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    Evan McPherson seems kinda hilarious on top of being a good kicker…
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    So having slept on it...I'm still alright with the failed 4th and 1 on the 30. Even the call wasn't all that bad. If our $48 million running back can't pick up a freaking yard at crunch time, what the hell did they pay him for? And I think that 9 times out of 10 he makes it. Just got grabbed by the turf monster so this was time No. 10. Admittedly, since it didn't end up costing them a W it's a bit easier to be chill about. If I have to question coaching, I'm going point at the decision to keep Burrow and the first team offense off the field for nearly all of preseason. Now to be fair, Zimmer did the same thing in Minnesota, and the results were the first quarter of yesterday's game. Neither offense looked like it was ready. The Vikings drew enough flags to outfit a flag football team and the Bengals did little more than hand the ball off. Q1 was basically practice for both offenses and I think the Bengals are lucky that they drew a team which also needed the first 15 minutes to figure out its ass from its elbow. I know the shortened preseason makes it a problem to get the starters ready while still evaluating the bottom half of the roster but they need to figure out a better answer.
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    So, since I'm up here in Chicagoland, I tuned into the morning show on the local espn station during my drive to work today. Needless to say, they aren't happy, and seem to view next week's game as a must-win for the Bears. "If they can't beat the Bengals I don't know who they can beat." So as far as they're concerned we're still the same trash team, though they couldn't help but give some grudging respect to the effort against Minnesota. On offense they're already screaming for Justin Fields, arguing (with legitimate justification, I think) that Dalton doesn't bring anything special, can't stretch the field, isn't a big running threat, etc., and all appear to believe that Fields will be behind center sooner rather than later, but not next Sunday. They thought and I agree that the oline played well all things considered, though by well, they meant at a C/C+ level. Gave props (deserved) to Montgomery. As for the defense they are concerned it's past its prime, despite having some big names. (Oddly they also seemed to think it could hold the Bengals o to few enough points that the putrid Bears o could score enough to win, so...) Pointed out that the d gave up an average of 7.7 yards per play, which was the fourth worst in 20 years, and if you took out Stafford's kneel downs at the end of the game, it was 8.5 yards, the worst in 20 years. Finally, if you think Bengals fans hate Zac Taylor, you ought to hear the hate-on they've got up here for Matt Nagy. Knowing the local bozos, by Friday they'll be predicting a 100-0 Bears victory. I'll keep you updated.