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    I find Hobson pretty unreadable in general. He loves to invoke such cheesy metaphors and turns of phrase, and it's just one continuous cringe.
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    he claimed they had no money to spend last off-season and then they spent $126 million, so hopefully this just him being an asshole.
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    Hobson always makes me so fucking mad when I read his moronic drivel I actively avoid his stuff, or tune the radio elsewhere if he is a guest I read this one because I thought a question from Mem had been replied to.....big mistake on my part, I am still fuming from having read that. If I was Burrow and read his "ignore the offense, spend on defense" blather, I'd have hobbled into SoaGs office and yelled "WHAT THE FUCKING HELL!!!!!" as loud as I possibly could. So loud SoaG'd fall off his Runabout Scamp IV ($1,433 on sale at Sams Club now)