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    Holy sheep dip I've been ill of late (nothing serious, just annoying) and slept through this game. I missed what is likely THE signature game of 2020. damnit. anyway, on the question of locker room solidarity or lack thereof.......I present the following https://www.bengals.com/video/postgame-celebration-after-week-8-win-over-the-titans which tells me things are not as doom and gloom as some claim....not even close ...so... I (like every other nfl fan on the planet) am enamored of New Guy. Without him, we arent even in these close losses, and are probably 0-8 and mostly blown out. I get that, so I wont talk about him being a new man crush, because how could you be a Bengals fan and not absolutely freakin' L O V E this man? and thats not even including out-of-this-world freakish stuff like this: and I think Jeremy Rauch summarizes things well here (except: trade Ross, not Tate): https://twitter.com/FOX19Jeremy/status/1323027132285652997?ref_src=twsrc^tfw so, I want to speak of my new (and as always to keep this clear, perfectly heterosexual) man-crushes in no particular order of importance 1. Spain. OH MY GOD. Not even a single practice snap nor time with his teammates as he completed the necessary quarantine time, and he looked like a freakin pro bowler. I watched a lot of game film and he is just high fivin' and having a great time with his new teammates between plays, bring up everyone's energy level. I love love LOVE this (GIMME A) LINEMAN Fucking SIGN HIM NOW. Practice squad my ass. I want him signed N O W if not sooner. There should have been a contract waiting for him to sign in the locker room right after the game 2. Higgins. A great deal of Burrows success is because Higgins is producing bigtime. Without Higgins, honestly, is Burrows fully the amazing QB we are seeing? Yeah, other receivers not named Ross are contributing as well, but I wasnt expecting this 2nd rounder to contribute so much so soon. I dont think you were either. 3. Adenji and Johnson. They faced pro bowl defensive ends having started exactly 0 times before at their respective spots. They allowed no sacks. Was it always pretty? Heck no. Was it perfect? Absolutely not - earlier in this thread it is mentioned how Adenji allowed the most pressures of any Bengals OL this week. Of course, that PFF item fails to qualify this statement with the fact that this was his first start ever _AND_ he's a rookie _AND_ he allowed no sacks _AND_ while facing a pro bowl DE. I will bet he will get a rating no better than 50 from PFF this week but regardless his performance under the circumstances I see that as nothing short of incredible. I've already talked up Fred Johnson many many times, so I wont go into detail on his 0 sack work on his very first start ever at ORT 4. Auden Tate. Ok, he's not all that new, but its like he gets forgotten for weeks at a time, then he goes and has a game like this and its like he's brand new all over again.......like who the hell is this guy? Take a look at this: https://www.nfl.com/videos/6-foot-5-tate-extends-for-unbelievable-sideline-snag-on-third-down Auden should be a priority for an extension asap, using some of that cash the Dunlap trade freed up. so why oh why, you ask with good reason, isnt Billy Price on this list? Its because I've seen too many disappointments from this guy. He has as Black Widow once said 'too much red on his ledger". This game doesnt erase all that red, not even close, but its a mighty fine start towards getting back in the black and a question - where the hell is Josh Bynes? I know I have no way to measure his impact on getting the three rookies + Pratt up to speed, but it's like he's invisible on the field. Also his snap count seems to be on a downward curve.. related question: how are the four (I count Pratt) newbie linebackers doing, especially in coverage? I cant seem to get a handle on that Finally: throwing some love (and a virtual game ball) towards Stripes this week for going the extra mile for this win. question: do you need any incense or goat heads or whatever for 2 weeks from now? If so, lets get a gofundme going.
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    Damn, what a game, what a win. So great to be able to just sit and watch your team play a great game and win. Most people probably take that for granted, but you all know we don’t. I ate two ham sandwiches during the game then hammered down a bowl of Lucky Charms to celebrate the win.
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    Just ducking in to see if everyone still wants ZT fired and if everyone still thinks he is "losing the locker room"...
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    as I said in my big post at the end of page 8 regarding Adenji: " I will bet he will get a rating no better than 50 from PFF this week but regardless his performance under the circumstances I see that as nothing short of incredible." so yeah, I was off by 0.2 rating points. but I do agree with the rating for Tate. Very deserved. the rating for Price is just ridiculous. The evaluation needs to be reviewed or better yet, re-done from scratch.
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    I've got some very nice rum here....Jobu can have as much as he wants of it But when we ask Jobu for help with the curve ball....err, I mean the Steelers.....can we ask for not just the victory, but no injuries to New Guy? Or is that too much to ask? I mean, I can buy a case of rum if that'd get us two requests....... Humor aside.....of the two, I would honestly M U C H rather have Burrow emerge from the game healthy than get a win, since we're not going to the playoffs anyway
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    I’ve already begun fashioning a doll in the form of TJ Watt with hair from the shower drain. At the stroke of midnight on the eve of the game I will cut my palm, dampen it with my dark blood, and cast it into the flames.
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    Keep Burrow healthy, quick action passes, running game, all that.
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    Tate or Ross? Difficult choice lol
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    I am performing a voodoo ritual to hex the Titans defensive line and give Burrow a chance to survive.