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    Ha ha! Our (presumably) first round QB uses his celebrity to inspire people to help the less fortunate. Meanwhile, Cleveland’s first round QB uses his celebrity to get rather dismal blow jobs from fame-awed 20 year-old girls in the parking lot behind a strip mall Cheese Cake Factory.
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    Without diminishing anything about him as a player, I am really really really really starting to like Burrow as a person. Really.
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    It’s true. Tua overcame shit talent at Alabama to put up his numbers. He had no receivers or line to speak of helping him. Not like Burrow, who clearly was carried by the crew around him...
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    Burrow’s 9” hands get any coverage as if anyone gives a shit, and he has a response: I like this guy.
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    I referenced Daniel Jeremiah's pod where he talked about burrow a few weeks back as a must listen, but for those that couldn't hear it, Peter King got Jeremiah to talk about what he covered on that pod in his column - putting it here for those who missed it the first time on what happened between 2018 and 2019 for Burrow: https://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2020/02/24/nfl-combine-preview-pass-interference-replay-fmia-peter-king/?cid=nbcsports
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    I was on TDN earlier today and I rather enjoyed this outcome. I go into these with the thought that they address RT in free agency. So figure these results with the addition of say... Jack Conklin at RT. 1. Joe Burrow, QB, LSU 2. Kenneth Murray, LB, Oklahoma 3. Malik Harrison, LB, Ohio State 4. Trey Adams, OT, Washington 5. Michael Pittman Jr., WR, USC 6. Colby Parkinson, TE, Stanford 7. Levonta Taylor, CB, Florida St. The addition of two LB's certainly can't hurt when looking at our current depth chart. Adams, provides depth and could use the time to learn. I have watched Pittman during his time in USC and think he would be a good addition to the WR corps. Parkinson is a huge redzone target for Burrow and Taylor is a smaller CB that QB's stayed away from.
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    Hobson isn't writing a piece like that IF they aren't all in on Joe Burrow. Done deal. All the Joe comments being vague is just to avoid a media circus until the obvious is made official on draft day.
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    And it's like everyone is forgetting the Bengals and first round picks. Burrow will be the pick and get hurt during OTA's, resulting in him missing his rookie season anyway. It's like getting a year of NFL football pay for free. Why not come to Cincinnati ?? That's a whole year of wear and tear he won't have to worry about. What other team can offer that ??
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    Remember that time Carson Palmer got a home playoff game against a terrible rookie Mark Sanchez with the support of a top ten defense and a running back who ran for nearly 170 yards? Remember when Carson Palmer played like trash in that playoff game? Mike Brown's fault.
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    Someone on twitter called that a “Cleveland handshake”.
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    There seems to be two different camps on this board regarding the draft and Joe Burrow. There’s the mindset of trying to build a roster efficiently. Then there’s the mindset of how to best change the culture. IMO, no amount of draft picks can make up for those players that can literally change the energy of a team. This is the biggest reason I think you take Burrow and spend your efforts on figuring out the rest of the draft. Get your leader.
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    He’s basically trolling. Plays his own interview where Burrow says both going number 1 and going to a good team are important to him. Then Patrick goes “Joe Burrow can’t have it both ways, if he goes 1 he won’t go to a good team.” WTF. What is Burrow supposed to do about it? He’s going into an ultra-unionized industry where his options are almost none. Just do your best and stack up the legal tender. Also, what did he expect Burrow to say? I don’t care about going high, and I don’t ever want to be on a good team?
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    Official - I am going. I have booked the flights and the hotel. Got half on each due to points. Here we go. My lifelong bad luck jinx versus the Bengals doing the right thing and the national media trying to stir up trouble. What could possibly go wrong????
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    I've been checking my back ever since I brought it up. On my way out of work the other day, a couple of guys were joking about the rookie pool as they walked to their cars. They haven't been seen since. Only blood stains by their cars. Sad and yet terrifying.
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    Todays lunchtime mock. 1 Joe Burrow, QB 33 Tee Higgins, WR 65 Prince Tega Wanogho, OT 97 Thaddeus Moss, TE 129 Jeremy Chinn, S 160 Shaquille Quarterman, LB 192 A.J. Green, CB
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    so satisfying to see the 49ers beaten in a Superbowl
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    any expansion of the season should include an expansion of the roster size, to account for additional injuries. Perhaps half the practice squad members could be called up for any game (with a commensurate bump in pay for said bump) after week 8 and the practice squad roster could be raised to 12 to 16 players.
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    What’s with this cabal of former Bengals getting ahold of our precious? This is bullshit.
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    Patrick said, “People can’t believe that you’d want to go play for the Bengals, why would you? And I said, do you want to pull an Eli and say well I don’t want to play there. And then they go well you’re from Ohio and I go well that doesn’t mean that you’re a Bengal fan. This is a business decision.” Dan Patrick, Joe Burrow is not a free agent. He’s getting drafted, into a system that labor and management have bargained for and agreed upon. He doesn’t have a “business decision” to make regarding which team he signs with. The utter scorn, the disdain, that Patrick assumes everyone agrees with when they’re discussing the Bengals is fucking infuriating. Not that Mike gives a fuck.
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    Screw the media, it’s all about the big market teams. When a player who may be as good as Burrow comes out, they want to see them on these big market teams, anything else is a crime! I can’t stand the media anymore it’s why I don’t watch this stupid shit anymore.
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    Here is one where I traded back in the 2nd and picked up another 5th (the TDN engine wouldn't give me a 4th): 1. Burrow 2. Jeff Gladney, CB, TCU 3. Prince Tega Wanogho, T, Auburn 4. T. Moss, TE, LSU 5. A. Robinson, Edge, Syracuse 5. D. Duverney, WR, Texas 6. A. Gandy-Golden, WR, Liberty 7. A. Gibson, WR/RB, Memphis
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    *Jumps ahead to April in my time machine* Okay, they did nothing of note. Proceed.
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    I would say only the Dolphins have the ammo to pull this off but they won't and they shouldn't. The reason they traded Minkah Fitzpatrick and Tunsil was to make sure they had an opportunity to select multiple impact players in this draft because this draft is historically good.
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    On the plus side his tiny hands will be much better that Moobs’ big mitts at cleaning out your gutters!
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    Yea I’m guessing it could get pretty nasty about the bengals, unless Burrow comes out and says he’s excited to turn the bengals around. Even then I’m sure the media will find something
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    1 Burrow 33 Patrick Queen LB 65 Lucas Niang OL 104 Ezra Cleveland OL 147 James Proche WR 180 Evan Weaver LB 215 Josiah Deguara TE Weaver may not be there that late, if not either A J Green CB or Lamar Jackson CB at 180 Defense needs to be shored up with FA LB before the draft.
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    Decline in all caps, bold face type, if possible.
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    What I appreciate most is that a third wild card team mitigates the bullshit that is an 8-8 division winner stealing a playoff berth from a second place 10-6 team. Stuff like that happens too often, and at least now the 10-6er ought to get in. The home/away dynamic is still jacked up, but I'll take it.
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/story/_/id/28739375/more-playoff-teams-expected-new-cba-sources-say Looks like 14 playoff teams (7 per conference) with only top seeds getting first-round byes is on the horizon.
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    Frosted cinnamon. I’m not proud of that.
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    To expound: I've genuinely never seen this kind of media driven agenda before to drive a player away from a team in the draft process. Washington is a dumpster fire inside a dumpster fire. Chase Young is supposed to be a generational talent. Can someone direct me to the articles that say that he should refuse to play for Dan Snyder? Detroit has a history of awful that is far worse than the Bengals. They wasted Barry Sanders for godssake. They are perennial disappointments. Where are the articles saying that Okudah should refuse to play for them? Miami as we all know has two decades of bad under their belt and their share of scandals and embarrassments in the interim. They literally tried to tank their way to #1 pick last year by selling off everything of value, where are the articles saying that Tua and Burrow should refuse to go there?If someone can explain to me those discrepancies with regard to the constant efforts to get Burrow to say he is holding out and refuses to play for Cincinnati, I would be grateful.
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    <considers giving right pinky finger for that to come to pass>
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    The issue is that after the first 3-4 guys which are VERY likely to go in Rd. 1 there just isn't the talent at CB. We need to beef up our secondary but this should be done in the later rounds because that is where the talent is slotted. IMHO much better Safety class with high end talent than CB.
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    A year ago it was the Dan Patrick interview that stirred up Kyler Murray non committal to football concerns. Same song and dance this year.
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    Here's another mock I did on fanspeak- the trade algorithm tightened up and wasn't offering me much - I traded out of the pick in the 3rd round to pick up a 4th and a 6th. I wouldn't like to see that for real but it yielded this draft using Matt Miller's Big Board and team needs for the auto draft and me making the picks for the Bengals: 1: R1P1 QB JOE BURROW LSU 33: R2P1 EDGE ZACK BAUN WISCONSIN 104: R4P1 WR DENZEL MIMS BAYLOR 112: R4P9 G DAMIEN LEWIS LSU 147: R5P1 OT BEN BARTCH ST. JOHNS 180: R6P1 S JEREMY CHINN SOUTHERN ILLINOIS 187: R6P8 LB CAM BROWN PENN STATE 215: R7P1 OT CALVIN THROCKMORTON OREGON
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    Colin Cowherd show is anti Burrow to the Bengals too. His girl he has as a co-host openly says she hopes Burrow doesn't go to the Bengals. Steinberg Tua's agent is also fueling the fire for Tua not going here saying he hopes we fall in love with Burrow. Small market, Small fan base, Small sports media, and unlikable owner. Nobody on a national level is going to risk sounding like defending Mike Brown or the Bengals coming off 2-14 record. As I have said for a while. Carson Palmer was wrong. Nobody ever digs past the surface. They rag Andy Dalton but never ever point out the discrepancy. IF Andy Dalton is bad or average. Then it was the organization that lifted him up to 4 playoff appearances and 5th playoff season. That is the most relevant history concerning Joe Burrow. Dalton benefitted from what Palmer gave up. Nobody wants to deal with a terrible owner having found a successful period and possibly a change in organization structure.
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    I like this a lot. But two AJ Green's? That's confusing.
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    Oh believe me Hoosier when I say, I HAVE NO FAITH !!! I'm just talking my way through what will surely be another disappointing and opportunity exhausting off season.
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    Ok, the Joe Burrow thread. I'm still in the camp that says you take Burrow with the #1 pick and there is little thought to it. "If you don't have a franchise QB, you go get one." Or at least you make the effort. Trading down would be interesting, but I would want something unheard of. In 2016 the Rams and Titans swapped first rounders #1 and #15 (which was a huge jump). The Rams also gave up two 2nd round picks and a 3rd rounder in 2016, along with 1st and 3rd round pick in 2017. Yes, I would want more regardless of where the other team trades up from. A big move down the board could take them out of the top end QB's and everything else is a crap shoot. I will concede that Burrow is also a crap shoot and I have no idea if he's a "generational talent" or not, but if they think he's close, you do it. Sitting at #1 means they dictate the going rate for trades, but I am really not in favor of a trade down. In fact, i'm not in favor of trading down anywhere. Just the opposite, trade back up into the first if someone falls you didn't expect. Again, using free agency wisely makes those types of moves more doable.
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    Yup. A top-flight QB can mask considerable deficiencies, like [the entire Chiefs defense] tonight.
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    7 minute drive for the chiefs. They look good. Brady’s ad did not interest me at all. Dude’s just straight up boring.
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    Oh yeah, the CBA thing - absolutely that too - no way he refuses to play. the actual audio helps with context - also, Dan Patrick was being a dick:
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    Dehner is trying too hard. game this out for me - let’s say despite burrow’s dad already saying they are annoyed with suggestions that Burrow pull an Eli that somehow Burrow says he refuses to play for the team two hours from where he lives. You think that mike brown of all people will be bullied into dealing that pick? Mike would take Burrow and call the bluff. IF burrow then actually sat out the year (costing himself millions of dollars ) he goes back into next years Draft now 25 years old, having not played in a year, and in a draft with Lawrence, Fields and some other really great QB prospects. No way he goes number one next year - maybe falls out of top five or even top 10 costing himself even more money. other than in the fever dreams of paul Dehner and Dan Patrick and Mike brown haters, please tell me how any of that makes any sense or that him trying to force a trade is remotely likely to happen . so tired of the talking heads trying to force news to fill up the 24 hour news cycle.
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    You want Burrow to succeed you build your team around him. Do what he does best, build your playbook to suit his strengths. Go out and actually sign a GOOD free agent or two that can contribute right away in helping the team. Draft Burrow, then draft some guys who can block for him, protect him! If he fails it will be because they didn’t do enough for him. They need to start changing the way they think!
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    I would be very pleased with that. He’s starting to to show up in mocks in the 20s so that’s a possibility.