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    Hurt is a redshirt sophomore. /sarcasm alert/ You see, there's this thing called football practice. It's there that these football coaches gain insight about who is capable of doing football things. They wouldn't have put in the Frosh if they didn't already have a strong understanding and expectation of what he could do. Thing is, most NCAA teams don't have the abundance of talent from which to have such options, like at Alabama. Teams in the NFL have very rigid hierarchies, seniority, etc., so they don't dare take risks like that, because to have it go wrong and then be hounded, like Maroney was after he installed Peterman, or fired like McAdoo when he did the similar thing with Webb. NFL teams won't take a 'shake it up' gamble, unless it's a true changing the guard move. He didn't have much choice if he wanted to win. He had the talent, capabilities understood, to put in to see if they could overcome the deficit. I see it as his only option. It worked.
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    By the way, for as much deserved shit as we give the Bengals front office for moving slowly - they didn't in replacing Guenther. Not only won the services of a guy in demand, but in looking at the Ravens, they haven't done much to being to replace Dean Pees as their DC yet (and Pees "retired" about one second after the loss to the Bengals)...
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    That Lumina won't run on it's own gas.
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    The Bengals make a couple of moves that are trending in a positive direction. Good to see. The real "I see better than I hear" moment will be FA. The draft is the draft and I completely expect them to take the highest graded OT. But we all know that everything is dependent on the Lumina and how it holds up in the winter. If Mike has to cover some repairs, say goodbye to any chance of a real FA move or two.
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    Oh I can’t sell out either. I’ll just stop completely. I managed almost this entire season not watching them play or attend games. It’s really a small step from where I am. Like I said, the only real reason I come here and still talk is because of you guys. Outside of this forum, I don’t even talk about the Bengals much. Maybe that changes with a positive regime change, but I’m not holding my breath.
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    Mark, I have asked myself that question. Then I look at people I know who jumped on a Steelers or Patriots bandwagon and realize I can't go there. I can't sell out.