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    Yes this is Paul. The way you handed that ketchup bottle to me tells me all I need to know about you as a football player. We’re drafting you in the 5th round. Here, handle this mustard bottle so I can determine if you can help us on special teams.
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    Interesting to see how far Wyatt Davis has fallen in this process, two months ago he was a fringe 1st rounder. I still think he would be a great pickup in the 3rd or 4th. I have 12 OL with a first round grade in this class, i.e. I have 12 linemen that in an average class would be a first rounder. They are in order: Penei Sewell Rashawn Slater Alijah Vera-Tucker Christian Darrisaw Tevan Jenkins Landon Dickerson Dylan Radunz Alex Leatherwood Sam Cosmi Liam Eichenberg Walker Little and Creed Humphrey On average 5-7 olinemen go in the first round and 4-6 go in the second. If we break down this class here is the way I see it playing out 5 QB's are almost certain to go in the first round. At a minimum 5 WRs are going to go probably more (LV betting line is 5.5). Leaving out linemen for the moment, 1 TE will absolutely go (Kyle Pitts), I believe three LBs will go in the first round at a minimum (Michah Parsons, J.O.K., and either Nick Bolton, Jamin Davis, or Zaven Collins). IDL I think only one will go which will be Barmore. Edge we should have 4-5 at a minimum (at minimum Paye will go, Ojulari will go, Jaelan Phillips will go, and at least one of Ronnie Perkins, Tryon, Rousseau, Oweh or Basham with the ones that don't going high in the 2nd). That leaves Oline and DB, historically 5-7 of each go in the first round. In this draft I think only one safety goes (Moehrig) but Surtain, Horn, Newsome, Farley, and Samuel all go in Rd. 1. So out of 32, 5 QB, 5 WR, 1 TE, 0 RB, 1 DL, 4 Edge, 3 LB, 1 S, and 5 CB this is 25 picks minimum which will leave 7 picks for offensive line at most. Sewell, Slater, Darrisaw are all locks, I think Tackle gets priority over IOL so I think Jenkins is also likely a lock which is 4, I think Vera-Tucker goes as well thats 5.....then it will come down to all the fringe guys at other positions and 2 of the other tackles and/or Dickerson at most....every other linemen will drop into the second round. I have 40 players in this draft with a first round grade so it is possible only the 5 locks go for offensive line in the first which will leave a a cornucopia of linemen available to us at #38....especially when you throw in guys like Meinerz, Carmen, Mayfield, Wyatt Davis, Trey Smith and Cleveland which I have as having second round grades and Hudson which I have as still starter quality in the 3rd. Even if we have 7 olinemen go in the 1st and 7 olinemen go in the 2nd (which would be historic) someone really good is still going to be available to us at #69.
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    If you see Forsythe and are wondering...he's been flying up evaluators' boards late in the process and more familiarize themselves with his game tape.
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    Brandon Thorn is one of the good ones at o-line eval...
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    Chase is 6' 0 3/8" which means he is 5/8" shorter than Chad Johnson, he also has long arms and a 41" vertical which means his catch radius is about that of AJ Green..... https://relativeathleticscores.com/ras-information/?PlayerID=9213 https://relativeathleticscores.com/ras-information/?PlayerID=17555
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    Sorry Coach... ketchup I can handle but mustard is where I draw the line. I got a rep to uphold. People know me.
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    Is this Paul Alexander ? Go back to your piano playing and training of incoming NFL prospects Paul... oh... here’s the ketchup bottle you left last time.
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    I believe this is technically Flogg, the app for dead horses.
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    I think Meinerz goes in the second, if he is there at our 3rd rd selection grab him
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    We need a WR1, there is no option better than Chase. OL is the deepest class in this draft and the team has already signed Reif for next year. Im fine going OL 2nd and 3rd, but it has to be Chase if he is there.
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    sorry for the fanboying :-) it was Tweeter I was happy about it and had no one else with whom I felt I could share that :-)
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    that artist made correction to sleeve, here it is
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    Houshmanzadeh also says to take a lineman at 5. He backed off of saying it had to be Sewell, as he doesnt want to fight about whether Sewell is the best OL in the draft I love Chase and Pitts, wouldnt be unhappy with either, but would also be happy with back to back linemen at 5 and at 38 Still prefer a tradedown over all other options.....too damn many holes to fill I really, really, really want Creed Humphrey. Probably lost if not taken at 38, and might not even be available then.