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    I don't want to hear shit about Adeniji unless he's getting a start. It's just irritating. I'm sure he's wonderful, whatever, but if Fred Johnson gets trotted out again it means zero. I direct this vaguely at the coaching staff, not Hoosier for being the messenger.
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    That sound year hear is the scraping of the bottom of the barrel. https://www.bengals.com/news/bengals-sign-keaton-sutherland-to-roster-waive-shaq-calhoun
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    I’d go just to watch Burrow in person.
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    Hart has given up the most pressures at this point of all OLineman in the league, and Burrow has been sacked more than all other qbs
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    The defense has shown it can contain bad offenses (like the Chargers and Eagles) so that’s something. And it’s doing so without it’s big FA acquisition or it’s best dlineman on the field. And and, there’s a lot of youth (i.e. inexperience) on the field. So while the d definitely is not good right now, you can see potential for growth. However, the offense is a mess. The only reason they’re scoring any points at all is Burrow. Pass or run, the oline is useless. I saw someone say that they would call the line trash except that five trash cans lined up would do a better job of protecting Burrow. That’s about right. The receiving corps is nothing special. AJ is just human now. Ross has the speed, but when he isn’t dropping balls, Burrow is missing the throw. Boyd, Tate, Higgins are all fine but are all possession types. Mixon gets some sympathy from me because of the line but he still looks like nothing special most plays, and we know he can be special. But the game plan rarely seems interested in getting him involved other than “run up the gut.” Gio is still Gio thank gawd. Losing Uzomah hurt bad and we don’t have another TE worth mentioning. At this point I don’t know that there’s much to do. Yeah, maybe there’s a trade that could help but we all know that isn’t happening. They aren’t firing Zac and probably not any of his staff either (at least not yet). Defense can at least hope for Geno’s return. O is just what it is. Like mem says hopefully Joe lives through the season.