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    Rd. 1 (12): Quenton Nelson, G, Notre Dame. I am counting on this guy falling out of the top ten because he is a true Guard and traditionally those players are not taken high in Rd. 1. Derwin James or Roquan Smith would also be good picks. Rd. 2 (46): Billy Price, C, Ohio State: We passed on Elflein last year and I believe that miss was the reason for us missing the playoffs in 2018. Price is currently projected late first early second, I hope teams go crazy at QB which will push talent like Price out of the first. Rd. 3 (77): Chukwuma Okorafor, RT, Western Michigan: Can't believe that this guys still has a 4th Rd. Grade....this will change and we will be lucky to nab him in the 3rd. Excellent RT Prospect. Rd. 4 (TBD): Mike Gesicki, TE, Penn State. All Around good Tight End from a program that knows how to coach up TEs traditionally. Watched several of Gesicki's games and always came away impressed by his overall game. Rd. 5 (TBD): Trey Flowers, S, Oklahoma State. Big, Rangy Safety with pretty good athleticism. Rd. 6 (TBD): Tegray Scales, ILB, Indiana. Great Instincts, doesn't get the credit he deserves because of where he went to school. Hoping he continues to go unnoticed. Rd. 7a (TBD): Michael Badgley, K, Miami (FLA): Need a young Kicker since we let Elliot walk. Rd. 7b (TBD): Ryan Winslow, P, Pittsburgh: Need a young Punter as well, Huber is getting up there in age and we could use some competition at this position. In general 7th round is a good round to take the Best Available Specialists because those positions are in high demand as UDFAs and if you want the pick of the litter take them in Rd. 7. If they don't pass muster little harm done.