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    Memo To: Andy Dalton From: Troy Hurtubise, President of Project Grizzly Thanks for your inquiry Mr. Dalton. Yes, we still manufacture suits that are made to withstand the attack of a grizzly bear. As you stated in your letter, yes, they are similar to the impenetrable suit of armor featured in "Robocop". Why the sudden interest today? We've been corresponding for some time, yet the urgency of your request startled me a little. Did something happen? We'll ship the prototype to you. It is our version 6, and it is made of titanium, air cushioning, and duct tape. I've personally tested the suit, having been hit by a pickup truck going 25 miles an hour. I didn't sustain even a slight concussion. I'm fine. I have no idea if the suit can make the necessary arm movement to throw a football. Again, I'm curious why you are suddenly so anxious to obtain one of our suits. Truly yours, Troy Hurtubise