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    Thats what worries me, Zac decided to bring his friends along instead of hiring vet coaches. That’s not to say some of these guys won’t work out in the end, but as of now this seems like a team without a plan. The guys they did sign to this team don’t even have a purpose? Gio hardly touches the ball, Eifert does not seem to catch passes anymore, Uzamah really don’t see him, what the hell is the plan around here. As a fan right now I don’t know how to feel. I don’t want to root for another team, but at the same time I don’t want to watch this shit show that they have here now. All I want is to wake up Sundays excited because the Bengals are on, and now I wake up thinking of other things to do. I hated Marvin at the end, but at least at one time he put together a coaching staff that gave this team hope, almost every year we had a chance because they were in the playoffs, I just want that feeling again. Somewhere Marvin is laughing along with Carson Palmer. F**k me this sucks!
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    This upcoming game genuinely worries me - feels like a trap game where they might accidentally win.
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    Mike deserves the ignominy that would accompany an 0-16 season. His stubborn refusal to change is at the heart of it all.
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    Mark me down for 45-3. To be clear, we will be supplying the ass, not the kicking
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    I think they are bad, but once they start trading away assets and playing players just because they are young; that’s tanking, IMO. Seems like a lot of fans want that now. So do I. Keep in mind that’s a miserable experience with no guarantee they surpass the Marvin days. Cleveland won 4 games in 3 seasons and cycled through so many names it seems like a decade ago.
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    The ONLY thing that would interest me at this point is for them to do this right - and sell off Green, Dalton, Atkins, Dunlap, Dre and WJIII and bring back a bevy of picks and re-boot this thing. That would be interesting and potentially a way forward. But I know they won't even do that.
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    i was going to put in my 2 cents worth, but i just can;t be bothered. maybe it's the Friday night beers, maybe I just need the count to 9 before I get off the canvas, but thus far i am feeling (i don't really know what I'm feeling tbh)
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    Yes, Brown Family, your fans are detailing draft prospects 4 games into the season. I’d like them to get Tua. What they’ll do to protect him once he’s here, I have no idea. If the words “Andre Smith” are involved, Tua should just stay in school for another year.
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    Redubbing this as the LOLine.
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    PFF released o-line rankings following week 3 games. I know what you’re thinking, “we’re last.” WRONG! second to last. Dolphins are last.
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    All the Bengals need is 5 new linemen, 3 new linebackers, 1 new corner, 1 new tight end, and we’ll be fine. Almost there.
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    I melted down all over the Bengals twitter-verse over the fuckawful Turner hire being a particularly disappointing and bad sign from Taylor and, well, fuck it sucks to be right. This and the rest of the line issues/retirements/decisions has the hands of an incompetent bully all over it.
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    I always liked: Lead a trade ?? Dude couldn’t lead a piece of shit out of his ass.
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    my dead gramma may have to suit up in a jersey numbered in the 60s or 70s
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    The Minshew stache is enough to put the fear of God unto this team. They already didn’t stand a chance, but the stache ensures it.
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    Hoosier is right, the sample size on this dude is insufficient to make any real judgement at this time. Zing!
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    Steeler fans seemed to be annoyed that they exposed him to practice squad risking losing him. Probably more of a guard. Research shows he was a 3 star ranked high school recruit. Had other offers from Nebraska, Marshall, Va Tech, and Miami. Steelers made him a priority UDFA signing. Most draft profiles had him as drafted player in 7th round. CBS sportline had him among top 25 non drafted players. Clearly showed promise in preseason enough to make practice squad.
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    Although I agree wholey that the best chance an NFL team has to rebuild is with high draft picks (and lots of them), and indeed I have gone on record wanting us to trade veterans with a little left in the tank for draft picks -- but honestly, this teams drafts in the last few years have been pure excrement Given an inability to draft quality players, I dont see any hope for this team until the draft decision process improves. I dont know if thats on the scouts, or on SoaG, or on Tobin, or whoever......but whatever the source of the sewage is, it has to go away (or be removed from the draft decision process) before this team will have any chance whatsoever of becoming even mediocre/average
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    TEs can't catch passes when they are being kept in to block because our OLine is incredibly bad, maybe historically bad.
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    This team could very well end up 0-16. They look as if they have one shot, as of now, to get a win. That's in Miami in week 15.
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    Might be the worst defense in Bengals' history, I'm trying to think of one that's actually worse than this one. I have no idea how all of a sudden guys like Jackson and Bates suck either. Maybe we shouldn't be surprised when they just decided to re-sign Brown and do little else, and Taylor had to pick-up a coordinator off the scrap heap at the last minute.
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    No clue why the Ravens even throw the ball at all.
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    Nice KO return TD to start our "offense". Clockwork though: Jackson torched the Bengals on a scramble on their first play.
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    Stand by for gaslighting. Mike presser in the next two weeks. Must stay the course, see this through, oxcart/ditch, tackle and LB complaints just another theme, fans wanted new coach so we gave them one, etc.
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    See this is part of why I am where I am as a fan. How many years have I (and others) gone on and on about the state of the line backing corps, the o-line, or both ?? Despite being able to clearly see how little the front office has addressed those areas from the couch in my living room, they’ve done nothing. And please spare me the Preston Brown and Bobby Hart justifications. Fast forward however many damn years and here they sit trying to figure out why they are 0-5, making comments like “We just have to execute better”. How’s that working out with the equivalent of some juco talent in starting positions ?? (Might be over dramatic there) They have neither drafted well or made it a priority to bring in free agent talent worth a shit. Seriously take a minute to go back and read what was said about Bobby Hart when he left the Giants. THIS is who they saw fit to give a multi year contract to in order to protect Dalton. Yep, I’m still pretty done with this crap. But hey, we fans don’t know how hard it is to run an NFL team remember ???
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    There's also the fact that it's been 80 years since the last time we needed to assess a new head coach. I forget how.
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    Sorry it didn't work out.
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    It isn't the draft day decisions. That is on the coaching staff and scouting Dept. Here is where the Browns' fail running this organization IMHO. 1) they continue to go cheap paying front office personnel. They have half the number of scouts compared to league avg and a quarter of scouts than Dallas as an example. Also, they refuse to pay the front office personnel that exemplary salary that is due them, so they leave and are replaced at lower competency. 2) no creativity. Other team can look at free agency and move proactively to fill roster holes. Say what you want about the price they paid but Houston saw that their oline was going to hold them back and made the move to fix it with Tunsil. Likewise Minkah Fitzpatrick for the Steelers. Also on draft day the Bengals have consistently shown no creativity in the early rounds to Target a guy they need and go and get them. 3) lastly, they refuse to properly evaluate their team, they hold on the washed up players yet maddening let some players that still have gas in their tanks leave (Zeitler and Whitworth as good examples). This shit will never change as long as the Brown family refuses to step away from football decisions.
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    Dude, don’t be down. With Ross and Green out, we’ll get to watch Andy try to throw within the .5 second of protection he’ll get to Tyler Boyd who’ll be dealing with quadruple coverage. Should be fun!
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    Nobody knows how he will be, but after these first few games, I’m not sure I’m all that impressed. Not even just him it’s with every coach. The defense is always confused, guys are always wide open with busted assignments, the d-line has not been the same as week 1. The offense since week 1 has looked awful, they are so hard to watch, I see no hope in that group at all. I still believe that Zac would have been better off adding some good veteran coaches to help him out. Marvin was best when he had veteran guys around, those years to me were so fun to watch, they got the best out of there guys and it showed. Im hoping the best for Zac and hopefully things change and they figure things out.
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    Good point. There’s never been a HOF NFL QB with a fish name.
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    If you don't have a franchise QB (Love you Andy, but you aren't) and are in a position to get one (we should be) then you do it. Another problem which is self inflicted upon this organization is their unwillingness to go after a top prospect in free agency. You don't have to go after 5 of them or even 2 of them. Just get one impact player to help. If not that, use some of the players we currently have on the roster and go get one in a trade. Something, anything. Be fucking creative. Just do something to make the team better. Shit...
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    Agreed COB. Again, just for the record, going into next Sunday the Bengals hold the No. 3 overall pick based on SoS tiebreaker. If they somehow win, I think they could theoretically fall all the way to 8. 1 Redskins 0-4 (.625 SoS) 2 Broncos 0-4 (.625) 3 Bengals 0-4 (.667) 4 Dolphins 0-4 (.688) 5 Jets 0-3 (.750) 6 Cardinals 0-3-1 (.594) http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001060989/article/2020-nfl-draft-order-redskins-no-1-eagles-jets-in-top-10
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    In addition to moving guys who still have value, they need to beef up scouting and personnel. Won’t do any good to stockpile picks and keep having the same shitty drafts. They did that early in the Lewis era, but let it all dwindle away.
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    Looking at the rest of the schedule, there are certainly beatable teams there. The thing is, the Bengals are simply so bad, it's hard to pick a winner in those matchups. I would say it's next to impossible to find a worse o-line or line backing corps in the league. There are probably college units that come "close" to rivaling our level of talent at this point. Cardinals, Jets, Dolphins, and Raiders are all bad teams. It will come down to those games for the #1 pick. Outside of those, you just couldn't pick the Bengals to win. Seriously. Not one other.
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    Well, they are what we thought they were.
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    You knew they’d show Vontaze hurting AB in the playoff meltdown. Funny how the fortunes of so many involved in that mess have turned. Joey Porter - fired. Pacman - arrested, cut, out of NFL. Marvin - fired. Antonio Brown - went insane, cut, out of the NFL. Burfict - not re-upped here, gets longest suspension for on field behavior ever. Full season. Ben - Out for the year with arm surgery.
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    It's never too early to look at draft position! We're #1!
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    The Bengals should be wary of giving him a contract extension personally.
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    It’s whatever anymore maybe just shut him down and let him take the year to heal anymore.
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    Man, we started thin, then went on an all-injury diet.
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    F*cking snake bit. I'm telling you. Bad enough damn near every 1st round pick gets hurt their first season.
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    As an activity elsewhere, I constructed a Bengals all-time 53-man roster. Might as well share: QB (3) - Ken Anderson, Boomer Esiason, Andy Dalton RB (4) - Corey Dillon, James Brooks, Rudi Johnson, Giovani Bernard FB (1) - Pete Johnson WR (6) - Chad Johnson, Isaac Curtis, A.J. Green, Carl Pickens, T.J. Houshmandzadeh, Cris Collinsworth TE (3) - Dan Ross, Rodney Holman, Bob Trumpy OL (8) - Anthony Muñoz, Willie Anderson, Max Montoya, Andrew Whitworth, Richie Braham, Levi Jones, Bruce Kozerski, Dave Lapham DL (9) - Geno Atkins, Carlos Dunlap, Tim Krumrie, Justin Smith, Domata Peko, Eddie Edwards, Michael Johnson, Coy Bacon, Dan Wilkinson LB (6) - Reggie Williams, James Francis, Takeo Spikes, Brian Simmons, Vontaze Burfict, Jim LeClair S (4) - David Fulcher, Tommy Casanova, Reggie Nelson, Madieu Williams CB (6) - Lemar Parrish, Ken Riley, Leon Hall, Johnathan Joseph, Deltha O’Neal, Adam Jones P (1) - Kevin Huber LS (1) - Clark Harris K (1)- Shayne Graham KR - Lemar Parrish, Adam Jones PR - Lemar Parrish, Tommy Casanova HC - Sam Wyche OC - Bill Walsh* DC - Mike Zimmer *He was a WR and QB coach, but whatever I’m giving him the job. Starters are bolded; I threw in the names in whatever order they came to mind.
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    I think Jonah Williams, if he is event decent, is enough to make a big difference on offense. I don’t think the Bengals are that far away. One competent linebacker and one more lineman could make a 3-4 win difference IMO.
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    I don’t like the Steelers. Just seems like they have a lot of fan boys in the media that cover for them. That said, many many times the Bengals have had a chance to send them down. Usually the Bengals blow it and the Steelers squeak some life into their miserable season. Feels like that kinda game. Steelers need to get on the right track and here come the slump buster Bengals.
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    I was excited when they hired Marvin and drafted Palmer, I felt there was hope on the horizon, and was excited about watching this team again. I was also excited about a new head coach hiring of Taylor, until they did absolutely nothing else to change the team. If they are going to suck then please suck while rebuilding a team with the new head coach. Is Dalton really there future QB? I'm guessing the answer is no, so maybe it's time to play Finley see what he is (I'm sure nothing great, but you never know) so come the draft you know which way to go.
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    Auden Tate looks like a player to me. Not sure it’s bad that’s he’s making plays against that defense in his first start.
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    Good buddy Bengals fan of mine said to me today “ Man! It seems like Dalton gets passes batted down all the time, every game, and in all the critical situations.” I agreed with him and it’s really the only thing I can say that I dislike about Andy. Wish he still had Whit and Zeitler blocking for him.
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    Ugh this team is annoying and not good at all
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    So many freaking batted balls. Dalton's had those his whole career.