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    Collinsworth’s voice sounds weird with Brady’s cock in his mouth.
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    chant it with me JEFF-FRO HE MUST GO BO-DINE DO NOT RE-SIGN rinse and repeat....
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    I really don’t believe that. I think those victories gave something to rationalize the easy path for Mike. IMO, the guy doesn’t want to do the hard work to get the organization to the next level and will just continue to look at runs to the Super Bowl as decided by fate and circumstance.
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    This is the signing which will get Bengals fans back in the seats.
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    Real drug testing will shrink and slow the players. Real grass will slow the players and create nostalgia TV events Allow more hand checking or physical coverage. Dont allow LBs to drop in Zone coverage. They must rush or engage a receiver. Remove QB protections that reward them for getting outside the pocket and entice them to run. Reduce holding by OL. Make it a spot foul when blatant. Remove calls for head shots out of the Refs control. Video review after the game and severe career threatening punishments. Also if player is concussed with a head shot that player is removed until the return I think these things slow the play. Create competitive balance between offense and defense. Create a more entertaining football. Get games over in 3 hours. i never watch a more boring “great” game than this past Super Bowl.
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    Great point about the new NFL. So many people are saying Wow what an awesome Super Bowl! Well, yeah, it was competitive and down to the last second but neither defense had a chance because of the myriad new rules. It is what is now. On the flip side, it’s suppposed to make less injury to QBs and WRs... which means less running and more short and screen passes. I think they should take away the helmets and pads so when kids learn to play the game, they don’t spear or dive tackle. Oh yeah and HGH and whatever else the guys are being “tested for” needs to go away. Most of us played backyard football and we didn’t need helmets or HGH because we tackled the persons body with our body, like you see in rugby. Launching yourself should be illegal just like clotheslining someone is. Just my ideas.
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    Hey everyone. Hope things are going well for you all. Happy the Eagles won that game, although I didn't watch. Take it easy...
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    I like this - Aaron Rodgers is salty about losing Alex Van Pelt as his qb coach...: @jasonjwilde 26m26 minutes ago Aaron Rodgers making his disappointment about Alex Van Pelt's departure as quarterbacks coach -- "without consulting me," he says -- very clear on Golic and Wingo. @jasonjwilde 20m20 minutes ago Full quote from Aaron Rodgers on losing Van Pelt: "My quarterback coach didn't get retained. I thought that was an interesting change -- really without consulting me. There's a close connection between quarterback and quarterback coach. And that was an interesting decision."
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    When it comes to the way the Bengals operate, it makes so much sense that they have a TOP QB. For them to have to manage the roster of a great defense, let alone a great D line, or O line, it leaves too much room for error. I give them credit for drafting Palmer seeing that he could have been that guy that could carry a team. But it didn't work out that way. Thanks, Kimo. What they are looking at is getting a top 5 pick down the road PLUS it being a good QB class if they are to ever get a top tier QB. So, sure, the Bengals can be competitive with Dalton but I seriously doubt he'll ever get them over the hump. Not because of Dalton but because there are too many other roster pieces to hit a home run on and manage for the Bengals FO to ever put it all together. They don't manage the roster well. They draft ok but can't manage the pieces. They refuse to get creative in FA. The reasons go on and on. It's a long standing losing narrative that's just good enough (when the stars align) to break your heart.
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    this is something I will never understand, Mike Brown or whoever in front office dont believe in pay Guards money as they are worthless to him. then what the hell was they thinking when they draft Zeitler at first round
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    In my opinion Bodine will be gone. All this talk about resigning him is just Marvin bullshit.
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    This actually sounds like something Mike would do. In spite of our completely legitimate lack of respect for some of the football strategic decisions Mike makes, he does care very much about the experience of the fans who come to games. And I think he is mindful, to a degree, of the affordability of the game experience for regular families who want to attend a game. For instance, if you take your family to a game, your 9 year-old will love the dog riding monkeys flying all over the field at halftime, your wife will appreciate that you can sit in an alcohol-free family zone, and your 14 year-old son will like watching the Ben-Gal cheerleader who is also his 8th grade math teacher and who he doinked in the staff parking lot after the science fair that one weekend.
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    ....that Zeitler is makin a boatload of cash?
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    Take Nelson, the new CBA makes him work cheap for 4 years, 5 if you want to be a prick and exercise his option. He's a guard, so what. A can't miss starter is an almost must-take. Lots of guys bust who were taken in the first half of the first. This guy looks like he'll play, and be good, for sure.
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    Tom Brady’s book is called, “The TB12 Method, How to Acheive a Lifetime of Sustsined Peak Performance.” Chapter 1 - Congratulations, if you’re reading this book you undoubtedly live within 150 miles of Boston. Love ya, Patriot nation! Chapter 2 - HGH. THE END
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    True that Brady’s super cool now, but I remember when his older brother, Peter, pranked him and got him to wear a girls’ blouse to school. Since their parents were out of town, Sam the butcher had to pick him up at school because he cried on the playground.
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    I just hope he is there, he is a once in a generation type talent who can make others around him look better.....I also keep hearing that McGlinchy is falling possibly out of the 1st.....would gobble them both up in a heart beat.
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    You’re both right. Mike’s just not up to his job anymore. Interviewing coaches, choosing one, negotiating a contract, integrating the new coaches’ methods into the existing culture, having to jettison the players the new coach wants gone, the list of tasks goes on and on. Mike’s refusal to hire a GM is biting him in the ass harder than ever right now. There’s no way he could muster the energy and drive to do the job properly. Does anyone in here really believe Mike will keep up the travel schedule other GMs will endure through the next few months? League meetings, Senior Bowl week, home-campus workouts for high round guys, the combine, etc.? No way. Mike will meander into his office at PBS and pat himself on the back for even doing that. After all, we should all just be grateful to even have a team, thanks to Mike turning down hundreds of millions he could have collected moving to another city (his words, not mine).
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    Don’t get me wrong QB is very important. However, playing the name game is skewing the reality. For instances Ben was a game managing QB in 2005 and the running game and defense led them the way. Peyton Manning was trash during his last Super Bowl season with Denver that team was led by defense. Tom Brady and the Patriots also transformed throughout the years. However QB should be on the table for pick 12.
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    His learning curve given to linemen is most lenient it appears.
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    Yeah, Paul, maybe they'll be good players in a year or two. It's just that it took them 5 years to get there at the cost of team suffering from the lack of line play. The fact that a coach, coaches, or the organization in general can allow this type of systemic approach to exist is indeed...staggering. It's unchecked ego at it's finest. None of this was about Ced or Fisher or Bodine. It was about Paul A. and his massive ego.
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    Wait for it.....wait for it! http://www.bengals.com/news/article-1/Alexander-calls-last-season-his-most-rewarding/8138a30f-dd80-4150-8a4a-606a6c7579f6 “Everyone is going to hammer Cedric and Fisher but a year from, now you’ll say, ‘Paul was right. These guys are good,’” Alexander said Tuesday as he drove around Dallas looking for a place to live for the first time in 24 years. “Remember when Tennessee wanted to get rid of Taylor Lewan and (Eric) Fisher was terrible for Kansas City and (Jake) Matthews wasn’t playing well for Atlanta? These guys are good players now. It doesn’t happen overnight. Sometimes it does. Willie (Anderson) was pretty good young. (Andrew Whitworth) was pretty good young. Most guys were not that way.” Alexander says his departure from the Bengals as the NFL’s longest-tenured offensive line coach for 23 straight seasons with one club was “mutual.” After the season head coach Marvin Lewis motioned Alexander into his office with, “Let’s talk for a minute,” and Alexander said, ‘Let me talk first.” “I told him I wasn’t coming back,” said Alexander, who said he thought Lewis was thinking along the same lines. “My kids are in college, I’d been in the same place for a long time. I loved my time here, but my wife and I wanted a little adventure at the end of our lives and we wanted to go explore. And this was the best year to do it. There were a lot of jobs open. I got a little nervous, but you’ve got to have a little confidence yourself and I ended up getting the best one out there.”
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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! http://www.sportingnews.com/nfl/news/paul-alexander-dallas-cowboys-hire-new-offensive-line-coach-from-cincinnati-bengals/n9qkxj3oayra1d8v31docah9t The headline says they "stole" him from us If that was robbery, we need to get robbed more often :-)
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    we have a signing! we have a signing! https://www.cincyjungle.com/2018/2/14/17013486/bengals-sign-former-giants-offensive-lineman-bobby-hart S U P E R B O W L ! whats not to like about an OT who was rated even lower than Ooogie by PFT and also quit on his team - refused to play the final game of 2017? Do you smell that? Thats the scent of a CHAMPIONSHIP!