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    Really it will make it very hard to have games not just in baseball but all over the sports spectrum.
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    Watched his press conference live. He's...as advertised. So mature. Was asked what he would splurge on with his signing bonus money - and said he actually wasn't going to spend any of that - that he would be putting that in the bank and investing it and would be living off of his marketing/endorsement money instead. Good lord.
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    Considering that I started campaigning for this back in late October of 2019, this is really glorious to finally see:
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    Yep, official site says he signed today. Good...
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    Agree about the Bengals being stingy in how that 24+ mil gets spent, IF it gets spent at all. Good luck to Dennard.
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    I’m glad Bobby Hart sucks so badly, makes it easy to cut him. Not sure what they’re waiting for.