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    I'm about to get pretty cheesy with y'all, but you understand why. Those of us attending the game all have a unique responsibility Saturday at PBS. Given that we regularly post on Internet forum(s) dedicated to Bengals football, it's safe to assume that we're as dedicated to our fanhood as anyone. Not everyone has quite the same passion, obsession, or desire that we have. To the best of our ability, we need to command our sections and keep the more casual fans engaged. That might sound snooty, but these are the playoffs. We have to do what we have to do. Break through those barriers of social awkwardness, and be a leader of people in your immediate seating vicinity. Get them standing and making noise on defense, especially third downs. Congratulate them for their contribution when the Raiders false start. Make sure it's clear that every snap is critical, and that our continued engagement even and especially during periods of adversity makes a real difference that can help the team win and this playoff win drought end. Maybe this is less necessary in the lower sections where the most engaged fans tend to congregate. But it applies as much to the canopy level and everywhere else. That overpowering drone of noise needs to deafen the Raiders and make them know without question that they will find no quarter in Cincinnati.
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    On the road by 4:00. To NE Ohio by 10. Drop son tomorrow at College of Wooster by 8 - hit road and looking for parking around noon. Let's do this my mofos.
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    Man, Andy Dalton got old while I wasn't looking.
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    The voting process is so bad for all-pro. 50 people place votes, and whoever has second-most votes in a position group gets second team. Even if it's 49-1. That's why Taylor devoured running back and there's a vacancy on the second team. I have no idea why that nonsense hasn't been fixed yet. It would be so simple to just allow voters to rank some names.
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    It is diving south of the Ohio and then by time it moves back up the coast I will be back home Sunday before it hits. Timed out as well as it could for the trip...
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    I passed on Kinnard for Penning. I can never make TJ happy.
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    I am keeping my optimism in check. If this team has shown anything, it's that they can also lose to anyone as well. Still, just below the surface I am feeling a trip to the AFCCG.