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    However, and in addition, my comment was plural in nature. Give me o-lineMEN, as opposed to your singular approach. I would like to see them draft at least two and maybe more depending on free agency. Reiff, Spain and your boy Fred are either UFA or RFA. Couple that with needing an upgrade at Center and three o-linemen aren't out of the question. However, if it makes you happy TJ... GIMME A LINEMAN !!!
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    It would have been interesting to see how the Cowboys game would have turned out had they not pulled Prescott early in the 3rd quarter. That being said, Burrow all day...
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    Chiefs are rolling right now, going to be tough.
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    What ?? I wanted to say linebacker !!!
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    Santa definitely came through. Who would have guessed we’d sweep Pittsburgh and Baltimore this year?
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    the entire city of Baltimore, except Faidleys and Mem
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    Bengals beat the Ravens and Steelers four times by a combined score of 147-58.
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    Regarding running up the score, and passing in that last series: Willie tweeted that the Ravens zero blitzed us 8 times last year while up 27-0. two points: first, they had it coming today due to that zero blitzing last year. Second - the Ravens were up 27-0 last year, now look what happened in one off season. We swept them this year and neither game was close. Biggest one season improvement I can remember.
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    It’s not close to being on the same level, but they have 4 WR’s to make decisions with. Tate- UFA Thomas- UFA Irwin- ERFA Morgan- RFA If they like what they have, it shouldn’t be hard to bring those guys back. If not, there’s an opportunity to improve depth. Outside of that, yeah, give me O-linemen.
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    Just heard the breakdown and the Bengals have to win one of their last two and they won the division. Just put the ball in Burrow’s hands to manage and don’t get cute.
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    Him and his stupid ass brother at Michigan are THE two biggest whiny bitches there are in coaching. Hate them both !!
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    If Harbaugh wants to play Jerry Glanville to Zac’s Sam Wyche, who am I to complain?
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