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    My thoughts--- ---a good reminder that if Burrow can stay uninjured, he is THAT guy ---The line did fine protecting him - the worst hits came on questionable protection schemes (Sample/Perine on Hunter was no bueno - CJ missing an assignment and allowing a free blizter up the middle) ---Enjoyed seeing them try and assert some dominance with Mixon - baby steps ---I too hated ZT going for it - but in hindsight will amend that to...I hated the play call. At least ZT isn't scared ---Hated the play call on 3rd and 4 on first play out of two minute warning too - a 1st down there and game is over and instead a run. Thought maybe ZT got in his own head after the 3rd quarter going for it when awry ---The d-line were beasts. Especially interior. We can do some business as year goes on if that is the case. ---They also did a nice job on Cook all things considered --I guess after Apple's disastrous series he was 'aight but man I hope Wayans can get back. ---What a fucking play from Pratt to force the fumble. Replay of Hill fumbling against Stealers - similar close call too. I would have lost my shit if they had overturned the call on the field since Hill's fumble stood in the playoff disaster ---Glad to see Chase bury the narrative right away. He and Higgins and Boyd are going to be such a matchup advantage. ---God Mixon looked good. ---Having McPherson is...well...it's so damn nice. ---Glad to see some breaks come our way - feels like we just need a little oxygen to feed the spark here. Burrow can lead this team to great places.
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    Yea hopefully that’s all it is and happy the doc said that. Hopefully pass protection gets better as the weeks go forward, I know he is going to take some shots, but I thought it was getting ugly on some of those drives. The o-line was better then last year, but still a ways to go
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    Big win, that was a game we lose last year. Most important part was the confidence. How many times can you say that the draft won you the game week one...without Chase and McPherson we lose.period.
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    Also, it’s 90 degrees and we can actually try and pound them now.
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    Well guess let’s see if the bengals can finally finish games with Zac as Head coach. They have a lead can they keep it and finish it.
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    They keep replaying it on the jumbotron and it’s weep-level beauty.
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    Also, burrow getting hit and keeping on felt like a big moment. Shackles off this offense now.
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    So no points given up before half, and instead offense scores inside 2 min's - don't care how it happens - that is a nice change.
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    Man O-line still getting Joe crushed back there, hopefully they can shore that up some
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    I don't think Anu was doing any blitzing there, or bringing an extra guy(s), due to the long yardage situations (assuming that).
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    Yeah ridiculously loud, sounds like they're all probably drunk as hell and just happy to be out again after last year.
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    Mixon goes OFF today. Vikes are trash but for Cook and Jefferson and they don't play on defense.