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    The average NFL fan is… not very smart. It really shows on massive high-traffic forums like that one, and I’ve seen it on the biggest Bengals boards. That’s why I never post links to Bengalszone anywhere else. People might actually click them and register. We have a good thing going here.
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    Pluto is bummed to the max and I’m here for it. https://www.cleveland.com/browns/2022/01/watching-cincinnati-bengals-win-on-tv-a-symbol-of-browns-season-terry-pluto.html
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    A little early but with the Bengals locking up first place in the division the opponent for 2022 are pretty close to set. If everything goes as expected next week here are your 2022 Bengal Opponents. Obviously, 2 x Balt., Pitt, Cle We play the entire, AFC East so that means NE (away), Buffalo (home), Miami (home) and the NYJ (away) We play the entire NFC South so that means TB (away), NO (away), ATL (home), CAR (home) We also play the winner of the AFC South away (likely the Tennessee Titans), the winner of the AFC West (the Chiefs) at home, and the winner of the NFC East (Dallas) away So your 2022 home games will be: BALT, PITT, CLE, BUF, MIA, ATL, CAR, and KC your 2022 away games will likely be: BALT, PITT, CLE, NE, NYJ, TB, NO, TENN, and DAL
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    My god. I know it was a tough loss for them and we all know what it's like to get the majority of game influencing calls going against us. But damn, I've never seen such a whiny fan base before. I thought the Steelers and Ravens fans were bad. The Chiefs are odds on favorites for the AFC to make the Super Bowl. They have a great team and will likely beat the Bengals if they meet in the playoffs. On a neutral field, the Chiefs win 7/10 times. "The refs gave the game away. The NFL is rigged. All Joe Burrow does is throw up 50/50 balls." If the Bengals ever win a SB and we turn into a whiny, soft, pathetic mess of a fanbase, shoot me. Here's a link for what I'm talking about. But it's also their show hosts, etc. Chiefs fans, if you want to come over here and discuss, please do so. We won't block you out of here like you're doing to Bengals fans on Chiefs Planet. https://www.chiefsplanet.com/BB/showthread.php?t=341646
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    I continue to be amazed at how Ken Anderson threw for 447 yards in 1975. Adjusted for NFL yard inflation and that's like, 600 yards or something.
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    I refuse to think about how the team will do in 2022 while glorious 2021 remains alive, but it's nice to have a glimpse of the opposition that lies ahead. 20-0
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    That's the play right there. Keep the leadership on board, let the man play in the rotation and look for someone with top talent to play along side him.
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    I mean, I think they can bring in a TE if they want for an "upgrade", but whatever happens I want CJ Uzomah on the roster moving forward. He is at worst an above average #2 TE, and he is a fantastic leader.
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    Good to see you too, Hoosier! Got promoted years ago and couldn't post on forums at work anymore so I had to take a hiatus. Got promoted once more and now I can post to social media like I'm a teen girl again!
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    Man I want CJ to resign, he is the heart and soul of this team.
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    I generally think sports officiating was never intended to be so exact. Half the shit they call is BS, IMO. But whatever just got to know its going to bite you back at some point.
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    This is true; I once caught a Joe Burrow ball that fluttered through my open window and landed in my lap. Wife says I was just drunk but I know better. That is an interesting statistic though. If you're gonna screw up your read, I guess make sure you throw a duck?
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    I always thought Steelers fans were the worst for this, since they would manage to complain about officiating even when they won games by a mile. A thousand times this! The fucking rulebook is a mess.
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    Thanks Hoosier! So the Bengals have had 14 games ever with a 400+ yard passer, and in 26 career games Burrow has claimed 4 of those.
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    Bandwagon creaking under the strain. Gonna need to upgrade to band oil supertanker or something…
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    Good Morning Football on the Bengals' after the Chiefs' win: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oguCUGYXKJM
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    Went through the playoff predictor. as far as I can see the #1, #3, and #4 seeds are available. We win versus Cleveland I believe we wrap up the #3 seed. We lose we are #4. We win and KC AND Tenn both lose (highly unlikely) we get the #1 seed
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    Can’t argue with Tanier here. https://www.footballoutsiders.com/walkthrough/2022/tua-tagovailoas-tipping-point
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    It's almost not fair. One of the most impressive catch-and-run TD's I've ever seen.
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    I actually just read on espn that the Bengals could pick up the 1 seed if in essence the sun rises in the west, as follows: "The Bengals can clinch the No. 1 seed in the AFC in Week 18 with a win over the Browns and losses by the Titans, Chiefs and Patriots, or a win and a Bills win plus losses by the Titans and Chiefs." so Im sayin' theres a chance :-)
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    Guys I fking cried real tears as that fG went in. Too may of us fans give up on this team me included at times within 2 quarters, some after the first defensive series. This is different team and yeah we have all heard this time after time but this is the real deal. I can see a long reign for this team in this league. They just need to do one thing(this is for TJ) GIMME A LINEMAN WHODEY GONNA BEAT THOSE BENGALS NOOOOOOOOOOBODY
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    Guys. I don’t think I’ve ever been happier as a bengals fan. i love you all. Seriously.