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    Ahhhhh, 30 years ago. 1988 and the last time the Bengals went to the Super Bowl. 9 pro-bowl players on that team. You know, when the pro-bowl meant something ?? Starting offensive linemen from that season: Anthony Munoz- 6'6, 278 Bruce Reimers- 6'7, 285 Bruce Kozerski- 6'4, 287 Max Montoya- 6'5, 282 Joe Walter- 6'7, 292 That's averaging nearly 6'6 and nearly 285lbs. Projected starters (kind of) for this season: Cordy Glenn- 6'6, 345 Clint Boling- 6'5, 305 Billy Price- 6'5, 305 Westerman- 6'3, 300 Fisher- 6'6, 305 That's an average of 6'5 and 312lbs. Bobby Hart would up that average being in the 330's, but I think it will be Fisher. Just thought it would be interesting to go back and take a look at the o-line in comparison to today.