore. Stupid! 3 year 21 million dollars. Let that sink in guys!! Screw this shit!!!!! Oh and screw this o-line coach who thought he was good enough to pay this kind of money!
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    Gasmask Bongface is still my favorite draftee of all time. It will take an incredible performance by some young athlete to unseat that dude. Greatest draft ever. They'd show the video of the guy with the gasmask bong on his face, then they'd cut to Mort or somebody holding a microphone, looking all concerned. The guy would say something like, "drugs are bad," meanwhile the kid is signing up for a career of brain trauma and CTE.
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    PacMan just got arrested at a casino this week. That’s kind of his own personal combine, showing the nfl what he’s made of.
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    The scary part about the combine is..... If a cheetah snuck in and got timed in the 40, you know we are drafting that motherfucker.
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    Deflate my balls while yelling “Omaha” baby.... you know what daddy likes!
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    I'm again looking forward to the combine, which starts tomorrow. I haven't been interested in the combine for the past couple years with Marvin.
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    Oh this topic always brings back my youth and the days of spending my cash in the red-light district in Nurnberg Germany. If that was enough entertainment, we'd take a trip to Amsterdam. How I made a career in the Army is nothing short of a miracle. The stories are endless....
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    Mike Brown would never pay for some ass.
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    Anarumo has coached at both the Merchant Marine Academy and Harvard? You’re damn right we got him! Suck on it, rest of the NFL!!
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    All things aside Dim, I'm glad you came back this way and thanks for sharing your thoughts. I know you and him were always cool. Take care of yourself.
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    I know I said I will never come back to this forum ever again, but I am here for this. I check this forum today because I havent heard from him for a while. didnt expect it to be this reason. it hit me hard than I expect. He is one of guys here who always care about me as he always say, I am his ARIZONA BRO. I will never forgot him for rest of my life. even on the day Bengals win Superbowl it will be sad day for us.