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    I've certainly seen AJ juggle some footballs recently. When he's not throwing blocks in the endzone while the ball bounces off the back of his head that is.
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    If Callahan is smart he looks at what is going on between the two organizations and it should be obvious. One organization is looking to sell the team, has no QB, no structure, a lack of talent on their roster and is sitting home watching the playoffs. The other is the Bengals... I mean, he may want to be "the man" that goes in and builds that structure within a different organization. If he does, I wish him luck. I look at coaches the same way I look players when leaving an organization. It's not always in their best interest.
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    Glad I got in before the prices exploded. Yikes.
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    Spoiled fan base that has a lot of bandwagon fans outside of Pitt. They did the same stuff to Jerome Bettis. Hopefully they’ll find what’s it like to not have a franchise QB for 20 years
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    I scratched it into a cave wall.
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    I both loved and hated that play call.
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    These chumps writing about our game are all like, “Raiders d-line, double x, Bengals have this trio of pass catching weapons, blah blah blah.” Not a single one of them has mentioned the amazing job that Burrow’s cosmetic dentist did on those chicklets. Dude got his teeth FIXED!! Bengals by 21.
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    Chase vs. the Chiefs. Down 14-0 Ja'Marr cuts off his route and sits in a hole, Burrow reads his mind and puts the ball on him the second he breaks off his route. Ja'Marr puts on a move that makes the Chief defender give up football and join a Monestary and then out races the entire Chiefs defense. Turning a nice 12 yard completion into a 72 yard TD. Mind blowing. Nuts.
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    If we're going punter, why not long snapper? I mean, Harris is older than Huber :-)
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    Given that Matt Miller himself is overseeing this one and compiling the google spread sheet of picks, I'm probably not gonna go that route this time around...