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    The core of the "discontented" are the vets left over from the Marvin years. Probably time to move on from them. Was last year at the deadline too. But we know that Tobin et al apparently see dealing as a one-way street. I am still puzzled over the "we are not in the business of improving other teams" quote given that the Bengals would be getting assets in return, but, hey, whatevs, Duke.
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    Mekcia Becton from Louisville was reportedly making an impact (I think he got dinged) for the Jets. So there's hope. I'm targeting Alex Leatherwood from Bama. He decided to come back he was projected near top 10 last year. Like Jonah Williams he has been the top tackle in his class for a very long time. Coming out of high school he was ranked higher than a lot of recent first rounders including Andrew Thomas and Becton. They've had good success from Bama. The only downside is these guys go through a meat grinder down there and it seems a ton of Bama draft picks need a year off. All of our recent Bama draft picks pretty much had a red shirt year. Might as well as turn this thread into Lineman draft talk.
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    I say let the season play out. Sure if the Bengals wanted to fire someone in-season, I wouldn't complain. The hard truth is the next playoff head coach for the Bengals won't do it with this crap on the offensive line, lack of deep threat and a rookie QB.