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    I disagree with this. It’s a workplace situation. And this longtime, very loyal, employee is being demoted. It’s a very public demotion. I think common courtesy requires a little meeting to explain what the team is doing, what he needs to do going forward. It’s not 1955. Ultimately showing Dunlap the respect he deserves would serve the team as well because you don’t get this public dragging they’re getting right now.
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    Heh, saw a few replays and I am def in the shots kicked at that end zone. The burrow color rush to the left of the goalposts being kicked at. here are some obs from being there: Waiting for my flight - a few quick additional thoughts : I was in the north end zone 11 rows off the field - so a new vantage point for me. The second and fourth quarters when bengals were on offense i had as close to burrow’s vantage point on throws as I will ever get, and, damn. I have zero idea how he sees some of the windows he sees. There were five or six passes that he threw that I had time to think “where in the hell is he throwing it” and each time he competed a ball. He may be a wizard. The one in particular that sticks out was the 23-yarder to Higgins in the 4th. He. Was. Not. Open. Just an unreal throw. a few other things: —-I really now fear that AJ is cooked. The play in the first quarter where burrow rolled away from pressure and waved AJ downfield was coming at me - the old AJ makes that play but I could immediately see when Burrow waved him to get deep and AJ planted to go that there was no burst. None. I hope that it is still coming back, but that was rough to watch live as close to it as I was. —-the two Mixon 3rd quarter TD came at my end zone - on the second of them, the run up the middle, it looked like Redmond did a really good job sealing off his man and giving Joe the hole. It was like the Red Sea parting from where I was. —-thought the holding call to negate the Boyd TD was weak. Especially because on series before that Dunlap was dragged down right in front of us and the damn ref and he swallowed the flag while Jax converted a long third down. They also replayed the Lawson personal foul flag in the stadium and that was a fucking joke of a call. If refs were simply competent we blow them out in the first half. —-it is weird watching burrow live. He’s so in control, so calm , I’ve never seen anything quite like it in cincy. At least not four games in to a career. He’s an absolute superstar coming. —-I didn’t see him really miss on any deep throws he should have connected on. The receivers are simply not open. Very little separation deep to connect on the ones yesterday. —-hell, not a fuckton of separation on a lot of the intermediate passes either. Burrow is so damn accurate. If this was Dalton...yeesh. that’s most of what is at the top of my head this AM.
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    Lets see. 3-19-1. 1-12-1 in one score games. 1-8 In the AFC North. Worse coach in Bengals history. Has surpassed Dave. Only coach to lose a game. When his team don't punt. Was 55-0 now it's 55-1 thanks to Zac. Zac brought in Lou , Turner and Eason. All are failing big time. The team is split, players wanting out. Geno, Dunlap, Ross and AJ. Those are the ones who have made it known. Then how long before Burrow wants out? Joe's success has nothing to do with Zac. If Zac wants to be his coach. Cool take a demotion and be the QB coach. Zac is a good guy. But that don't mean he is a good coach. there is to much damage now for Zac to ever recover from. It's clear he has to go. Fire him turner and Lou lets simmons take over. Then at the end of the season. If Simmons can turn it around. Let him coach if not. Go get Bienemy or see if you can get Fickell to come coach. We all wanted Zac to succeed. He didn't a couple losses that is understandable. To be 1 and 3 for 8,12,19 that is bad coaching. Then something has to be done. If not what message does that give to the players and fans? Losing is acceptable not doing your job as player or coach is acceptable? Hell No! Enough is enough!
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    Good. I hope he punches a few of them for me.
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    No systematic, consistent focus on good LB's and SS's. Cutting corners and being cheap. It's a Mike Brown/Brown family thing. And by "being cheap" I mean not spending on certain positions, they don't spend $$ wisely. Sorry I know that's a tired statement.
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    Taylor responds to fans: (also with a nice response by the author below it): https://www.yahoo.com/sports/zac-taylor-shares-message-bengals-130035721.html He can talk about "long term" all he wants, we don't care, some of these one-score losses need to start turning into wins, not next year, or the year after, but now. You can't just win 3 games in almost 2 seasons in this league and expect more patience after years of losing. As the author states, this year wasn't about contending, but showing some progress, glimpses of hope - I really haven't seen any, just a lot of inconsistent play and bad coaching. If Tobin is to blame, throw him in there too, doesn't matter, start winning some games, or get someone who demands it and doesn't excuse not doing it, and holds the front office accountable for providing him what he needs to succeed. Fans are fed-up with this franchise, they all deserve blame and accountability for it - players and coaches. Stop tolerating losing, just stop.
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    Just a cameo, in and out, I thought the consensus in here was, once ML and AD left, this team was Superbowl bound! Looks like a 90s run again to me! This franchise died with Paul Brown! Enjoy!
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    I can tell you all from being there Sunday that was as safe as I have felt in a public place since Covid started - much safer than going to a grocery store or for sure going to a restaurant. There was plenty of room between seats - rows even. Everyone wore masks (and if you let yours slip lots of stadium personnel with gentle reminders to put them back on), lots of space at concessions. And in Pro Shop. If you think you want to go, from a Covid safety standpoint, I gave it an "A".
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    116/177 (65.5%), 1121 yards, 6.3 yards per attempt, 7 TDs (1 rushing), 2 INTs I might just track this week by week for a quick visualization of his progression. He was able to get the ball downfield a little bit today, and it was great to see.
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    Will look for you Mem. Go Bengals, you could be witnessing Burrow’s first win.
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    Who's got two thumbs and is gonna be there to see Joe Burrow (and the rest of the team) on Sunday? THIS GUY.
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    This team can’t win games because they can’t make the plays when they are there just sad!
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    Playcalling is amateur at best, period. Bring back Bob Bratkowski!!!
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    The fact 2 guys were in a position to annihilate him like that is what concerns me. 3 weeks in a row now of this, he is just getting pounded, it's going to add-up, these aren't just typical safe tackles, they're blind-sided hits as he's throwing or in the pocket, constantly.
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    Hey look it’s Cincinnati Bengals kicker Jake Elliot! fuck
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    No. The job of the head coach is not “develop the quarterback.” It’s just not. That’s not an opinion. That’s a fact. The QB coach’s job is develop the quarterback. Zac’s job is to win games. He isn’t doing it. It’s not all his fault, but it’s a bottom line business. No W’s, no job.
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    Can we please have a competent fourth quarter, defense?
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    That's awful. Suspend the shit out of that guy.
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    Nervous laughter watching Momma Burrow cringing at the sight of her son behind this line
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    Gio proving he deserves many more touches when Mixon is healthy.
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    Man, good hands by Phillips on that pick. He barely had time to react.
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    Let him play today, I don’t care if he has to wear his Bills uni, just run him out there.
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    This is a very positive development for the team:
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    Well that's the "real" problem. And a coach with a set of cajones would be raising hell with the Brown family to get him what he needs and start stock-piling draft picks as trading chips or simply for acquring new players., and clearing-out some cap space for FA upgrades next year. Granted that may still happen, but I'm doubting it will. This is where HC's come to die, their careers any ways, I said that when they hired Taylor, what a naive fool he is. Marvin was naive as well, but used his success as leverage against Brown to make trades and sign/draft the players he wanted, to the extent he could at least. Taylor resigns guys like Bobby Hart. He has no idea what he's gotten himself into. His career is literally hanging by a thread at this point, at least as a HC. Damn fool.
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    Wow another blown coverage. Lucky that was over thrown.
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    Wow you are on it Hoosier Cat. Keep up the good work!
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    Troy has the explanations/excuses game down pat. Unfortunately some other teams, in our division, have the build a strong football team game down pat.
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    Man they could be beating the ravens right now if the offense could actually do something. As of now they are so unwatchable thanks o-line! Once again AJ is invisible, Mixon can’t run it’s so stupid! How about trying to run Bernard some see if he can do something
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    These coaching really think. They could coach around the oline issues. When they can't even come up with a decent game plan. This staff is worse than Dave Shula staff. Think about that! Said change the culture? No Zac is making it worse.
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    It amazes me how they get a franchise QB and ignore the position that has been a sore spot for years. I’m really not sure what these coaches look at, do they really sit there and say we got the guys here to make a difference. Do they watch the tape and are impressed with these guys. This is just terrible to watch!
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    I know they won't bench him, but in games like this it's that scenario that makes me perfectly ok with it if they start doing it in blow outs where he's getting annihilated like this. It's just matter of time til he goes on the IR this year I think.
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    Lmfao same 4 plats!! Way to go Zac! You sure showed them. GFC!!!
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    This game will show where this team is at. We will see if they can compete with the ratbirds. It's got to start up front on both sides. Contain the run and slow the TE's on D. Then keep Burrow up right and hope to run the ball like last week. Yes they should have told Dunlap before the move. Even Carlos hinted he needs to play better against the run. TBH if Lawson is playing better. Then Lawson should be starting.
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    yup well summarized specifically, i want a dominant ORT in r1 and a solid ORG in r2, weighting the value of pass protection over run blocking bonus if the ORG can longsnap and/or also play center
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    If Green and Ross continue on this path then another offseason top priority will be speed to WR core.
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    All he needs is what Kenny Anderson got in 1973 - and that is Isaac Curtis...
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    There are a LOT of really bad teams playing right now. I still see this team with 5-7 wins and that puts them picking in the teens.
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    Glad you got to see it, mem.
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    Exactly. Both are full of holes.
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    Thinking I may just go work on my truck. This team is terrible. If they win it will only be if burrow can carry them. This team undisciplined poorly coached out of shape. Just a complete joke of a team. But just another year of typical Bengals football. Don't know why I think this would ever change. Can't wait until Ohio State starts to play. At least I can get to see what a real team and coach looks like.
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    Allow me to redirect. I don't see twitter rants about Tobin as much as I see them about Turner. Any new line coach is going to need Tobin to use draft picks on lineman and then have them work out. That's the biggest issue. Bengal fans did the same jack shit hot takes with Paul Alexander. It's dumb. They need talent across the board with that line. Frank Pollack looked incompetent too with Hart at RT.
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    I think that means a new RG starter.
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    Through three games: 91/141 (64.5%), 821 yards, 5.8 yards per attempt, 6 TDs (1 rushing), 1 INT The YPA is not great, but clearly Burrow is not to blame for that. He doesn't have nearly enough time to throw deep. Otherwise our guy is off to a stellar statistical start. He is going to be top 3 in the NFL in pass attempts when the week is over, perhaps even #1, and he only has one interception. That's kind of a miracle.
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    An Wow our DB's are in full dumb ass mode.
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    Lol my gosh keep your hands off