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    I just read the Pats are cutting him today. Thus his status has been downgraded from ‘serviceable vet’ to ‘only makes roster in Mike Brown’s All Alzheimers Fantasy League’. He got drafted by Lou Mervyn, you guys know Lou, he’s in unit 315 of the Memory Care Wing. He also drafted Tony Mandarich and John Havlicek, and spends every day re-enacting his bread delivery route of 35 years in the hallways with his Rascal Power Chair. Lou drafted Bodine while wheeling a load of Sara Lee wheat Bread into the Kroger on Montgomery Road (actually drooling and mumbling to himself by the vending machines in the visitors’ lounge at the memory care unit).
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    Off topic, but kind of strangely on topic: I'm reading a little write up about the Bears-Packers game last night. The Packers held Chicago to 3 points. And this small bit of analysis arrived: "Unhappy with their 18th-ranked defense a year ago, the Packers and general manager Brian Gutekunst added a number of new faces to Mike Pettine's unit this offseason. The additions paid huge dividends against Chicago as the defense outplayed one of the NFL's best. Edge rushers Preston Smith and Za'Darius Smith outmatched Chicago's offensive tackles early and often." They went on to talk about Preston Smith who is a free agent they signed away from the Redskins having a sack and a half, and Za'Darius Smith, a free agent signing from the Ravens, having a sack and being in the backfield all night. They also talked about Adrian Amos, free agent safety they signed away from the Bears, getting a pick in the 4th quarter. My point is they have a GM who figures out a way to plug the holes in their team through FA. If only we were a big market team like Green Bay who could afford to upgrade through free agency. Mike Brown, when is enough money enough money?
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    Yeah this is pretty much what I was going to say - how long til Dalton gets hurt this year? Bernard? Mixon? The big drop-offs in talent of the o-line and LB group will keep this team from doing much of anything consistently. I just don't see how they can overcome that no matter how good of a job Taylor and his staff do, or the talent they do have. Same issue as the last few years - offense can't stay on the field or sustain drives, and the defense can't get off the field because they can't stop the running game or stop teams on 3rd down, with no LB's. I also assume Dennard is out on defense, which is going to hurt as well. I can't even find positives with Glenn, Dennard and AJ out, they have such fragile depth and poorly managed personnel.
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    Same. Sometimes I feel a bit guilty.