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    I’m with you in regards to what’s being done to minimize the spread. I’m just not going to freak out about it. I love how people are all of a sudden like, holy shit I need to wash my hands more. Really ?? Were you not doing that already ?? Did it really take an worldwide epidemic to motivate your dumbass to wash your hands ?? I go to the grocery store at night to avoid crowds and check out the milfs in yoga pants. However, I go in there tonight at 10pm and it’s like fucking Thanksgiving with lines down the aisles. What the hell ?? No ass wipe, no fucking Froot Loops, no half the shit I went in there for. Signs hung saying they have to ration cleaning supplies due to the virus. People just need to chill.
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    Also, fuck the Utah Jazz, one of my least favorite teams. Story from like 16 years ago. I was in SLC on business. Went to a jazz game with business associates. Other than players, coaches, and other personnel associated with the teams and the broadcast, we counted 8 black people in the whole arena. Not that it matters, but damn.
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    S U P E R B O W L ok, back to seriousness - this is a young player with good height for a corner, 4.35 speed, and was good enough to play for Alabama. Has some off-field baggage from college which is likely why he wasnt drafted, but as far as I know has stayed out of trouble since entering the NFL. So - young but has some experience (3rd year player), a lot of upside and probably a very team friendly "prove yourself" contract. Cant find anything to dislike in any of that.
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    I'm so bummed for the Dayton Flyers.
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    Shut down of elementary, high schools makes sense. As a parent you can see colds, flu, or whatever passed through there every year. Plus when school is canceled a high percentage of those kids will have a significantly reduced interaction with other kids. I've always argued that the perfect attendance award should be eliminated because of it. They'll stay home. Play video games etc. Maybe play with some neighbors. Exposure reduced. Adult Social/sporting events like NCAA tournament. Eh, I question the effectiveness of that. Sure you are eliminating that event so by default nothing can spread AT THAT EVENT. Social minded adults probably at a higher rate of school kids are going to find something else to do. I really don't think you are reducing anything at all with that. The thousands of college fans that would be traveling to Conference and NCAA tournament the next few weeks aren't going to stay in isolation just because the tournament is canceled. Closing colleges makes no sense. Those fuckers are at the bar right making out with everything in sight.
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    On topic but a little bit not: There’s a site I’ve been following that has live reports by each country breaking down the cases of the virus by category. Triage basically. 10 days ago, on the 2nd, China had around 80,200 reported cases. As of yesterday they had 80,700. It’s leveled off there SIGNIFICANTLY. The city of Wuhan has 11 million people itself. I’ve come around on the shutdowns a bit since yesterday. I hope it works. I think it will help. I still think the media is full of shit. And I do think we’re in for quite a positive turn around between now and mid April. Wash your hands! For the love of god.
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    Start a riot.
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    Playing Yahtzee is probably one of the most reliable indicators of an impending suicide. Even if you’re not suicidal, if you play it for a few hours you end up wanting to kill yourself.
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    I flew through Seattle 4 weeks ago. Got home. A week and a half later I got very sick. Intense chills, fever, cough, fatigue and body aches. Lasted 2 weeks, and I’m still not right. I assumed the flu, maybe it was Covid-19. Wish there was a test!
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    If Forrest Gump dies from this shit I’m going off. Won’t take that shit.
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    Get smart 'fore the shit start 'Fore it get dark, 'fore they hit you with the pitchfork
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    This is not some food fad like low carbs or the keto diet. This is an actual infectious disease. And I would LOVE if we had a CDC that could take control but sadly the current administration decided we didn’t need a pandemic task force or to fund the CDC so now our hopes rest on people getting freaked out by their favorite actors getting sick. Again, this is not panic. This is what you do when you have a new dangerous bug running through a community. Problem is it’s in 36 states now and we are a 300 million plus community. If a few weeks from now we are all laughing at posts like this I will be the happiest person here. I’m just not feeling it right now.
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    Yup, for 80% of the people who get it, there’s little to no symptoms. Which is the problem! They go on about their lives, unknowing Typhoid Marys. And since the bug has an incubation period of up to two weeks, everything seems fine until all of a sudden it isn’t. The ones who do have severe symptoms all show up at the ER at once and you’ve got 20 people with pneumonia and only 10 ICU beds. The point of canceling events isn’t to stop people from getting sick, it’s to slow the spread of the disease so it doesn’t overwhelm the medical system like it did in Wuhan and Italy. You don’t have to cancel everything forever, but for now, you do what you can to make sure people get sick at a rate that doesn’t exceed the available care. I’m fine with this. It’s not panic, it’s common sense.
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    Going through LAX next month on my way to Hawaii. I was thinking about cancelling things out. Then I realized I really don’t give a shit. Fuck you corona virus. Come at me !!!
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    I’m sure of it. Frankly, this is all my fault for buying plane tickets and planning to attend in person.