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    *Jumps ahead to April in my time machine* Okay, they did nothing of note. Proceed.
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    Hilarious. I actually lol'd.
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    Odd, I’ve always pictured TJ in a yellow shirt, open at the throat, with his lap loaded with documents.
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    yeah dude, I bet that Walter Payton guy never amounted to much of anything :-) I would like to know what "grbbed" means, though OH, and Joisey? You follow some really weird ass twitter accounts *big grin*
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    I've got a joke. Let's see what they do in free agency first. Then make predictions for the draft.
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    I would rather O-line over LB. But you couldn’t argue too much with that pick at 33 because it’s value some have 10-15 picks earlier, it’s a need, and his profile fits exactly what they need at LB.