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    They're getting ready for the Mixon holdout that is likely to come next season. I haven't seen how the contract is structured, but if they're able to lock up Mixon long term, I'm betting they'll be able to move on from Gio without too much extra cost. And, Taylor has said more than once that he saw the negative impact of riding Gurley too much next year. Hopefully Gio will finally be used appropriately.
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    Any hope whatsoever that the new o-line coach has these guys ready to go ?? I mean, what could go wrong with Andre Smith at LT come Sunday ?? Oh my God, I just threw up in my mouth...
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    I see a new franchise QB being drafted next year with a top 5 pick. (I still don't see this team winning more than 3-4 games at this point) At least the Gio deal is only 2 years, he's on the downside of his career and the Bengals' just like to do the easy thing, but he still has value. I just wonder if he'll be able to stay healthy behind that line, along with Mixon and Dalton.
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    Ass beating imminent. I'm no longer a fan of this team, I'm a hostage.