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    I think Billy would next have posted a pic of Ms Cates with her, uhm, upper half uncovered We're still thinking about you Billy
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    Err.. Mixon ran a 4.46 / 40 at his combine, he is both fast and agile and far from being one of the slowest in the league, I will say it again the Bengals have not had an outside deep threat since Marvin Jones left and that allows defenses to key on the LOS. Mixon has been fighting 8 men boxes since he got here. He may not have Gio's shiftiness but I believe you are going to see marked improvement with Joe this season provided we can bring in a deep threat. Not that Chase is a panacea but you will be surprised at how much that will transform this offense IMHO.
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    Why you want to cut the best pass protecting , most versatile running back you have, I do not know. Hot draft prospect got their hearts? Going to make a move to spend more money on another group?
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    This is stupid, he’s been there best RB and best leader on the team. I hate to see this
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    I think Chad is planning on being the new ORG, and so he bulked up on the potato soup and rolls at OCharleys
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    There is lots of work to do. The interior line is very weak. In spite of a great FA period with options. They aren’t going to do the work.
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    The cap hit argument is kind of interesting. Bengals Twitter seems convinced that the team was spending too much on RBs so cutting Gio was necessary because...well, I don’t really know, maybe there’s been a rule change and if you spend more than X on RBs all your opponents get a free 7 points to start the game or something? But even assuming your top 2 RBs having a combined $13 million cap hit is too much, you know what the hit is for our top 2 RBs next year? $13 million! So I guess Perine shouldn’t make any long term real estate investments in Cincy...
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    At 4 I think there is a risk of trade up for a non QB prospect like Chase or Pitts. Slight chance. The Bengals won't be screwed because they still have a good selection of the remaining and IF a QB lands at 5 there would be a trade down scenario.
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    “Hi GapControl, you know how cute I always thought you were.”
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    Bengals' will pick Chase or Pitts, whoever's there, but if both are, I am guessing Chase. Tobin quote:
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    Drew Simple is a 9.08 ? I guess Pitts broke the meter. I’m still in the “trade down if it is there”category. My current wet dream with Phoebe Cates circa 1980 is a trade down to 8-10 , picking up Pitts at TE and any of the OT/ G prospects still in the board with a 1st or 2nd round grade at 38. Then you go WR WR LB... take more trade downs if you can.. .... aaaah Phoebe Cates!