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    I've made the dire mistake of trying to participate in the large Bengals board "Jungle Noise". Yikes. There's definitely a reason I've stuck with Bengalszone all this time.
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    I'll be amazed if we win more than 4 all year. The coaching is appalling, pointless having "all this talent" when the play calling is so poor, if we can guess whats coming you can guarantee any nfl coach can!! When was the last time we made good/positive half time adjustments?
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    The video is primarily about Mixon. Lap highlights a couple awesome run blocks from Uzomah and Sample though that got me pumped. I love to see those two devouring defenders that should be above their pay grade. I know Sample had at least one gaffe in pass protection, but it's easy to see why they like the guy so much.
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    Hi everyone, it's been quite some time. To start, I handled many conversations here poorly on my way out last time. The truth is, I had just lost my father at that time and in the few months that followed 3 more family and close friends. I was an absolute mess and my life took a massive downward spiral. Things are looking up these days and thought I'd drop in. Strangely enough, it was the season opener against the Vikings that got me back into the Bengals. I was given tickets to the game and went with my son. I didn't watch the draft for the first time in nearly 20 years. I had no idea who was on the team and never gave a second to think of the Bengals. The only player I was aware of being drafted was Chase. I found that out a couple months ago when I took my son to the pro football hall of fame. I'm just now playing catch up with it all after watching the game Sunday. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello to everyone. Truly wishing you all well and hope things have been good with you and your families.
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    Cincinnati 1-0 Pittsburgh 1-0 Cleveland 0-1 Baltimore 0-1 Nice week 1 inversion of national expectations for the division.
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    Listening to KFAN this morning, obviously lots of talk about the Bengals/Vikes game. Here is a synopsis 1) they are worried about the Rashad Hill/Trey Hendrickson matchup 2) they think we are vulnerable in the secondary and they think Jefferson and Thielen are going to feast (kinda laughing about how bad Awuzie was in Dallas...I think they are in for a rude awakening on that score, personally) 3) They think their secondary is prime for some INTs because Burrow has accuracy issues (?????) 4) They think Chase is going to be a non-factor 5) They are worried about Hilton blitzing and their ability to pick it up 6) Nick Vigil will likely start :) because Barr is not quite ready to go. 7) the offense is going to run through Cook (duh) and they will use early success with Cook to open stuff up deep for Thielen and Jefferson 8) no confidence in their TEs may run FB at least early on. Sounds like a lot of 21 personnel, a return to '90s era football. Here are my thoughts. 1) on early run downs I expect to see Reader and Shelvin to open stuff up for the safeties, Hilton and the LBs to make plays, their interior oline is pretty inexperienced and their Center as been a disappointment since being drafted in the first round 2) Cousins does not react well underpressure we have to attack him early and often. 3) Eli Apple better be better than he has shown elsewhere in his career or we may be in trouble. I have faith in Awuzie. 4) The Vikings are not deep at virtually any position, any attrition in their starting 22 will have adverse affects 5) Breshad Breeland and Patrick Peterson are their starts at CB, I like a Breeland/Higgins matchup for the Bengals and I like a Peterson/Chase matchup if Chase can get some early success to bolster his confidence. No clue who is matched up with Boyd but we have an advantage there as well. 6) Vikes dline is much improved over last year, it will be a test for our rebuilt oline. Hunter is an x factor.
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    every owner cries out in relief "THANK FUCK FOR THAT"
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    Someone is about to be served w/ cold hard facts in Stripes' world.
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    The Lions cut Fat Randy, and the Bills cut Andre Smith. They’re both in Marvin’s living room getting a pep talk.
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    “What’s a zoom meeting? Oh the hell with it, I quit!”
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    Let's just say that IF the goal was providing Burrow the maximum safest protection you could - as between signing a vet like Reiff or relying on Sewell - the Bengals chose correctly for the start of this season...
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    The Steelers looked like absolute dog shit on the tube tonight. The Panthers dominated.
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    If I had to put my finger on what is not back yet for Burrow, it's literally this...
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    The thing is, it wasn't actually that extreme. "They scored on every drive in the 2nd half in which they didn't turn the ball over" is highly misleading. First, it ignores that there was a whole 30 minutes of football before that in which a lethargic, vanilla Bengals offense struggled mightily (and failed all three times it had the ball) to score, or even move the ball very far. Then there was the entire third quarter, half of which consisted of a single (again, lethargic, vanilla) Bengals drive of 42 yards in 11 plays that ended in a FG (and even that was arguably due to a Chicago roughing call, absent which the drive would have ended with a punt after gaining 7 yards). Except for 1 play on which Higgins promptly fumbles, the Bengals wouldn't get the ball back until early in the fourth. At this point they're only down 10-3, so they stay with the lethargic, vanilla offense. Four Mixon runs and one completed Burrow pass later, Joe tosses the pick 6. At that point, with a little under 11 minutes left in the game, the game plan goes into the trash bin and Burrow starts throwing. The remaining plays consist of 10 passes and just two carries by Mixon (versus 20 passes and 18 runs in the prior 49 minutes of the game). You want to blame the loss on Burrow or the line or Higgins, be my guest. But imo it all starts with a dead-end game plan that had resulted in 3 points through three quarters of the game, and once chucked saw the team score 14 points in the last six and a half minutes.
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    I’m gonna get me a pair of these pants, recolor the stripes black and dye the jacket orange, and go as Nicki Minaji’s Cousin’s Friend who’s a Bengals fan.
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    Can you please start calling some real plays here, or maybe he still does not trust this o-line!
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    This going to be extra sweet stat when they qualify for playoffs as one of the youngest teams.
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    Fun game to watch. The ravens will get better, I’m sure. But that team tonight, the Bengals can play with that team.
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    Evan McPherson seems kinda hilarious on top of being a good kicker…
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    So having slept on it...I'm still alright with the failed 4th and 1 on the 30. Even the call wasn't all that bad. If our $48 million running back can't pick up a freaking yard at crunch time, what the hell did they pay him for? And I think that 9 times out of 10 he makes it. Just got grabbed by the turf monster so this was time No. 10. Admittedly, since it didn't end up costing them a W it's a bit easier to be chill about. If I have to question coaching, I'm going point at the decision to keep Burrow and the first team offense off the field for nearly all of preseason. Now to be fair, Zimmer did the same thing in Minnesota, and the results were the first quarter of yesterday's game. Neither offense looked like it was ready. The Vikings drew enough flags to outfit a flag football team and the Bengals did little more than hand the ball off. Q1 was basically practice for both offenses and I think the Bengals are lucky that they drew a team which also needed the first 15 minutes to figure out its ass from its elbow. I know the shortened preseason makes it a problem to get the starters ready while still evaluating the bottom half of the roster but they need to figure out a better answer.
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    So, since I'm up here in Chicagoland, I tuned into the morning show on the local espn station during my drive to work today. Needless to say, they aren't happy, and seem to view next week's game as a must-win for the Bears. "If they can't beat the Bengals I don't know who they can beat." So as far as they're concerned we're still the same trash team, though they couldn't help but give some grudging respect to the effort against Minnesota. On offense they're already screaming for Justin Fields, arguing (with legitimate justification, I think) that Dalton doesn't bring anything special, can't stretch the field, isn't a big running threat, etc., and all appear to believe that Fields will be behind center sooner rather than later, but not next Sunday. They thought and I agree that the oline played well all things considered, though by well, they meant at a C/C+ level. Gave props (deserved) to Montgomery. As for the defense they are concerned it's past its prime, despite having some big names. (Oddly they also seemed to think it could hold the Bengals o to few enough points that the putrid Bears o could score enough to win, so...) Pointed out that the d gave up an average of 7.7 yards per play, which was the fourth worst in 20 years, and if you took out Stafford's kneel downs at the end of the game, it was 8.5 yards, the worst in 20 years. Finally, if you think Bengals fans hate Zac Taylor, you ought to hear the hate-on they've got up here for Matt Nagy. Knowing the local bozos, by Friday they'll be predicting a 100-0 Bears victory. I'll keep you updated.
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    Also, it’s 90 degrees and we can actually try and pound them now.
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    So no points given up before half, and instead offense scores inside 2 min's - don't care how it happens - that is a nice change.
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    I don't think Anu was doing any blitzing there, or bringing an extra guy(s), due to the long yardage situations (assuming that).
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    Mixon goes OFF today. Vikes are trash but for Cook and Jefferson and they don't play on defense.
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    https://www.espn.com/nfl/insider/story/_/id/32145768/lessons-my-visit-joe-burrow-cincinnati-bengals-why-lost-confidence-expect-2021 Lessons from my visit with Joe Burrow of Cincinnati Bengals: Why he hasn't lost any confidence, and what to expect in 2021 Dan Graziano ESPN Staff Writer CINCINNATI -- The first time I asked to interview Joe Burrow, in early August, the answer was no. This was a point in training camp when Burrow was, by his own admission, struggling with some stuff. Working to return to the field following last season's significant knee injury, the Cincinnati Bengals' second-year quarterback was wrestling with some psychological aspects of his recovery. By the second time I asked, a couple of weeks later, all of that stuff was an eye-roll-inducing memory. "That was about four days of camp," Burrow told me Wednesday during an interview after the team's morning walkthrough at Paul Brown Stadium. "And everyone wanted to write a bunch of articles about it. And then, you know, the other 25 days of camp, I was back to my old self -- slinging the ball around, reading the coverages, feeling great. Nobody wanted to write about that." Consider it written about. Here are some of the impressions I got from the time I spent with him for a SportsCenter interview: Burrow, the 2019 Heisman Trophy winner and 2020 No. 1 pick, is a young man who's extremely confident in his ability to handle just about anything. Whether it's four days of training camp doubt, 10 months of grueling injury rehab or anything in between, Burrow seems to have the same attitude about everything: Work is work, the job is whatever the job is, and once he figures out what he needs to do, it's going to get done. "I didn't treat rehab any differently than I had the offseason before or the offseason before that," he said. "You know, it was just, come to work every day, get your work in and then go home and rest. I had to put in a little more work than I usually would have, because I would rehab and then I would lift, then throw, so it was more work than usual, but you know... that's what I do." Each of his answers started with what felt like a verbal shrug. Not in an arrogant or dismissive way -- just the matter-of-fact perspective of an unusually mature 24-year-old who doesn't mind not knowing what comes next because he's sure he can handle it. That's what I do. But his confidence is alloyed with enough humility that it's not off-putting. Asked whether he has any pregame superstitions, he says no and then casually mentions he has been wearing his left sock inside-out during games since he was at Ohio State. That's a yes, Joe, and he smiles and admits as much when pressed. But he still doesn't know why he does it. It's just another thing he does and doesn't worry about too much. Concerned at all about rookie receiver Ja'Marr Chase's preseason drops? Shrug. Smile. "You know, he's had great practices the last, you know, week and a half, and he's dropped a few in preseason games, but he's got one-series, two-series games, hasn't had a chance to get in a rhythm yet," Burrow said. "So nobody's really worried about it." Wish you'd had more than three plays in the preseason? Shrug. Nah. "It wasn't so much about those three plays as much as it was about the feeling in the locker room, knowing I was about to go out there and put my body on the line and play a game and have the potential to get hit, get those butterflies out of the way in pregame so I'm ready to roll Week 1," he said. Remember what was going through your mind when you got hurt? Sure. "Um, my knee hurt, first off," he laughed. "And then after that, it was more of, you know, let's get this surgery out of the way so I can get back to work and get back on the field. It was obviously disappointing. We were just starting to get rolling as an offense. I was really starting to understand the system and the defenses that we were going to play. So it happened at an unfortunate time, but it allowed me to go through the process of the rehab and get back to where I'm at now." The two long vertical scars down the sides of his left knee make it clear something significant happened. He'll have to wear a knee brace when he plays for a year, which he's not thrilled about. But again, it just kind of all is what it is. Burrow is hope personified for the Bengals' fan base, and his ability to resume what they desperately need to be a franchise-savior career is the story of Cincinnati's season. A lot of pressure comes with that, but it won't surprise you to know he shrugs at that, too. "You know, I don't really feel the pressure too much," he said. "Pressure's a word that outside people use to describe situations, and as long as I prepare the way I need to, I'm going to play the way I need to and we're going to win football games. So, you know, that's really all it comes down to." Sounds pretty simple, right? Keeping it that way might be the key to the success Joe Burrow has had so far and whatever further success still awaits him.
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    Listening to local radio yesterday for the "Friday Football Feast" it struck me that not even league experts know what to think of Cincy. Listening to Paul Allen and Paul Charchian break down the Bengals, the only thing they had to go on was last year's stats. The problem is that from week 1 last year to week 1 this year we have 12 new starts (only 4 hold overs on defense). I certainly don't have a good feel for this team we could win by 40 or lose by 40 or anything in between and it wouldn't shock me. They continue to rag on Awuzie but looking at his PFF grade it is clear that last year was just a bad year, he was injured much of the year and prior to that he was developing nicely into a good NFL Starter. 79.2 grade in 2019 in his third year is not too shabby.
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    “Last year when Bisciotti outbid me for the original Astrodome turf, (cement floor included) to use as a practice field, who could have imagined him calling me today and offering it to me for half what he paid?”
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    We really are loaded at the skill positions. MIKE BROWN!
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    Ricardo Allen is a solid backup Safety as is Wilson....our safety group is probably the strongest position group on the team. That said...yes please sign Jessie Bates to an extension this week!
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    It is truly an enigma wrapped in a riddle surrounded by a mystery!
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    The Bengals' are, still, on paper, better than they were last season, at least going into the season. I am holding onto that. The Waynes' and Ossai thing sucks, 2 players they could really use, at least they "should" get Waynes back early in the season. Good with no COVID positives of course, hope that holds, I think COVID is going to cause some problems this season, especially early on, the Cowboys are already losing at least one of their starters Sunday because of it. And after the fireworks tonight downtown, I suspect a whole lot of it going around by next weekend here.
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    I really liked what I saw out of (Trenton) Irwin in preseason. Glad they kept him over Taylor. Nice upside depth in the slot behind Boyd. All that guy did was get open and catch everything this year (Irwin). I have to imagine he led the team in receiving during preseason, but, haven't looked at the #'s yet. Wouid like to see Patrick make the PS, and get more looks next season.
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    Local guys here in Minny are already looking past the Bengals as an easy week one win.
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    Ross has talent. Can he stay healthy and then work himself into a role are the biggest questions?
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    That's Miami back-ups too. Still, glad to see Kareem do this.
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    wow. Khalid Kareem making a statement twice that series.
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    I’m at PBS. Ready for roster cut wars galore.
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    Yeah I heard Sewell transition to RT is proving to be more challenging than anticipated. Leatherwood was shock first round selection by the Raiders but there's nothing really bad ever said about him. Never got beat but didn't dominate people like his pedigree would suggest he should is what I remember.
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    Here’s a “report”... ( maybe just someone trying to make money off a name-smear stunt ) whatever it is, it is definitely proof there is a price to pay for fame https://www.nfldraftdiamonds.com/2021/08/jamarr-chase-domestic-violence/