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    But this guy is "freakin' awesome" !! Paul Alexander said so.
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    I’m with Wraith it’s important history for the franchise.
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    Kid Steakhouse is still a historical event so therefore still viable.
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    “Mike Brown Stadium?” “Why not?” “Screw you dad”
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    I'll start. "When's Katie going to get me the scouting report on that gigantic rugby player?"
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    "raise the grade by 2 draft rounds on any player whose wife/fiancee/SO can play Bridge. The wife is short a player for her Wednesday night bridge social. Make it happen, peons"
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    and that Thursday night is NFL Network only. I HAVE NEVER watch Bengals Thursday game because it is ALWAYS on NFL Network and I don't have that channel.
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    What Mem said, +1
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    There was no T considered worth taking at 12, but that’s not true at 21. At 21 that’s the rifht spot for McGlinchy or the Texas tackle. Wynn is perfectly slotted there too and he’s a G/T type. They traded back because it solved LT and put them better into the sweet spot for C/G/RT types. If they want a lineman, they can get a really really good one at 21 without reaching.
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    “Fuckin Reds”. “And I’m the bad guy?”
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    Give up your multi million dollar profession and apply for the police academy. Then you can see for yourself the job and the very issue your supposedly trying change. You’ll know what’s up very quickly. or at least participate in ride alongs.
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    Now the news about Reid and them questioning him about the kneeling. Much like I don't care about his politics, I don't care they asked him his thoughts moving forward. If he already publicly stated he wouldn't do that, it should not have been hard to reiterate that stance. It apparently was. You would think any organization who is trying to make money would try not to alienate a sizeable portion of their fans by signing a player that would do just that. While I don't care about his politics, I still do NOT care to see people demonstrate during the National Anthem. I simply do not feel that is appropriate or respectful, while understanding that's not what they are protesting against. Find another course or action. Hell, take action in the community. PLEASE take action in your community, but we don't see that. Any news about any of these guys making a difference in their own communities ?? Now, while I do not like it, I will defend people's rights to do whatever it is they like. This is a free country last time I checked. The thing people seem to miss is that there are consequences to your actions. The players will have to deal with those consequences. Just because people don't like those consequences does not make it wrong. Hell, my 11 and 7 year old boys understand there being consequences for their actions. Too much to ask of others I suppose.
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    That’s Eric Winston, Dad. We fired him but we can’t get him to leave.
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    On top of that they are not protesting the national anthem, they are making a respectful demonstration about police treatment of minorities during the national anthem and I for one think it is perfectly reasonable.
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    "Eh.... gurrghhh... fabagasha fump...."
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    "The fans seemed to have bought off on the story to bring back Marvin. Quick, make a deposit into my account from the money we carried over from last year."
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    "Pumpkin, can you call Akili and see if he'll give some of that money back?"
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    Did we have the draft yet? Did we get the Butkus kid from Illinois I’ve had my eye on?
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    Dave Shula's really at Dartmouth? That's where both Mike and Katie went to school. It is very possible the Brown's helped him get that job. Undying loyalty. That's like The White Star Line giving the captain of the Titanic a great reference because he was such a team player.
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    “Gosh, I miss Paul. I need a piano lesson. Katie! Did you find me a new piano teacher?”
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    Ah Mike, are you with us? We were just asking you if you agree to the plan to go heavy on the oline early and trade up to get some our top 5 ranked players? Mike? Oh shit.... Katie see if you can get him back...
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    Back when I was at Dartmouth, This was 19 and 56 mind you, we were third in the Ivy and were 8th in the nation in touchdowns rushing. I myself was 8th in rushing touchdowns, mind you, And first inthe nation in points scored. I will just say that Big Cedric is one hoot and nanny of a player better than my old Left Tackle... yes sir.... yeeeees sirrre
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    the doors to such an eatery would be turnstiles with little or no resistance to the pass rush getting to the quarterback customer entering
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    Nice first post, Yang, and welcome to BZ I am hoping that they dont take a single OG even in the late rounds, myself, as I think we have at least 4 veterans already in place who can capably man the two OG spots
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    "McCarron's wife sure was a looker. What I wouldn't give to invite her over for a wholesome dinner and then see her out at 7 PM sharp..."
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    There’s no doubt Marvin existing as Bengal coach is a product of laziness on the part of the Brown family. Marvin owns from A to Z every football process. They are comfortable and Marvin’s comfortable. Oh the headaches and the risk of bringing a new guy in. Makes my hips hurt too just thinking about it.
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    Mike couldn’t make the owners’ meetings this last week because he had a hip replaced. Katie went. Nothing against Mike, he actually had some correct ideas about the league that, though scorned at the time, turned out to be prophetic. But it is time for him to step completely away from operations. This is just stupid. He’s going through the travails of very advanced age, AND he’s supposed to somehow keep running this complex, ever-changing, business? I’m convinced we have Marvin again because the prospect of the coach search and interview process was just a bit too daunting for Mike. It’s over dude.
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    I see your first 3 round exactly the same way TJ. As always, it just depends on who's there or does someone fall ?
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    I know this is fantasy because the Bengals will never dump a whole draft into one aspect of the team but they have an opportunity to fix their o-line in one fell swoop this draft but they have to draft wisely. I would be easy for them to take a player at need without looking at the whole draft holistically. At #21 they will have lots of options but there is one player that, if there, will set this whole plan into motion. That player is Will Hernandez the OG from UTEP. They will be tempted by a tackle falling into this position but none of the tackle prospects are worth a first round selection based upon what will be available to them in later rounds (this draft is very deep in good tackle prospects). Also they will be tempted to take a Center and while Daniels and Price are worthy of the selection there are three Centers (Daniels, Price, and Ragnow) that carry almost identical grades, one of those three guys (likely two) will be available to the Bengals at #46. I have been charting the draft since early 1990's and since 2004 only once (2009 with Alex Mack and Eric Wood) has two centers been taken by our pick (#46) in the second round. There is simply no other guard (save Nelson who will be long gone by #21) in this draft (or in the last 5) that matches Hernandez from a movement/power perspective. He is a smart, football junkie who played spectacularly well on a very bad football team the last few seasons. He is a gem and will lock down the RG position for us for a decade making Dalton, Boyd, Green, and most particularly Mixon all better players. I am also seeing a dramatic drop with Orlando Brown with at least two respected draft analysts (Rob Rang and Colin Lindsey) having the once sure-fire first rounder dropping to the late 3rd early 4th. While I am concerned about the terrible (I mean historically terrible) combine workout, Browns tape is the best of this draft and at RT his deficiencies will be somewhat masked. What is undeniable is that Brown could be a massive improvement in the running game and he knows how to be an NFL Tackle. Take Hernandez at Guard in Round 1 (he will certainly be gone by our selection in Round 2), take the best of the remaining centers in Rd. 2 (46)....I am betting it will be Billy Price, and roll the dice on Orlando Brown in the third. If Brown is gone by our pick in the third you can drop back and take Chukwuma Okorafor out of Western Michigan, Alex Cappa out of Humbolt State or Brian O-Neill out of Pitt all are excellent RT prospects though it may be worthwile to trade up with our excellent draft capital back into the 2nd to grab Brown if he is still there late in the round. The key is to read the draft and study the recent draft history to glean trends. If we take a tackle or a center in rd one we may get one good player if they play their cards right they could get three and fix the O-line for years to come in one draft. RT: Orlando Brown, RG: Will Hernandez, C: Billy Price, LG: Clint Boling, LT: Cordy Glenn looks pretty incredible to me and all are young enough to stabilize the o-line for years. After pick #77 we can work on the rest of the team.
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    Finally got around to moving it.
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    I think Amphar and I just agreed on something. Holy crap! Write down the day and time.....possible sign of the apocalypse
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    12 to 21 is 9 spots and that isn’t a magic wand. It jives with what the experts are saying about the tackles. I have my doubts about them drafting at tackle at 21. I think it’s another weak class. Question becomes Center? Will they? @21? Supposed to be deep and good class of interior line players all the way to the 3rd/4th round. Large pizza says Cornerback,lol