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    This is not what AJ McCarron had in mind.
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    About time. Fucking Alexander and his stubborn loyalty to Bodine screwed us for 3 years. Good riddance to both, and I am starting to respect our new line coach before he even coaches a game. Thrilled with this move. Marvin was just blowing smoke, as usual.
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    Bengals' reportedly offered him a "long term, low guarantee contract." He decided the Bills' offer was better for him. Sounds like they wanted to bring him back to compete with a rookie and cut him if he wasn't the better option for some reason, he said no thanks to more $$ - which in this case I can't bitch about the Bengals' low-balling a player. All of a sudden they are pretty locked-in to drafting a C or G with their 1st pick...you would think.
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    Just stop. Compared to AJ's wife she's a gargoyle with scoliosis and Lyme Disease.