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    Mine dates back to the 1981 team. I was 10 years old and seated in the end zone of Super Bowl XVI. I still remember Johnson getting stopped like it was yesterday. I got separated from my Dad while leaving and a security guard found me in tears. The cool ending to the story ?? No, not when my Dad found me at the security station. It was the security guard that got me to calm down by walking me across the middle of the Super Bowl field at the Pontiac Silverdome. Dad who ???
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    Man, what an improvement.
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    Last season defined lucky. Go 7-7, but make the playoffs due to points scored, then go on a rampage decimating all who dare stand in the way. I'll take the luck any time, any day !!!
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    I’m looking forward to this game more than I have a Be game game in a long time. It’s so much more fun watching them play under Taylor than it was under Marvin.
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    It's coaching. There was a solid article on The Athletic about all the preparation they did in working on their silent count and other non-verbal communication.
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    I never understand it either. Other fan bases go off the national narrative. Dalton is a quality QB just not a superstar.
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    I agree with Mem on all of his points I had already written this off as a loss (good opponent on the road in arguably the loudest stadium in the league while missing several key players) but there was a LOT to like in this loss, far more silver linings than I thought were even possible If only Bullock had not missed that easy FG.......ah well, we played well enough to win, and I am happy about that. Bodes well for the future