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    should have gotten this thread started before it got underway, but better late than never so I am as I stated in the final Bengals game thread rooting for Buffalo this year, as our sister NFL city through the Dalton thing a few years back. Plus we benefited from them this year as well in the form of Spain The Bills won today, so I'm happy about that. They face the Chiefs next at Arrowhead, should be one hell of a test for them. I'd love to see them win it all, since they have never won in 4 tries. Love to see teams get their first Superbowl win. I am sorry Carlos took another loss (Mem mentioned he's 0-6 in playoff games, that sounds about right) but I am happy Big Whit advanced. Big fan love for both guys....great players, great human beings. Highlights the importance of 2nd round draft picks, both of them being selected in r2 I wish the Browns and the Steelers didnt play each other....I'd like to see them both be eliminated in the first round. The fact that all three AFC Central North teams are in the same bracket means it is fairly likely one of them will make it to the Conference championship game Does the presence of 3 of the 4 teams in our division mean our division is (despite us) the strongest division in the NFL? who are you rooting for to win it all, and why? Dont say Shittsburgh or I gonna have to go all Liam Neeson from Taken on ya :-)
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    I watched with one eye yesterday, I’ll watch today though, as long as the games are competitive. By far, I find myself rooting for the AFC teams. Bills would be an amazingly fun champion. Chiefs are a blast to watch with Mahomes running things, I also like Andy Reid. I’ll even root for the Ravens, Jackson is a freak, and I respect their coach. Titans are even interesting with their bone-crushing run game. The other side of the coin - Like most of us I despise the Steelers. The Most interesting thing about the Browns is that their QBs unlikeable personality is able to shine through even in a 30 second progressive ad. He can make a 30 second ad feel like it’s taking 5 minutes to get through. And compared to the AFC teams, what a dreary lineup the NFC has put forth this year. The Saints - we’ve seen it all before. And Brees can’t really throw any more. The WFT, their appearance is just the manifestation of a whole division’s utter failure. The Rams, I love Whit but their game yesterday was not fun to watch. Their system is dull. The Seahawks, again it just seems stale. We’ve seen it all before. All I can ever think about with them is that stupid call Pete Carroll made that lost them the the super bowl. It’s depressing. Finally the Bucs - how much HGH is Brady taking? He looks younger than he did 12 years ago, and his times on running events they do at the combine are better now in his 40s than they were when he was 22 and actually at the combine! Can’t root for or enjoy Brady, he cheats every chance he gets, then destroys the evidence and puts on that fake smile. Can’t stand this dude. Finally the Bears. Oh, they’re in the playoffs? I’d barely noticed.
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    I feel bad for Carlos, but happy for Big Whit Too bad they couldnt both win this weekend
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    And...now he’s 0-6 in the playoffs. Lol.