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    Hahaha, Hubbard ran out of gas after 10 yards
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    When you can run the ball good things will happen, very good
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    Hit 3 50+ and miss a PAT okay
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    Need a TD here, if the last defensive series is anything to go by.
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    When your LB's are bad almost every year by NFL standards, I can see where this would be a constant problem.
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    Consider covering their best player
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    Guess we'll take the 2 score lead going into the 4th. But, we've seen this scenario before I think.
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    These guys are slipping everywhere
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    Yeah if that field isn't hot garbage, Mixon may have gone for another 15+ on that fake FF.
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    Don’t think I’ve ever seen “fake the flea flick and go” from a RB.
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    Would really like to see Evens more at RB
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    He looks like the Tin Man running around back there. Trying to do too much when it should be thrown away
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    If you launch yourself helmet first, into the helmet of the opposing player, you're going to get called every time - stupid move and a legit call though.
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    Very 2020 half for the offensive line
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    They could throw an offside flag on their right DT on every play.
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    Play calling thus far is absolutely stinking. Slants are wide open to the narrow side of the field with their 3rd down coverage and Taylor is calling plays that need to develop 20 yards downfield
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    For unknown reasons, the Steelers are on national tv, prime time, again tonight. Sunday Night football versus the Chargers. Didn’t get enough of the Steelers looking like one of the worst teams in the league? Here you go America!
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    Went and caught the Buckeyes monkey stomp Michigan St. today and hoping to see the Bengals handle the Raiders the same way. That would make my weekend complete. Leaves have been handled as well…