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    Gotta avoid those backward passes. It’s alright. Protect the chosen one.
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    Don't worry, I'm sure he'll be fine for next week
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    Yup looking like the bengals now. This o-line is going to kill this team
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    I honestly expect to see fat randy come onto the field eating a burger....
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    I expected some vanilla play-calling, but Taylor's offense is really bad still. The protection is of course terrible, but it was last year also, and he still doesn't appear to have fixed it. All these WR's and your QB doesn't have time to get a pass-off, and you counter with....one QB sneak? Better make some adjustments fast.
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    Gosh, I wish someone would have mentioned to the Bengals brass that the oline needed help....oh wait, everyone did. The good news is the d looks MUCH better
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    Is Fred Johnson that bad that he can not play RT. Seriously Burrow is not going to make it far with this Garbage o-line!!
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    Early signs very positive at linebacker.
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    You can already see how good burrow could be with even an average line!
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    Hubbard with big stop on 4th down. Good FP.
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    Nice coverage tackle by Logan Wilson, then back-to-back stops by Pratt and Phillips forces another punt.
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    O-line looking as good as expected
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    Jesus o is picking up right where it left off last year. Ugh.