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    Lol, thanks for clarifying that (I actually did forget his name). The problem is they don't have any young talent with upside really. Aside from Pratt, who's shown a whole lotta nothing, and maybe Webb and Wilson, I don't know what they do. They got nothing.
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    Stand by for gaslighting. Mike presser in the next two weeks. Must stay the course, see this through, oxcart/ditch, tackle and LB complaints just another theme, fans wanted new coach so we gave them one, etc.
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    See this is part of why I am where I am as a fan. How many years have I (and others) gone on and on about the state of the line backing corps, the o-line, or both ?? Despite being able to clearly see how little the front office has addressed those areas from the couch in my living room, they’ve done nothing. And please spare me the Preston Brown and Bobby Hart justifications. Fast forward however many damn years and here they sit trying to figure out why they are 0-5, making comments like “We just have to execute better”. How’s that working out with the equivalent of some juco talent in starting positions ?? (Might be over dramatic there) They have neither drafted well or made it a priority to bring in free agent talent worth a shit. Seriously take a minute to go back and read what was said about Bobby Hart when he left the Giants. THIS is who they saw fit to give a multi year contract to in order to protect Dalton. Yep, I’m still pretty done with this crap. But hey, we fans don’t know how hard it is to run an NFL team remember ???
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    The ONLY thing that would interest me at this point is for them to do this right - and sell off Green, Dalton, Atkins, Dunlap, Dre and WJIII and bring back a bevy of picks and re-boot this thing. That would be interesting and potentially a way forward. But I know they won't even do that.