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    I don't care who it is, if someone pushes me, spits in my face and slaps me I'm going to hit them so I have little problem with his action other than some people could have made a better choice, I'm just not one of them
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    I actually hated the article from Doc about Mixon and all that crap about she has a name. I also hated the picture making her out to be the prom queen. Made me wonder if he ever saw her mug shot for the arrests for drugs ?? Somehow she was given a second chance somewhere along the line right ?? You know, a second chance from selling death to kids ?? No, I don't think that's an over exaggeration of the situation either. And why not Cincinnati ?? While the team has certainly made some bad choices, we aren't the only team taking chances on players. I seem to recall no one wanted to give Tyreek Hill a second chance after choking and punching his pregnant girlfriend last year. The Chiefs did the exact same thing.
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    Mike and I believe Marvin as well love to dance with the devil.