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    Agreed COB. Again, just for the record, going into next Sunday the Bengals hold the No. 3 overall pick based on SoS tiebreaker. If they somehow win, I think they could theoretically fall all the way to 8. 1 Redskins 0-4 (.625 SoS) 2 Broncos 0-4 (.625) 3 Bengals 0-4 (.667) 4 Dolphins 0-4 (.688) 5 Jets 0-3 (.750) 6 Cardinals 0-3-1 (.594) http://www.nfl.com/news/story/0ap3000001060989/article/2020-nfl-draft-order-redskins-no-1-eagles-jets-in-top-10
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    This is team is hot garbage. I still think they're at least in the 3-4 win range. This isn't quite 2002, IMO. I also think the Bengals will struggle to get the #1 pick when Miami is actively trying to lose. Maybe the Bengals can ruin their fun week 16 by being the better tankers on the field.
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    Looking at the rest of the schedule, there are certainly beatable teams there. The thing is, the Bengals are simply so bad, it's hard to pick a winner in those matchups. I would say it's next to impossible to find a worse o-line or line backing corps in the league. There are probably college units that come "close" to rivaling our level of talent at this point. Cardinals, Jets, Dolphins, and Raiders are all bad teams. It will come down to those games for the #1 pick. Outside of those, you just couldn't pick the Bengals to win. Seriously. Not one other.
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    I guess the Miami game is a coin flip
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    What a great night !! Watched a little less than a half of the game while having some drinks, decided to keep drinking but switch to Gears of War 5 with my son, and killed a shit ton of badass aliens with weapons I could only have dreamt of having in Afghanistan. Overall, it was a real winner of a evening. No o-line and no linebackers worth a shit. Nope, didn’t see that coming did we ??
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    Well, they are what we thought they were.
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    It is sad where this team is now, I feel like I’m back in the 90s and early 2000s with Shula coaching all over again, not knowing what is going on. It’s just sad that I have no interest in this team at all at this point. I sat on my PC playing games listening to the bengals in the background till halftime then turned them off. If I wanted to watch them suck, then I would have rather seen a team try to rebuild rather then think they have a shot at something. Cant wait to eventually watch another QB throw the ball for this team, with a offense line that can pass block and actually open holes for running backs. I feel this day will come just not for a long time, till then I have no interest in this joke of a squad that I have been watching for the last couple of years!
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    Linebackers so bad the opponent knows they can just dink to running backs all night with no repercussions.
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    Glad I had the cold adult beverages. Stopped watching and kept drinking. Time to play video games with my son. Oh yeah, there is nothing good about this team.
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    You knew they’d show Vontaze hurting AB in the playoff meltdown. Funny how the fortunes of so many involved in that mess have turned. Joey Porter - fired. Pacman - arrested, cut, out of NFL. Marvin - fired. Antonio Brown - went insane, cut, out of the NFL. Burfict - not re-upped here, gets longest suspension for on field behavior ever. Full season. Ben - Out for the year with arm surgery.
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    My gosh I have no clue how to even watch this team with such a trash o-line. Why did they bench Price from the Guard spot he actually didn’t do that bad, this rookie is horrible! Please please please rebuild this team
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    It's never too early to look at draft position! We're #1!
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    Defense doing their part. Offense better stop shitting the bed.