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    Good. I hope he punches a few of them for me.
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    No systematic, consistent focus on good LB's and SS's. Cutting corners and being cheap. It's a Mike Brown/Brown family thing. And by "being cheap" I mean not spending on certain positions, they don't spend $$ wisely. Sorry I know that's a tired statement.
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    Also the most obvious difference between this team and anything we saw in the '90s apart from maybe half the 1997 season with Boomer. This team has a good quarterback that is only getting better every week. As long as that remains true there is cause for optimism. I really hope those linemen hurt today aren't gone a while.
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    .....didnt screw up the r2 pick either, tho i hated that pick at the time it was made
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    He's amazing. With no off-season. No camp. And he's doing this. Whatever else happens in 2020 for the Bengals, they didn't screw up the #1 pick.
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    How can these guys still have jobs after this I just don’t know anymore
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    Can we please have a competent fourth quarter, defense?
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    Team that has the ball.last is going to win this game. If there ever was a time foe this defense to show up. Now is the time.
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    Now can the D not fatrandy this drive?
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    That play kills me. How in the world did he not know? He was.on a hash mark. So was the ball. Then no one told him back up and no coach called a time out. That is what kills this team. Stupid mistakes that are preventable.
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    I thought Hooper being out at TE could be a big boost for the Bengals. Clearly it makes no difference who lines up at TE. TJ's dead gramma could get open.
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    He did end up walking to the locker room. 100 percent a concussion at least tho.
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    Yikes, that's one of the dirtiest hits I've ever seen. Hope he is ok.
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    Defense is fine except when you're really counting on them.
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    That's awful. Suspend the shit out of that guy.
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    How have we been unable to cover tight ends for so long? Surely you'd stumble across someone who could cover at least once in 20 years???!!!
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    This defense design scheme coaching all is trash. Its no secret why no one wanted Lou.
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    Burrow picking it up in parallel to AJ Green waking up could be pretty telling.
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    Nervous laughter watching Momma Burrow cringing at the sight of her son behind this line
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    What a throw. What a catch.
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    Wow, Price in for Hopkins and Johnson in for Williams.......Burrow may die.
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    First off. That penalty was on the browns they moved. Then the pass to higgins for the clowns. Clearly bounced off the damn ground. Nothing from Zac other than just standing there looking stupid..
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    Gio proving he deserves many more touches when Mixon is healthy.
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    Listening to the radio broadcast....I think Lap might have suffered a stroke, kept going on about the teams not hurrying to make something by the end of the half....it's the end of the first quarter...
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    We got the call though. Any td is good, but Burrow got robbed of a td pass. He looks so good today, quite a contrast between he and Mayfield (who’s only true ability is getting anonymous sex in strip mall Olive Garden parking lot).
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    Man, good hands by Phillips on that pick. He barely had time to react.
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    Baker looks like a sex offender.
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    Let him play today, I don’t care if he has to wear his Bills uni, just run him out there.