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    Cosmi looks to be a very consistent option
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    Assumes facts not in evidence. We don’t know when they spoke with Cincy, the extent of the talks, or what if anything was ever offered. That they also talked to Atlanta suggests it was a general investigation of their options and once they found 3 could be had for an acceptable price, that was that. If there were any deal to be made it likely wouldn’t have been until day 1 after they saw how the first four picks fell out. As they went ahead and did the trade now, it almost certainly means that they are fine with at least two of the top QBs not named Lawrence, one of whom will be there after the Jets pick.
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    I'm gonna go with "Not Mike Brown"
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    Pitts just ran a 4.46 40 at 6'6" 240 lbs...that is flying.
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    I'm baaaaack. Draft time is always good. I've been sports deprived this year. It's definitely nice to follow some things that are simply entertainment.