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    Bobby Hart - 66.6 (60.1 pass, 75.0 run)Fred Johnson - 54.2 (45.0 pass, 57.4 run)Trey Hopkins - 61.8 (71.8 pass, 55.4 run)Michael Jordan - 55.7 (46.2 pass, 59.2 run)Jonah Williams - 68.3 (65.1 pass, 66.5 run)Billy Price (28 snaps) - 51.7 (47.9 pass, 52.7 run) I stole this off another board. Through 2 games. PFF grades. Pressure comes from everywhere.
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    Said it last year. They need to trade Boyd or Tate. They basically fill the same role.
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    On one hand it's easy to understand with the development of Mike Thomas. On the other hand, John Ross continues to be worse than useless, so maybe play Tate and trade the first round bust.
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    This game reminded me of the old Christmas novelty song “Didn’t I Get This Last Year?“ Porous lines on both sides of the ball, LBs who can’t tackle, a QB running for his life each time the ball is snapped, etc. Some of the names have changed but the song remains the same. I agree that the coaching staff ought to be feeling some heat right now, but this being Cincy I doubt they are.
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    Meanwhile in Cincinnati, the only one blocking is a 5'8" RB:
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    Mike’s 35 year rebuilding plan is right on schedule.
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    I am glad Fred got snaps Next week, how about he plays ORT and they move Benchworthy Bobby inside to ORG? He might actually be good at guard.
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    Not gonna win consistently without a decent line - and we are well short of decent After two games, I am confident we made the right choice in r1.....but again, if you make said investment, you GOTTA GOTTA GOTTA protect it and we of course didnt
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    I cry when I watch this o-line It kills me that the coaches really trust some of these guys, I just don’t get it
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    Higgins sighting! 1st down.
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    Not gonna deny they lack talent as well in too many areas still, but just really sloppy in areas they shouldn't be.
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    Feel like I’ve been watching the same team for way to many years now lol. Hopefully Burrow can turn this around, hard without an O-line or a running game. Still wonder how Darrian Simmons would be as a head coach, he is one hell of a special teams coach
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    Feel like I'[ve been watching commercials for 20 minutes now
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    Ha ha! Looking forward to this dude missing one tonight.