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    Patrick said, “People can’t believe that you’d want to go play for the Bengals, why would you? And I said, do you want to pull an Eli and say well I don’t want to play there. And then they go well you’re from Ohio and I go well that doesn’t mean that you’re a Bengal fan. This is a business decision.” Dan Patrick, Joe Burrow is not a free agent. He’s getting drafted, into a system that labor and management have bargained for and agreed upon. He doesn’t have a “business decision” to make regarding which team he signs with. The utter scorn, the disdain, that Patrick assumes everyone agrees with when they’re discussing the Bengals is fucking infuriating. Not that Mike gives a fuck.
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    But they all suck - like a band of Grima Wormtongues . Just leave him the fuck alone.
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    What’s with this cabal of former Bengals getting ahold of our precious? This is bullshit.
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    It’s my little brother. I can make fun of him. You can’t. The reality is that just like with any media narrative it’s spread and perpetuated with little objectivity. The best course of action is for the Bengals to win. Consistently.
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    Dan Patrick’s a fucking douche.
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    hehe after all this time, mem, you have to know when I am yanking your chain :-)
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    I really appreciate how Burrow ignored all of the bullshit embedded in Dan Patrick's stupid-ass question and stuck to the fundamental answer he has been giving all along.